Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 30

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 30
© Rosemary Okafor

“Oga, see eh…that your girl wicked, she baaaddd” Kasali said with his mouth filled with the pork and oil dripping from his fingers down to his elbow

He smacked his mouth and licked his fingers noisily, he was fast becoming friends with Edu who saw him as a bait to get the target.

Not only was Kabiru feeding him with information, he was eager to help him with other tasks, he has seen Edu as a steady source of stipends and special food and drinks like the one he was devouring like a popper at the table of a king

“He is no longer my girl” Edu said to him

Looking at him with pity, Kabiru had show that he could do anything for his belly, he loved food so much and he loved booze and women too, he wondered if he had also had his way with Chinyeaka as well.

“Better for you o, she no dey good for you lie lie” Kabiru said, lifting the bottle of Heineken to his l-ips

He gulped down a large quantity, one can see the forceful passage of the drink visibly on his throat as his ‘Adams Apple’ danced up and down with the ‘ nwim nwim’ sound

“Ahhhh!” he exclaimed in satisfaction, hitting the bottom of the bottle loudly on the table and made a loud noise from his throat

“I get plans Kabiru, I no know if you fit help me” Edu said, he was observing his countenance carefully

“Watin you want make I do? You know say you be my Oga, I go do anything for you… but I no go kill person o” Kabiru losen his belt to allow the food he just finished travel well down his navel

“You no go kill anybody, I wan teach that girl lesson”

“E reach make you teach am lesson” Kabiru agreed

“I wan make you find out from her, why she kill that lady and how she do am” Edu said

“You sure say she go gree tell me? she fit suspect me o” Kabiru threw in

“If you play your card well she will not, you know what to say to her, play as if both of you are friends, support her you know…” Edu suggested

“Okay, even if I do am, how that one go help you teach her lesson? I think say you go wan make my boys beat am” Kabiru said, showing his disappointment

“No KB, we are not beating anybody…”

“Ah! Oga, you call me KB… I like that name o, na the name way boys dey call me for street…KB the hærd guy…” Kabiru cut in, hailing himself with admiration

Edu checked his wrist watch, the day was far spent and he needed to get home, he just closed from his shop and needed to wrap up this plan for the day,

“you will help me record your conversations with her” Edu said

“Ah ah, Oga you don come with the wan way hærd, how I go take do that one na, I no sabi all this una Oyibo thing” Kabiru said with frustration

“Don’t worry, I will get you a new phone and download the app on it, with that you go record her voice if you dey talk with her, I go teach you how you go take do am” Edu assured

‘Anything for Ken’ Edu thought, Ken has been a good friend and does not deserved to be ruined by someone like Chinyeaka, he would do anything to help him, knowing that Ken would also do same if the table was turned

“You mean say you go change my phone? Ah! Baba o, na em be say you don change my life na…I go do am…”Kabiru said shining his teeth wide out of excitement

Edu wasn’t sure how well he would do the Job, but he have to try


“I have so lost my job girlfriend” Grace said

“I don’t think Mr Ogungbeso would be that insensitive to releave you of your job because you are sick” Mary replied to her

“I know him, he will not even think twice to kick me out of that office, especially now that he feels that I was the person that turned Imelda against him” Grace said

“Forget him, he is just a frustrated old fool…ehem talking about Imelda, what will happen to her” Mary asked, she threw few tiger nuts in,side her mouth and chewed noisily

“They refused to grant her bail even after Ken intervened” Grace said

“Eiya… I can’t imagine what she is going through now…” Mary said

“She had been through a lot, and she just found Love, now this…” Grace added

“Is there nothing you can do about it? You can tell them yourself that she was not responsible for whatever that happened”

“We are trying Mary…”

The door opened and Ken walked in, she still felt that ping of guilt and shame whenever he was around, she didn’t know if she would get over that feeling

“Hi ladies…” He said, dropping his bag by the chair closed to the window

Grace was surprised to see Mary acting so nicely around Ken; they have not been vest of pals, especially since Morg-n came into the picture, what led to her sudden positive change of attitude towards Ken baffled her

“Hello Ken!…” Mary responded, smiling broadly

“How was your day Mary, and your husband?” Ken asked

“We are all doing great, and you? Heard you got yourself a huge deal with a Chinese company… wow that is great, you are now a big Man o…”

Mary was chatting rapidly without catching her breathe

“Mary! Please no!” Grace formed her mouth and whispered, pinching her friend on her lap

“Oh sorry… I am just happy and excited about you two that’s all” Mary said, understanding the signs given to her by her friend

“Ehm… I have to go now, I will go see Imelda tomorrow evening” Mary said standing up from the bed

“It’s Okay, please great your family for us” Ken said

“Sure I will” Mary replied hanging her bag on her shoulder “And you… do and get out of that bed” She added, addressing Grace

“Sorry about that” Grace apologized to Ken as soon as Mary left

“And what have you been saying about me?” Ken asked while laughing

“Nothing, just… you know…” both of them chucked

“So how are you doing today?” He asked her, sitting beside her

“I feel so heavy” She said

“You look beautiful” He replied

“I look like a cow” she added

“A beautiful Cow” he joked

“Get out” she hit him on the chest and laughed

He caught her hands and held it still on his chest, she felt his heart beat and it ran through her hands.

“Why do I love you this much?” he asked

She didn’t know why either, how can a Man be this true and simple, why would he want to hold on to her even when she gave him no reason to do so;

“I don’t know K… I have asked myself that too” She said

“Should I tell you my fear right now?” he asked her

“Yes, yes please”

“That you don’t feel the same way I feel about you, see I don’t want to talk you into any decision, I just want to you to know that this man sitting before you will appreciate even the least of you love, but if that is not possible…. Well” He was gazing at her

Why will he say that? Why did he think she didn’t love him? Has she been so terrible to him so much that he has lost faith in her?

“K don’t sound that way…”

“I don’t want you to think that I am loving you because of the baby, even without the baby I still…”

She withdrew her hands from his chest, wrapped them around her neck and crushed his l-ips with hers.

He was surprised at what she did, he wasn’t expecting it but that was one of the beautiful moments he could recount,

There passion grew deeper, her tongue searched his mouth, his mouth gave way for her, and then she pulled away.

They were out of breath by the time she pulled away, she was laughing awkwardly

“Wow! Woman, you are a temptress” he said breathing so fast

“You have to leave this hospital, we have a lot to talk about” he added


“This is an attempted murder case, there is nothing we can do” The DCO said to Kola and Ken

“But I am the person involved here, I want the case dropped!” Ken said

“That is not how things work around here; it is a criminal case and must be treated as such” Insisted the DCO

“So what do you want to do now” Kola asked

He was Angry, frustrated and tired at the same time, he had wanted for Imelda to be granted bail first even as they pursue the case still but the police had been adamant about it.

“We are taking her to court” The DCO said

“Please sir with what we gathered, the culprit is still roaming the street, even Grace had confirmed that she is not responsible, you heard her, you spoke to her, why still keep Imelda here?” Ken questioned

“You and who gathered that one? Until we have whoever you are accusing in our custody, she remains our prime suspect”

The DCO had dismissed them with those last words.

Kola had not find it easy, this wh0le thing had taken away pat of him, why did it seems like he was losing all the women who had meant  so much to him? He had lost his sister, his mother and now the one woman he had grown fund of after many years was also about to slip out of his life.

To be continued

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