Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night Episode 37

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 37

© Rosemary Okafor

“What happened?” Doctor Ayo asked ken

They were in his office, ked had waited for him to wash his hands, removed his coat and sat down, it was a good thing the Doctor was still on duty that night.

“Doc I can’t really tell how it happened, all I can tell was that we went in search of her and found her and her friend bleeding profusely” Ken replied

He had almost lost his cool when he got to her house, they heard voices, arguments then a fight, he had tried opening the door where the voices were coming from but it was locked from in,side.

His heart had stopped beating the moment he heard her scre-m, he banged on the door, called their names, but it seemed like they all where deafened by the rumble they were having in,side.

He knew immediately that Chinyeaka was with them, he couldn’t mistake her voice. Filled with anger and adrenaline, he pushed the door with his strength, thanks to Edu who raised alarm and got some more hands, they forced the door open within minutes.

The room was already crowded by the time he carried her out while beckoning on one of the guys in the room to help him with Imelda.

“I will stay here until the police arrives, Ka nwa ekwensu a ghara iripu , to ensure that this girl does not escape, I have already called the DPO” Edu said

Ken didn’t realize how much of her blood that saturated his shirt, all he cared was for her to be alive for him.

“She lost a lot of blood but she is coming around, she is just weak probably due to the blood she lost and the trauma of course” Doctor Ayo said, scrabbling something on a file

“And the baby?” Ken asked

“He is a hærd one, so determined to live, he is fine” Doctor Ayo said with a smile

Ken had a sigh of relief, it was amazing to him how God Loves him this much, preserving the precious ones in his life.

“It’s a HE?” He asked Doctor Ayo, referring to his babe

“Yes Ken, you are going to have a son”

“What of her friend Imelda?” he had not seen her after they got to the hospital and Grace was taking to the emergency ward

“She is fine, we have stitched the cut in her hand and cleaned the bruises, both of them are going to be alright” Doctor Ayo assured

“Thank you so much Doctor, I am so grateful really” Ken said, shaking Doctor Ayo

“We have to thank God that both of them are alive, and who ever that is responsible for this has been apprehended, it would have been another story Man” said Ayo,

Ken left the doctor’s office feeling relieved, Edu had called earlier to tell him that the police have finally arrived and Chinyeaka has been taking away.

“Nwanne din a mba, Imela ejim gi ugwo I owe you my brother” He had replied to Edu

“How are they doing?” Edu had asked

“I don’t know yet, Grace has been taking to the emergency ward, I pray they would stop the bleeding” He had responded.

Ken got to the room where she lay, her cloth has been changed, he had rushed home to get a new cloth for her while she was still at the emergency ward, she had a bandage with a little stain of blood on her left shoulder, and was lying on her side, backing him.

He stood there watching as her body rises and fall to the rhythm of her breath as she slept. He moved closer to look at the affected shoulder, he touched her softly and she gro-ned in pain;

“Stubborn woman” he said and closed the door behind him as he went to see Imelda.


“How did you know?” Imelda asked Kola

She thought she was dead, the near death experience she had few hours ago was so terrifying to her, she was told that she passed out by the nurse on duty, thank God she was alive to tell the story.

“Ken called me” Kola answered. He was sitting on the chair beside her

“So you went to play super hero for your friend?” he asked holding her hand and smiling. She smiled back and said nothing.

He was like family to her now; they have been like that for each other, having each other’s back like friends do. Though she battled with the feelings she has for him, she wouldn’t let him know, she also didn’t know how difficult it has been for him all these months, keeping his feeling to himself.

For that night, she was happy and grateful that he had come through for her again, being with her in the hospital meant so much to her

“How did you know she was in trouble by the way?” Kola asked

“I actually didn’t know, I just wanted to go there and get some of my things, I knew something wasn’t right when I met the gate and the front door open but there was no sign of anybody in the house” Imelda said

“That was God, your friend needed help and God brought you there at the moment, though I would have had a case with God if he had allowed you die” Kola added

They say nothing for some time, but she understood that he was happy she came out this alive,

“I was sincerely scared when I got the call that you ware in the hospital, I have to leave everything I was doing to get here, though he told me that the situation was under control, I couldn’t believe until I see you and know that you are alright” Kola said after the silence

“And you now believe, I am a big girl you know” Imelda joked and they both laughed

“So when are you coming home?” he asked her

“I don’t know, probably tomorrow” She replied

“Hmm, we will miss you this night” he said

“And who are the ‘we’” she asked feigning seriousness

“The house and I” They both laughed

“Or maybe I should sleep over here in the hospital” Kola added

“No way, you will not do that, common Kola, I will be fine” Imelda Objected

“I know you will be fine, but I have gotten used to seeing you every night that I will suddenly become lonely without you in that house” Kola said

“I brought you nothing but trouble and discomfort” She said

“You brought me companionsh¡p and friendsh¡p” he had wanted to add passion and love but he was being careful. It was as if she read his mind, her countenance changed, he didn’t know what was going on in her mind and he wished she could tell him.

