Korey episode 16 & 17

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react before re-ading…..
chapter 16- Nightmare

“new what?” Emilia asked like she didn’t hear
“oh…new!” karissa added like she un-derstood
“he’d be of great benefit to your pack, stronger than you all…and would join korey in the fight” the priestess said as Sid chuckles
“he he..I get it” he laughed
“that’s all for today” the priestess said
“yeah yeah always leaving people in suspense” Emilia replied as they all left her small hut heading to their car.

“so what we gonna do about what she said?” karissa asked
“uhm..wait for it and inform the pack members” Sid suggested
“yeah..good thinking” Emilia replied as they got into the car
“cool..now we’re heading home” Sid smiled

“Jan…!!!!” emmy exclaimed at her view.
Jan head was all back against her chair. As soon as she heard her voice she raised her head up to see emmy
“emmy..!” she called with a smile
“you okay?” Emmy asked as she ran to her
“yeah why not?” Jan asked as emmy let out a sigh of relief
“thought you were gone” she said as emmy laughed
“so how did your lunch go?” Jan asked
“I wouldn’t lie to you…really good” Emma said with a smile
“aww….so you guys would be seeing yourselves more often?” Jan asked as emmy made a childish frown
“not really, he’d be busy with work” emmy replied as she handed a can of cola to her
“I bought it for you” she said
“thanks” Jan smiles as she collected it and placed on her table
“so you can sip then work” she laughed as Jan did same
Emmy was about to leave then saw that ‘HEY’ on Jan’s note
“how did you write that?” she asked referring to the note as Jan then hurriedly turned it
“uh..this?” she asked
“yup..” Emmy replied
“uh…it..its my ink” she lied
She didn’t want to tell Emmy the full story probably they’d see her as a psycho again
“your ink…?” Emmy asked as she tilted her head to the left, she scanned Jan’s table and couldn’t find any ink that’d write all smoky
“I can’t find the pen” she said
“oh..c’mon, emmy you just [email protected]£ back so go to your [email protected] and rest” she said with a fake smile
“oh…I see” emmy replied totally confused
“I guess I’d leave then” she said as she stood up to leave
“byeee!” Jan waved at her as she left sure that something was strange
“how hilarious” the voice said to Emmy as she gro-an s
“you again..why don’t you just leave me alone?” she asked
“what can you do of I don’t… weak being like you and hates by her husband” the voice laughed
“to you..I know he doesn’t hate me…if he does I wouldn’t be here” Jan replied as she gently tore the page away
“look at you. why did you low to her?” the voice asked
[email protected] you don’t know…you’re giving me headache ” Jan said as she sipped from her drink
“yeah..and I’d do more” the voice replied
“form your voice I can detect you’re a female” Jan said
“looks like you’re being gutsy” the voice replied
“I’d just advice you…enough of mind games…if you’re strong enough to beat me…face me in reality” Jan said and smashed her can on the desk
“my plea-sure!!!” the voice said with a laugh as Jan frowned immediately

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Lucas was done with the surgery and it [email protected]£ out successful.. the patient is now unconscious
He made his was to his office and sat down thinking
‘i have to create time to see Alpha K.Y….the earlier the better’ he thought within himself and slowly nods
‘that strange energy I felt earlier was of something… with time I’d figure it out’

The day alre-ady ended

Jan was alre-ady done having her night shower as she made her way to her be-d
Korey wasn’t back yet but in few minutes he would.

