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plea-se like before re-ading…


chapter6- suspicious activity

Emmy walked back to the mansion as Zane followed her behind, she st©pped and turned to face him coldly

“Zane?” she asked

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“yeah?” he replied

” are you following me?” she asked
he sighed and replied
“you’re wounded, lemme help you” he said
“no thanks, It’d heal” she replied trying to sound polite
“so where are you going?” he asked
“I think to my room…I need to change” she said

Her mind was still on what he said earlier…She doesn’t want to be so close to him. Not that she wants some time off with him but after Zane words earlier, she thinks he is alre-ady falling for her.
‘but he is my best friend’ she thought within herself

“okay then, I’d be waiting for you down here” he replied as she nodded her head and walked away

Emmy walked into her be-droom and closed the door behind her and sighed heavily. She walked to her standing mirror and looked at the injury on her shoulders
“thanks to you Zane” she muttered.

Emmy alre-ady changed to a blue sleeveless crop t©p and a pink sweater on her black leather trou-ser. She made sure her injury was covered then picked up some cash.
She was out of her room heading downstairs and met Emilia

“hey!..how’s your shoulder?” Emilia asked
“nothing to say, It’d heal yunno” Emmy smiled
“c’mon you and I knows it’s Kayla claws..I meant claws!…it’d heal but hurt and would take time to heal” Emilia said

Emmy didn’t say anything, she just stood watching her sister lecture her.

” besides..where are you going to?” she asked

” oh, I want to get my mind off something, I’m heading to a restaurant not too far from Here” Emmy replied

” something on your mind?” Emilia asked

“if I may ask…is it Zane?” she asked as Emmy sighs

“oh!” Emilia mouthed

“I don’t get his behavior this days” Emmy said

” yeah, I’ve been watching him, he acts all surprising lately” Emilia added

” wait!..he is your best friend so why is he acting this way?” Emilia asked

“is it possible for your best friend to fall for you?” Emmy asked

“I think that’s the case” Emilia nodded

“no..no..no” Emmy shook her head vigorously

” just forget Zane silly acts” Emilia said and sat on Emmy be-d

“so what’s up with this new guy?” she smiled

“What guy?” Emmy asked

” the guy you bu-mped into” Emilia replied

“oh!..I don’t even know his name” Emmy laughed

“really?” she asked wi-de eyed

“you don’t blame me do you??” Emmy asked

“why won’t I?” Emilia laughed

“to be sincere..You should try meeting that guy again and know his name” Emilia said
Emmy just nodded like a kid and smiled

“yeah I’ll try”

Emmy ended her discussion with Emilia and walked out along with Emilia

“you can take your time” Emilia win-ked as Emmy rolled her eyes

She went downstairs trying her best to avoid Zane. Hopefully she didn’t see him. She Emmy headed to the car parking lot and mounted on her bike. She put the key in the ignition and revived the engine driving out.

Lucas alre-ady dressed up and walked to the car parking lot also to get his car and then drove out of the building.
He had his Bluetooth earphones in his ears cos he was on a call with his personal @ssistant.

“you’ve got nothing much on your schedule for today” she said

“great!..I really need some rest” Lucas replied

“but….just few patients for consultation”

“oh….about how many?” he asked

“not more than 50 patients”

“What?” he exclaimed

“don’t worry sir, Dr Mattson is attending to some”

“oh!…that’s better” Lucas sighed

“I need to get something to eat…talk later” he said and ended the call.

Emmy alre-ady drove to Kim and Jim restaurant, a very fancy restaurant in the city to eat.

She parked her bike and walked in then took her seat

“table 4 plea-se!” she exclaimed


Emmy brou-ght out her phone and sighed
“they say Google is your best friend…lemme see” she muttered lowly and went online and typed;
“why do I feel my best friend is alre-ady developing feelings for me”

the result was out…

“is your best friend falling for you?…here are few signs that proves he is
1) He wants to be with you more than before
2) He begins to act like an overprotective b©yfri£nd
3) He compliments your outfit especially the s-xy ones; if he doesn’t then he still sees you as a friend and would advise you to cover up

She was about to re-ad the fourth one as Lucas sat down before her but she didn’t bother to check

“table 5 plea-se!” he exclaimed

A waitress walked to Emmy and handed to her the menu..

