Korey episode 24

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chapter 24- I accept I love Lucas!

2 weeks later
Everything has not been going as expected, the wh0l£ house is upside down. Korey and Janice are not on good terms, after their last argument…. they [email protected] talk to themselves….not even waking up to greet each other. Emmy has been ignoring Lucas…she couldn’t help but still think of him. Meanwhile Zane noticed all this and took advantage of it….always being there with her…when she bu-mped into Lucas again, he was with her…Lucas felt jealous but didn’t show it.

Lucas is pres£ntly swinging from one side to the other on his chair. he doesn’t know where to start from.
“should I call emmy?” he asked himself
“no…she’d say she’s In the toilet” he replied remembering the last time he called her
“OK…try again” he said to himself and called her

Emmy was seated in the kitchen with karissa discussing about their Alpha crazy attitude
“Actually… if he acts all ro-mantic, don’t you think he’d be much more h0t!” Rissa said as Emmy giggled
“yeah you’re right” she added and saw her phone ringing
“its Lucas” she said worriedly
“what do I tell him??” she asked
“you’re not gonna lie you’re in the toilet again right?” she asked
“if you’re looking for Mr right…he’s got the magic to change you over night” rissa said
“yeah yeah” emmy rolled her eyes
“so….pick up” Karissa said
Emmy sighed and answered the call
“Emmy!” Lucas said over the phone relieved she answered
“hey…’ she greeted
“you free?” he asked
“uhmmm….kinda” she replied
“why asking?” she added
“let’s meet…I’m free” he said hoping she’d give him a reply
“really… I don’t think I can, actually I don’t think I’ll come out” she explained as karissa frowned
“I’ll be waiting for your text” Lucas said as she ended the call looking like a kid at karissa
“what!” karissa asked
“what do I do” emmy breathed out
“you know you’re crazy, you’re gonna get yourself sick” karissa said alre-ady frustrated
“yeah yeah” Emmy sighed

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Minutes later

Zane headed out of the house with Emmy, he insisted on going shopping with her. Emmy alre-ady tried declining but he insisted so she accepted
“so which mall exactly are we heading to?” she asked with a smile
“where should we go?” he asked back
Emmy sighed and turned around. They were standing outside the Ice cream shop after buying some ice cream.
“meetme” she replied
“really??” Zane asked
“that’s kinda far from here” he replied
“yeah I know” she replied
She wants somewhere far hoping she won’t bu-mp into Lucas again
“well if you insist” Zane smiled as they both walked into the car and had their seats with Zane driving away.
“so…we’re heading to crescent love road” emmy said
“exactly… the road is filled with different fun places” Zane replied

“Alright Stacy I’d get it for you” Lucas said to his little cousin in the [email protected]£nger seat
she had been insisting they go shopping so he left work for her
“so which mall…?” he asked hoping she won’t say what’s on his mind
“you promised me meetme” she replied
“Stacy meetme is only for lovers” Lucas explained
“but you promised me” she said
“yeah…I said with my girlfriend if I have one'” he said laying emphasis on the ‘if I have one’
“you don’t need to go with your girlfriend, you’d meet her there, I’m sure she’ll love you so much than anyone else” she replied sweetly
“what do you know about love” Lucas laughed
“seriously you gotta believe me” she whined
“off course I do” Lucas laughed
“so we’ll meet her today” she said as Lucas sighed lowly
“I don’t think so” he replied
Stacy stared at his face for sometime the squealed
“wait a sec you’re in love bro!” she said
“what??” Lucas exclaimed
“off course yeah…look at your face, I can tell” she squealed happily
“tell me tell me” she pleaded
“you’re just 8years old what should you know?” he asked
“so…?” she asked with a duh face
“don’t un-derestimate me” she added sternly
“but who could be that girl that got your heart” she asked sweetly
“tell me…what makes you think so?” he asked
“from what Keegan told me, he said you haven’t been eating well nor sleeping well” she said
“what! Keegan told you those?” he asked, off course its true but he doesn’t know why his nephew should be telling his 8 Years old cousin
“so…is it because of that girl?” she asked
“you know what…” Lucas said and reached for his phone
[email protected] instead” he said and [email protected] his phone to her
“you know my [email protected]” he said as she frowned and turned on his phone
“woah…she’s h0t” Stacy [email protected] at Lucas lock screen
“kitten?” she asked cos that was the name written on emmy pic
“arrgh!” Lucas gro-an ed
He managed to take her pics when he saw her standing outside her car
“is…..she the girl” Stacy asked
“Stacy…[email protected]” he said instead ignoring her question
“I knew it!” she exclaimed and unlocked his phone but to her surprise again it was Emmy’s pic she saw as his wallpaper
“hmmm… I won’t say anything” she smiled and went to his call logs and saw his last call was with Emmy😻
like he dialed her number more than 12times this morning.
“I see” she said
“what you doing?” he asked
“playing game” she lied
“what game is that?” he asked
“barbie dream house” she replied as he rolled his eyes.
About 25 minutes later they arrived at their location. Lucas parked his car at the garaged and alighted with Stacy beside him.
“let’s go!” he said as he held her hands in his
“yeah” she replied as they went into Meetme mall

