Korey episode 18 & 19

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chapter 18- Lucas Lytton

“you!” Emmy gritted between her teeth….its been years she saw that face before her
“what are you doing here?” she asked a hundred percent sure she can’t handle the same person that almost killed korey many years ago.
“why else sweetie?” the innocent looking guy asked as she gulped down and scanned her environment
“you know….we have an unfinished business don’t you?” he asked as he walked closer to her staring intently into her eyes
Her wh0l£ b©dy felt cold immediately as she let out a de-ep sigh. “Why don’t we finish what we’re here for then go back to return the news?” the lady asked as Emmy gulped down in fear
“what news?” she thought within herself as the guy before her lifted his hand to her chin
“get your hands off me Liam” she growled
“OMG… don’t get angry now sweetie”

Lucas st©pped for a while to think…he was damn stupid for leaving a girl like Emmy alone to walk back this night. He thought of turning back and going to her but remembered what he said to her earlier
“yeah..I’d just be a j£rk before her” he mumbled as he turned away to leave but then heard Emmy loud voice echo in his ears. The few strings of hair on his skin immediately rose at her voice causing goosebu-mps on his skin.
There again he loud her s¢r-am………without anticipation he turned back heading to her.

Emmy was on the floor kicked several times by Liam [email protected] She didn’t know why she couldn’t stand up to fight back, a teacher like her can’t fight her arch enemy. She was disappointed at herself. Just then she thought of it, even if she couldn’t handle Liam, there are about 10 she has to deal with. Liam next attempt to hit her went wrong…she caught his leg immediately and pu-ll-ed it with all energy in her as she got on her feet and immediately they charged towards her.
She was able to punch and kick as many as she could.. the lady just stood beside Liam watching Emmy fight the others. Emmy s¢r-amed as loud as she can and s£nt her claws directly to the che-st of the guy before her and got hold of his heart pu-lling it out of his che-st and watched him fall dead. She staggered as she turned back to the others and looked at the bloody heart in her hands and gave a weak sm-irk. “I can’t remember the last time i pu-ll-ed someone’s heart outta their che-st” she laughed as she threw to the face of the guy running to her and s¢r-amed all angry she superspeed towards him and [email protected]£d his n£¢k lifting him up to the air and threw him down, but surprisingly got hit from behind. She turned and glared at the lady who did so and said
“I won’t pity you cos we’re the same gender” she said as she s£nt her claws to the girls face angrily and heard the lady with liam [email protected]
“nice one” she said as she kept [email protected]

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Lucas arrived at the scene and could see Emmy engrossed in a serious fight with whom he doesn’t know yet.
“nice Emmy, you’re doing well” the lady laughed as she used her powers to s£nd a big and heavy wood to the back of Emmy’s head as she gro-an ed and fell unconscious
“you…and your pack would suffer it all” Liam said as he made a way closer to Emmy and squatted beside her
“wra-p her up, she coming with me” liam said as he stood up

“and who said so?” liam asked finally bu-tting in
They all turned to look at him but couldn’t recognise him cos of the black nose mask and hoddie he had on

“handsome, I’d advice you stay out of this!” the lady said politely
“old lady keep your mouth shut” Lucas replied
If there was anything she hated was being called an old lady.
“What!!!” she gro-an ed as she lifted her hands and s£nt a stick towards Lucas but he was Swift enough to caught it before his eyes and sm-irked
“you can’t handle me with a stick” he said as he walked closer to them
“what are you waiting for??…gr-ab him” liam shouted as they charged towards him but to their surprise, they all flew to different directions without even tou-ching Lucas. Liam then raised his hand to strike but Lucas caught it and twisted it back as he let go. The lady beside liam then thought of using her powers
“crazy if you do” Lucas said to her
“I didn’t say anything” she said surprised
“I can re-ad your mind” he sm-irked as he then caught liam n£¢k before he could hit him and threw him to a tree
“Arrgh!!!” Liam gro-an s in pain

Lucas then turned to the others as he superspeed towards them and did what he needed to
His punches were so strong to pu-ll out over 15 teeth in total of each person he punched
“The next time you mess with my girl, you’d lose more than 15 of your teeth if you don’t stay out of her life” he said sternly gazing into Liam’s eye as he scoffed
“look at you…who do you think you are?” liam asked
Off course no one could recognize Lucas cis he was in a black hoddie and had a mask on
“whatever you are…you can’t handle me” liam [email protected] as on of his member charged towards Lucas.
In no time Lucas [email protected]£d his n£¢k and lived him into the air. He turned to liam with that angry eye and broke the guy’s n£¢k before all as he let him fall dead. Another ran towards him but froze as he had an eye contact immediately with Lucas. Lucas grinned at what he was about to do next. The last guy standing couldn’t move an inch, his eyes were fixed intently into Lucas eyes then he felt like his wh0l£ nerves and veins was being electrified. The guy yelled in pain and terror as the Lady standing beside liam stepped back in fear. Liam eyes wi-den at what he saw…..the guy skin and all turned black like he was being toasted and burnt then died.

