Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night Episode 28

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 28

© Rosemary Okafor

Sitting with the doctor in his office, anxiously waiting for the way forward, it was a relieve to see Grace opened her eyes for the first time after she passed out, she had even smiled back weakly at him.

She was very tired and could barely speak out. Doctor Ayo took a blood sample for more laboratory tests,

“Get her ready for scan, let’s see how her org-ns are doing” Doctor Ayo ordered.

He sat closed to her, gently squeezing her hand, he saw drops of tears leaved her eyes and journeyed down her cheeks as she closed her eyes again.

She didn’t say any word, but she held his hands firmly, reassuring and drawing strength from him.

“You scared me, I thought I have lost you” he said to her

“I didn’t know what I would have done if you have left me, I still don’t know what to do if you leave me, there are so much we have to do together, so much to say to each other, good memories we have share and you want to leave all that?” he continued

He didn’t know if she was listening or if she had drifted away again, probably sleeping now, but his heart was heavy he wanted to say those words to her, he wanted to make her stay with him, so he continued.

“What other stunt do you want to pull? What other pain do you want to cause me? To die and leave me grieving? Knowing I will not be able to look you in the face, to see you smile, to call you those names that annoy you so much…” he chuckled

He spoke as if it was her choice to die, like she chose to spite him with her death. She was becoming so emotional

“See what you did to me, it’s crazy but you have possessed me so much I don’t seem to know any other face except yours…” he dint know he had tears in her eyes until they came rolling down

He chuckled and wiped the tears with the back of his hand, he was glad she didn’t see him shed those tears, she had always told him how touchy and soft he was;

“Soft Bonny” She had always called him

The door made a cracked sound and he shifted his gaze from her to the door. Morg-n stepped out from where he had been standing for a while watching him, he had wanted to come in and see Grace alone, but had rather stayed back by the door, never wanted to disrupt the moment these two young ones were having. He cleared his throat before he spoke

“I came in and didn’t see you in the reception again, I thought you are gone…” he said, walking closer

“She finally came back” Ken responded

“That is good… so what next?”

“I don’t know but they are getting ready to carry out a scan on her”.

“Then we wait”

“Yes we wait”

They both were silent, looking down at her, consumed in their own thoughts;

“Can I see you in my office Ken?” Doctor Ayo had say, pushing his head from the door

That was how he got to the doctor’s office, hoping that whatever reason why the Doctor wanted to see him would be good news.

The table clock on top of the doctor’s desk struck two, he picked the clock and examined it, it was a glass piece and had the Doctor’s name on it, probably a gift to him.

There was a framed photograph of a woman with two kids also on the table, looking at those pictures reminded him of family, family he had lost ones and wouldn’t want to lose again, though he had lost a baby and don’t know what had become of the other one, he prayed heaven would smile on him;

“Sorry for keeping you waiting” Doctor Ayo apologized, and sat down; Ken dropped the table clock back on the table and face Doctor Ayo

“We have been able to come out from the life threatening situation, with the test we carried out with her blood sample, there is no poison left in her blood” Doctor Ayo said with a smile on his face

“Oh thank God!” Ken exclaimed “Thank you so much Doc”

“We are doing our job, its God that actually heals” Doctor Ayo Added

“Anyways, we may still be at the risk of losing the Remaining baby, we are yet to ascertain the level of damage done to the baby or her womb” Doctor said to him, looking him in the face

“Okay…”Ken encouraged the doctor to go on

“The scan we are carrying out on her is to ascertain this, if the result turns out bad, we may have no option that to evacuate the baby and… depending on the level of damage, she may lose her womb…”

It was like a bomb, the most difficult words he have heard, he swallowed heard and look at the doctor again

“And there is nothing else you can do to save her womb?” He asked

“For all we know, her womb may be okay… even the baby, I am just saying in case the result turns out bad”

“Then let us hope for good, but if it comes to the worst please save her life” Ken pleaded

“I will do all I can” replied Doctor Ayo


He stood watching her br-ast rise and fall as she inhale and exhale air while she slept. He felt like a child again after what he saw and heard.