Sid and karissa alre-ady shared what the priestess said to them
“new…!” Zane laughed as emmy gave him a weird face
“from how the priestess said it..I think it’s very good” Emmy said
“yeah..special” Randolph added
“I don’t still agree with it” Zane said
“you’re not the Alpha Zane…its up to korey to decide” Emmy snapped at him
He stares at her for some time before looking away
“so.. we’re done here right?” Zane asked as he stood up to leave
“where are you rushing to?” Emilia asked as Korey walked in
“Welcome back Alpha” they greeted in unison
“I can see you guys are havjng meeting” he said as they nodded
“but whatever yoid want to tell me…hold it, I’m really tired here” he said as they chuckles
“no problem brother” Emmy replied

Korey headed straight to his room and met Jan sitting on the be-d, she didn’t notice his pres£nce one bit which got “Jan?!”colikes are the requested ones
led as she shakes in shock and stoop up from the be-d
“korey?” she called lowly
“Welcome back” she greeted as he nods his head and made his way to the bathroom.
Korey walked into the tub after taking off his clothes. A lot was running in his mind about what Sid said. if indeed something is wrong with Jan… he doesn’t knows how he’d react.

Jan was slowly taking off her towels as Korey [email protected]£ out of the bathroom
“arrh!!” she s¢r-amed as she covered herself up immediately
“what..?” korey asked innocently as he rolled his eyes
“you almost saw my nûd£ and you’re saying what?” Jan asked baffled
“and…?…you think I’d fall for it?” he laughed as Jan glared at him with a disgusted face
“duh…even if you don’t trip over it there are men out there that’d trip” she said boldly as Korey had a ‘what’ face
“you..you..you can’t share my property with different people don’t you know?” he asked
“your property..?” she asked
“yeah..you’re mine and mine alone okay?” he asked as she laughed with her eyes closed
Korey then superspeed towards her as she felt a swoosh breeze and opened her eyes to see her husband before her
“Luna Jan” he smiled as she stuttered
“ge….ge..get away from me” she stuttered as she slowly pushed him away
“do you think I’d spend more time there?” he laughed
“I can’t, you’re not pretty enough, attractive enough I can’t even have a nightstand with you” he said as that all went down to her heart
She didn’t say anything bit remained mute and wore her nightie..after korey went to be-d.
She then layer beside him and tucked herself beneath the be-dspre-ad
“uhm..Jan?” korey called
“what?” she asked coldly
“I don’t want kongfu on the be-d tonight plea-se” he said as she rolled her eyes

“you’re all gonna die!” a man in a black hoodie said as Jan shook in fear
“no..no..that’s not true!” she s¢r-amed
“Jan..don’t listen to him” Emmy said

“ahhh!!” Emilia s¢r-amed in pain
Just as Jan made a step further Korey sighted a flying arrow towards Jan and superspeed towards her and caught it
“use your Powers” he said into her ears

The wh0l£ field was all busy…people fighting everywhere
“you!” a female voice said behind her as she turned to look but got her n£¢k [email protected]£d
“Jan!!!” korey shouted

💎He’s still my alpha and I am his Luna💎

Chapter 17- Emmy!
“Jan!” korey exclaimed at the sudden t©uçh on her skin which was so cold
He opened his eyes immediately and could view the dim lights which were turned on in his room.
His mind went back to Jan as be heard her soft [email protected] s and gro-an s behind him. He slowly turned back to her and could see her $h¡verying, turning her head from one side to the other
“Jan?” he called but she didn’t respond, her eyes were still closed
“jan!” he repeated but same then he t©uçhed her as she shook
“Korey!!” she exclaimed as she opened her eyes coming back to reality
“Jan…” he whispered softly as she holds hands together in her palms
“Jan…you’re cold” he said as she began sobbing
“what..why you crying?” he asked as she pu-ll-ed him to a hvg.

