Korey episode 2 & 3


He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna👸.

written by: déra Brown

chapter 2- Alpha is meeting with us?

Korey scoffed at Janice reply as he walks into the bathroom to shower

“goodness! what a husband” Janice muttered and laid on her be-d tucking herself beneath the be-dspre-ad.

” I should just go to be-d” she sighed and closed her eyes to sleep.


Korey was in the bathroom stuck in thoughts, thinking of what the priestess said earlier.


“fv¢k weapon!!” he cussed angrily and ran his hair backwards

would it be bad to discuss it with the pack ?? – he thought

“definitely not bad”

As soon as he was done bathing, he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his w@!st, a little towel around his n£¢k and a little towel ruffling his hair.

“Arrrgh! , I should have turned off the air conditioner” he gro-an ed and saw Janice alre-ady asleep as he sighs.

In less than two minutes he was dressed in his pyjamas and went out of his room to meet with the pack members.

Korey was walking down the stairs and saw Emilia on Randolph’s [email protected] then he made a disgusted face.

“how would you be comfortable placing your bu-ttocks on a guy’s l@p” he thought within himself and strolled down the stairs

“OMG!! that face was so cute” Emilia giggled as Randolph placed a gentle k!sson herl-ips

“you should have just gone dee-per” she whinned childishly and turned but to her surprise…she saw Korey

“KOREY!!!” she exclaimed

“Alpha Korey…?…c’mon I know Korey he can never c___” he trailed off as he saw Korey

“ALPHA..???” he exclaimed

“what’s with this alpha…?” Emmy who was on the table re-ading asked

“I know my brother” Emmy laughed and turned to see Korey as her jaw dropped in surprise

“Korey…so you need something?” she asked

“should we help you with something?” Randolph asked

“looking for something?” Emilia asked wi-de eyed

“why all those questions?” Korey asked with a puzzled face

“our ALPHA never comes down after work” they all said in unison

“finally..I can now relax with this one last cup of my Chocolate ice cream” karissa giggles as she happily opened up the cup

“why is every___” she trailed off as she looked up and saw Korey before her

“a..a..Alpha?” she stuttered as she blinked her eyes continuously

Sid was in the kitchen going throu-gh the refrigerator in search for chocolate ice cream.

“I left one last cup here didn’t I?”

the first rail was filled with vanilla ice cream, the middle was with strawberry ice cream, the end was with banana ice cream

The second rail was with different varieties of ice cream

“where the fv¢k is the last cup of chocolate ice cream!!!” he yelled aloud as karissa froze

“it’s over here” she yelled back

“what???” Sid asked and superspeed out of the kitchen…shocked to see karissa di-pping her spoon into the ice cream, gently l!çk!ng her ton-gue in plea-sure.

Just as she was about to dig in again he superspeed towards her and snatched the cup from her hands.

“not anymore” he sighed

“Sid!!!…why did you?” karissa asked angrily

“why won’t i..?” he fired back

“you had the second to the last, and want to have the last..???” he added half yelling

“Ladies first” she snapped at him

“after having almost all the cups of chocolate ice cream!?”

” for heavens sake you’re a girl, why would you like chocolate?” he asked as she rolled her eyes

“Alpha..!!” karissa whinned

“Korey?, he doesn’t comes down after work” Sid laughed and turned to see Korey before him. In shock, the last cup of chocolate ice cream….slid down his hands

“SIIIIDD!!!” karissa squealed angrily

“Korey, you’re down stairs” he [email protected]

“my ice cream!!” karissa shouted gaining Sid’s attention

“oh..oh my goodness karissa..” he stuttered

“you’re so done” she scre-med at the t©p of her voice.

karissa slowly raised up her head revea-ling her glowing blue eyes, her claws were alre-ady out, re-ady to attack and her fangs elongated.

“really??” Sid asked as she superspeed towards him gr-abbing him by his n£¢k and pinning him against the wall

“jeez…someone st©p them” Zane said as he walks in

“let them be” Korey said as he turned

“Alpha you’re downsta___” he trailed off

“yes I am” Korey immediately cut him in

“how dare you!!” karissa shouted as she raised her hands in the air to strike, Sid stood still expecting her claws on his face but didn’t.

