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Written by déra Brown
chapter 4- Aren’t you supposed to be the training?

“THIS CALLS FOR [email protected]!” Randolph shouted happily

“certainly yeah!” karissa squealed

“finally…like finally” Emilia smiled

“Have you all eaten?” Emmy asked

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“Nope!” they replied in unison except from Zane

“then eat, so you’ll st©p acting dumb” Emmy said as walked past then

“huh?…I thought you said she was liking a guy?” Emilia asked

“that’s the way it is, they’ll try to push it away..especially someone like Emmy” Sid said

They all looked back at Emmy who was staggering to the dinning table.

“c’mon Randolph get the drinks” Sid said. Sid headed to the kitchen and placed the ice cream in the refrigerator.

They all made their way to the dinning table, sitting happily but Zane just remained at his sp©t. Different questions were thrown at Emmy but she kept rolling her eyes.

“the maids are alre-ady asleep so we’ll have snacks..is that okay?” Sid asked

” No problem” karissa shouted

Randolph [email protected]£ out of the kitchen with drinks, Emilia supported him with snacks, Karissa dressed the table..placing each bowl of ch!ps on the table.
Sid p-oured the wine into different [email protected] cups, then karissa turned the music on in the highest volume.

“Yeah!!!” karissa squealed happily

“C’mon eat up Randolph” said as fed Emmy with fried chicken [email protected] as she ate happily

Zane stood staring at Emmy who had smiles on her face. He didn’t knew if he should be mad or happy

“Zane why are you standing there?” Emilia asked

“nothing” he replied coldly

“come join us” karissa said

“I’d gather got to be-d” he muttered and walked upstairs

“oh that’s odd” Sid said

” c’mon let’s eat up” Randolph said

“so who’s this guy?” Emilia asked happily

“what guy?” Emmy asked

“The guy” Randolph said

“There’s no guy..except a j£rk I met on the highway and f0rç£d me to pay for the car damages” she said as they wore confused face on

“damages??” Randolph asked

“what damages??” karissa asked

“I hit his car with my bike and__”she trailed off

“you what??” Emilia asked wi-de eyed

“hope you didn’t get hurt?” Randolph asked. Emmy looked at Sid who looked away

“I didn’t” she smiled

“you should have seen the way he kept shouting at me to pay…not like he had no money” Emmy said as she rested her back on the chair

“he looks so posh…h0t…damn attractive” Emmy cooed daydreaming

“looks like she had really fallen for him” karissa muttered quietly

“just admit it!” Emilia exclaimed

“okay…I threw this [email protected] thinking you’ve finally fallen in love..and you are saying you didn’t???” Randolph asked wi-de eyed

“dude!…chillax” Emmy said as she sipped from her [email protected]

“And you’re still drinking??” Emilia asked wi-de eyed

“What??” Emmy asked with an innocent face

“Wait..is this guy even human?” karissa asked

“What else..there’s no one out there like us” Emilia shrugged

“yeah I think so” Emmy replied as she remembered Lucas saying

“you’re really annoying, you want me to pu-ll out your lungs from your throats right?”

*No he was just joking

“Emmy??” Sid asked bringing her back to reality

“yeah?” she asked

“you sure he’s human?” Randolph asked with a puzzled face

“off course” Emmy replied

Korey was in his room, on his be-d with his back against Janice. He wasn’t feeling comfortable at all, for the past few weeks he had always been sleeping on his right side but Janice sleeps however she wants to. He didn’t want to sleep facing Janice.

“okay it’s not a big deal” he muttered quietly and turned to Janice. she was de-ep asleep, soundly sleeping.

” No I can’t” he said as he stands up from the be-d.

“the pack members should be asleep by now, so I guess staying down would be okay?” he thought within himself and shook his head negatively

“Bad idea!!…at least one of them would be up” he said as he paced round his room thinking

“C’mon alpha Korey think”

There he had an idea. There are still empty rooms in the mansion..He thought he could make use of one.

Korey walked out of his room happily, but st©pped at some faint beats.

” Is someone playing music this night?” he thought within himself and paused for a while

“nope! I knew someone would be up, what would I be asked when seen, I alre-ady surprised them by calling for a meeting, not again” he muttered and turned back to his room.

