Kiss me one more night

k-ss me one more night – final Episode

k-ss Me One More Night – Episode 39

© Rosemary Okafor

“You are looking radiant”

“Thank you Mama”

She was getting ready for her wedding, the second wedding actually. It was all Ken’s Idea. She couldn’t believe it when he walked into the Hospital after her mother left;




They both had started together, they both had things to say to each other, but it was a moment of relief as both of them laughed and he sat down

“You first” He said to her

“K I am so sorry for everything, I know I have hurt you so much I didn’t mean to, I am ready to change, to be a good wife to you, I may not know how to do all those wife thing but… I am ready to learn, please don’t give up on me”

“Shiiii” he said, stopping her from saying more, he had heard what he has been longing for and that was enough for him

“I don’t want a strange woman, I want my Grace, she may be a little stubborn but let her be willing to listen to me too, I want to share your life with you as well, I want to make decisions with you, and I want to be allowed by you to love you properly”

“Then you have me, all of me K, you are the only Man I have loved, and I still love you like Mad, you mean so much to me” She was looking into his eyes.

He held her gaze while fishing out something from his pocket

“Marry me again sweet” he opened the little box, exposing a simple but beautiful gold ring

Her mouth hung open, she looked from the ring to the Man, tears streamed down her cheeks, and she covered her mouth with her hand

“Please” Ken added

“What is wrong with you? I am your wife already” she chuckled

“We were divorce remember, besides I want to start anew, this will be a new beginning for us, we have to retake our vows again, that is if you agree to Marry me again” He said

“Of course I will want that very much” she said

He pulled out the old ring from her finger and slipped the new one perfectly. He watched he admire the ring, she looked at his and they both smiled then she rushed into his warmth embrace.

“I love you so much Sweet” he said while stroking her hair

“I love you too K”

Few weeks later they were ready to match to the altar to take their vows for the second and the last time.

“I know both of you will come back together” Her mother in-law said to her

She smiled, they were in her room, Imelda, her bride’s maid and Mary were putting some finishing touches on her face and her hair

“I thought we were over Mama, this is a miracle”

“Both of you are meant for each other, you were eager to walk away and didn’t see reasons to right the wrongs that led to your marriage breaking down”

“It was my fault Mama, Ken has been good to me”

“No my child, Ken has his own fault too, maybe he also let go easily”

“I know better now Mama, I will never allow us to break down again” Grace assured her mother in-law

“Don’t worry Mama, I will keep an eye on her from now onward, I will reset her brain for her whenever she starts to misbehave” Mary ch¡pped in and they all laughed

“I don’t think there will be any need for that again, My daughter in-law has learn from the past” Her Mother in-law said, standing up to leave

“It is almost time to go get my husband from the airport, I hope we get back on time before you guys leave for church” she said

“Your eyes still sparkle whenever you talk about Chief” Grace teased her mother in-law

“Of course, he is my husband and I still love him so much” her mother in-law said with a blush, before she left

“I hope I will be able to talk about Ken like that after many years” Grace commented

“Of course you will, Ken is a lovely guy, and don’t forget, like father like son” Mary said, blowing off some excess powder from the brush

“She is so nice, I hope my mother in-law will be as nice as her” Imelda said dreamily

“Eh!” Echoed Grace and Mary

“What?’ Imelda responded, pretending not to know what they were talking about

“That reminds me, I have been ignoring this shiny stone on your engagement finger since today, does it has anything to do with you sudden Mother in-law talk” Mary asked, with her hand akimbo

“Yes tell us Imelda; my ears are itching for good news”

“We are here for your wedding…”

“Second wedding don’t forget” Mary corrected

“Okay, second wedding, so let’s concentrate on that, we will talk about me later” Mary said bringing down the wedding gown from the wardrobe.

“Let us hear it…”

“There is still time” echoed Grace and Mary

“Okay, ehm, He proposed” Imelda said with a smile

The two ladies scre-med with a shrilled voice, Mary hugged Imelda, lifting her from the ground and turned her around out of excitement, while grace clapped her hands like a teenage girl

“But who proposed” Asked Mary, the other two ladies looked at her with surprise

“Kola” Grace said

“Our super chef?” Mary asked

“Yes” Imelda replied

“Oh my goodness, that is a good and handsome hunk you got for yourself, I saw the way he was running around all the while you were detained, wow, girlfriend you have done it this time” Mary said

“Thank you so much May” Imelda addressed Mary by her nick-name

“Oh such a s€×y Man, his muscles speaks when he moves his body, he is tall, broad shoulder, fit…”

“Mary!” Grace shouted, stopping her friend from going further

“I was only admiring Gods creature”

“Admire your husband”

“Wow, your wedding gown is beautiful, you look so amazing” Imelda said while zipping the gown, changing the topic.