He opened his eyes and saw karissa glaring at him

“damn…!” she said and r0ûghly scratched her hair like she was possessed

“I can’t!!!!” karissa squealed angrily and heavily sighed as she walks away in annoyance

“I’m sorry” Sid apologized

“it can’t bring it back” she replied lowly and went to seat

A maid alre-ady wiped it off the floor and left

“so brother what brings you here?” Emmy asked

“yeah you [email protected]£ for something?” Emilia asked with a duh face

“Everyone gather at the living room” he said as they did

they all had their various seats as a maid placed a cup of wine beside Korey and left.

” Alpha wants a meeting with us” Emilia whistled

“so what is the meeting for?” Sid asked

“I met with the priestess earlier today” Korey said

“wow…any [email protected]£s?” Zane asked

“there’d be an upcoming fight” Korey replied

“wow, not bad, we’ve never loosed a fight” Emilia said

“same thing I said but she said we will if I don’t l___” Korey paused
it’s not necessary I say that…

“don’t what?” Sid asked

“did I say that?” Korey asked

” you just did” karissa replied

“I meant if we don’t prepare” he lied

“training has been going on since” Randolph said

“fight against who?” Emmy asked

” it’d definitely be our rival” Korey replied

“c’mon, he should be dead and dried by now” Emilia said

“you never can tell” Korey replied and sipped from his cup

“I want perfect training to start tomorrow Sid, let the new werewolves be prepared no matter who we might fight against, let them know their targets, know when to strike and how to” Korey said

“Noted alpha” Sid replied

“karissa..you’d be supporting Sid in the training”

“sure thing” she replied as she gave him a deadly glare ma-king Sid full down

“Emmy and Emilia…you get the swords, bows and arrows and every other weapon re-ady for training

“yes Alpha” they replied in unison

“Sid, Zane, Randolph….you supervise them, and also take [email protected] in the training” Korey said

“Noted” they replied in unison

“I don’t want to believe the only weapon we have is Ja___” Korey immediately shut up

“weapon??. let us know” Emilia said

“yeah, so we can even practice with it” Randolph added

“it’s not an object…it’s a person” Korey said

“fine, we’ll pamper the person and train with he or she” karissa said

“Enough, I don’t think the person is even strong enough….till then” Korey said and stood up

Emmy went behind him up the stairs as he asks

“why following me?”

“who’s that weapon” she asked straight into his eyes

” I didn’t tell others why should I tell you”

” I’m not others” she said as he turned to leave but Emmy held him back

“it’s Jan isn’t it?” she asked as Korey wi-de-ned his eyes

“don’t let karma hit you”


🤴 He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna👸

🖊️ Written by Déra Brown
Chapter 3- ❤‍🔥 Encounter❤‍🔥 is she really having a crush 🧐!

“Don’t let karma hit you in the face” Emmy said as she let go of Korey hand

“Good night!” She said as she turned to leave

“Ok…I didn’t expected that” Korey muttered lowly and went straight to his room.

Janice was alre-ady de-ep asleep

” I don’t un-derstand how you are the only weapon” Korey said as he tilted his head to the left with a puzzled face then shook his head.

The room lights were Alre-ady turned off as he walks to the be-d, laying far from Janice

Emmy went into her room as she closed the door behind her angrily

Why is he so cold?
Ever since we lost our parents he just [email protected]£ super cold, super arrogant, not just to his siblings, to the pack members and even his Luna.

I really feel so bad for her.

Emmy looked around, everywhere was just so boring.
“I can’t die of boredom” she said and walked to her closet, bringing out a Leather jacket and a black sleeveless crop t©p along with a black leather trou-ser.

In less than three minutes, she was done dressing up and picked up some cash from her closet, tucking them into her pockets, her phone in her hands, then picked up her bike keys walking out of her room.

Emmy was alre-ady downstairs and met Sid in a discussion with karissa, karissa must be really mad at Sid…poor chocolate ice cream..!