This time around, Janice legs were spre-ad out on the be-d then he made a disgusted face.

“fv¢k!” he seethed between his teeth and angrily walked to the be-d

“Jan..Jan?” he called but she remained mute, sleeping like a baby!

“Jan I need [email protected]” he said

“go..go away” she replied sleepily

“What?..on my own be-d?” he exclaimed furiously and pushed her legs away backing her.

“ahhh!” Jan exclaimed

Korey was about to close his eyes then felt a leg on his b©dy.

“Jan!!!” he yelled aloud but she didn’t move

Out of annoyance, Korey picked up his pillows and went to the couch to sleep

“I’m definitely gonna need a n£¢k [email protected] tomorrow” he mumbled

Lucas alre-ady drove to his house angrily parking his car at the car parking lot. He was still mad at Emmy’s note.

“Not a dime???” he asked himself as he went to his car bonet.

” Goodness!…some girls can really be annoying”

He got to his doorway and entered the [email protected] code 2 1 0 0. The doors went open as he walks in still pissed off by Emmy reply.

He headed to his room upstairs and took off his clothes, re-ady to bathe. Lucas stood un-der the shower enjoying the way the water p-oured down on him. He rubbe-d his che-st and remembered that feeling earlier of Emmy che-st against his che-st.

“Arrrgh!” he seethe and rubbe-d his che-st [email protected] Just then it dropped to his head

” No I’m gonna pu-ll out your heart” Emmy said raising her voice

“Is he human?” Sid asked

“I think so” Emmy replied

***Wait What??**

“could it be..??” he thought within himself

Korey alre-ady took his bathe, re-ady for work. Janice was still sleeping.
in less than five minutes, he was re-ady for work. Korey walked out of the room to his surprise the music was still playing. He got downstairs and met all members dancing, singing and eating. he immediately had a confused face on.

Emmy could notice someone else pres£nce and turned to see Korey.

“Alpha??” she asked

“good morning alpha Korey” they greeted in unison

“What’s good about the morning?” he asked

“aren’t you supposed to be training??” he exclaimed furiously

Chapter5- Training!!

Korey alre-ady went out of the house heading to work.
The members kept muttering words amongst themselves.

“the way he talks sometimes is really funny” Randolph said

“it’s just 5:14am and he expects us to be training?” Emilia asked

“you should know your alpha” Emmy said

“that’s it, you should all go sleep a little….we’d have a lot to do today” Sid said

“I’m alre-ady going to be-d” Emmy yawned speedily

“yeah me too!” karissa said and walked away to her room

“dolph??” Emilia asked like a baby

“yes sweetie?” he asked

“why don’t we go do somethings upstairs?” she asked as she wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k

” those type of things….I love” he said in a husky tone and leaned forward to svçkfrom herl-ips

“eeeww…can’t you both wait till you get upstairs?” karissa asked with a disgusted face

” look at who’s talking” Sid laughed.
karissa only turned back to look at him but didn’t say a word and went to her room

“I think you should let her know” Emmy whispers to Sid as he sighs

Randolph pu-ll-ed away from the k!sswith a sm-irk on his face. Emilia slowly placed a gentle k!sson hisl-ips and whispered to his ear.
” let’s go upstairs”

Emmy walked to her room feeling tired. She closed the door behind her and went to her standing mirror, staring at herself and sighed.

“I should just go have a shower then take a short nap” she said lowly and took off her clothes walking to the bathroom in towels.

As soon as she was done bathing, she put on her pyjamas and fell on her be-d. In less than a minute, she tucked herself beneath the be-dspre-ad and yawned sleepily.

“What a day!” Emmy gro-an ed
“I can’t believe I’d wake up to train…Arrrgh so annoying” she gro-an ed then remembered Lucas.

” wait!…I didn’t ask for his name??” she squealed angrily like a kid

Sid kept pacing back and forth, wondering what he’d say to karissa. He alre-ady bought the ice creams but how’d he starts the conversation???…he didn’t know.

Sid went to the kitchen and brou-ght out a bucket of ice cream.
he held it in his hands and went straight to karissa room.

there was no reply….
He knocked again but same…
Sid took a de-ep breath and walked in.

