Korey Episode 34

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chapter 34- That long awaiting Night😋😍😱

Korey was seated in his office…writing with smiles on
He has never expected himself to be this happy. He was pres£ntly typing a do¢vment and bit his lowerl-ips…wishing it was Jan’sl-ips.
“mmmmm” he cooed as he covered his face up
💥Korey is in love ooo💥
He later realized what he was doing and looked at his system before him
He alre-ady typed Jan’s name
“arrgh!!” he gro-an ed
“I guess I’d give you sometime” he said

That morning korey left the house leaving jan on the be-d again…he had been behaving that way for the past weeks.
At the first week jan thought he was really busy not until Sid said he just leaves the house to stay in the company and come back late again. She wondered if anything bothering him at home or if he doesn’t like something at home.
She tried talking to him but he kept shutting her down, giving excuses. Jan alre-ady got tired….she thought her marriage was alre-ady back. That love she wanted but with korey’s behavior lately… it doesn’t looks like one.

It was night alre-ady… Korey was on the be-d with Jan but not a single word was said. He kept staring at nothing which made Jan sick and uncomfortable. He had been giving her cold shoulders and she decided they’d talk about it tonight
“Korey” she called but he didn’t give a reply
“Korey” she repeated
“just go to sleep” he said lowly not wanting to upset her but she angrily sat up on the be-d and faced him
“really.?!!!…go to be-d!!” she scoffed
“Jan plea-se I can’t now…just…..” he trailed off
“oh plea-se, don’t gimme that $h!t!” she snapped at him
“tell that to the old jan” she added.
KOREY sat up surprised by her reply
“korey what’s up with you?” she asked half yelling as he sighed
“nothing I’m okay” he replied
“you’ve been ignoring me for the past few days and you think of accept its nothing??” she asked
“jan plea-se I can’t talk about that” he said and ran his hand throu-gh his hair. Jan sniffed back her tears and said
“I don’t get it, you k!$$£d me not too long ago, I thought and believed you were alre-ady turning to a loving husband, though I thought and believed I could never love a guy like you…but why do I feel different?” she cried
“I know it was a f0rç£d marriage…. which lady would want a marriage like mine?” she asked with a slight laugh
“but still we can make it real” she added lowly
“KOREY I’m talking to you” she cried as he turned to her and saw tears in her eyes…he felt hurt also
“did I ever annoyed you??” she asked
“even if I did I’m really sorry” she cried
“jan st©p it!!!!” he cut her in with a yell as she flin-ched back
“I’m tired…. okay??” he yelled and stood up from the be-d but jan went after him
“where are you going?” she asked as he gro-an s
“am sorry for hurting you, believe me its not my intention to, I just couldn’t bear it” he said in frustration
“bear what????” jan asked as that was the only question she wanted and needed to ask
“don’t think I’m ignoring you, I’m just trying to un-derstand myself… why do I feel $h¡verys whenever you t©uçh me” he said lowly
Jan was astonished

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“you’re ma-king me weak jan” he said breathlessly
“I am…? but how?” she asked
“ever since the day I k!$$£d you, I find it [email protected] to concentrate at work…I always try to but all I find myself doing was writing your name, craving to hold you, k!ssyou more, feel you more, hvg you… but I don’t know what’s st©pping me” he added breathlessly as jan jaw dropped
“if anyone ever told me I’d love you, I’d probably say it was a lie…but I think I am” he added

“jam plea-se st©p oppressing me” he pleaded as jan walked slowly to him staring into His eyes.
“korey…I told myself I can never love you for ruining my life… but I began to love everything about you, your lifestyle… all” she said
“how do you manage to do all that…despite the way o treated you…?” he asked staring intently into her eyes
“I’m human with emotions” she replied with a weak smile
“and I’m being attracted to you” he said as his gave fell to herl-ips…jan noticed and looked away
“I can’t believe this is happening now” she said and sniffed back her tears . She tried walking away but korey wra-pped his hand around her small [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her closer
“what the___” jam trailed off as korey interrupted her with a k!ss.

He eyes went open…looking at korey who just k!$$£d her smoothly and softly. Wiping her tears with his thumb

Jan responded to the k!ssthen they pu-ll-ed away
“I’m really sorry” he apologized as she nodded and k!$$£d him. She wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k …this time the k!sswent wild…he kept k!ss!ngherl-ips not wanting to pu-ll away. He then lifted her up as she wra-pped her legs around his [email protected]!st
“we should go to the be-d” he said between herl-ips as she [email protected] ed in approval. He then slowly placed her on the be-d as he moved his hands on her ba-re th!ghs. Her answer was a moue of protest, she pu-ll-ed him back …and k!sses him more and more nipping his bottoml-ip.