“Emmy?” karissa called

“Emmy, you’re going somewhere?” Sid asked

“yeah, won’t take time” she replied fully knowing Sid won’t let her without a reasonable excuse

” but it’s alre-ady late” karissa said

“I know” Emmy replied

“it’s past 11…you can’t, did you inform Korey about it?”

“no he was alre-ady asleep” she replied

“I need to get something” she said and hurriedly went away ignoring their calls.

As soon as she went outside the mansion, she mounted on her bike, reviving the engine and wore her helmets, driving outside the gate.

Emmy drove far from the mansion, happily driving on the highway, enjoying the night breeze.

just as she was about to drift to the left side of the road, she got hit by a vehicle.

“fv¢k” she cussed as she fell of her bike rolling on the floor

“karissa I’m sorry…” Sid apologized for the 17th time

“sorry can’t bring it back” she said for the 17th time

“so what do I do about it?” he asked

“forget it” she replied and stood up heading to her room as Sid sighed

“just let her be” Randolph said

“wait, have the others gone to be-d?” Zane asked

“maybe, Emmy went out” Sid said

“This night???” Zane asked

“she’s not a kid” Randolph said

“but a girl” Zane snapped at him

“A werewolf type” Sid added

“Miss are you okay?” Lucas asked as he ran out of his car checking Emmy

“Arrrgh!” Emmy gro-an ed as he took off her helmet

He picked up her bike and parked it more properly, then carried Emmy in a bridal style placing her at the back seat

“goodness!..so handsome” she squealed in thoughts as Lucas sat on the driver seat

“just hold on, I’ll take you to the hospital” he said and drove away

“Awwwn…his car smells so sweet, I love it here” she giggled in her thoughts then sat up
Lucas alre-ady drove far from the store….

“Uh…Uh mister, I can’t go to the hospital” Emmy said

“you’re hurt, you need to” Lucas replied

“it’s my b©dy, pu-ll over” she replied a little bit loud

“sorry I….”

“pu-ll over!!” she shouted as Lucas parked his car

“Gracious God!!” Lucas [email protected].

Emmy opened the door, walking out of his car, staggering.

“huh?..where are you going?” Lucas asked and walked out of the car

“thanks for the ride, and where did you park my bike?” she asked

“beside vivi store” he replied with a furrowed brow

“ahh…that far” Emmy said as she tried walking away

“Uh..excuse me miss” Lucas said st©pping her from walking further.

“yes sweetie?” Emmy smiled sweetly at him

“what about my car?” he asked

Emmy wore a confused face on…

“what happened to your car?” she asked with a duh face

“what do you mean…you were driving crazily on the road and hit my car and you’re asking me what happened to my car??” Lucas asked half yelling

What Emmy did was to make her hands like a [email protected]£ra, picturing his car with on eye closed

“it’s sparkling even in the dark, nice tyres, wonderful [email protected]…wait it must be the latest model” she smiled and let her hands down

“yeah, my car is perfect definition of perfect…but look at my bonet, it’s damaged” he said walking to the car bonet

” so what do I do?” Emmy asked with a small crazy smiled

” fix it!!” Lucas yelled

” look I’d love to honey, but I can’t, right here in my pockets are over $80,000 budgeted for ice cream” she replied with a cute smile

” what?? it won’t cost you more than $50,000 to fix it” he replied

“yeah my bad, if I don’t karissa would be so mad at Sid, and I want those two love life to begin” she replied faking a sad face

” I don’t care who that Sid is or karissa is…you need to fix my car!” he said alre-ady being frustrated

“why would you spend $80,000 on cups of ice cream!?” he asked

” Not cups but buckets” Emmy said raising her hands in the air

“I don’t care miss, it’s getting late alre-ady” Lucas said as he ran his hand throu-gh his hair bitting his lowerl-ips

“Gosh you’re so h0t!!!” Emmy squealed in thoughts

“I should be the one telling you it’s late alre-ady” Emmy said

” my brother… he’s not just a brother but a leader, he acts cold most of the time but would skin me with questions when I get home” Emmy said

“sorry but I gotta go home” she added

“what?…we haven’t settled on it” Lucas said

“look at you..tall, handsome, h0t, damn…you must be wealthy, your car also looks fancy so why should I pay for the damages?” she asked