“I’d go for small chops” Emmy smiled
“with red wine” she added
“noted” the waitress replied

Lucas didn’t bother turning back but was sure he has heard that voice. He re-ad the menu and said
“macaroni cheese would do”

Emmy continued re-ading and then frowned at number 4

4) He might try k!ss!ngyou and when he does you should know

“fv¢k!” she cussed angrily and ban-ged her table as her hair fell over her face

Lucas turned back to see but only saw her head low, he was about looking away but st©pped…he saw clearly three bloody lines on her shoulders…looking fresh and recent.
He turned away to think

Emmy raised her head up and saw her food before her.
She began to eat angrily…
“k!sswho?” she thought within herself
“Google just spoilt my mood”

She couldn’t eat anymore…She brou-ght out some cash from her pockets and dropped it on the table

“just so annoying” she muttered lowly but Lucas could hear

“Arrrgh!..I can’t wait for this stupid thing to heal” she muttered lowly still Lucas heard it clearly

“Kayla…your claws are really Sharp” she muttered lowly and adjusted the hand ma-king sure it covered her shoulders and stood up to leave

“claws???” Lucas thought within himself and looked up at Emmy but couldn’t see the face

Emmy paid the bills and went outside, leaning on her bike and pu-ll-ed out a stick of cigarette…lighting it.

Lucas immediately went after her
“Sir your Bills?” a waitress shouted

“I didn’t eat anymore!” he exclaimed and ran out.

Hopefully he met the lady leaning on her bike and sighed

“don’t you know smoking outside someone store is rude?”

“plea-se leave me alone” she said coldly

“yeah yeah I will for sure, but wait…don’t you sound familiar?” he asked
her hair was all over her face ma-king it [email protected] for Lucas to recognize her but as soon as she ran her hands on her head he recognized the nails

“wait..not a dime?” he thought within himself

“do you smoke?” he asked

“I don’t honey, only when I’m confused and frustrated” she said

“oh!…the wound on your shoulder…you better treat it to avoid bacteria from getting in” he said as she laughed

“What are you ..a doctor?” she asked as she turned to face him

“you???” she exclaimed

“not a dime?” he exclaimed

“it’s really you” Lucas said shocked

“you’re stalking me right?” she asked

“no you are!” he yelled back

👑 ҡoяєʏ 👑

👸 нe’ѕ ѕтιll мy alpнa and ι aм нιѕ lυna 👑

📌 wrιттen вy: déra вrown📌

❌ ɖօ ռօt ċօքʏ օʀ ʀɛքօst աɨtɦօʊt ʍʏ քɛʀʍɨssɨօռ❌

cɧaptҽɾ 7- ɩ waŋt a cɷmpaŋʏ tɷɷ

“No you are!!” Lucas exclaimed at emmy as she cli-cked her ton-gue in annoyance
“what the fv¢k is wrong with you!!” Emmy asked almost half yelling
“nothing is wrong with me!…I think you are the one with problems here” Lucas fired back
“me??” she asked wi-de eyed and laughed
“you really are one of a kind, I wonder why I keep bu-mping into you” she said
“don’t call it ‘bu-mp’ missy it’s ‘stalk'” Lucas fired back
“fv¢k!!!! just leave me alone”

Lucas then saw her injury on her shoulder and said
“look at you, I’m sure you must be so clumsy that’s how and why you got such injury on your shoulder” he said pointing at it. Emmy immediately covered it up and replied
“chicken! I am not, besides I got it from a stupid training this morning”
“Training??” he asked