He had always been a business man, bargaining with everything, seeing business opportunities and prospect in any relationsh¡p.

That was how he knew relationsh¡p to be, what he knew as relationsh¡p, the only true love he had experienced was that of his daughter Ariel. His father, the business mogul Herbart Cookey took advantage of the weak, stepped on toes and had grabbed opportunities to climb the ladder of riches and fame before he died, his company couldn’t survive his death as rival companies took advantage of his death, Uncle Chukwura who was his god father then took the responsibility of taking care of him, he wasn’t married then, he finally took him away to Lagos after he got married, relieving his mother the burden of taking care of him, he heard she later remarried and now stays in Port Harcourt.

He saw the opportunity to make money for himself when he ran into Miranda an Australian Lady, Miranda was eleven years older than him but he didn’t care, provided that he had a roof over his head and food to eat, the little money ‘Big Daddy ’ do send once in a while was never enough.

They got married eight months later, Miranda had loved him but he couldn’t love back, though he had pretended well enough, then Ariel came into their lives, he knew family and love through her, her little face and chubby cheeks, the face she made when she smiled or cry, he loved his daughter at first sight, and had considered reciprocating the Love of Meander before her ailment took over her body.

He wasn’t prepared for her death, but she was, for before she died she had willed everything she had to him and their Daughter Ariel.

He had come back after burying her, deciding that there was nothing left for him in Canada, he came back to Nigeria, throwing his weight on rebuilding his father’s dead beverage company, he was resilient, ruthless and had played the business game like he saw his father did, every woman he has slept with was for pleasure, to satisfy immediate gratification just like his father never valued his mother, it was being in charge, being a Man.

Until he saw this Lady in his board room that day, she was everything elegant, with grace, the king of woman he needed to front and intimidate competitors, there and then he decided to have her.

The more she said no to him the more he became thrilled, the challenge she threw at him excited him, it became a game he would have love to win and rub it on her face.

Until he saw his own involved, A son to the man that took him like a son, he didn’t know what led to their divorce but for a Man to want a woman and say such sweet words to her even after they separated is something he had not understood.

The boy Loved Grace, he saw it from where he stood and watched them, he may not know the true definition of love but what he saw and heard was love.

“It is unfortunate for me, I don’t think I can still hold on to you, I don’t even deserve a woman as pure as you, I hope he means every word he said to you just now…” he moved some strings of hair from her face

“…if he really mean those words, then he is a great Man, I am so unlucky with love” he muttered, he sat down on a chair beside the bed

“…But you have to wish me luck though, I just realized that I need to find what you have…”

He still had some words to say to her and himself, but the nurses came to take her to the Laboratory for scan.


Chinyeaka brought out the picture from her Bag, it had followed her everywhere and she didn’t want to lose it;

“Na because of you I dey do this things way I dey do, I know say no be clear eye you take love that woman, but I go comot her for your mind you hear?”

She spoke to the picture as if it could hear her, it came alive in her imagination like it always does, she saw him smile, she took his hands and walked with him by the still ocean where only both of them dwelt.

There was no other, No Grace, No Ademola nor his father, no filthy restaurant Just him looking at her with adoration.

“E remain small time I go come to you my sweet potato, make every settle, I dey try o, see as I clear road for us, to tell you say I love you well well” she continued muttering.

She placed the picture on her chest and closed her eyes, she imagined his scent, his bare chest, his hands on his buttocks, not like Baba Ademola’s rough hands, but a smooth soft hands;

“I go twerk for you, I go do am well well for you like Nicky Minaj, yes that one, your head go scatter you no go remember that woman again…”

“Chinyeaka  if I wooze you slap eh you go jump up from that room go serve my costumers!” He Madam Shouted from the Window

To be continued

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