Korey froze at the sudden movement from Jan. He didn’t know if he should push her away or not….she began whimpering against his che-st
” I had a nightmare ” she cried
He blinked ra-pidly thinking why she should….he was still thinking of hvgging her back now that she needs comfort but wasn’t able to make the move. Jan then pu-ll-ed him more closer and cried the more “I don’t want to die Korey” she cried as he paused for a while
“it was just a nightmare you won’t die” he replied
“korey….she tried to kill me” she added as she pu-ll-ed away looking into the eyes of her husband.
Korey then felt a sharp pain in his che-st at the view of tears in Jan’s eyes. He felt hurt and bad for her
“you shouldn’t think too much, next time st©p watching Netflix late at night” he said as she frowned immediately
“really..? Netflix??” she exclaimed as he sighed
“Jan… go to sleep, you won’t anymore okay?” he said
“I’d rather stay up all night” she replied
“really…so you’re now scared of going to be-d!” he laughed as she turned on the nightstand and stood up
“I guess j shouldn’t have told you” she said as she made her way to the coffee maker and made herself a cup of coffee
“you don’t want to sleep right?” he asked as she turned to him and nods her head
“great..I’d have the be-d to myself” he replied and closed his eyes to sleep
“darn you!” she cussed beneath her breath

30mins later….
Jan was working on her table as usual but was dozing off. Her head kept falling and rising and she kept sipping her coffee but she was heavily tired and sleepy. She couldn’t hold it anymore..her head fell on her keyboards as she went to sleep
Korey turned to the other side of the be-d and saw Jan asleep on her [email protected]©p then muttered
“I thought you said you won’t sleep” He closed his eyes to sleep but wasn’t comfortable
Jan would have that same n£¢k pain he had if she doesn’t [email protected]…. His inner self didn’t want her to feel so. Korey found himself standing up to meet Jan, he st©pped before her and stared at her for sometimes
“you’re really really stubborn” he said as he lifted her in a bridal style and layer next to her on be-d. He turned to the other side then heard her soft [email protected] as she hvgged him from behind
“thanks Teddy” she said lowly .
korey looked down at her hand and thought of taking it off his [email protected]!st but sighed
“she needs me now” he thought within himself and closed his eyes to sleep

The sun rays gently hit Jan’s eyes as she slowly lifted her eyelids. She has never sle-pt so sweet like last night. She yawns as she notices korey abs£nce on be-d. “oh..again” she said and stood up from her be-d.
She totally forgot about the nightmare of last night and was only remembering hvgging a soft teddy when sleeping. She then made her way our of her room as Sid bu-mped into her in the hall way
“Luna!” he greeted as she smiled the more
“wonderful way to start your day…smiling and smiling” he sod
“yeah Sid..how was your night?” she asked
“plea-sant and you…? what’s ma-king you go late to work…. am sure you had the best night ever!” he said as she nods
“uh.huh.. hvgging and having that soft teddy next to you is the sweetest” she smiled as Sid furrowed his brows
“how did you manage to get a teddy in, I thought Korey hated those” he said
“next to you on be-d” he added as she laughed then paused
“that’s true” she said and thought about it
“OMG!!! IT WAS KOREY!!” she exclaimed as she covered her mouth with her palms shocked
“its okay..that’s good though” Sid laughed
“c’mon don’t make a fool of me” Jan frowned
“why would I ?” he laughed as they both headed downstairs
“good morning Jan” Emmy greeted
“hey…! morning” she smiled back
“Luna!!!” karissa called like a baby and went to give Jan a morning hvg
“you good huh?” she asked
“why not?” Jan laughed
“I see you’re smiling” Randolph said as he made his way out of the kitchen
“good morning Jan” he added as she replied ” morning Dolph ”
“I’d be leaving for work now” Emmy said
“oh..yeah .sorry I woke up late” Jan apologized
“its okay..you can take your time home” Emmy replied as she made her way to leave
“byeee!” they all shouted as they waved at her

“uhmmm Luna Jan” Randolph called as he gestures her to sit which she did
“we’ve been thinking and wanting to share this with you” he said as he looked at the others who gave him a ‘go ahead’ look
“sure..what’s that?” Jan asked
“have you been feeling weird lately?” karissa asked
“uh..why you guys asking?” Jan asked shocked by their question
“we heard information from the priestess… so?” Emilia asked
“damn yeah..everything is just so strange and wierd. I myself feels so weird” she said as they looked at theirselves
“in case anything happens you should let us know okay?” Sid asked as she nods
“so what dos the priestess said?” she asked
They all had this ‘should we tell her?’ look on their faces
“you’re..special… anything can happen” karissa quoted
“oh ..!” Jan mouthed
“I’d prepare breakfast for you” Dolph said as he stood up
“Dolph??” Emilia asked
“yeah..did it shock you?” he laughed
“I’m a good chef yunno!” he laughed and made his way to the kitchen

