Korey episode 22 & 23

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💎He’s still my alpha and I am his Luna

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(cont’d chapter 22)

“oh….!” Emilia mouthed shocked
“oh????…you said oh?” Emmy asked
“what should I say girl…I’m speechless” Emilia replied
“yeah you see, the most annoying [email protected] of it is that he left me to walk home alone that night, off course I can fight for myself but that wasn’t right” Emmy replied
“you should chill….how did you meet him?” Emilia asked
“I mean that night” she added
“crazy…. creepy, you should have seen the way he was walking dee-per into the woods that night” Emmy pouted with a frown
“actually….” she sighs and brou-ght her face closer
“I’m suspecting that guy, he’s kinda a weirdo” she whispers as Emilia eyes went opened
“woah…know anything about his family?” she asked as Emmy laughed
“that j£rk refused to tell me anything” she frowned
“and on t©p of it he calls me stray cat” Emmy exclaimed as Emilia laughed
“c’mon, he’s not as bad as you think he is” she said
“really!!..how would I be in relationsh!pwith a person and know 0% about that person when the person alre-ady knows about 60% about me?” Emmy asked
“sis….don’t jump into conclusion” Emilia said softly
“probably he’s not re-ady to tell you yet” Emilia said trying to get Emmy un-derstand
“you know you’ve been in bad relationsh!pa lot, you should chill with this Lucas” she said as Emmy Laughed
“I dont wanna see him again” she said and s£nt her back against the chair
“arrgh…. you think you can avoid him?” Emilia asked
“you two are for each other…if you want to confirm ask the priestess” Emilia exclaimed
“or you think you won’t bu-mp into yourselves again?” she asked with a low laugh
“in your dreams” she added sternly
“he’s not a bad guy, probably he just said those words to s£nd you away at that moment” Emilia shrugged
“clingy??” Emmy asked
“are you??” Emilia asked
“of course not” Emmy replied
“good so don’t accept that” she added
“yeah yeah thanks” Emmy replied as slowly stood up
💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


chapter 23- bu-mp&argument

Emmy alre-ady made up her mind to never set her eyes on Lucas, Emilia alre-ady tried talking to her same as karissa but she refused.
“you think you can avoid him?” karissa asked as she saw the face Emmy made as she walked out of her room.
“he s£nt me a text” she replied lowly
“you see..!!!” Emilia said
“don’t exaggerate girl” karissa said as Emmy rolled her eyes
“yo! if I have someone like him, I’d be happy” Emilia said as karissa furrowed her brows
“what about Sid?” she asked
“of course I’m okay with Sid, but don’t you know other people wants him??” Karissa asked
“fine, lemme think” Emmy replied alre-ady tired of their lectures.
“am I missing anything?” Jan asked as she walked to the
“Luna” they greeted
“what’s going on?” she asked
“Emmy has a little problem with the guy she has been seeing” Emilia shrugged
“that’s too early though” Jan replied
“told you!” karissa snapped at her
“And….you…aren’t you going to the company?” Emmy asked as Jan smiled and frowned at the same time
“korey said I should go no where” Jan simply replied
“really!” karissa laughed
“that’s how it is” Jan added
“should I be going then?” Emmy asked
“I’m all dressed” she added
“yeah you should” Jan replied
“I’ll just sit at home and sure the pack would keep me company” Jan said
“sure!” Emilia replied along with karissa
“alright then…I’m off” Emmy smiled as she made her way downstairs
“byeee!” Emilia squealed
“byee” Emmy replied and left the mansion
“so……let’s begin” karissa said to Jan

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Lucas stared at his phone waiting for Emmy’s reply but there was none, he sighed and believed she was busy. He tucked his phone into his pocket and stood up from his be-d standing before his mirror and adjusted his n£¢k tie properly. He was done dressing and picked up his suitcase. Just then his phone rang. He pu-ll-ed it out to check and saw his secretary calling.
“why is she calling?” he thought within himself and answered the call
“good morning doctor Lucas” she greeted
“good morning to you too” he replied
“hope you enjoyed your night?” she asked sweetly
“yeah I did thanks…. do you have anything important to inform me?” he asked
“not really, just wanted to know if you want a ride to the hospital” she said
“no thanks, I drive and you know” he replied bluntly
“oh..oh yeah that’s true” she replied feeling [email protected] by his reply
“so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get re-ady” he said and ended the call.
“when did these start?” he laughed and shook his head. Lucas picked up his car keys and went out of his room. He walked to the kitchen downstairs and took out a cold bottle of yoghurt to start his day.
He went out of his mansion and went to the car garage, he walked straight to his black sports car and opened it. Lucas sat in the drivers seat and revived his engine as he drove outside the gates.