‘what!! arrgh!! why do I keep saying things am not supposed to say when I’m with you’ emmy muttered lowly but Lucas could hear clearly and furrowed his brows
“look here mister I___”she trailed off
“it’s Lucas stray cat” he interrupted her
“yeah yeah Lucas so….wait what?? stray cat!!??” she yelled and crushed the stick of cigarette in her hand
“yeah, and glad you did that, you should know smoking outside people store is rude” he said
“oh fv¢k that..I’m talking about stray cat” she replied
“finally… I know your name but for your information it’s Emmy not stray cat!” she shouted
“Alright ma’am” he said innocently
“ma’am??” she yelled
“ma’am is reffered to old ladies!” she said alre-ady frustrated
“look here, if you just wanna piss me off don’t try it or you’d regret it” she said trying to calm down
“oooook!” Lucas laughed with. cute smile that caught Emmy heart. Immediately she felt cold and relaxed

“so you better treat your wound so as to avoid bacteria from penetrating in” he replied sternly as she laughed
“oh!..first you were my lecturer, and now my Dr!” emmy laughed
“yeah take it that way” he nodded as she laughed so cute. Lucas could find himself smiling and wondered why he was. He shook his head.
“so you smoke at this age?” he asked
Emmy felt she has disappointed him. She never wanted him to see her this way…smoking..
‘what would he think?… that I’m a bit-ch?’ she thought within herself

“look…I don’t smoke as my thing, it’s only when I’m confused and frustrated I do” she sighed then he nods
“I get it, you are confused and frustrated” he replied as she stuck out her thumb
“Now if you may excuse me Dr Lucas, I have some business to handle at home..some other time” she said and mounted on her bike
“yeah yeah miss clumsy” he replied as she stucked out her middle f!ngersat him and drove off.
Lucas laughed happily..”what a nice way to start a morning🌞”

Korey was peacefully sleeping in his compfy be-d and room. He alre-ady called Sid earlier to come over to the company to meet him. so in less than few minutes Sid should be here.

The door went open as Sid walked in. But to his surprise he didn’t find anyone in the large office. He looked round, left and right but still no KOREY.
“didn’t that korey said I should meet him in his office?” he asked himself then it popped into his head💭
“oh yeah in this big office there is still a room” he said and walked to the door that led to korey not far from him.
And he was right..Sid was damb shocked to see korey sleeping with his shi-t opened, soft pillows around him and a cool music playing in the atmosphere
“Enjoyment!” he muttered a Lil bit loud
“really?, is that what you do?” Sid asked trying to wake him up with his voice and noise. Korey could hear Sid’s voice then he gently stood up from the be-d.
“really man?” korey asked
“yeah really… why are you here?” Sid asked
“meaning?” korey asked with a duh face
“you ordered us to train so badly and you are here sleeping like a new born baby?” Sid asked
“you know nothing about what happened last night that’s why you are over reacting” korey replied
“I know something or not is it too [email protected] to discuss?” Sid asked as he folded his arms. korey sighed and said
“last night was a match in hell on the be-d.” he started
“match in hell?, you should have informed the pack members” Sid said
“you guys can’t fix that, its actually between couples”
“oh you and janice?” Sid asked
“but we didn’t hear you guys argument like always” Sid laughed
“duh! this way silent, you should have seen the wah she kept throwing her legs on me last night, even when I threw them back she repeated it all over and over” Korey said as Sid cli-cked his ton-gue
“how shamefull, your wife kept throwing her legs on you on be-d and you are complaining???” Sid asked half yelling
“I’m even looking for who will throw their legs on me” he laughed
“that’s your problem not mine, Janice is your wife and you don’t wanna accept.. what do I do?” Sid asked as korey looked away
” she stayed up all night to have something discussed with you.. I bet you didn’t let her talk or hear her out” sid said expecting a reply but there was none
” look korey, I’d love to stay and talk with you but karissa needs me home and I don’t want her to be bored 😒” Sid said trying to get each words into korey’s head
“duh!” he mouthed
“yeah duh suit yourself” Sid replied and turned to leave
“really? you’re going?” korey asked
“what does it look like?” Sid laughed and left
“so now I just got early morning sermon” he muttered.

