Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – Episode 31

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 31

© Rosemary Okafor

The persisting fly perched on the meat again, Chinyeaka had tried to shoo the fly severally but with no success. She had only succeeded in giving herself more work for as she wanted to hit the fly which had perched on the mouth of the bowel of meat, the bowel let go of its content, sending the pieces of meat with the bloody water all of her body and the kitchen floor, while the fly buzzed away happily.

“Which kine wahala be this one na, them send this fly come today?”She muttered angrily

Today of all day wasn’t going to be a bad for her, she had woken up with great news from her cousin;

“He came looking for you…” Her cousin had said to her over the phone

Her cousin had never bother to call her except she, Chinyeaka called first, but they was different, when she saw her missed call, some thoughts ran through her, and when she returned the call, she expected a sad tale, but the excited voice of her cousin came through

“I think say you no go call back” Her cousin first accused

“Watin happen thins one way you dey call me, person die?” she equally accused her cousin

“Ah ah now…why you go talk like this, I no fit call you again?” Her cousin defended

“You dey call me before?” she asked

“Okay, I say make I ask you when you jam this fine bobo way come dey look for you way you no tell me?”

Her heart skipped, who could be looking for her? Uchenna had not bother to look for her all the months they bleeped, that is what it was for her, because e had never done any other thing for her than bleeping her whenever she visited his one room apartment, she had desperately wanted Uchenna to define the relationsh¡p, to assure her of marriage, but he had always wiggled his way of the question whenever she raised the question.

That way before she caught him with Ufong , the girl that does photocopying two buildings away from her Oga’s shop, he was winding the girl’s small br-ast like her grandfather’s old black and with TV, and the idiot of a girl was ‘ ooooing ’ and ‘aaaahhhing ’ like a dolphin

“Press me well, press am hærd” The girl was saying

She had wondered what was there to press, her br-ast was like a flat face with a dot, whether the girl had wanted her bare skin to be torn apart. She didn’t leave without giving them both a piece of her, her only regret was not stripping that fool Uchenna of the little money his Oga settled him with.

Though that was a blessing in disguise, she may not have picked interest on Ken if she had remained with Uchenna.

“Which Bobo you dey talk about?” She asked her cousin

“Ah ah sis, I no be pikin o, one fine tall bobo way come here come look for you, the bobo too fine no be small, and him carry one chara-chara motor come, he dash me money sef” Her cousin said

“Eh….ehn watin the bobo talk?” She asked

“Him talk say him be your boyfriend before, come leave you comot, say him don come back now him wan make una begin run things again”

Chinyeaka nearly fainted, she could feel her heart tearing out of her body, her blood was rushing on a fast lane, she was convinced the visitor was Ken; he was the only Man she knew that fit in that description and could come to look for her

“I know am! Chai finally him don come back!” She said

“And you know wan tell me abi? You no wan make I follow you enjoy… you eh… you wicked in short…” Her cousin accused again

“No be like that, we bin they get small quarrel, but I don settle the matter, everything don dey for me now” She defended

“Okay o, abeg make you remember me for una paradise o, as you done hammer so” her cousin had said.

Chinyeaka had wanted to ask her cousin how much Ken gave her, but had decided against it, any amount it was doesn’t matter, she knew she would get more than that when she finally met Ken as his new girl.

She opened the pot of meat, sniffed in the air to make sure the aroma was capable of waking the dead, her new madam had taught her how to do the magic with the new seasoning they introduced to their cooking.

She scooped little quantity of the meat stock and drank, she bent her head while savoring the taste as if she wanted to hear something from the pot, she added more salt, took a piece of meat and threw in,side her mouth before e she covered the pot.

Her mouth lost its sense as the hot meat in her mouth became a fire ball, she juggled it in her mouth until she couldn’t hold it any more, she spat it out in a nearby plate and opened her mouth wide for air, fanning her mouth with her hand.

When she was convinced that the meat must have been cold, she picked it up again and threw it in her mouth, this time her mouth welcomed it, and her teeth did a good job.

“My run away soldier don return, chai! The shakara way I go do for am eh, anyway I will go see am, maybe today sef” She thought

She brought out the large tray in the kitchen and placed the Ewedu leave on it

“I go soon quit this job sef, when my Bobo go begin give me plenty money, I no go dey do this kine dirty job, na to sidon dey give order for him shop them” She muttered and laughed

“Money good abeg!” she said out loud


“One of them said I should give them four hundred thousand Naira, which he would use it to settle some of their Oga’s and secure your release” Kola said to Imelda

“But I am not a criminal, I am not guilty of what they are holding me here for” Imelda said, lifting her hands in frustration

That is not the point, the point is for you to get out of this place, Look at you, you have become a shadow of yourself, I can’t believe that this is what they have reduced you to” Kola pointed out.