Korey pu-ll-ed his car to halt at the company’s garage. He slowly aligned from his car and walked into the company majestically
“Good morning Mr Korey” the nearby staffs greeted as he walked past them.
As soon as he for into the elevator heading to his office his PA called on his phone
“Matthew!” he called
“good morning boss, order for breakfast?” he asked
“as usual” korey replied
“s£nding them in boss” he said as Korey ended the call.
The elevator door dinged open as he walked out and went straight to his office .
He had been hearing lately good reports about B.J wears.New customers from far and near then his mind drifted to the nightmare Jan had last night. First she was hearing voices and now nightmare then he thought about what the pack members said to him this morning
“the priestess said anything at anytime can happen to Jan so [email protected] role as her husband and Alpha before it’d be too late”

“Goodness I don’t un-derstand what’s going on any more” korey gro-an ed as he began the work for the day.

Jan later joined Emmy at the company…. they spent the day together not knowing what was ahead of them at night

Somewhere hidden
“we’re heading out master” the young servant said to Lord tyrant as he laughed
“good…make sure you do well” lord Tyrant said
“you know we will Sir… she thinks she can beat me” the witch said
“whatever you’re gonna do….I want the best out of it and if you need backup let me know, there are over hundreds I can s£nd” Lord tyrant said
“the few of us is okay to handle one Emmy Wilson” the witch replied
“great then…go ahead” Lord tyrant said as a breach opened before them that’d take them more closer to Emmy’s location.
They turned back to look at their master and bowed before walking into the breach.

It was evening alre-ady Jan left the company before Emmy cos emmy decided to do some night work so Jan should be home alre-ady with Korey.
The door went opened as Jan walked into the house.
“you’re back!” Emilia said as she went to help Jan with her bag
“I can’t see Emmy anywhere” Zane said
“oh..yeah she’s doing some night work” Jan replied
“Emmy??” Sid asked
“yeah..why!” Jan replied
“the thing is Emmy isn’t supposed to be alone tonight… or anytime” Sid said
“wait…I don’t get it…you guys keep saying she’s big enough” Jan shrugged
“the priestess informed us to keep a close eye on emmy…. anything can happen from now” Sid said as be turned to look at Zane
“what?” Zane asked nonchantly
“aren’t you gonna go….” karissa trails off
“find emmy?” Zane asked with a scoff
“you don’t expect me to…she says she’s not a kid and you know what happened when I went out for her…am no re-ady for any of those” Zane said as he folded his arms
“really??” Emilia asked
“if she isn’t back in 20 minutes I’d head out to get her myself” Sid said as Jan nodded her head
“and you Zane….” Sid called as he furrows his brow at him
“what do you wanna say ?” Zane asked
“I’m really disappointed at you” Sid said
“okay…I’m dialing her number” karissa said
“Hello! too busy to answer calls can you plea-se leave a message” Emmy voicemail said as karissa gulpes down
“I’d try it” Jan said as she sat down but same
“OK…no panic, she’s Good ..I guess” Sid said as the door opened revea-ling korey.
Jan turned to him as she gulped after the two of them had eye contact.
Korey immediately remembered last night….she hvgging him as she remembered herself cudd-ling unto korey
“we…welcome” she stuttered as she stood up shyly going to her room
KOREY just gulped down and greeted his pack members as they returned a smile to him not wanting him to feel suspicious about their discussion.

