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Kisser girl episode 5


Kisser girl

Episode 5


Theme: Songs of power

John turned and saw a lady blocking Jenny, he walked towards them in his dirty littered clothes

“Why are you stopping her from leaving?” John asked

“How is that your business?” The new girl asked

“Oh! She’s my friend, you let her leave now or I force you ” John threatened

“Really? You must have got some powers, why not try ” The girl dared John

John went to her and push her away, the lady fell
“Jenny go” John said
Jenny hurried and left to the health center

The girl stood up and dusted her clothes, she smirked .

“You really pushed me?” The girl asked sarcastically

“What would you do?” John said courageously

“I’m gonna show you what I can do, you gonna be my dog, I mean my servant, for the rest of your days in this school, how about that?” The girl said

“What are you talking about? You are just a rude girl always trying to create a scene and disturb everywhere ” John said

“Really? ”
Buron ni ni buron
Aisat juv vikruin”
The girl casted the spell and a soft air blew on John’s face.

His knowledge became daft, his understanding became darkened , his face becomes gloomy

“Command me my Lord”John said

” Oh! Young boy, I told you that you are gonna become my dog, I never wished to but you dared me, anyways, do not call me my Lord, call me Sarah, what is your name by the ways?” Sarah asked

“My name is John ” John said and bowed

“John, what a nice name, I guess you are in the same class with Jenny” Sarah said

“Yes” John said and bowed

“I do not like this now, stop bowing to me, let’s get to work then, go to the health center right now and stop Jenny from waking Robert, I might join you there soon” Sarah commanded

“Alright” John said and ran to the health center

Sarah smiled

Sarah is also a student of British high school, she is in block A, class 7, same floor with Mary’s class.

she used to be a common girl like anyone until Ella came to her in her dream and possess her , she didn’t have the power to stop Ella from possessing her in her dream.

Hence, we can say , this is not the innocent Sarah, this is Ella functioning inside Sarah

Ella is not ready to leave Sarah’s body anytime soon, She has vowed to ensure that she will never allow Robert to break the curse over Jenny, cus Jenny is a child of prophecy , she is destined to destroy their kingdom

To possess means to take control of someone’s body or mind


Jenny got to where Robert lay unconscious , she felt pathetic for Robert. Jenny thought she did not have any power to bring Robert back to consciousness, but the truth is , as a child of prophecy that she is, she has so much power but she did not know.

The only time she saw herself displaying extraordinary power is when she is under the curse

“What will I do now?”Jenny thought

She doesn’t know what to do, she has not uncovered her power, she knows nothing about her power

” Robert, stand up, wake up please, what happened to you” Jenny said and tears formed in her eye, the girl had told her that she can bring Robert to consciousness , but now, she does not know how

The girl also said in the next thirty minutes, Robert would give up totally, she checked her wrist watch , fifteen minutes has passed

She sat beside where Robert lay and wish that she can help

John entered

“Hey John” Jenny said and welcomed him thinking that he comes to help

But John maintained a strong face
“Have you done anything to bring him back to consciousness ?” John asked

“No please” Jenny replied wondering why John maintained a strong face

“I will have to wait for the next fifteen minutes till I see that he gives up before I leave ” John said

“Oh really, you want Robert to give up?” Jenny said in surprise

John ignored and stayed ready to fight Jenny if she tries to bring Robert to consciousness

Jenny brought her gaze to Robert, she sincerely didn’t understand how John started behaving

“Brun nis sarifat
Brun nus sarifat” An audible voice sounded at the ear of Jenny

She jerked in fear that John wondered what had happened to her. John checked his wrist watch, it remains ten minutes

Jenny heard those words again, this time louder than before

She doesn’t understand the meaning of what she was hearing, to her , it was rubbish

“Brun nis sarifat
Brun nus sarifat” she said it out loud to herslef wondering what it meant

She didn’t know that she has casted a spell unconsciously on Robert

Robert’s eye suddenly got opened but he was not moving

Jenny was happy

“Robert, Robert” Jenny called but Robert was not answering, his eyes was just opened

She reasoned that the rubbish she just said must have had a direct effect on Robert

“Brun nis sarifat
Brun nus sarifat” She said again and Robert coughed

She started confessing it continuously until Robert finally sat upright on the bed
Robert stared around and sighed. He was happy that he was still alive