Imelda unconsciously looked at her hands which had become a breading nest for mosquitoes and the marks of mosquito bites had formed ridges on her skin, she looked at him, she didn’t want him to see her like this, she never wanted to be a burden to him;

“What Is Ken saying about this?” She asked

“They are suspecting someone, a lady that seems to be obsessed with him, but nothing concrete yet, he is doing his beat” Kola replied to her

“This place is horrible Kola, this is the worst experience I have had in my life” she said, her head bent, she had no more sorrow to give, no more tears to shed

“I know, but please be strong for me ok? I will make sure you are out of this place in no time” He held her hands

“Where will you get Four hundred thousand Naira from?” She asked

“That shouldn’t bother you one bit, just be strong for me, I don’t want to lose you too

She was afraid he may want to use part of the money he been Keeping aside for his new Restaurant to bail her out, if it happens what will she do? How will she pay him back? Why does her life bring misery to those around her?

She thought of Ahmad, he had no job all the years she was with her; Grace nearly lost her life few months she moved in with her, now Kola

“I wish you had never met me, I wish I didn’t come to your life, at least you would have been focused and achieve great things, instead of going through this” She said to him

“Please don’t say that, I love you don’t you get it?” He assured her

“Kola there is something wrong with me, maybe I have a part with misfortune…”

“Shhii… there is nothing wrong with you, you are a gift from God, a beautiful woman with a pure heart…” He said

“Then why are all these happening to me? Why can’t I have anything good why? Why can’t I be loved and enjoy life… Why?” She sobbed

He allowed her to cry he didn’t have answers to her questions as well, he looked at her again, he had not just known this lady, he knew he love her so much, and he was not ready to let go yet.


“What are they saying?” Ken asked Kola over the phone as he walked out of the police station

“The same thing, they are not shifting ground” Kola said

“I am not surprised, this is Nigerian police we are talking about” Ken said

“Yea… it’s so frustrating”

“Grace is insisting she want to go see her, but I am advising her against it, let us get Imelda out of there within this week, then we can pursue the case by ourselves” Ken said

“Any new development on this girl you talked about?” Kola asked

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we have an in,sider following her up, we only need to gather up good evidence before we nail her” Ken responded

“Oh that is good”

“Yes… meanwhile, will you be available tomorrow evening, we can meet with this officer you spoke about, we could offer him less than what he asked for, let’s see if we could secure Imelda’s release within the week” Ken Offered

“I will really appreciate that, thank you so much” Kola slut his car key and turned on the ignition

“So how is Grace?” He asked

“She is better, she would be discharged this evening” Ken answered

“That is good”

He drove off with the thought of Imelda, not sure whether he was doing the right thing, sticking to her at this time.


“She dey alive!”

Saw her seated like a queen mother in front of the car, He honked and they drove in,side the compound.

Show wasn’t so sure whether it was her, but her eyes has been good and clear, except she was dreaming on a broad day light.

“How e come day possible?” she covered her mouth, preventing her from scre-ming.

She had come as she planned to offer herself to Ken, the obstacle has been taken away, her rival has been dealt with, and she brought with her a flask of Nsala soup.

She was careful not to be caught when she was taking the soup from her Madam’s pot.

She had rehearsed her speech and action, she shaved in the bathroom and had put on the new lace p-nt she bought from Iya beji ,

They didn’t see her as they drove pass, but she saw them. She stood at the s₱0t they passed her, dumbfounded. Gradually, her surprise gave way for anger, it was rising within her like the warriors of Annubis, she could taste her own bitterness, it was so bitter for her to swallow it back, all she wanted to do was to spit it out and see it burn the two like acid.

As his gate closed, something in her closed as well, she felt herself left her body, a part of her that had mercy, Hot tears like angry storm rolled down her cheek, she felt the eyes of passers-by as they bore h0le on her body, her feet became very heavy for her to move, her heard became a burden to her, it was as if an unannounced rainfall had caught up with her, she turned and ran, wiping the Mucus from her nose with her hands.

That night she didn’t wait for Ademola to come to her, she went into his room and let het wrapper go, as he mounted her, she cried, allowing her pain and heart ache flow with the tears; she call ed him ‘Ken’ as he pushed in and out of her

When she slipped into a deep sleep, the only face she saw laughing at her loss was that of Grace

To be continued

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