Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 22

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 22
© Rosemary Okafor

It was past seven when they got to kofo abayomi street, they were able to finally escape from the hold up along Ozumba Mbadiwe avenue.

“I hope we can be able to get to the office before Mr Ogungbeso, I don’t like having to answer to his angry face each time he comes earlier before me” Imelda lamented

“Is he still on you? I thought he has giving you some break” Grace asked

Their weeks had been going on so well, with Grace getting better and managing her pregnancy well, though she still s-cks like a babe once in a while, but she had come to accept her condition.

Grace’s mother had not known yet about her pregnancy, but she feared that very soon, she would not be able to hid the little bump that had started forming around her lower abdomen

“you are looking different, seems like you have added some flesh” her mother had commented last Sunday she visited, Sundays were the only days when she got to see her mother,

“I have decided to eat more cooked food” she had answered, praying that her mother would not ask more questions, though she caught her mother looking at her severally.

She had left her mother earlier than she had wanted, she didn’t want to wait for her mother to observe more about the changes she was having, and she didn’t want another lecture on how to get her Man back.

“I didn’t tell you that he had been finding fault with everything I do lately, he doesn’t respond to my greetings” Imelda said, drawing her back to the conversation they were having

“Then to hell with him”

“Ma’am, I am afraid what would happen to me when you are not there, I mean if you go for Maternity leave, he will either make my life miserable, or sack me” Imelda said

“It’s too early to be thinking about my not being at the office, I still have a long way to go”

“I know, but you know you are my saving grace there”

“I am doing what I am supposed to do” Grace said

Another motorist was honking impatiently behind them

“Comot this ‘carton ’ for road!” The motorist shouted, sticking his head out from the window

Traffic Jam was building up gradually on the road, at first she didn’t know what could have led to the traffic jam; she stretched her neck to see if she could see what the problem was.

It took some time before the road was cleared, and they got to know that the traffic jam was caused by a fight which broke out between two drivers

“How can you hit me from behind and you are speaking grammar” one was still saying when they drove pass, with his tie hung by the side and his once white shirt rumpled and stained, he was still visibly angry

“Person go craze for this Lagos I swear” Imelda said and they both laughed


“She is pregnant!”

The new threw him off balance, “Grace is Pregnant!” he couldn’t believe it

“But why didn’t she let him know? Why would she want to hide something like this from him?” he thought

“She doesn’t want anyone to know yet, but I think she needs help” the lady that told her about it said

He had been to her house severally and met her absent, she no longer pick his calls nor respond to his messages, he felt that she was regretting what they did that night, not until she got the call from the lady that said her name was Imelda;

“I got your number from her phone, she wouldn’t want me to tell anyone, not even you, but I think it would be fair to let you know” she had said

When he asked her why Grace would not want him to know about the pregnancy

“She said she doesn’t want you to feel obliged to her” the lady said

The Grace he knew would go to any length to hide the pregnancy from him, he had been angry ever since, he feel so angry and used

“Could it be that she wanted a child and took advantage of his attraction to her that night?” he thought;

“Come to think of it, she was already on her way home and then decided to come to his house, could it be that she saw an opportunity to get pregnant?” he thought

“I should have known, she never loved me after all, it was all about what she want” he swore under his breath

“Kenosky my Man! Ken the sharp shooter!” Edu hailed him

“Edu how far na? Long time my Man?” Ken responded to him

They have not been seeing frequently as before

“You dey busy dey enjoy free gift of nature, why you go remember me” edu said

He helped himself with a chair and sat down in,side his friend’s office, he saw Ken coming out of the car and had come to catch up on old times.

“Which free gift of Nature are you talking about?” Ken asked reaching out for the bottle of groundnut in front of him

“No dey pretend abeg, you think say I no know say you don chop that girl Kpomo” Edu said, crushing a handful of groundnut in his mouth

“Which girl, what are you talking about?” Ken became serious

“Bia Kenosky, no dey use me play o, I mean the Chinyeaka of a girl na” He said, looking at Ken offensively

“I don’t understand, which Chinyeaka…Edu, hope you never drink this afternoon” Ken said, pointing at him

“Ken please stop this, I am telling you that almost everyone in this line have heard how you are having s€× with the poor girl… you are even the person that told her to quit her job that you would take care of her” Edu said, chewing noisily while looking at his friend

Ken was dumbfounded, he looked at his Friend Edu like a confused child

“Enyi a, ebe ka inuru nkea I na akogheri , where did you hear this rubbish?” he asked

“Ah ah… its everywhere na, and besides Chinyeaka was here last week, she confirmed the gist self” Edu said

“Nwoke m What are you saying? She said what to whom?”

