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Kiss me one more night Episode 33


Kiss Me One More Night – Episode 33
© Rosemary Okafor

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“This is crazy, you mean a certain lady roams the street of this Lagos, desperately wanting you for herself to the point of trying to harm those she thinks is standing on her way?” Grace asked

Her eyes wide with surprise and confusion, she had thought it was a joke when Ken told her that he would be coming to escort her back home until she saw his car from her window, parked downstairs at the her office.

She was very furious that she didn’t want to come down immediately, when she did she didn’t say a word to him but walked straight to her car and drove off.

She couldn’t wait to tell him exactly how she felt about the whole thing, she couldn’t understand why he wanted to be monitoring her like this, was it fear or lack of trust that she may not be able to take care of herself and the baby;

“K what is this? Why have you decided to get us into this again? For crying out loud are we going back to those years or arguments? What is this about…” she was angry

Babe can we go inside please, I will explain everything to you but please this is not the right place”

He was able to convince her to come inside with him before he told her everything;

“It started like a joke, I didn’t know it would get to this point” He said

“How long has this been going on?” Grace asked

“For some months now, seriously I didn’t give it any attention when it all started, I never know it would lead to this” He said

“You didn’t tell me about this, all this time you didn’t even breathe anything related to this” Grace said softly.

It baffled her why someone would desperately want a man to this point, what really happened between this said lady and her Man, does she have something against Ken? She didn’t want to think that the two had something between them prior to this time, she was becoming Jealous though she didn’t want to let it out;

“Did you sleep with her?” She asked him softly, trying to hide the jealousy in her voice

“Hell no! I didn’t, I didn’t even touch her” He wasn’t sure if she believed him

“Please believe me I had nothing intimate with her, she just wanted to ruin me and I don’t know why” He said

“I don’t understand this, you didn’t promise her love or marriage, and you didn’t sleep with her,then why is she after you, why you K?”

“That is the question I have been asking myself too, I don’t know seriously… Now you understand why I was insisting on escorting you” he said, his hand on his cheek

She nodded and rested her cheek on her hand

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“But you cannot follow me around forever, we have to find a way to stop this once and for all” She said

“Yes babe, Edu and I are working out something, we are trying to nail her permanently… but for now please promise me that you will be careful” He pleaded

“I’m a big girl k” She said

“You are my babe, I don’t want to lose you” he said, his fingers tracing down from her collar bone to her chest, allowing his fingers to follow the lines of her [email protected], giving her n!pole a little pinch from her cloth.

“Ouch! K please” She said

“Please what” he asked still playing with her hard n!pole, few of her buttons had come lose, exposing her lace black bra that seemed small with the swollen of her [email protected], pregnancy had given her that gift, a natural [email protected] enlargement.

“So what where you saying before, Hmm?” he teased her, slipping his hand inside the bra to cup one of the [email protected] while giving the other another pinch

“K” She m0aned

He laughed, enjoying what he was doing to her; it was amazing to him that he could stir her s£xually like this after a long while

He pulled her face to his, planted a kiss on her lips and said;

“You are a temptation to me; I will try to resist you for the baby’s sake”

“But I am fine really!” She said breathing heavily.

“No sweet, until the Doctor says so, you will not lead me to hell”

She was disappointed, she had wanted him so much, she wouldn’t have minded if he would have taken her there on the sofa. She walked upstairs and sank herself and her arousal in the bathtub.


He was already in bed when she walked in, they had eating a very light dinner before he went inside the room to take his bath, leaving her to finish the movie she was watching.

She was uncomfortable, moving her hips from one side of the sofa to the other, and giving her cl!t a playful rub.

She had waited for him to come back down stairs but he didn’t, he must be very tired she guessed but she had to try.

She softly closed the door behind her as she walked into the room, wearing the flimsy pink nightwear with nothing else underneath, her little baby bump showing. He was lying on his side when she walked in

“Hey” he said turning to face her

“I thought you have slept” She said, still standing by the door

“Not really, but what can a man with a s£xy wife like you do, when there is a ‘DON’T TOUCH STICKER’ on you, I have to respect myself” He smiled

She was thrilled that he was feeling the same way she was, she only had to show him that she was alright and wouldn’t mind making love with him

“K I can’t sleep” She said

“Hmm… ok come here let me hold you” he offered

“I will try not to do more than that” He whispered in her ears as she lay by his side and bid her time.

She took a while before she turned to face him, pushing his chest with her firm and hard n!pole, she ran her hand on his body while he lay still. She drew closer, caressed his face, slipped a finger in his mouth and ran it through his tongue.

“Hmm” he said as he sucked her finger

She pulled her finger away and replaced it with her tongue, she ran her tongue round his lips before slipping it inside his mouth, he didn’t respond at first. She knew he was tensed, he wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but she wanted him so much

“What are doing sweet?” He asked halfheartedly while she continually nibbled on his ears and neck

“I don’t know if I can stop myself if I give in to you, please don’t do this…” He pleaded

She allowed her hand to find his n!poles and gave it a little touch, he threw his head backward and closed his eyes, and she smiled and continued, leaving his neck to fill his n!pole with her mouth while caressing his hard er£ction with her hand

“Oh God!” He m0aned

He threw his hands on her head and pushed her downward, she understood what he wanted without him saying it. Her lips found it, her tongue explore the shaft, forming a ring at the top, she teased him, played with his arousal, got his balls w€t with her saliva before she took the whole of him in her mouth.

“Grace…” He called out

“Hmm” she m0aned as she felt her own arousal busting out, hot flush like the bloom of flowering season. He held her head and thrust, lifting her head and bringing it back while she massaged the end of his Pe**is with her palm.

She slowly pulled away and crawled on top of him, looking at him in the face, she leaned on his chest and whispered in his ears;

“What do you want K” with the most alluring voice he have ever heard

“Just don’t stop…F**k me like you used to” He said

That night he was his temptress, his s£x queen, his seductress and his woman in all senses, she looked him in the eyes as she rode him, slowing down at interval to allow him calm down, she was in control and he loved it.

He held her butt cheeks with her hands and allows himself to be thrilled with the feel of her buttocks bouncing up and down, there was nothing calm and quiet about the woman on top of him, she was taking him out of the world and she knew it. Enjoying every bit of how she made him feel.

He felt her muscles contrast, her tempo changed, the ride got faster and her eyes gone wild, he knew it was near so he let himself go, holding her hips firmly he thrust inside her faster, she was shaking and her legs could hold still, so he thrust.

His orgasm came as well as hers, with a loud m0an he gave the last thrust and was still, he held her as she shook vigorously from her orgasm.

She laid on his chest again planting kisses on his face and upper body, she was pleased with what they just had, and he was overwhelmed, memories of how it used to be came back to him, ‘this is the woman I Married’ He thought

“Thank you so much sweet” He said running his hand on her arm, she was lying beside him now

He coddled her to sleep while thinking of what next to be done in other to protect his woman permanently from harm.


They say to get something done, one have to do it himself and that was what Chinyeaka had planned to do. Only that she needed to know exactly when to strike without losing. That was where she thought Kabiru would be of help to her again.

She needed to know where she goes and when she could be home alone so she can put an end to her once and for all.

She looked down at the two edged bled she purchased from the store, it wasn’t difficult buying it as nobody asks why anyone would buy a knife in the Market, everybody was minding his or her own business.

Unlike the poison, she wanted to be the one that would thrust the blade inside her stomach, she wanted to watch her bleed, to watch her open her mouth to scr eam with no word coming out, she wanted to look her in the face while she turn white.

She wanted to be her death for good.

To be continued

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