Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night Episode 36

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 36

© Rosemary Okafor

“She actually didn’t want me to tell you but…” Mary said over the phone

“But what? Please if you know where she is and how we can reach to her let me know, she may not be safe where ever she is right now” Ken was losing his patience, night was closing up and Grace has not called back

Calling Mary was the only thing left for him to do before he calls the police, he had called Imelda and her

phone wasn’t going through.

He didn’t want to call Grace’s Mothers yet, he was scared of raising alarm, especially if Grace wasn’t there, the poor woman would die of anxiety.

“She said she want to go to her former place to get some few things, said you wouldn’t allow her to go but she needed most of the things there” Mary informed him over the phone

“When did she leave the office?” Ken asked

“Around six…call her on her phone now” Mary suggested, there was also panic in her voice

“She is not picking her phone” Ken replied

“God! I thing you should go look for her o, me I don’t know but it could be dangerous out there” Mary said, not knowing what else to say

“I will do that right away, thank you Mary” Ken cut the call

“Stubborn mule” He swore under his breath, referring to Grace

“What did she say?” Edu asked Ken

“She went to her former place after work” Ken reported to Edu

“Let’s go look for her there then, meanwhile, I spoke to the police as you were making the call and they said they went to Ijebu to arrest Chinyeaka, but she was nowhere to be found” Edu said

“Jesus Christ!” Exclaimed Ken

“So we have to be fast about finding your woman” Edu said, entering his car, Ken did same and both went in search of Grace.


Chinyeaka closed the door properly, deliberately making the sound of the door to announce her presence, she was still nervous but she wouldn’t let the other woman see it.

Grace turned sharply to the sound of the door shut behind her, and came face to face with her fear. Standing in her room was a young lady, wearing a thick jumpsuit, a worn-out boot and a low tinted hair.

Her heart jumped out of her body, she felt a cold chill all over her as if the shadow of dead was coming to life to take her.

Chinyeaka stood looking at her with a wicked smile on her face, on her right hand was something that looked like a dagger, or maybe a knife, Grace couldn’t tell because the room was dim, and the light from her phone didn’t brighten the wh0le room.

“Jesus!”Grace shouted, falling backward out of fear

“You dey shout Jesus? You think say Jesus go save you today? You no wan die abi? Na today I go know say whether you be ghost abi human being” the lady said making two steps towards her.

Chinyeaka was enjoying the fear she saw in the other woman’s eyes, it encouraged her, this woman is not strong after all, Chinyeaka thought.

Grace was confused, what was the lady talking about? What did she mean by ‘you no wan die’ and why would she be in her room at this time of the night?

She was too scared to talk, she noticed that she was shaking and her legs were getting weak. Her phone rang, she wanted to answer;

“No try am, no even look the phone” the lady warned

When the phone rang again, she had left it on top of the bed, waiting to see what move her intruder would take, the phone had rang continuously, until the intruder took it and switched it off, throwing the phone in,side her pocket.

“I no say you no know me, but I know you well well, I don dey follow you since, you dey jolly life, dey waka with oga Ken, dey chop where you no sow…”the lady said, wielding the weapon

Realization dawn on Grace, this must be the lady Ken told her about, but in all her wildest imagination, she didn’t know the lady would want to go to this length.

“… I don suffer Make ken see me, any time way e be like say our relationsh¡p wan get head, you go come scatter am, I don’t try everything, even juju join but your winch no dey gree Oga ken see, so I come reason am say, if you die, his eyes go clear and him go see me for woman way I be…”

Chinyeaka tilted her head sideways and cast her gaze on Grace’s stomach and laughed.

“You come even go get belle for am, you think say na that one you go take hold am. But you don fail, today I go send both you and your

b****** baby to hell fire” she said pushing grace roughly into the bed

Grace landed with her buttocks on the bed; the lady was standing closer to her now with the knife on her hand pointing on her neck.

She could see it clearly now that what she was holding was a very sharp knife, the blade shone even in the dimmed light in the room.

“Please I am begging you; don’t do this, for the sake of God please…” Grace pleaded with a shaky voice

“so you sabi God, you for remember God the time way you dey paro with my Man, the time way you no wan mind your business upon say you leave Oga Ken run, you still use juju hold am, you for remember God the time way you make Oga Ken to dey carry me play, dey do me yeye , I come be

mumu for you and Oga Ken, today you go meet that God” Chinyeaka said pushing Grace flat on the bed

“Please I am begging you, for the sake of my baby, please let me go…” Grace pleaded again

“Which baby? This one?” Chinyeaka pointed at Grace’s stomach with the tip of the knife, Grace sobbed and Chinyeaka laughed

“You know how many times way I beg Oga Ken make him f**ck me make I carry belle for am but him no gree? Because say you no wan leave am, see eh, I go use this knife open your belle, comot the pikin come cut am small small” Chinyeaka threatened

“Please don’t do this to me…don’t do this to yourself, you are a beautiful lady, any Man would want to have you…” Grace was desperate to buy time for herself, even though she didn’t have the slighted idea how to get out of the situation alive

“Any Man minus Oga Ken abi? Na im make I wan kill you na, make Oga ken dey free marry me” Chinyeaka cut in

There was a noise from the sitting room, a door opening and closing, some footsteps and a voice;

“So I no lock this door” Chinyeaka thought with anger


“Hello! Is anybody in?” Imelda called from the sitting room.