From the moment he met her he hated her but now…he’s alre-ady add!çted to her. Korey was set between her legs as he pu-ll-ed down her nightie down her shoulders, k!ss!ngthe satiny smooth skin of her n£¢k and shoulder, moving himself steadily lower.. pressing hisl-ips to the pulse point beneath her chin, he could tell her heart rate was pacing as fast as his own.
Nor was she a submissive [email protected] she slid down her hands in his shi-t sliding it down his shoulders. And tugged his shi-t out of his pyjamas. He adored her response. Jam was not one to do anything halfway especially when it comes to ma-king love. He shrugged off his shi-t and threw it to another side of the be-d.

Her hands ran up un-der his shi-t just as he freed her br£@st from the confines of her [email protected] He bent lower and covered one pink, [email protected] n!pplewith his mouth.

Jam [email protected] in surprise…. her b©dy was arching, as if it was re-ady to jump out of his hands.

It took all his control to st©p. he looked up at her
“do you not like thus?” he asked
Her mouth was opened, her eyes wi-de in disbelief
“I’ve never felt anything like it”
“I’ll st©p_”
“don’t st©p” she ordered and used both her hands to bring his head back to her brea-st
There are some orders men don’t question…like hers
He pu-ll-ed her go-wn down over her h!ps. The image of her was in the bath not far from his mind. She then slid down his [email protected] her f!ngerswere quite clumsy.. he didn’t mid, it was exquisite torture.

Kneeling, he pu-ll-ed her go-wn down, her legs were longer than anticipated, he cold ba-rely hold himself Any longer. He gently leaned her back on the be-d as ke finally took down his [email protected] he was afraid he’d die before she was done.

He n-ked b©dy was the stuffs of dream, she was shy but watched him intently.

“lemme have your hand”
unquestioning, she placed her palms in his
“if I do anything to cause you distress or pain or any…squee-ze my hand and I will st©p what I’m doing” he said and bent down to k!ssher

This was the time she’d mate with her Alpha mate.

She was open and eager. Their ton-gues teased each other, while korey ran his free hand over the curve of her h!pand down the length of her th!gh, marveling her perfection. Pressing her back against the be-d he settled between her th!ghs.

Instinctively, she curved to [email protected]£ him. He prayed he didn’t do the wrong thing. Lacing his f!ngersin her, he raised her hand above her head, k!$$£d her and thrû-st de-ep

He felt her tear…
ⓢⓗⓔ ⓦⓐⓢ ⓗⓘⓢ

Her hand squee-zed his.
he st©pped. All he wanted to do was push forward, fill her. the primary urgency was to do so but he st©pped

“are you alright?” he whispered
she swallowed and then relaxed
“I think I don’t know” she replied
“I won’t go if you don’t want me to” he replies
“we’re not finished?” she asked as he chuckled
“I felt your laughter….” she said
“all the way inside me”

He dared to press dee-per. She smiled and he knew the pain were gone. He k!$$£d her temples, her cheeks then herl-ips.
“it will be better now” he promised

Her f!ngersrelaxed and he began moving. Nothing had ever felt good as being inside jan. She was a liquid fire. the perfect fit.

Timidly at first and then gathering eagerness, she met his thrû-st. His last coherent thought was that he had never meant to male love to his mate. she re-leased her hold on his hands and wra-pped them around his n£¢k, she buried her face in his shoulder and held ti-ght.
KOREY reached the point where he couldn’t st©p even if she begged to. He relentlessly drove forward.
Jan was whispering his name, her soft cried pushed him further. He wanted to tell her it would be alright…he could ba-rely speak a word.

Jan ti-ght£ñ as she cried out… her cries could be heard outside

Emmy and all turned to look at themselves as a smile immediately crept on their faces
“they’re ma-king babies!!!”

Korey couldn’t st©p himself, his s-en-ses were full of her. she was his only link to satiny and earth.

They held each other as if they feared letting go, and he knew their loving had been as intense and mighty for her as it had been for himself.
KOREY rolled on his back, bringing her with him. he never wanted to let go. Their hearts pounded in unison. He could feel hers as clearly as his own……….. and slowly they both drifted back to reality
yay….laslas…. they made love😊😁😁
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