“karissa??” he called but no reply

“karissa??” he called again but same thing. He walked to her be-d and saw some clothes on her be-d…more like her nightie.

” oh…You must be bathing” he thought within himself and smiled

Not so long he heard the door of the bathroom open. Sid turned back and saw karissa coming out of the bathroom in towel around her che-st, he immediately hid the ice cream behind him.

“Sid???” karissa asked

” hi..Hi??” he said lowly

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a puzzled face on

” ummm…I thought you were sleeping so I st©pped to turn off the lights” he managed to say

” turn off the lights???” she asked

“I meant…to..to.. say good night”

“nevermind, I’d be leaving now” he said and turned to walk away

” wait…” karissa slowly said st©pping him

“yeah?” he asked

” you sure you don’t need something?” she asked

Sid sighed and walked closer to karissa

“What you doing?” she asked

“here…” he said and stretched the bucket of ice cream to her

“I know I did something wrong, I shouldn’t have done that, I bought you another bucket of your favorite ice cream flavor, I’m sorry I took longer time to bring it to you…..” he said

” I don’t just want us to remain this way” he said

karissa just kept staring at him, Sid gulped down and said

“I..I..I..I’d drop it here” he said and slowly placed it on her be-d and turned to leave. He alre-ady walked to the door about to walk out but st©pped as he heard his name from behind.

” Sid..?” karissa called as he turned back to look at her

“I think you should stay” she muttered

Sid couldn’t stand looking at her for long, her long legs were easily seen. No sp©t or scar on her skin…just smooth

“I did something wrong not you, you were right, I had the last cups, I should have let you take that” she said lowly

“I’m sorry Sid” she apologized
Sid was speechless…What should he say, she just accepted she was wrong

“plea-se co..co..cover your [email protected]” he managed to say


” I can’t stand it” he said gazing
at the floor. karissa giggled at his reply

“really?..it’s just my [email protected]

“yeah I know” he replied

“What if it was my nûd£??” karissa laughed

“your nûd£???” he exclaimed as he looked at her then took his face back down but karissa was fast enough to hold his face up

“look at me” she said and cu-pped his cheeks

” I can’t” he said

“Sid look at me!” karissa laughed as he did

” I missed you” she squealed and pu-ll-ed him to a hvg.

Sid froze at the feeling of her che-st against his che-st. He has never hvgged her this way before.

“ka..ka..karissa” he stuttered
“mmm?” she asked

“you’re hvgging me” he said
“yeah I know” karissa replied as she pu-ll-ed away from the hvg staring at Sid.

“c’mon you should sit” karissa said and held his hands, walking along with him to the be-d and sat him down. She went to her dressing table and took off her towels as Sid shut his eyes closed.

” karissa!!..”he exclaimed

“What?” she asked as she turned to him and laughed

“why did you close your eyes?” she laughed

“you don’t expect me to leave it opened…do you?” he asked

“Off course yes, open up” she replied

“you really want me to see your nûd£?” he asked

“duh!, I’m not n-ked” karissa said

Sid slowly opened his eyes and shut them back.

“you’re in a [email protected] and a [email protected]!!” he exclaimed

“yeah can’t you look at me in a bikini??” she laughed

Sid realized arguing with her would be waste of time and opened his eyes beholding her perfect b©dy..damn S-xy as always

karissa dressed up and picked up the ice cream bucket, she walked to her little kitchen and brou-ght out two [email protected] bowls of ice cream. She went back to the be-d and opened the bucket.

“we should have this together”

“you think so?” he asked as she nodded her head

“I don’t think it’s a good idea” he said
“why??..” karissa asked as she scooped some into the bowls.

As soon as she was done, she kept the ice cream bucket on her side table.

They both had their Ice cream together happily talking and laughing.

“you have some on yourl-ips” karissa laughed at Sid

“really?” he laughed and tried l!çk!ng it but his ton-gue didn’t reach out to it.

“I’d just help you li-ck it” she said

“yeah thanks” Sid sighed…later he realized what he had said…

“wait what???” he asked as she held his shoulders and pinned him to the be-d, going over him.
Sid was speechless by her action and on t©p of that, she leaned forward to hisl-ips and li-cked it.


