Korey episode 20

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chapter 20- DARE HURT MY WIFE?

“it’s Jan” karissa said as korey eye wi-den
He turned back to the figure but couldn’t find him there. Korey sighed and ran back in. He just left Jan smiling and blabbing as usual but now…..emergency??

As soon as he got back in….he ran upstairs.
To his surprise, his heart was beating so fast which he doesn’t know why…there’s no way he’d start developing feelings for his wife. korey was just few inches away from the door. He paused and turned back…no one was following him.
‘something is fishy’ he thought and shrugged it off
He ran into the room and immediately flew back at what he saw

Lord Tyrant was seated expecting goodnews but nope…it was the opposite
“Mira” he called as she walked out of he breach but the look on her face was nothing so good
“Master” she whimpered and fell at his feet
“what’s the problem….? where is Liam and the rest?” he asked
“master!!” she cried
“Liam is gone” she added
“what…? how is that possible!!” he exclaimed angrily
“I s£nt about 20 of you and you couldn’t handle one tiny Emmy Wilson??” he asked de-eply annoyed
” Liam happens to be one of my strongest…. how come?” he asked
Mira clenched her jaws and replied
“Lucas Lytton” she said
Tyrant was trying to remember that name then did
“Lucas.. that!” he seethed between his teeth
“isn’t he supposed to be dead!” he exclaimed
“he survived it Sir” Mira replied and wiped her tears
“he killed my members…… I’d not just take his life but that one person he loves” Lord Tyrant said angrily
“I think he loves Emmy Wilson” Mira said
“what?” he asked
“yes sir….you should have seen the anger in his eyes when he found her on the ground, he immediately attacked brutally” she explained
“but even though….why didn’t you used your powers on him” he asked
“I couldn’t” she replied with her face down
“get lost!”

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“Jan!” korey exclaimed as he saw Jan half n-ked trying to pu-ll out her Jean.
“fv¢k!” he cussed and covered his eyes.
“Jan…wear something” he immediately said
“what…I’m just in [email protected] and [email protected]…you said you can’t fall for it didn’t you?” she asked and finally took it off and walked to him
*All karissa’s and Emmy idea*
“act s£dûçt!vewhen he runs up”
“Jan..!!” korey gro-an ed
“what?” she asked and turned around
korey opened his eyes and could see her smooth bu-tt before him and gulped down.
“control korey… that’s nothing” he whispers lowly
Jan turned and saw him looking on her @ss and smiled…..”working ”
she purposely swayed her @ss to her table to apply little makeup on
“you know what?” she asked and turned back to him so he could view her b©©b s
Korey eye went wi-de opened and shut them immediately
“Jan plea-se explain why you are doing this” he said
“does it have effect on you?” she asked innocently
“plea-se help me cream my back” she pleaded
“since when…?” he asked as he opened his eyes

For the first time in his eyes…she was attractive like damn…
He slowly scanned her smooth legs with any single scar on….so smooth like a baby’s bu-tt. his eyes went way up to her [email protected] and all over. Jan was not even comfortable with the way he kept looking at her.
“hellloooo?” she asked as she [email protected]£ back to reality
“can’t you?” he asked immediately
“duh!” she said and stood up walking to him
“what..what..what are you trying to do” he stammered
“nothing Alpha korey” she replied
Any time she calls his name as in Alpha korey… he knew she’d be up to something

Jan then held his hands any pu-ll-ed him along with her running round the room
“Jan..!” korey exclaimed
“hey..I’m late for work” he said but she just kept laughing

they kept running round till she tr!pp£doff. korey immediately caught Her by the [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her close ma-king her bu-tt so close to his groin. Jan eyes went open at that sudden t©uçh

“how’s it going?’ karissa asked and walked in along with Emilia and Emmy.
They were really taken aback by what they saw.
” aww” Emmy cooed as korey turned back in surprise.
His hands were ti-ghtly wra-pped around Jan’s [email protected]!st. He slowly looked down at his hand and was about to take it off but Jan held them.
“uhmmm really sorry, I guess we should come back right?” karissa asked Emmy and Emilia.
“yeah” Emmy replied
“sure thing” Emilia added
“byeee” karissa squealed as she shut the door close.
Korey slowly turned back to Jan with a ‘what’ face on. Jan then blinked like a kitten and let go of his hand

“arrgh!” he sighed and stepped back
“better cover up your @ss” he said
“really….I will but later” she replied and sat on her be-d crossing her legs.
‘I can’t believe he fell for the prank’ Jan thought happily
“so why did I come up here?” korey asked faking an annoyed face
“what else…cos of me” she shrugged
“emergency..?” he asked
“I couldn’t take off my Jean” she replied innocently
“arrgh…Jan” korey gro-an ed as she smiled
“your late…you should go” Jan replied
“oh..yeah yeah” he replied and turned to leave st©pped and pointed at her
“next time… if its not important *DON’T CALL ME* ” he said sternly
“yes sir!” she smiled
“don’t even call me at all” he said as she laughed

Hours later……
Emmy seated in her office…she knows Lucas is hiding something hvge from her…but what could that be
She never imagined waking up in his house again but it happened. She doesn’t thinks she can trust Lucas anymore. She was re-ady to give him cold shoulders and ignore him even if it’s not reasonable.