Not so long Zane parked his car at the garage. He walked out his car with Emmy and locked it.
“so we’re here” he said as she smiled as they both went in.

After minutes of buying and buying Stacy still cried for popcorn
“its here let them calculate it” Lucas replied
“plea-se make it snappy” he said to the cashier as she nods her head
Lucas was alre-ady attended to and made his way out with Stacy.
Stacy then turned back and saw someone familiar. She furrowed her brow
“I guess I’ve seen that face somewhere” she said lowly to herself
“whats that?” Lucas asked
“nothing …..saw someone” she replied
“c’mon let’s go” he said sweetly to her

Emmy was done buying what she wanted
“would that be enough?” Zane asked as they walked out
“why not!’ she asked
“looking at what you’re holding in those bags….we could get those at Vivi store” he said
“oh…really” she asked innocently
Just as she turned right she saw who she never wished to see…HER HEART PACED INCREASED AS LUCAS TURNED TO HER

“there she is!!!” Stacy exclaimed as she saw Emmy
“me??” emmy asked
“yeah!!” Stacy said and ran to her to hvg her
“awwnnnn…..nice to meet you kitten” she cooed sweetly
“Stacy…st©p it” Lucas said but she ignored
“I’m so sorry…she’s my cousin, she can be crazy sometimes” he explained
“what..you’re the one crazy here” Stacy replied and pu-ll-ed away
“I’m so sorry” she apologized
“no its okay sweetie” Emmy replied
“Emmy…. what you doing here?” Lucas asked
“I thought you’d be in?” he asked as she slowly looked down
“I was” she said
“you…seeing you again”Zane said
“yeah you too” Lucas said
“c’mon let’s get going” Zane said to emmy
“why?” Lucas asked
“look I don’t want to start with you” Zane said
“neither do I!” Lucas replied and walked to Emmy looking right into her eyes.
Emmy felt her heart beat more fas-ter…
Just as Zane [email protected]£d her hands to leave, Lucas pu-ll-ed her back
“you can tell him to leave” he said into her eyes as she blinked ra-pidly
“why?” she whispered
“Emmy said you can go” Lucas said to Zane
“what?’ he asked and held Emmy pu-lling her to him but Lucas pu-ll-ed her back to him.
Just as her che-st went against his again it was like her heart skipped one beat.
“yay!” Stacy exclaimed
“who do you think you are to pu-ll her to you like that” Zane said angrily
“you can ask her” Lucas replied
“what!” Emmy exclaimed and pu-ll-ed away.
“Emmy…let’s go back home” Zane said
“she’s not leaving” Lucas said and held her hands in his
Emmy felt like she was un-der a spell
she couldn’t say no or speak for herself
“love is strange, its wild, uncontrollable and can happen by accident when you least expect it” Stacy said smoothly and sweetly
“lu..lucas” emmy stuttered
“he should leave shouldn’t he?” he asked
“you’ve been ignoring me and I won’t let you sl!paway” he whispered to her ears and that got Zane more mad
“won’t you just leave us alone?” he asked
“I don’t want him to see this” Lucas said to emmy
“see what?” she asked
“you Lucas or whatever…….” same trailed off as Lucas cu-pped Emmy’s cheek in his hands and crashed hisl-ips on hers. Emmy eyes went wi-de open like she was still trying to download what was going on
“push away” 5% of her said
“yay…told you, you can’t resist him” her wolf self said
just then her heart rate synchronized she found herself sliding her hands up to his n£¢k as she wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k drinking from hisl-ips
“heaven!” she said in her thoughts
“told you you’d meet her today!!!!!”
YAY…OK emmy doesn’t know what’s going on here yet
who’s waiting for next chapter???

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