“Thank you dear, I own a lot to you, you made me see and appreciate Love, and you somehow made this possible” Grace said to Imelda

“What about me” Mary asked

“You try sha” the three busted into laughter

There was a knock at the door and Ken walked in, he was already dressed

“And here comes the groom” muttered Imelda, dragging Mary as they left the room.

Ken waited for them to leave before he pulled Grace into his arms and k-ssed her passionately

“You have ruined my l¡pstick” Grace said, cleaning some l¡pstick off Ken’s l-ips

“They will help you with another one” Ken replied

“It’s a taboo to see the bride before the wedding” Grace joked

“Says who”

“I don’t know” they both laughed

“You look amazing” Grace admired her husband

“Thank you, and you look beautiful”

“No, my curve is gone, stomach is big” Grace said, looking at her stomach

“Maybe I am beginning to have a new fantasy, f**king a pregnant woman on a wedding gown” he lifted her face to his

“You are s€×y even with the pregnancy”

“Are you sure?”

“I am very sure, and can’t wait to have you all to myself after the wedding; I want to f**k you senseless”

“Stop doing this to me, you are getting me w-t” she admitted

“Then let’s have a quick one before we go out there” He suggested

“You are crazy, it’s not proper” she said, hitting him in the chest and laughing, but her eyes were filled with desire

“Nothing is proper when it comes to my desire towards you” they were about to k-ss again when they heard voices, laughter and footsteps

“My father is here, and I heard you brother is here too”

“What of my Mum?” she asked

“She is giving the caterers tough time”

“Typical of my mother, Let us go and meet Chief”

He helped her up, she slipped her legs in,side the silver block heel sandals and both of them walked hand in hand. in his room was two flight tickets to Bahamas sponsored by Morg-n, and a letter to Grace, he would surprise her with that after the wedding.

life is actually good.


“I no go fit get belle an, e no fit dye possible” Chinyeaka denied

“I dey tell you say na belle you get eh, I no be pikin, I no when woman get belle” Area Mama insisted.

They were in the field working, she has been sick for weeks now with no sign of recovering even after the parasitamol giving to her by one of the female wardens

She knew pregnancy was the only explanation to her everyday sickness that gets worst in the mornings, but she was afraid to admit to it, she hated how everything is turning against her, the dream she had, the victory, the sweetness of being with the man she had wanted, all has crumbled, and this pregnancy, what was she going to do with it.

“girl nawa for you o, how you go allow yourself get belle, watin you wan carry belle do na, big girl like you, you open toto [/i]give man make him [i]sqash without c-ndom, girl you f**k up big time” one of the Inmates said to her.

She had admitted to being stupid, how could it never occur to her to tell those men to use c-ndom,

“Chinyeaka you be mumu o, kai !” she muttered, she was sitting on a block closed to the water tank

How would she know who was responsible, she had slept with both Baba Ademola and his son Ademola the same week before she was brought here, She also remembered the Alahaji who gave her thirty thousand naira the previous week, he had finished eating Eba that night, she knew he was desiring to have her with the way his eyes where following her buttocks while she walked around the restaurant.

She had waited for him beside his car by the time he was leaving, making sure her dress was revealing almost everything in her body, he had ravished her in,side his car and had giving her the money, promising to give her more if she would be available to him at all times.

Now she was confused who among the many men she had slept with lately, was responsible for her pregnancy.

“Watin you dey do here, no be other people dey work?” asked a warden

“I no dey feel fine, my body dey worry me” She said

“How that one take concern me? Oya stand up from there go join other people, no be me bring you come here”

Chinyeaka dragged herself up and walked to the field with her cutlass. She had expected her case to be handle sooner so she could walk free, one of the officers had promise her that he would make sure she was released in no time if she would agree to be coming to him at night for the usual thing,

“No bother yourself, na so them dey talk, dem go keep you here make you dey service them, dem no go help you comot go anywhere, no be watin all of us done try?” one of the inmates said to her when she brought it up

But sh e was ready to push her luck, and this pregnancy was about to dash her hope on stone.

“It is not visible yet” she would do what she has to and do it fast before more people would notice her pregnancy.

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