John was confused, he didn’t know what to do

Sarah entered and saw Robert adjusted very well on the chair

She doesn’t want to behave in a way that will make Robert suspect her

“Hey! Robert, you are healed, I’m happy” Sarah said and ran towards Robert. She hugged Robert and wanted to kiss Robert, but Robert jerked back in fear

She did not want to kiss Robert because she loves Robert but because once she kisses Robert, Robert’s heart will drift to her and Robert will start loving only her but her plan failed

“I’m just happy to see that you are alive, that’s all, but you embarrassed me, it’s alright” Sarah said and took some steps to leave

“Sarah, please come, I’m sorry” Robert said thinking that Sarah meant good for him not knowing that he had become unconscious because of the portion Sarah gave him to drink

Sarah turned like a kid and maintained a sorry face

“No, you are not sorry, I hugged you, you didn’t receive it, I tried to kiss you, you jerked back as if my mouth is stinking” Sarah said

“No, don’t think like that Sarah, I had just recovered, come , let me do all what you want if that will make you happy” Robert said not considering the fact that Jenny sat beside him

Sarah was happy and ran towards Robot to hug him

“Do not let her kiss him” A voice sounded at the ear of Sarah , Sarah thought and wondered what her own business is, it’s his lips, he can kiss whomever he likes

“Do not let her kiss him” Sarah heard again and she almost curse the voice

“Why not leave me , you this voice, it’s his body , let him hug, it’s his lips, let him kiss, why not speak to him yourself” Sarah thought frustratingly in her heart

Sarah moved closer to Robert and hugged , she kissed Robert and Robert smiled

Sweats start to form on Robert body , it’s as if he is loosing himself,he doesn’t understand the transformation that is going on inside him

Robert’s eye drifted to that of Sarah and he smiled, Sarah looked so beautiful to him, he stood up and hugged Sarah

Sarah blushed and smirked at Jenny who was stunned at the sudden display of what is happening before her

“Sarah, you look so beautiful, I like you so much ” Robert said and Sarah blushed

Jenny kept looking like she was dreaming

“Deliver him, he has being spelled” A voice sounded at the ear of Jenny

Jenny knew of course that it’s not natural for Robert to suddenly develop so much affection for Sarah

“What do I have to do?” Sarah asked in his mind

“Sing” The voice said

“What song should I sing?” Jenny asked

A song arose from the heart of Jenny, she opened her mouth for the song to find expression and it did

She started singing

🎹 🎼 🎹
Do not snatch he
Let him stay by me
Please, let him stay
Let him stay

🎹🎹 🎼 🎹
I can never let you go
Please don’t go away
My heart is made for you
please …. Don’t go

🎹 🎼 🎹
She is disguised in evil
She will feed you with thorns
And make you lie with beast
But I will give you peace

🎹🎹 🎼🎼 🎹

Do not snatch he
Let him stay by me
Please, let him stay
Let him stay

Tears dropped from Jenny’s face as a result of how emotional she was as she sings

A very powerful wind began to blow as she sings , her eyes opened and she saw different beings entirely, they were like angels, dressed in white with wings, they are so beautiful, she couldn’t see the health center again, she is seeing another thing entirely

“Keep singing it and put us into action” One of the white beings said as they float around with their wings, they are so beautiful

Jenny giggled happily, she wished she is one of them

Jenny sang happily and jumped up hoping she can float too like the beings she is seeing

🎹 🎼 🎹
Do not snatch he
Let him stay by me
Please, let him stay
Let him stay

🎹🎹 🎼 🎹
I can never let you go
Please don’t go away
My heart is made for you
please …. Don’t go

🎹 🎼 🎹
She is disguised in evil
She will feed you with thorns
And make you lie with beast
But I will give you peace

🎹🎹 🎼🎼 🎹

Do not snatch he
Let him stay by me
Please, let him stay
Let him stay

The white beings sang the song together with Jenny and she enjoyed it, three of the white beings appeared to the human world and delivered Robert from the spell that Sarah had casted on him

Sarah got angry that Jenny is beginning to know the secrete of her power one of which is singing, she casted spells and conjured three of the women from the kingdom of power to come and help her fight Jenny and those white beings that came to deliver Robert

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