Lucas then turned to liam and asked
“so…what’s up?” he asked as liam frowned and s£nt his sparrow blade to Lucas but Lucas caught it right in time before it could even hit him and chuckle
“lame!” he laughed and s£nt it back to liam giving him a tear on the face.
Liam gro-an ed and stumbled back but before he knew it Lucas superspeed towards him and gr!pp£dhis n£¢k ti-ghtly
“let him down” the lady s¢r-amed
“I said let him down” she repeated but Lucas was all deaf. His hand was wra-pped around liam n£¢k angrily
“you try to [email protected]….you’d be gone” he said as he turned to the lady liam kept kicking Lucas but it was useless.
Lucas eyes were full of anger…bitterness

Just then, he crushed everything bone aroind Liam’s n£¢k…..He was done with Liam.
“No..!!!” the lady s¢r-amed as he turned to her and took off his hoddie and face mask

“you.. you” she stuttered shakily
“yes me” he sighed and sm-irked
“remember me..?” he asked
“Lu…lu..Lucas Lytton” she [email protected]
“yeah baby…did you miss me?”

“it’s time…I’m heading out” Sid said

💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


chapter 19- You’re not the only one who wants him DEAD

“it’s time, I’m heading out” Sid said as he stood up to leave.
“you’re still not going with him?” karissa asked Zane as he rolled his eyes
“I’m not repeating myself” he replied
“what…..how crazy” karissa muttered in disgust and left
“be careful Sid” Emilia said
Sid was about leaving as he heard korey from behind
“where are you going to?” Korey asked from behind as he froze
“uhm..uh” he stutters
“That’s it…I can’t find Emmy anywhere….where is she?” korey asked
“uh…she…she” karissa stutters
“she…?” korey asked as he furrows his brows
“she went out” Sid replied in a simple way
“since when?” he asked
“she’d be back soon, actually…. uwas even going to meet her” Sid said in a convincing manner
“ohhh” korey mouthed
He thought of Janice for a while… she was still in the room. He actually [email protected]£ down to get her something to drink
“alright then, lemme know when she comes back” he said
“sure thing” Sid smiled hoping he would find her
“so why did you come downstairs… it’s past 12” Emilia said as he choked and coughed
“yeah…yeah..I actually forgot something” he lied with a fake smile and went into the kitchen

Karissa furrowed her brows and peeped at him
“what’s he doing?” Emilia whispers
“I think he’s heading to the fridge” she whispers
“see…see more” Emilia said
Korey then brou-ght out a bottle of thick cold yoghurt and stared at it for some time.
“arrgh…she’s all cold and had a nightmare…. what would I even give her” he asked himself as karissa eyes wi-dens
“could that be Jan?” she whispers
Korey then packed into a basket two bottles of yoghurt, ch!ps, cookies, a cup of strawberry smothe and a cup of milkshake for himself.
“Done!” he exclaimed as he packed to leave.

Karissa hurriedly left her sp©t along with Emilia running back to the living room like nothing ever happened.
“you done?” Emilia asked with a smile
“uhhhh…yeah” korey replied and went back to his room.

“so…I’d be leaving now” Sid said to Zane as he rolled his eyes
“so..?” he asked and looked away
“fine then..I’d go alone” he said
“no…I’m going with you” Randolph said as Sid nods in approval.
“alright then…let’s go” he said as he walked out with Dolph
“be careful!!” Emilia shouted

Back to the woods
“did you miss me baby?” Lucas asked with a sm-irk
“lu..Lucas Lytton” she [email protected]
“exactly!” he win-ked
“no..I..I thought you’re dead”
“yeah..you and your people tried to kill me and didn’t succeeded” he smiled
“but don’t worry….I’m back more stronger and brutal” he said as he dropped Liam’s dead b©dy, the lady shook in fear and stepped back
“just s£nd a note of warning to Lord Tyrant that I’m back and back for him” he said staring coldly into her eyes. He smiled and took a step back.
“And for Emmy…. you try go near her again….you’d regret it” he said with that flashy and glowing ocean blue eyes of his….then left to get Emmy.

The lady didn’t hesitate… she opened the breach and went away.
Lucas carried the unconscious Emmy in his hands and smiles sadly
“don’t worry…they won’t come any closer again” he whispers softly
“but if they do….I’d spare no life” he added and went with her to his car.