“My friend no dey deny this kine thing, there is nothing wrong if you want to catch some fun, as long as you own up to your actions, but I must say that I am disappointed though, I thought that this thing with Grace recently will grow, but…”

“That is the point, what I have with grace has grown, we are trying to sort ourselves out…”

“Then what do you have with this girl, because she had told everyone that cares to listen that you promised her marriage”

“No no no no….this has gone too far. Believe me Edu, I have never touched this girl!” ken said, pacing around.

He had no choice than to tell his friend all that had happened between him and Chinyeaka, he desperately wanted Edu to believe him, his reputation was as stake.

“Hmm… my guy, so all these things happened and you didn’t tell me? nawa o” Edu said

“I thought it wasn’t something serious, I didn’t know this girl still go around thinking that I will have anything to do with her” Ken defended

“The babe harsh o, but my question is this, why? Why does she want to set you up like this? What does she want to achieve?”

“So much for just one day!” Ken said under his breath

“What happened again? What else is bothering you?” Edu asked

“Don’t bother about it, it’s nothing serious…”

“Common man, speak to me, I fit help you”

“Grace is Pregnant” Ken broke the news before he could stop himself

“What! are you sure? Did you hear that from her?” Edu asked with shock

“She has been avoiding my calls lately, I got the information from her PA” Ken said, rubbing his hand on his head

“Was she seeing someone?” Edu asked after a while

“No… I don’t think so”

“Then how…”

“The Babe is mine” Ken admitted

“Kenosky!!! When I called you a sharp shooter, I wasn’t mistaken, you have been busy after all” Edu was excited

“There is nothing to be excited about Edu, she doesn’t want me involved” Ken was worried

“Forget that thing, she is either ashamed or is still battling with pride, she would come around” Edu dismissed.

“I don’t know Edu…”

“Forget Matter, she will come around believe me, meanwhile congratulations man” he playfully hit Ken by the shoulder

“Anyway, we would not allow this babe destroy this beautiful thing that we are hoping to happen between you and Grace” Edu added

“I think I should meet with that girl and give her a serious warning” Ken said

“You will be making a big mistake if you do that, she may turn it against you, that girl is a crook, ,she may not have attended any higher institution, but she is very smart, so you have to beat her to her game” Edu advised

“See eh, I go reason this matter, I go fine better way to treat that girl Bleep up” Edu said

“I no send you make you kill anybody o, she be woman o” Ken warned

“No na, you should no me, I just have to beat her to her own game”


“She get belle… she get belle” The words were playing in her head like an old record

She hate the sound of it, she couldn’t believe that cursed woman would be carrying something as precious as the seed of the Man she loves

“So ken get mind chop that woman, that woman way dry like stock fish, watin she get for body way me I no get double?” Chinyeaka was furious

The news had came to her few minutes ago, she was serving the pot bellied Oga Tukura when her phone rang, the naive sales girl at Ken’s office gave her the news, she said she overheard ken telling someone that A lady called Grace is pregnant for him.

Chinyeaka had met with the new sales girl the day she came to Ade Odun, she had pretended to be Ken’s new Fiancée and the silly girl had believed her, who wouldn’t believe? After the story she formulated and gave them, she had spent the last money she had to purchase a very nice gown and a cheap perfume just to look good and believable; she knew Ken would not be around so she struck.

She had told her story without blinking an eyelid, and had giving the poor sales girl the remaining cash she had to make her loyal to her.

Chinyeaka had told the girl to be on the lookout for any other girl that may come around Ken, and also make sure she listens to every conversation and get back to her, according to Chinyeaka, she doesn’t want to take chances with her Man since according to her, she stays and works at Ore and will not have the time to fight the predators that may want to hang around Ken. The poor girls was happy to be at the soon to be Oga madam’s good book.

Edu was surprised when she repeated her story to him, she didn’t know if he believed her, but who cares, as long as the news was spread the way she wanted

She had told her own Madam that she was stopped from coming to work by Ken who had promised to go and meet her parents and perform the necessary marriage rights, her Formal Oga was angry,

“So ken no fit tell me say him wan marry you? Why him go commot you like that? Na so them dey do things?” he said, but she didn’t care, he would come around somehow.

“So she go carry belle for my Ken, who know even sef whether she get belle true true, abi na watin she just tell Ken make  Ken pity am and bring am back? Anyway I must act fast before I go loose kpata kpata” she said to herself

She sent a disgusting look at Oga Tukura who winked at her.

To be continued

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