“It’s getting late Kola, and you have to get to work early tomorrow” she said, she had wanted him to stay, but she didn’t want to subject him to that.

He felt hurt and disappointed, thinking she was eager to let go of him, he rose from the sit and picked his phone

“Sure, I have to, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow” he said and made for the door

“Kola” she called him

“Hmm?” he stood to hear what she had to say

“I will miss you too tonight” She didn’t know why she said that, but that was the truth, she had gotten used to their night ritual of long conversation, movie watching and stepping on each other’s toes.

She saw his face lifted up and his l-ips gave way to a smile, and she smiled too

“Will you come tomorrow? Please” she pleaded

“You don’t need to beg me to come see my friend, of course I will be here tomorrow with your breakfast, and will come in the evening to take you home”

‘Home’ that was what he called it, and home was what it is for her, unlike when she was staying with Ahmad, and had always dreaded coming back to the house, Kola has always giving her reasons to run home every working days. Looking at his attractive face and near perfect body now, she wished there could be more that binds them together; she prayed that he would one day ask her again to be his woman.


Ken had seen Kola with Imelda when he wanted to enter her room in the hospital, he had slightly opened the door, the two were so engrossed in their discussion that they didn’t even know he was there, he had left as quietly as he came, and was now sitting in the hospital reception when Kola came out.

“How is she?” Ken asked, standing up from his sit

“She is really okay, thank God for everything” Kola replied they were walking towards his car

“I am sorry again this happened, she has always been the one that takes the bullet for Grace” Ken apologized

“You don’t have to apologies Man, things like this happen, and besides, Grace had her own share of terrible experience” Kola said

“So what will happen to Chinyeaka now?” Kola asked, he was leaning on his car

“The police have her, they are charging her for attempted murder, I think she will be going in for it” Ken replied

“That is good, at least Imelda will have her life back now, thank God this is all over”

“Thank you for your understanding Man, we didn’t mean to bring you into all this” Ken apologized again.

“Its okay, please take care of Grace” Kola said and drove off.


She felt nothing as they drove her in their van to the police station, no regrate, no remorse and no pity.

“Yeye girl, because of Man na im you wan kill another woman, Oya enter in,side” she stumbled as a police officer pushed her in,side the cell, she watched as he locked the cell and put the key in,side his pocked, the key to her freedom.

She turned around and was met with peers of eyes looking at her, some faces where heard, somewhere soft and some where indifferent, it was as if they were all consumed in their own thoughts that none of them bothered her for some few Minutes she entered

She wanted to sit down, her feet were hurting and her head was still spinning, but it was difficult to get a s₱0t to sit. She located a s₱0t to sit down, but was told that she couldn’t sit there as it was their custom for new comers to stand until the Area Mama allows the new comer to sit.

So she stood, balancing her weight on her right leg, while supporting herself with her hands holding the prison bars.

“Fine girl, watin be your name?” She heard someone asked behind her, that could be the area Mama, she guessed

“Chinyeaka” She replied

“Omo ibo ! Na watin carry you come here?” Area Mama asked

She hesitated to answer at first, but later went on to give her own version of the story, the version she always told herself, the one that make her a victim of love.

“You be hærd girl chai! Oya come sidon beside me, me and you go dey paro, I like girls like you” the area Mama said to her.

She felt like a queen already, walking to the exulted seat giving to her in cell; “I think I fit enjoy this place small sha” she thought

Her only regret was not being able to finish her plan, she knew that she drove her knife in,side Grace’s flesh, but she wasn’t sure which part of her body that the Knife caught, she would have wanted to stab her over and over again, even if the police caught up with her, she would have been happy with the knowledge that the woman died, and that she was the one that killed her.

As it was, she didn’t know whether Grace died or not. She felt her stomach rumbl e and her mouth filled with spittle, it was like she was about to get sick, and she hated it.

“Sickness is for the weak” she had told herself severally.

To be continued

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