Korey episode 11

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plea-se like before re-ading…
Chapter 11- She’s a werewolf😱

“Lucas!!!” emmy found herself s¢r-aming

Lucas could hear his name and identified the voice immediately
“Emmy” he muttered and ran to the direction of her voice

“Will you shut your fv¢king mouth up” a guy said and [email protected] her
“let..me..go” she struggled with them trying to break free

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Out of annoyance one of them r!pp£doff her blouse.
That’s the least thing she ever expected.

Lucas alre-ady found her on the ground and clenched his fist as he saw one of them rip off her cloth.
Just as the guy was about to t©uçh her b©©b s…he superspeed towards him and gave a kick straight to the face..it was really one heavy one that s£nt him to the ground

In no time.. Emmy felt empty..and shutter her eyes closed

“what the fv¢k is wrong with you man?” a guy asked and walked close to Lucas

“if you wanna fv¢k some pvzzyyou’d have to cooperate” he said
just wlthat word ‘fv¢k some pvzzy’ got Lucas pissed off and [email protected]£d the guy by his jaw

“you don’t say stuffs like that,not with my type” he said sternly and s£nt his claws di-ving into the guy cheeks to the extent he could feel them throu-gh the guy’s mouth

“mmmm!!!” he winced in pain

“what..what..what are you doing?” another asked
“looks like you want a fight” he added as Lucas slowly turned to look at him with an evil grin

“a fight… yeah, I can’t remember the last time I got into a fight” he said with a smile

“but you should know….mine is gonna be deadly” he said saying the last [email protected] with a sm-irk.

The guy before him then charged towards Lucas but Lucas caught him by his n£¢k and let the other go, another ran to him with a stick but still he caught him by his and gr!pp£dthem ti-ghtly

“in your next world….fear ladies” he said and strongly gr!pp£dtheir n£¢ks till he broke it and let down their lifeless b©dy

The remaining three guys glared at him as Lucas scoffed
“what..?” he asked innocently

“you..don’t think you are strong enough to beat us…we’re three and you are alone” a guy said
“that’s what I want” Lucas replied and refracted his sharp claws which they could see..his elongated fangs all shiny and he slowly li-cked the ti-p of it and turned slowly to face them revea-ling his icy blue glowing eyes

“what..wha..what are you!!” one of them stuttered
just as he was about to reply one of them tried to use a stick on him but Lucas was swift enough to gr-ab his hand twisting it beyond its limit ..and then broke his arm in less than a second.

The one with the broken arm tried to run but Lucas caught his n£¢k from behind and lifted him into the air s£nding his face to the tree f0rç£fully three good times and let him fall.

He turned back to them and heard Emmy low gro-an s. They thought he was distracted and tried to take advantage, Lucas knew but played along till one tried sneaking up on him then he caught his n£¢k and lifted him into the air…gripping his n£¢k ti-ghtly
“its been long I’ve been brutal…looks like you guys f0rç£d this version of me out” he said as he broke everything called bone around the guy n£¢k.

Now he was in ground with two….

“you..I don’t care if you’re a vampire or what ever.. I…” he trailed of as Lucas superspeed towards him and [email protected]£d his jaw..lifting him from his jaw

“dude…I don’t want to be so brutal… don’t..f0rç£..me” he warned and gave him a heavy punch that could bring out all his teeth and it was so…about 6 of his front teeth fell out

Lucas turned back to walk to emmy but got struck from behind

“really??” he growled angrily

It happens to be the one he gave injury in the mouth that strucked him.
“you’d never learn your lesson would you?” Lucas asked and snapped his n£¢k.

The last one saw him and took his heels.
“hey get back here!” Lucas shouted and ran after him

Just as he thought he was far from Lucas he turned back and saw the only figure of Lucas with a sm-irk before him and shouted

Lucas then s£nt a kick to his t-ummy as he fell down
“don’t worry .I won’t hurt you like the others” he said as he took slow steps towards him
“just a little would do” he said as he stretched his hand towards the guy slowly ma-king a fist

“Arrgh…!!!!!” he yelled out in pain
he felt like evey [email protected] of his bones were shape shifting… Lucas had an evil grin on his face and chuckles.