Korey was in his room with all the stuffs he brou-ght in a small basket
Jan was seated on her be-d with no face emotions. She looked empty, just staring blankly at nothing. Korey cleared his throat in order for her to notice his pres£nce which she did
“I…uhm..I.uhmmm I brou-ght you something to eat” he said as he walked to the be-d and sat beside her on the be-d
She just kept staring at him
“what…aren’t you gonna eat?” he asked
“look…I brou-ght your favorite… milkshake” he said as he showed it to her
“korey…” she called as he furrows his brows
“that’s my name” he replied
“why….why did you brou-ght these for me?” she asked as she slowly blimled her eyes
“what do you mean…?” he asked
“you’ve never served me breakfast on be-d…now you are giving me these….you even know my favorite” she replied as he sighs
“look…I know it’s odd but don’t think too much, its because you ad a nightmare I’m doing all these” he hurriedly replied
“really…?” she asked like ‘what!’
“yeah..and you are my Luna… if anything happens to you…I’d be affected” he said as she scoffed
“I knew it…for your own selfish gain” she said and looked away
“what..no..uh.I mean no” he stuttered
“look Jan..you have to eat something” he said and brou-ght out the pack of cookies and the milkshake handling it over to her but she refused to accept it
“what are you doing….!” korey exclaimed
“you better accept it and eat” he said in a bossy tone
“or what?” Jan asked
“you’d not want to know…just eat….you should be grateful I’m serving you” he said with a childish frown
“nah…I don’t think so” Jan laughed and turned away
“Jan…you’d really not want me to f0rç£ you” he said sternly as she kept her face still
“Jan..?!’ he called but same

He sighed and wra-pped his hand around her [email protected]!st….Jan froze at his t©uçh.. it was actually the first time he was doing that since they got married.
Jan turned to him shocked by his action and was about to speak up when he pu-ll-ed her closer to him. She turned her face away as he cli-cked his ton-gue
“” no no no” he said and wra-pped his hand around her n£¢k as he f0rç£ful turned her face to his, ma-king their faces few inches away from each other. Jan eyes immediately went open wi-de same as korey
“arhhh!” Jan s¢r-amed and pushed him away immediately
“what we’re you trying to do?” she asked as korey scoffed
“what??” he asked
“you were trying to k!ssme right?” she asked all most yelling. Korey chuckled and replied
“why would I want to?” he asked
“I knew you’d lie” she exclaimed with an irritated face
“what are on yourl-ips” korey laughed
“duh…! I know nothing you love are on it so let it be” she said
“you know it’d be my first k!ssand bet…I’m not gonna have it with you” she said sternly and snatched her milkshake from his hand along with the cookie and turned to the other side of the be-d.
“duh…like I care” korey nonchantly replied and picked up the yoghurt
“what a husband… taking yoghurt this late hour” she said
“what’s your problem with it?” he asked
“nothing.. you know nothing” she replied with the cookie stuffed up in her mouth
“you..you what did you just say?” he asked
“you heard me Alpha korey”

Sid and Randolph alre-ady searched round the city….they couldn’t track her and were confused
“you think she’s safe wherever she is?” Dolph asked
“no…I’m not so sure” Sid replied with a sigh
“gosh…what do we tell alpha?” Dolph asked
“nothing… just keep calm, just hope she’d be back before he leaves for work” Sid said
“what if she doesn’t?” he asked
“Till then!” Sid sighed


The light rays gently struck Emmy eyes as she lifted her eyelids open.
It all looked kinda blur for some time then [email protected]£ clear. She yawns as she slowly sat in her be-d.
She looked round her room and could identify where she was. The last thing she wants is to stay in a room with a guy that calls her clingy stray cat. She frowned immediately and s¢r-amed
in no time he was in her room with this panicking face.
“Emmy!” he called out
“what the heck am I doing in your house….again!!!” she s¢r-amed
“uhmm…first..calm down” he said trying to calm her but nope.
“don’t tell me to calm down…answer me” she exclaimed
“you [email protected] out!!” he shouted back
[email protected]….out?” she asked as she tilted her head
“yeah..in the woods” he replied

She then remembered all and looked up at him then back down
“but I was with those people” she whispers lowly

“you know what.. thanks for helping me chicken… and from now in don’t ever show up your face” she said glaring at him
“oh…c’mon Emmy I know you’re mad at me….at least lemme explain” he said
“woah…explain…? hold it there…pocket I’m not buying them” she said and pushed him outta her way
“Emmy!!” Lucas exclaimed
“Have a good life doctor Lucas…. since I don’t know your full name” she replied and left

“Arrgh!!!!!” Lucas gro-an s

Korey was about to leave for the company… he was going a little bit late….it’s past 9am
He alre-ady bid the pack members bye and was about to leave.
HE opened his car door bit st©pped at the sudden figure he saw. He slowly turned back and saw Someone in a hoddie…bit only the back view
“who are you?” he asked
“Alpha K.Y” the person said as korey froze…no one calls him Alpha K.Y, how does the person know
“who are you?” he asked as he clenched his cost in case if the person needs one
“you….you know your rival is back for you….but you can’t alone, don’t you know?” he asked
“just go straight to the point and save my precious time” korey said
“you want to end Lord Tyrant… so do I….why don’t we work together?” he asked
Korey paused…how does he know Lord Tyrant
“I don’t know who you are…and I handle my fights alone” korey replied
“you’re not the only one who wants him dead” he added
“let’s work together” he said and retracted his claws which korey could see and blink ra-pidly

*WTF!! *
“WHO ARE YOU” KOREY asked more surprised
“some other time…Alpha K.Y” he said
“what .no..no..no I’m not done with…………” he trailed of
“Alpha korey..Alpha..korey…” karissa and Emmy called as they ran out to him panicking
“what??” korey asked
“it’s Jan…” karissa replied
Korey turned back to that figure but……..


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