The day ended. Korey was still in his office, same as Jan but Emmy alre-ady left the company.

“Go….and don’t bring shame” lord Tyrant said
“you can count on me” the witch replied

minutes later
Jan was seated and could hear her name faintly
She frowned immediately and replied
“you again” she replied
“weak fool” the voice replied
“just leave me alone” Jan replied and stood up from her seat then felt someone else pres£nce. she slowly turned back and could see a lady with dark redl-ip, black and red go-wn and creepy nails that were too long
“who are youbamd how did you get here?” she asked
“me…you always wanted to see me” she replied
“so you’re the freaking idiot speaking to me?” Jan asked as she crossed her hands.
“Don’t worry…they’d be here for you but I’d just want to teach you a little lesson” the lady said. just as Jan tried to take a step back, the lady stretched her hands towards Jan as she flew back, hitting her back on the hanging portrait on the wall
“arrgh!” she gro-an ed
“you…stupid weak fellow” the witch said and took slow steps closer. Jan has never felt such pain at her back before. she managed to get up which she did but the witch immediately [email protected]£d her hair and threw her to another side of office ma-king a hanging portrait on the wall fall on her
“ahh!” Jan whimpers
She could hear her phone ring but couldn’t reach it

“isn’t she answering?” Sid asked Randolph
“no…not yet” he replied
They [email protected]£ very worried after they all took rounds if calling her but she didn’t pick.
“let’s call alpha then, he should st©p by to check on her” Sid suggested as karissa looked at emmy and Emilia
“uh..I don’t think he will” she said
“we played a prank on him earlier today…. he’d think its another prank” Emmy explained
“just call” Sid said as she did.
Korey answered the call immediately
“what…? another one?” he asked
“uh…it..its Jan” she stammered
“yeah.. its always jan” he replied
“I’m really serious, she hasn’t answered her phone for like hours now” she said
“and so what..I should run to her and see another half n-ked wife?” he asked as Sid snatched the phone
“alright alpha…here is no prank, Jan is really not picking up her phone, it’s odd” Sid explained
“duh…I’m busy here” korey said
“I’m being serious Korey” Sid exclaimed as KOREY ended the call.

He thought about it for a while the shrugged it off.

“Ahhhh!” Jan s¢r-amed as the witch gr!pp£dher arms ti-ghtly.
“look at you” she laughed
“let go of me” Jan said in pain.
Her hair was all over her face, rou-gh all round.
“what can you do?” the witch laughed
“let go of me!!!!!!” Jan s¢r-amed at the t©p of her voice as she saw the witch fly back with strong motion.
She managed to get up as Jan staggered to her table to get her phone.
Korey was actually calling her…her vision was kinda blurry but she answered the call.
“you!!” the witch s¢r-amed and charged towards her but Jan s£nt her hands in the air as she went according to the direction.
“Jan…?” korey called
but he could hear faint sounds from the background… Jan was whimpering, sobbing
“Jan!” he exclaimed
she crawled to her phone and cried
“korey!” she cried
“where are you now?” he asked
“the company, she’s gonna kill me”
“stay right there I’m coming” he replied and ended the call. Speeding up to her company.

The rest if the pack members got into their various cars driving to the company.

in less than 45mins
korey arrived and took an elevator straight to Jan’s office
he could hear her s¢r-am and just then opened the door…the lady he saw over her disappeared but he didn’t bother. He ran to Jan to examine her. And yes she was hurt badly…she was bleeding on the side of her arm, a cut on herl-ips and bruises of her knuckles.
“Jan” Korey whispers softly as he cu-pped her cheeks for the first time.
“you’re hurt!” he said lowly
Her eyes were filled with pain…really teary and yes she was crying out.
“its okay” korey said and pu-lls her to a hvg.
Her eyes went wi-de immediately, off course this is the first time again. She didn’t hesitate to hvg her husband. She hvgged him ti-ghtly and cried on his shoulders like a kid.

Minutes later, the pack members ran in and all st©pped at what they saw. What a moment they’ve been waiting for.

minutes later, Jan pu-ll-ed away, she didn’t want korey to be the first so she did.
“so who did these to you?” he asked as she describes exactly how the lady looks like.

“so you’re going….?” Emilia asked

“That bit-ch of a witch….still exist?” he laughed evilly and stood up
“take the Luna home…I have an unfinished business with someone” korey said as he clenched his fist.
unfinished business…..oda!!!
OK…who’s waiting for the next chapter

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