Minutes later…….
Emmy was stuck in traffic for some minutes before the road [email protected]£ free, she parked her car close to a coffee shop to get coffee. Just as she was about to open her car doors she saw a familiar face. “Lucas!” she [email protected] and covered her mouths immediately
She immediately hid herself then after some few seconds she turned back and it wasn’t who she thought it was.
“phew!” she sighed and walked out her car as she shut the door shut
“really! i thought it was you” she sighed de-eply and flung her hair backwards. She sighed and took a step forth then paused
“hmmm…I hope I won’t see him” she said to herself and tried to step forth but shook at the sudden voice behind her
“could that be me….miss straycat?” Lucas asked behind her as she slowly turned back shocked
“Lucas!” she s¢r-amed and immediately ran to hide herself
“huh….where are you going?” he asked
“you didn’t see me” she replied
‘what do I do……I told him i was at the company, I’m sure he’d notice I’m just leaving’ she cried in her thoughts
“Emmy??” Lucas called and walked to her
“why are you covering your face?” he asked
“huh… me?” she asked and stood up
“yeah you” he replied
“uh…I had something on my face” she smiled and made her way to walk past him
“where to?” he asked as she paused
“the coffee shop” she simply replied
“good…same here” he smiled as he held her hands
“let’s go together” he smiled at her
Emmy really wants to resist him, but her b©dy is totally refusing to…’c’mon Emmy he said you’re clingy’ she thought within herself
“I don’t know why you have to hold my hands” she said
“you’re a kitten, you can’t cross the road” he smiled as she had a what face on
“you meant you right!” she exclaimed and tried to pu-ll her hands away but his grip were ti-ght enough
“hey let go!” she said and tried again but same
“done!” he said as they crossed to the other side of the road
They both walk into the coffee shop with their f!ngersintertwined
Emmy felt eyes on her like what is it!!!!!!!
“oh my God they look so cute” a female whispers
“is that her b©yfri£nd!” another [email protected]
“she’s damn pretty” a guys said to his mate as Lucas turned directly to him glaring at him. That was all the guy needed and un-derstood

Lucas got a seat for the two of them as they sat down
“actually… I wasn’t gonna sit” Emmy said
“well you are now” Lucas smiled as they got their coffee on their tables
“thanks” he said
“why am I here?” emmy asked
“I should be asking you” Lucas replied and sipped from his cup
“you drun!k?” emmy asked
“you brou-ght me here” she said
“you were actually coming here” he snapped at here
“aren’t you supposed to be attending to your customers?” he asked as he furrows his brow at her

Jan was seated in her room with her [email protected]©p, she wants to make some changes to her company actually the name. It. wasn’t something she did on her own so she wanted her husband name on it.
she picked up her phone and dialed Matthew number. Since he helped korey with the company
“ma’am Janice…. good morning” he greeted
“hey good morning, how was your night?” she asked
“fine thanks” he replied
“I actually called to make few changes to my company… the identity” she explained
“is it the name?” he asked
“exactly, take down B.J wears in replacement of J&K wears” she smiled
“lovely…. I guess I should be done with it today” he said
“yes…plea-se” she replied
“OK no problem” he said
“thanks…have a nice day” she said and ended the call giggling
“can’t wait to see korey’s reaction” she laughed

