Korey Episode 40

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chapter 40- Power of our Luna
She’s mystery

Jan puked into the wash sink and washed her face. Even if she’s pregnant, she doesn’t wanna think after what she just saw.
She immediately ran out of the bathroom and walked p the window.

Zane was speechless.. his jaw dropped as he blinked ra-pidly.
“haaahaa!” Tyrant laughed

“Emmy!!!!” they all heard Jan’s loud voice
“Luna” Tyrant sm-irked.

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Korey could see Jan leave the window..he was sure she was gonna come down
“no..no..jan..don’t” he repeated but surprisingly he saw her walking in the field. She began running throu-gh the crowds.
“its dangerous” korey heart could shout.

Jan made her way throu-gh as she ran to Emmy who was alre-ady bleeding profusely on the ground.
Lucas superspeed towards them and took emmy in his hands.
“emmy..emmy!” he called
She couldn’t breathe properly anymore.
“lu….lu…Lucas” she stuttered
“shhhh….save it, plea-se” he plea-sed in a teary tone
“Emmy plea-se don’t” Jan cried
“Luna..!” she managed to say
“I’m really sorry I couldn’t protect you” Lucas cried as she gave a weak smiled
“its my fault” Zane cried
“hey…Zane, its no one fault, she did it to save you” karissa said

Emilia was standing afar off…she knew what just happened… her twin sis was stabbe-d. She clenched her fist as she glared angrily at Tyrant, her claws were alre-ady piercing throu-gh her palms
“you’re hurting yourself” Randolph said lowly
“nothing would hurt more than losing my sister” she cried as angrily wiped her tears
“you can’t handle him” Dolph said to her
“I know…even if I can’t kill him, I’d deal with him” she gritted between her teeth as she superspeed towards him.

“Emilia!!!” korey shouted in unison with Jan

She could see those flying swords but dodged all, that’s one thing…Emilia is super talented when it comes to fights. She was just few inches two from him and caught a sword throwing it back to him but he used his powers and turned it to Sand. As soon as he raised his head up….he got a kick in the face from Emilia
“fv¢k you!!” she yelled as she s£nt another knee kick to his jaw and watched him stagger back. He wiped hisl-ips and looked up only to get another [email protected] kick from Lucas to his che-st
“isn’t it enough!” Lucas yelled at him
“must you hurt everyone I love!!” he yelled and a punch straight to his face. He was about to s£nd another punch but this time…Tyrant caught his hand.
“not anymore” he said to Lucas as Lucas sm-irked
“Boom!” he replied and got a kick from Zane behind.
Lucas stepped back as Tyrant staggered forward, he then s£nt his knee to his face as he went back up but got another kick from Zane behind.

“now who’s having fun?” Lucas asked as he raised his hand at him but this time Tyrant caught his hands and Zane hands.
“uh…uh” Zane mouthed as he threw them back…. and watched them fly.

“Emmy..plea-se” Sid pleaded
Sid gently pu-ll-ed out the sword as they all heard her loud cry 😭.
“ahhh!!!!!!” she cried in pain as a tear escaped Jan eyes
“Lucas…” emmy called
“He’s down” Sid replied
“Jan…I want to see my niece” Emmy cried
“emmy…be strong so you will” jan cried as Emmy nodded in tears then slowly shut her eyes closed
“emmy!!” karissa exclaimed
“is it possible for her to survive it?” jan asked

Korey alre-ady saw enough…Emmy just shut her eyes…he turned to Tyrant and laughed
“funny….?” he asked as he took steps closer to him
“is it!” korey asked as he lifted a sword from ground with his toes and caught it.
“I have the Wolf’s Bane___” tyrant trailed off
“and so fv¢king what?” korey interrupted

“we’ll take her in” Sid said as he lifted Emmy in his hands. Lucas could see them and ran to him
“can you heal her?” Zane asked worriedly
“I can’t…don’t know” he replied
“you’re a doctor… we can drive to tour hospital” Sid said
“she’d heal…it wasn’t a Wolf’s Bane.. but it’d take time and it’s gonna hurt her” Lucas said
“so we can take her in” karissa said
“yeah…lemme finish up” he said as he turned to Tyrant.

Emilia went with them along with Sid,karissa and Randolph.
“be careful” Dolph said to Lucas as he nods.

“none of you here can handle me” Tyrant boasted
“well…we’ll see about that” Zane replied as he walked to Alpha.
“almost all your men are dead…you’d be left Alone soonest” Lucas said

They then got surrounded by almost 45+ more….

Tyrant sm-irked at Luna which got korey pissed off
He then s£nt his powers to Korey as he avoided it Lucas s£nt his to him as he flin-ched back.
“I see!” he said as his eye balls then went all black…. more like a black smoke was all around his b©dy

Jan looked at them all…she knew it was time for her

“I’m….. gonna…end….you…all” Tyrant smiled as he made a hvge bolt in his hands
“And who said that?” Jan bu-tt in as she walked before korey and all with her head low
“jan…what are you doing down?” korey asked
“doing what I’m supposed to do” she replied
“funny enough…your alpha couldn’t handle me…is it you?” he asked as members laughed along with him
“who do you think I am?” Luna Jan asked as she lifted her head up.
Zane gulped down at what he saw

“she did it” Lucas [email protected] at her eye shade

“what….the power of the moon?” Tyrant said in bewilderment
“unbelievable…. that why I hate you twilight” he added as he made a bolt and s£nt it to Jan
“Jan!” korey shouted…. it was like she was on deaf ears.