The 26 years old looking man returned to a 4 years old boy

“what…what did you do to me?” he asked as Lucas ¢rou¢hed to his level
“just returned you to your 4years old size” he replied as he turned to leave

“hey…! I know you, you’re doctor Lucas..know so well..I won’t let you get away with this” he said

Too bad Lucas was alre-ady in his human form and turned back to him
“I’m afraid you’d ruin my reputation” he launched childishly and spre-aded his hands towards him.

More or something like a blue bright light [email protected]£ along as they young 4years old boy felt his blood boiling above 100°C
“arrrrrghhhh!!” he s¢r-amed in pain till he gave up the ghost.

“Done” Lucas said and arranged the 5 dead bodies hiding them below a short tree and went back to Emmy.

He ¢rou¢hed beside her and could see some scratches on her fa e then lifted her in a bridal style and right before him…..her wound healed as he wi-den his eyes in surprise.

“I knew you were not ordinary” he thought within himself and took her to his car driving her to his house


Emmy felt her eyelids heavy as she gently opened her eyes. she was sure she wasn’t in her room

“awwn..I can’t believe I made it to Disney land” she giggles as she sat on the be-d

The room was damn larger than her room at the mansion..well decorated and filled with fancy stuffs
“wait a sec!!!” she [email protected]
“I’m not dreaming” she said as she face palmed herself

Not so long she heard a knock on the door as Lucas walked in with a tray of food
“hey…good morning” he greeted and went to sit beside her
“hope you sle-pt well?” he smiled

She was damn confused..how did she get there…why is Lucas serving her breakfast

“uh..uh..I..I did” she stuttered as he looked away
“sorry…..but how did I get her?” she asked

He didn’t want to answer that question but had to
“I met you on the roadside….. drun!k” he said sounding convincing

“ohhhh..!” she slowly nods her head

“ummm..thanks for the breakfast but I’m sorry I have to get going” she said as she tried to stand up but noticed she wasn’t in her own dress.
“what..” she [email protected] as her mind went back to what happened in the woods

‘$h!t she remembers’ Lucas gro-an s inwardly

Emmy immediately covered her face with her palms crying
“Emmy why you crying..?” Lucas asked worriedly
“I…I..don’t know what to do anymore, I never wanted to lose my vir-ginity that way…what would I tell my sis…my brother… my family??” she cried as Lucas pu-ll-ed her to a hvg…it’s the least he could do

“its okay..they didn’t t©uçh you” he whispered
“you were quic-k to call my name” he said and pu-ll-ed away

“I..I..I did?” emmy asked and stood up from the be-d

“mmmm” he replied
“oh” she mouthed

“Emmy…” he called
“yeah..?” she replied
“I need you to trust me…who are you?” he asked as she furrowed her brow

“wait..why is he asking me. wait could he be he saw me in my werewolf form… no..no this is bad” she thought within herself
“what do you mean I alre-ady answered you…I’m Emmy” she replied casually

Lucas then stood up and took slow steps towards her as she stepped backwards

“I told you to trust me” he said and picked up a knife hiding it behind him

“Lu… Lucas” Emmy stuttered as he [email protected]£d her wrist pu-lling her close to him
“I’m sorry” he said
“wha..” she couldn’t complete her statement as he cut her wrist

“ouch!!” she winced and pu-ll-ed her hands away from his
“Lucas what the fv¢k is wrong with you??” she asked

Unknowingly to Lucas he used a silver knife on her which would have bad effects

Emmy vision [email protected]£ blurry as she fell to floor covering her wrist to avoid the blood from gushing out.

Lucas made an attempt to walk closer to her bit she pushed him back with all f0rç£ and speed
“arrgh…you’re really strong” he gro-an s in pain

“what..what did you do to me??” she asked
He got back on his feet…she wasn’t herself then he opened his eyes shocked
“OMG… I’m so so sorry!!!…I didn’t mean it that way” he said and ran to her holding her shoulders

“Lucas…” she called lowly as she fell on his shoulders
He was wrong…he gently patted her back……smoothly

He found his way to her wrist and gently held it, she then pu-ll-ed away and before him her wounded wrist healed up

“Lu… Lu .Lucas” she stuttered as she raised up her head revea-ling her aqua blue glowing eyes

“so you’re really a werewolf” he whispered staring intently into her eyes

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