Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night -episode 25

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 25

© Rosemary Okafor

The gate was locked from in,side, depriving him access into the compound it was very dark and the street was almost des**ted except for few night crawlers hanging here and there, and a kiosk owner who was closing his shop.

He pushed the gate like a man being pursued by wild fire, shouting her name with all his strength.

He was already panicking, he wish he had a way to climb over the fence just to make sure that she was still alive, he had called her number severally while driving but nobody was picking the call.

He had attracted some neighbors and passers-by that stood around the gate, some helped with the banging at the gate while some scre-med her name.

“You sure say person dey that house?” a young h¡ppy that had his hand round the shoulder of a lady commented

“Watin happen sef” one of the on lookers asked, yawning

“I no know o, as you come out na so I come out” another answered

“The man talk say the woman way get the house fit dey in trouble” the h¡ppy explained

“Make him call her for phone na”

“You be mumu? He never call am nah in he dey nack her gate like this? Mtcheeewww…” another on looker replied

“Mallam , e get anywhere I fit get ladder way I go use climb enter this house?” ken asked the shop owner

He was able to in,side the compound enter with three other men, the gate was finally opened, letting the group of people whom were increasing in numbers, in,side.

With less effort, the old wooden door was forced open and there she was, closed to the front door, unconscious on the floor, with her pajamas soaked with her own blood.

Phone cameras were clicking as almost everyone struggled to get a better view of the lifeless body.


She noticed that her hands were shaking and couldn’t hold the phone, her legs were also giving way for the weakness that overtook them, she wanted to say something to Ken over the phone;

“Something is happening to me!” she wanted to say to him but could not find her voice

Her throat was dry and itchy, it was as if someone was squeezing her lungs, she saw herself crumbled on the flow like a heap of sand, she was getting stiffened and could not move herself.

“No no no…, this can’t be happening!” she said, hearing her voice only in her head she called for help with her l-ips sealed.

She needed to fight back so she pushed herself forward, her hands still had little life in them, so they dragged her already paralyzed limbs, every crawl was hell, yet she pushed on, she had wanted to drag herself to the door, possibly opened the door and prays that someone may show up.

She knew when he got to her gate, she heard him pushed the gate severally, she heard him shout her name, but she was already far away. She made a last try to get to the door but weakness like a villain has caught up with her, and like the venom of a Mamba, it took over her. She saw darkness coming close, and light calling her from afar

With no strength to fight anymore, she walked into the hands of darkness.


He paced up and down the hospital corridor, he had tried to be strong but the will to hold on had des**ted him and had giving way for little sobs which escaped his l-ips once in a while.

He had brought her to the hospital with the help of few neighbors, he had prayed that God would keep her alive for him as he sat at the back seat with her head on his laps.

“Oga you no fit drive with this your state of mind” one of the Men had warned him, he didn’t know which of them that took his car keys from him.

“Oga sit down, she will be fine” a nurse said to him

What does she know? She will not understand his pain, to lose a woman and a baby in one night?

“Ken what is going on?” His Mother asked as she walked into the hospital.

Ken had called her immediately they got to the hospital, he had no other person to call, and calling Grace’s mother would be causing another panic

“Mama… Mmiri na eri mu o…Mmiri amagbuo nu mu o… (I am sinking, the rain had caught up with me)” He cried out, reaching for his mother

“You will be alright my son, and she will be fine…have you called her mother?” His mother asked

“Not yet, I don’t know how to tell her, what will I tell her?”

“We should tell her no matter what happens, so how is she?” His mother asked

“The doctor said she is struggling to live, she was poisoned, it’s a fifty-fifty chance! She didn’t promise anything positive” Ken said

“Who could have done this to her?”

Many names flashed in his mind, could it be from her work place? Or friends? She doesn’t have lots of them, or that lady Imelda could it be her? He dismissed that immediately

“Whoever that did this must have been someone close to both of you, and who knows that she will not reject anything from you” His mother said

His mind thought of the Lady Imelda again, but why?

The doctor came to meet him at the hall

“We succeeded in flushing what was remaining of the poison from her system, we cannot ascertain the level of damage till tomorrow” said the doctor

“What about the pregnancy?” Ken asked

“There were two of them, one is gone completely by the time she was brought in, the other one was still beating though very weak, if the heart beat stops by tomorrow we will flush it also in other to give your wife more chance for survival” Doctor replied

“They were two?” he asked the doctor, his eyes wide opened in surprise

“Yes, you didn’t know?” said the doctor

“Ehem… how long will she remain unconscious?” Ken asked

“It may take longer time for her to regain consciousness, we have done what we could for her, and it is now left for her to decide if she would want to live, but I know she is strong, she will come around” the doctor gave him a manly pat at the back and walked away.

“She is pregnant?”His mother asked

“Yes Mum, I didn’t know until recently”

“I am responsible for it” He added, when he saw the confused look on his mother’s face


It was a long night for chinyeaka, she turned and tossed on her bed, she wasn’t in the mood to rumple the sheets with Baba Ademola, she was beginning to get fed up with his many demands, with him sweating while humphing her like a stuffed duck.

He had come to her as usual but she had pretended to be fast as sleep and did not open the door, he was whispering through the key h0le begging her to open the door, she didn’t even move from her bed until she heard his foot steps down the corridor.

His son Ademola had come back from Togo the previous day and with what she overheard then discussing last night, it seems like he would not be going back any soon.

She had run into him in the morning when she was fetching water from the Drum outside;

“Hoi beuriful laidi, jiu wek hio with ma mama ?” he had asked her, speaking from his nose

“Getawey you Bonkom! ” she would have loved to fire back at him, but she had something else occupying her mind that morning

Just like she had so much on her mind still, she was beginning to freight, she wouldn’t have gone that far, she would have just scare her or something, but then would she have just walk away like that? Would Ken look her side with Grace still alive?

“E be like say something don happen o”


“People gather for her house and them carry her for motor comot, the man dey cry” the voice from the other side of the phone said

“How many people them carry comot?” She asked

“Only one na, I dey suspect say the woman don die”

She cut the call, adjusted her head on the  pillow very well and slept off

She would start the journey of winning his heart when all these have calmed down.

To be continued

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