35minutes later
Lucas was done for the day, he is pres£ntly on the road driving to the grocery store. Meanwhile… Emmy alre-ady packed Ber stuffs since she was being tired enough. She got into her car and drove out of the company. After minutes of driving, she was closer to the grocery store and could see Lucas make his way into the store but wasn’t sure of the face. She paused as she reduced her pace and could recognize him.
“Lucas!” she [email protected] as she parked her car.
She had nothing to buy from the store so she waited for Lucas to be out

He bought some wine, can soft drinks, can alcohol, tissues, carton milk, and some other food and beverages
“here!” Lucas said as he handed his purchased goods to the cashier
“OK sir” she smiled at him as he faked a smile
“you know you’re really attractive” she smiled as Lucas chuckles
“yeah thanks” he replied
“you single??” she asked with a s£dûçt!vesmile as he swallowed
“just calculate my stuffs and hand them over” he said ignoring her question as she gave a childish frown

As soon as he was done he made his way out of the store. Emmy watched him head to his car and was about to leave her car to meet him but st©pped at his next step.
He didn’t just drop a few of his purchased goods in the car…he held few as he looked around for a while then made his way into the dark bush. She furrowed her browa confusedly “what’s he going to do there?” she asked herself and thought of snooping.
“Not a bad plan throu-gh” she said and walked out of her car following Lucas behind

Lucas kept walking further as she followed evey step he took in order for him not to notice.

Lucas could smell someone else pres£nce and decided to [email protected] walking dee-per and dee-per. Emmy alre-ady turned her phone on airplane mode to avoid calls as she kept tilting her head confusedly. She hurriedly his behind a tree as Lucas turned back and found no one. He clenched his jaw scanning the wh0l£ place and indeed that smell he almost recognized. He sighed and turned back to continue walking as emmy sighed and followed him behind.
Before he turned again she hid herself as her heart pace increased like it was re-ady to jump outta her che-st. Boom!! …he recognized that smell
She slowly turned back and couldn’t find him there…or anywhere.
“where did he go?” she asked no one in [email protected] then turned back and s¢r-amed at the sudden figure before her
“Lucas!!!” she s¢r-amed in fear as he raised a brow at her
“Emmy…! what you doing here?” he asked
“huh?..I..I..I should be asking you that” she replied as she leaned against a tree to chillax
“goodness… you scared the hell outta me” she [email protected] as he remained mute
“you didn’t answer my question” he said
“oh!…nothing” she shrugged
“then turn back and head home its late” he said as he turned to leave. She [email protected]£d his arm st©pping him from moving
“huh?” he asked
“where are you going?” she asked as he pu-ll-ed his arm our of hers
“none of your business” he replied
“why…you dont wanna tell me?” she asked with a cute smile
Lucas gulped and thought “she’d never un-derstand, how would I explain!”
“hmmmm?” Emmy asked still waiting for an answer
“Emmy just go home” he replied bluntly as she stared at him for some Time and looked around
“you’re hiding something form me right?” she asked as he looked down
“I don’t want to do it this way…….plea-se” he pleaded
“Emmy I don’t want you here, not now not tomorrow… don’t want to see your face…you get it?” he asked purposely trying to get her mad
“I..I..don’t get it” she stuttered shocked
“leave..me alone” he replied coldly as he thrwba can of drink to her which she caught
“did I offend you?” she asked as be sighed
“I alre-ady said enough… don’t you think you’re being too clingy?” he asked as she scoffed
“what..?” she exclaimed at the t©p of her voice
“no need to cause a scene” he said and walked past her
“I get it… yeah I’m being too clingy” she shouted
“don’t worry doctor… I won’t ever bother you” she added as be kept walking
‘I’m really sorry, you don’t un-derstand why’ he thought within himself

Emmy was alre-ady walking back to her car angrily kicking sticks and all
“that j£rk!” she cussed
“how dare he say I’m clingy” she laughed as she squatted down to pick a stick.

Behind her the breach opened as Lord tyrant servants walked out
“Emmy!” A thick voice said behind her as she yelled
“j£rk! leave me alone” she paused to recognize the voice it was nothing like Lucas voice. She then turned back and blinked ra-pidly at what she saw

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