“you said you were attending to some customers” Lucas said for the 5th time”
“and you are to be attending to your patient” Emmy said for the 5th time
“let’s just get this straight” Emmy signed as Lucas Gave a listening ear
“you said you’re busy” she started
“I never said so, even if I am, I’d still create your time” he explained
“yeah yeah and call me clingy at the end” she replied
“what!!!” he exclaimed
“don’t give me a what….you said it yourself” she snapped at him
“when…I don’t remember calling you that”he fired back
“oh…really??” she laughed
“look here Dr Lucas, I ain’t gonna talk about it and besides…. am busy” she replied bluntly
“if you’re mad at me….let’s settle this” he said calmly
“would love to but customers are first” she replied and sipped her coffee
Lucas decided to remain shut….. as he drank from his cup
“I guess I’ll see you later” he said and stood up
“what….! where are you going?” she asked
“you’re right…customers are first… I have patients to attend to” he said as she scoffed
“well….I have customers to attend to” she added and stood up her seat
Lucas paid the bills and did one crazy thing…
.he held her hands and pu-ll-ed her close to him
“what are…..” she paused ad she noticed eyes on her
“what…do you wanna push me away?” he asked softly into her ears and s£nt $h¡verys to her spine
“off course not…i mean yeah” she replied softly as he chuckled
“let’s go kitten” he replied aloud as she tagged along. They both left the shop and immediately she pushed him away
“now do not disturb me plea-se” she exclaimed and crossed to the other side of the road with Lucas behind her.
She got into her car without wasting time and drove off. Lucas stood wondering how he offended her and when…..but he couldn’t seem to get.

ĸorey waѕ ѕeaтed wιтн нιѕ [email protected]тop вeғore нιм and goт a new noтιғιcaтιon.
“well known company B.J wears as Bentley janice changes her name to J&K fashion house as Janice and korey fashion house” he re-ad aloud
“whatttttt!!!” he exclaimed wi-de eyed
“Janice!!” he growled and immediately stood up
He checked the time and it was just few minutes past nine.
“I’m good to end my day” he said to himself then packed up to leave.
“I really need to talk some s-en-ses in to your head Jan….like really really yeah” he said as he got into his car driving out of his company
“goodnight Mr Korey!” am employee shouted

Jan was happily staring at her [email protected]©p with her cup of milkshake in her hand.
“mmmmm” she [email protected] ed sweetly in plea-sure
“hmmmm….exactly what I want” she exclaimed at the new color of her company logo.

Korey drifted into the mansion and [email protected]£ down from his car after he parked it.
“OK! Emmy come here!” Emilia squealed aloud. Emmy alre-ady told her how her day went
“where’s Jan!” korey asked as he barged in
“awww!” he was so worried Emmy cooed happily
“where is she??” he asked again
“she’s in the masters room” karissa smiled as he made his way up.
“Jan!” he called as he went in
“am here!” she replied as she lifted her hand signaling her pres£nce
“better…..now explain what you did” he sighed and took steps towards her
“what?” she asked with a puzzled face
“don’t what Me….answer me” he said and stood directly before her glaring into her eyes
“welllllll you should chill and lemme think” she simply replied
“you changed your company name” he said coldly
“oh that yeah I did.” she replied happily
“and you’re happy???” he asked
“what….can’t I??” she asked as she stood up to him
“jan….what was wrong with B.J wears?” he asked smoothly
“nothing… just decided to” she shrugged
“that’s not a reason!” he exclaimed furiously
“so what did you want to hear??” she snapped back at him
“why????…..” she added
“I wanted to….and what’s B.J???? b!ow job wears” she added trying to make it more convincing
“yeah…blo….wait what??” he exclaimed
“yeah…I couldn’t hold seeing B.J wears it was irritating and I don’t like it” she lied
“really… you’re just ma-king this all up, you accepted it that way when I gave you so why should you change the name at my back”he asked
“you built it, named it and employed few at MY BACK” she fired back
“what the fv¢k is wrong with you these days” korey gro-an ed
“nothing and I don’t think I’d change the name again…I love it as Janice and Korey fashion house” she explained
“so…at least my name before yours” he said
“why?” she asked
“is it not my money?” he asked
“is it not my choice?” she fired back as he angrily gr!pp£dher shoulders and superspeed towards the wall behind her, s£nding her back against the wall
“owwww!” she exclaimed and bit his hands but he didn’t move it
“don’t let me handle you the way you won’t” he said sternly into her eyes
“what will you do Alpha?” she asked
“bite me….turn me a weak human to a werewolf like you and your family?, hurt me?, give me scars like you always wished to?” she asked in a teary tone and looked away from his eyes.
“go to sleep”

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