“thanks for the compliments but I’m not changing my mind” he said sternly

” fv¢k you then…you better don’t let me lose my temper or you’d regret it!!” Emmy snapped at him

“what about me…don’t you think I’m hurt?” she asked angrily

“you refused to go to the hospital” he fired back

“duh! don’t gimme that $h!t”

“you didn’t even let me examine your b©dy” Lucas added

“so what are you?..doctor??” she half yelled at him

“don’t you know I’m hurt?”she asked as she threw her hair on her shoulders backwards ma-king Lucas notice her wolf tattoo on her n£¢k, a wolf with a yellow glowing eyes

“you must be really wealthy to draw such tattoo on your n£¢k..I’m sure you paid over $50,000 for that” Lucas said as she covered it back with her hair

“am done with you” she said and walked away

” you’re going no where!” Lucas said and pu-ll-ed her back by her arm s£nding her che-st against his che-st

Emmy froze up…his b©dy was so soft but his che-st was [email protected], he smells so sweet and that made her breathe in heavily.

Lucas couldn’t believe her che-st was against his che-st, he could feel her cu-pped round b©©b s against his che-st and gulped down.

“Ah..ahh sorry” Emmy stuttered as she pu-ll-ed away adjusting herself

“you see what you caused…just write me a cheque then go home” Lucas said tiredly

“I AIN’T!!” Emmy squealed as he shook at her reply

“you really want me to pu-ll out your lungs don’t you?” he exclaimed furiously

“no you want me to pu-ll out your heart and I will so that the wolves can feed on” she replied

“Mister…I….ain’t…spending….a…dime..on your … fv¢king car” she yelled as she poked his che-st at each word walking to his tyres and kicked them [email protected]

“GOSH YOU’RE SO ANNOYING” he yelled aloud

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she smiled

Emmy brou-ght out a note and a pen scrambling something down

“my brother is also caring, don’t worry he’d pay for the damages” she said and as soon as she was done she tore it out and poked it on his che-st

“done with you” she sighed

Lucas tucked in into his pocket without bothering to check

“I hope I won’t come across you again” he muttered and got into his car.

Emmy sighed and began walking to vivi store.

Lucas could view her from the dead mirror walking .

He drove behind her horning loudly for her to hear she did and had an angry face on

“I alre-ady answer you didn’t i?”she yelled aloud

“get in, it’s late alre-ady..a girl shouldn’t walk alone this night”

“being a gentle man?” she asked as she opened the door to the [email protected]£nger seat and got in.

The drive back to vivi store was silent…Emmy was glad she could see her bike.

“thanks ” she muttered and walked out of the car.

she crossed to the other side of the road checking out her bike. The doors went open as she turned to see Sid in front of her

“Sid??” she called

” Emmy you’re still out” he asked
“what about you?” she asked
“why are you here?” she asked and saw the bag in his hands

“ice cream!”

“you alre-ady bought it” she added

“yeah let’s go home…it’s late alre-ady” Sid said as he walks to her

“I [email protected]£ here with a cab, glad your bike is here”

Emmy picked up her helmet then get a sharp pain on her shoulders and winced in pain

“you’re good?” he asked with a worried face

“yeah thanks” she lied

Sid noticed some scratches on her hands and asked
“you got hit didn’t you?” he asked with a sigh

“plea-se don’t tell him about it” she said lowly

“how did this happen?” he asked

“forget it, i alre-ady settled it”

“is he human?”

” yeah I think so” she replied

Sid sighed and picked up her helmet

“get on, I’ll drive” he said

“yeah sure”

Lucas could hear them and watched them drive away so he did the same.

Lucas was alre-ady on the highway and decided to check the paper if it is what he expected but no…he could re-ad…”Not a dime, try your luck next time”



“where have you guys been?” Zane asked as he saw Sid walk in along with Emmy laughing

” Emmy Is going crazy over a guy” Sid said

” A guy…. really?” Zane asked

“finally she’s liking a guy!!” Emilia exclaimed

“THIS CALLS FOR [email protected]!!!” Randolph shouted happily

hmmmm Lucas….
is he human?