She s£nt her palms straight as it st©pped were it was.
She smiled at tyrant…..”for hurting my parents” she said and turned around to face his people. She snapped her f!ngersas it divided into different sizes
“bye!” she whispered as it went straight to his people… going after those that was running away from it and hit everyone… before all of them..each one of them that got it in them went on fire.

“arrgh!!” they scre-med in pain
“so you wanted to set my husband on fire?” she laughed

Tyrant then stepped further with another bolt

“This is for Emmy!!” Jan card as she s£nt her hands to the ground. More like a spear but like a wood spiked out of the ground piercing both Tyrant’s feet and then pinning him to the ground
“arrgh!” he gro-an ed in pain as he looked at his feet and then back at Jan. The other twilight members handled his remainders.

“for hurting my family” she said as she clenched her fist and re-leased them s£nding her hands to him. It was like a purple bolt that went straight to his che-st.
He gro-an ed and then made a bolt to s£nd it to her but st©pped…he began muttering some words… all the trees began swaying to different direction… the breeze [email protected]£ heavy enough to call wind.

Darkness took over… Lucas began having goosebu-mps like never before.
Korey was just lost… he doesn’t know what to do .

He then s£nt His hands to Jan… she was supposed to fly back but didn’t.

Zane and Lucas turned to themselves and nodded their heads then superspeed to Tyrant.
Zane the a superman punch at him. Lucas picked a sword from the ground and s£nt it to his legs
“arrgh!” he yelled loudly
“For Emmy!” Lucas yelled and pinned his legs with the sword
Zane turned to leave…but then tyrant opened his palms as a small knife formed in his palms and s£nt it to Zane [email protected]!st
“fv¢k!!” Zane yelled as he pu-ll-ed it out immediately and s£nt it to his che-st.
“gosh!”Lucas [email protected] at the sight if Zane’s bleeding [email protected]!st

Sid could watch them from the window

Jan eyes went wi-de… it wasn’t all yet.. He repeated same and s£nt it to korey’s che-st.
“ahh!” jan exclaimed as she turned to korey who held the ti-p of it…pu-lling it out…he kept s£nding silvers to them but Lucas kept catching and throwing. Korey immediately pu-ll-ed it out his che-st
“oww!” Jan [email protected] as she covered his che-st with her palms.

“jan…you shouldn’t do this” korey said
“I’m to end him korey” she said
“I know…we can figure another way out…than to risk it” korey said
“risk what?” jan asked
“jan….don’t you know you’re pregnant?” he asked
“really….” she [email protected] as flin-ched back
“no….no….I’d do the test first…for now…I’m not” she said
“you’re really stubborn” he laughed
“how about your che-st?” she asked
“that bastard knows my weak point… it’s gonna heal” he replied as she turned back to him
“we’re gonna do something” she said as she stood up band faced tyrant.
He smiled as as he s£nt his bolts to Jan… this time it hut her.
“oh…no!!” Zane shouted
“ah!!” jan squealed like a kid as she fell backwards but it never hurt her
“is that all you’ve got?” she gro-an ed as she got back on her feet
“bae….no..no” korey shouted
“really??” tyrant asked before he could use his powers again.

Sid, Emilia, Randolph and all watched jan slam her palms together. It was more like a loud pitch of noise Tyrant heard so loud in his ears as he gro-an ed in pains.

Jan shut her eyes closed as she inhaled de-eply and was slowly lifted into the air. They were all shocked at what they were seeing. She joined her palms together again and rubbe-d them against each other.
She then s£nt them [email protected] as more of a bright light [email protected] out of her hands as she s£nt her palms to Tyrants che-st and heard him [email protected]

“For all you’ve done to my Family…. Twilight pack!” she yelled as she stretched it closer.
His gro-an s increased… his veins could be seen. he then fell to his knees as jan pushed further to her satisfaction. He opened his wi-de and tried to do something but unexpectedly… it was like a ti-ght rope wra-pped both his hands st©pping him.

Jan turned to KOREY and nodded at him.
She then st©pped and s£nt her hands to her right…they could all see a sword with flames form. Jan then threw it at korey as he caught it and immediately superspeed to Tyrant…”hey!” he called as he looked up like an empty bag
“from my bae to you” korey said as he s£nt it straight to his che-st and heard him yell in pain.

Korey immediately backed off as they watched tyrant burn…. Jan then turned to korey.. he looked up at her as she smiled. He could see those bright light throu-gh her arm with those three lines…her eyes were glowing brightly… every [email protected] of her was glowing.
“Luna!” Zane squealed as they looked around…..

Not a single member of tyrant was found on the ground living…. their pack made it.
“she’s pregnant!” korey exclaimed as he watched her fall.
“is she okay?” Zane asked
she never st©pped…
“okay…she’s unconscious again” korey exclaimed as he caught her in a bridal style..

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