The pack members all gathered at the field, re-ady for training. Emmy was down in a leather Jean trou-sers, blue sleeves and a jean Jacket, her hairstyle is straight [email protected]!st length.

“Good morning dolph” she greeted

“Good morning pretty” he replied

“hi Emmy” Emilia greeted with a smile

“hiya!” Emmy replied

They all exchanged greetings with the pack members.
Emmy saw zane from afar, wra-pping his wrist in a cloth and walked to him.

“hey!..you Good?” she asked as he turned to see her

“Emmy?” he asked

“hi” she greeted with a smile

“Good morning” Zane greeted coldly

“you good?” she asked

“yeah, just tired to start a day with training” he said and laced his shoes. Zane raised his head to look at Emmy who was smiling at him.

” you know what you did was insane!” Emmy replied

“What if I may ask” Zane replied with a furrowed brow

“during dinner, you just left” she said

“oh, off course I couldn’t stand that” he replied and walked closer to Emmy

“are you really having a crush on that guy?” he asked

Emmy furrowed her brows at his question.

“Do you believe it??” she asked

” I don’t want to, you know how important you are to me, I can’t sit back and watch you fall for someone else” he replied

Emmy was stunned by his reply..
She blinked ra-pidly and smiled

“it’s not a crush, off course not” she laughed as Zane walked to her and hvgged her warmly.

“I don’t want to lose you to anyone” he whispered into her ear. She was speechless…unable to un-derstand what he meant all she did was to hvg him back.
” Let’s go to the field now” Emmy said as he nods his head

They both went to field, other pack members were gathered at the field then they heard Sid loud voice.

“Good morning everyone!!” he greeted

“Good morning Sid” they all greeted in unison

“We all know why we are gathered here, an upcoming fight as said by the priestess throu-gh Alpha Korey is about to happen. I have been instructed along with the s£nior pack members to train your guys..”
he paused at amount of people before him, the last time he checked the census data, they were 195 in number.

karissa noticed his facial expression and walked to him.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re just 203 in total” she smiled as Sid nods his head

” gathered here are total of 203 pack members of Twilight Pack, with one ALPHA korey, no matter the amount, we’ll all train in order to defeat our enemies…” Sid said with authority as they all shouted in reply

“Yes sir!”
Sid is actually feared the way they fear and respect Korey. He is known to be the closest to Korey since he attended the same elementary school with Korey even to college and have been best friends.

The training alre-ady started….
50 members went to each s£nior pack members…each handling 50..
Emilia just rounded up a fight with her opponent and won.
“Bexley, see them as human and break their bones” she said as Bexley nods

Emmy was in a fight with her opponent Kayla..She wasn’t concentrating at all and it was noticeable
Kayla stretched her hands to attack Emmy but Emmy was swift enough to hold her hands s£nding
her hands [email protected]
Kayla kept trying to attack Emmy but Emmy kept s£nding her hands [email protected] speedily then it dropped to her head.
“you’re very important to me, I don’t want to lose you to anyone” Zane voice echoed in her head as she shook her head vigorously.

*I don’t know why he is saying that, Zane and I have been best friends for years…What does he mean by that??*
*thinking of the hvg earlier…it was quite different from other hvgs we’ve shared bu___*
Emmy thoughts were interrupted as she heard her name loudly

“Emmy!!” karissa shouted along with Randolph and Emilia
Kayla stretched her hands to attack Emmy shoulders but she [email protected] her hands away ma-king Kayla use her claws on her shoulders.
” ahh!!…”Emmy winced in pain and looked at Kayla s£nding her Palm with f0rç£ to the wounded shoulder….Emmy fell to the ground in pain.

Zane, karissa, Randolph, Emilia rushed to Emmy to check her.

“What the fv¢k girl! you weren’t concentrating” karissa said

“you good?” Zane asked as he checked her shoulders

“oh…five lines” Emilia mouthed

“two points for Kayla” Sid shouted

“wanna go with the next fight?” Zane asked with worry in his tone

“yeah, the wound would heal” Emmy said and got on her feet and faced Kayla.

” I chose you cos I trained you so well myself…looks like you alre-ady know when to strike at your opponent”

“you said take advantage…you were lost, so I did…I’m sorry s-en-sei Emmy” Kayla said with a bow

“nice job”

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