There was no light so she had to switch on the touch from her phone, everywhere was quiet, she was worried and confused. She thought she had seen a car that looked like Grace’s car outside, though she didn’t really take proper notice;

“It could be that of another person” she had thought before she stepped in,side the house from the gate.

But the conviction was getting stronger as she searched the house with her eyes that someone must have been in the house, then her eyes caught Graces white Skull slippers, partially hiding by the chair. She didn’t know whether it was there before of not, she called her name.

“Grace are you here!” Imelda called out and headed towards the room


Both of them heard it, the sound from the sitting room and Imelda calling her name. Grace was both excited that Chinyeaka showed up, but on the other hand, she was afraid that Chinyeaka may want to harm Imelda and Imelda may not be able to defend herself, since she would be taking unawares.

Chinyeaka had her hands over Grace’s mouth preventing her from either answering her name from Imelda or making a sound that could give out her cover.

Imelda got to the door, knocked two times and pushed the door open as power was also restored to the house.

Chinyeaka made a sharp move, she hurriedly left graces side and jumped towards Imelda, pushing her in,side the room and barricaded the door with her body,

Imelda was surprised at what she saw, lying with her back on the bed like a corpse about to be dressed for burial was Grace, and standing in front of her was the same lady that came to deliver the wine that nearly got Grace killed;

“What is going on here? She asked

“You!” Imelda exclaimed as she reorg-nized the lady

Chinyeaka raised her eyebrows in recognition too, she remembered the lady, the one that came out from the gate to receive the bottle of wine that day, she had to do what she had to do fast before she would run out of luck and another person would come in

“Oya join your friend, no be me do you, na you wan die, come carry your two left let come here when nobody invite you” Chinyeaka said to Imelda

“Why are you here again?” Imelda asked

“Which kine yeye question be this one? I say make you follow your friend for the bed, na for there I go kill una, una go lie down there die…”

Chinyeaka was still talking when Imelda jumped on her, knocking the knife of her hand

Grace lifted herself from the bed and went for the knife which had fallen beside the wardrobe, the same time Chinyeaka pushed Imelda off her and went for the knife also, with two strides; she covered up the distance and held the knife while Grace held her hand.

Chinyeka was like a lioness, with the strength of a thousand goddesses, she roared in anger as she struggled to free her hand from Grace, this she succeeded in doing and also pushing Grace against the wall, Grace landed with her head hitting the wall and she lost her balance and fall on the hærd floor with her side.

Imelda Held Chinyeaka from behind, holding her hands together and preventing her from using the knife, Chinyeaka was anxious and filled with rage, knowing she had no time, the blade got Imelda on her arm, drawing blood from her skin, Imelda scre-med and withdrew her hand immediately,

With the knife lifted above her head, Chinyeaka walked towards Grace, she was a picture of a mentally deranged woman, her eyes wild, her breath heavy and br-ast raised and fall as she breath. Grace couldn’t get to her feet on time when the first stoke landed, she managed to roll over and the blade got her by the shoulder, tearing her skin, she could feel her nerves gave way as the knife drove its way deeper in,side her.

She scre-med, the pain started like a sting from her shoulder and ran through her body in a second, she felt the warm fluid soaked her back, her cloth and ran down her body.

The site of the blood made Chinyeaka more excited, nothing would make her happier than to torture this woman that had tortured her soul for long, she pulled the knife out of Grace’s shoulder, making Grace to wiggle in pain and scre-m, Chinyeaka lifted the Knife to strike again, but Imelda was faster

With her cloth stained with her own blood and the excruciating pain from her cut, she ran towards Chinyeaka and threw herself on her from behind, making Chinyeaka to stagger and the knife fallen from her hand.

Imelda got her chance and charged, she hit Chinyeaka with a wooden picture of grace, over and over again on the head, her face, her body, all the while scre-ming;

She was unaware of the banging on the door, the door being broken and Grace loosing lots of  blood until she saw Ken and some group of people in,side the room, her vision was blur then she gave in to the tiredness that beckoned.

To be continued

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