Korey thought about it for a while, yeah he could remember vividly when janice said she wanted a talk with him.
The one thing he was sure about was she needed a company for her business.

He sighed and picked up his phone dialing Mr James number.

in less than three minutes he answered
“Mr korey Wilson” he greeted
“yeah James good morning” korey replied
“good morning sir, I was about to call you about the second company development” he said happily
“yeah that’s why I called actually” korey replied
“so any [email protected]£s?” he asked
“we are done with the construction, painting and decoration, all it needs now is a name, employees and the company would be set on the hill” he replied
“Good, announce it on social media and everywhere for vacancies …I’m giving it out” KOREY said as James coughed in surprise
“sorry sir I didn’t hear you clearly, did you say you are giving it out?” he asked
” you heard me right” korey replied
“Oh name Sir?” James asked

“B.J wears”

At home🏡

janice is pres£ntly working on her [email protected]©p. she had been muttering words to herself since about her husband
“how can he be so selfish?” she asked and hissed
“instead of me to be in my comfy office like him am sitting in my be-droom designing wears!” she said as she heard a knock on the door
“oh come in” she said as Emilia walked in
“hi you must be busy” she said
“oh not that much though, at brings you here?” she asked
“emmy isn’t home yet?” she asked
“yeah….” Emilia replied
“its evening alre-ady, why is she still out?” Emmy asked and stood up as she walked out of the room with Emilia.
Zane was also downstairs with this worried face.
“didn’t____” Emilia trailed off as the door went open revea-ling emmy.

“Emmy!!” Zane called and ran to her to hvg her
“where have you been girl?” Emilia asked as Emmy smiled at her. Emilia could un-derstand that smile.
Emmy then pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and said to Zane
“I’m not a kid, j just spent time outside eating and drinking” she replied
“good now you’ll explain to me” emilia squealed and pu-ll-ed emmy hands
“hi luna” emmy greeted as Janice smiled in return
“You left me thinking” janice replied
“I’m sorry” emmy replied
“it’s okay” Jan said as the door went opened revea-ling KOREY
“oh here you are” Sid said as he walks down the stairs

“you met him today didn’t you?” Emilia squealed silently but Zane could hear

“welcome brother!” Emmy greeted ignoring Emilia question
” hey sis” he replied and had eye contact with Jan but immediately looked away
Jan then made Her way to her room
“and again!” karissa whispered
“welcome Alpha” they greeted

Korey was alre-ady upstairs and went to his room,Jan was still.on her [email protected]©p
“welcome” she greeted
“yeah thanks” he muttered

Janice waited for him to bath and as soon as he was done bathing and wearing his pyjamas she spoke up

“uhm… I know you’d not want to listen but its really bothering me” she started

“what?” he asked with a 😫 expression

“I need a….” she trailed off
“company?” he asked
“yeah!” she replied lowly

korey then stood up and walked to her dropping a business card on the table before her.
“Everything is settled just resume when you want to but do t delay, you’d have people to cross check, I s£nt some of my employees to be your employees so you won’t stay back delayed… you have new workers” he said as she went throu-gh it

it was a business card with the name “B.J wears on and its logo.
janice [email protected]£ overjoyed and jumped on korey pu-lling him into a ti-ght hvg
“thanks a lot!” she squealed happily and pe-cked his cheek

minutes later she realized she just hvgged and pe-cked korey

“Oh my God….”she [email protected]
“I’m so sorry” she said and pu-ll-ed away.. her cheeks were alre-ady heated up
“I just couldn’t hold my joy thanks alot korey l” she said trying not to squeal and she didn’t.

“i..I…I..umm..I kept something on fire, I’d be back soon” She stuttered and left the room [email protected]

Korey still didn’t move an inch
“fire?” he asked and gro-an ed
“ahh!! now I’d need to wash again” he went back to change his clothes and thought oғ bathing again but st©pped as he looked at his cheeks
The memories of her softl-ips on his cheeks flashed back as he shook his head with a disgusted expression
“no..Janice got nothing” he said and washed his face вυт as soon as he got to his cheeks he was smiling ☺


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