Korey episode 9 & 10

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💎 He’s still my alpha and I am his Luna💎 chapter 9- LORD TYRANT

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“Arrgh…!!” Janice exclaimed as the floating pen crumbles to pieces.
Emmy [email protected] at what she saw…she hurriedly ran to Janice worriedly.
“Jan..Jan.” she called repeatedly as Jan then blinked her eyes ra-pidly turning to emmy.
“eh?” she asked
“are you okay?” Emmy asked
“uh..yeah” Janice replied
“then what made you s¢r-am like that?” she asked as Jan frowned
“is it not this human being that kept saying trash about my company, calling it all $h!t” Jan explained
“what??” emmy exclaimed
“you can take a look” Jan said gesturing emmy to her computer but surprisingly she couldn’t find the person comment there any longer.
“what..?” Janice [email protected] and reloaded the page but same.
“it was right here”she said pointing at the screen.
“this can’t be happening” Jan muttered and reloaded the page again but same.

“Jan…” Emmy whispered lowly as Jan turns to her
“you should calm down” she said
“of course I can’t emmy, you should see it yourself, no profile pic just blank and no name, i can’t even search” Jan explained but emmy just sighed
“you know its your first time here, probably you were hallucinating..” she said trying to convince Jan but Jan refused
“this is not my first time, I’ve controlled and done my work properly without hallucinating.. you don’t seem to un-derstand me” Jan said
“believe me, I do, and want you to chill” emmy replied
“here, I brou-ght you come coffee, I know you won’t ask for some because…yunno, you’re workaholic” Emmy laughed as Jan smiled a Lil bit collecting her cup of coffee
“Thanks” Jan said
“no problem, if you need anything feel free to call me” emmy said and left.
Jan gently sipped from her cup and heard a beep sound from her computer.
*New message*
‘huh…from who??’ she thought within herself and checked.
She frowned immediately, getting the text from that same person she then placed her f!ngerson her keyboard to reply and texted back.
“look…I don’t know who you are but you are messing with the wrong girl” she texted back and stood up from her seat.

Meanwhile…… Emmy was in her office thinking of what happened earlier. She was sure she wasn’t hallucinating. She saw the pen break into pieces before her with the aid of no one. But how can that be…
She remembered Janice expression which was damn mad, and now couldn’t find the person that said such about her company.
“arrgh” she gro-an ed.
Too many thoughts running throu-gh her head
“if this happens next time I’d go to the priestess” she thought within herself and sighed.

Somewhere hidden👣👣👣

“Sir…!” the young servant called and ran to his master
“what’s the problem” his master asked
“I was informed that someone somewhere as received the power of the moon” he said shakily
“What.. ?!”
“Who..?” his master asked expecting a quic-k reply
“that’s what I don’t know sir” he said which just got his master
“why would you come here to make a complaint when you don’t know yet” he asked angrily
“I’m sorry sir, the witch Is alre-ady walking on it” he said
“good, I’d be expecting a positive reply today” his master said sternly
“yes sir” he said and Bowed as he left
“how can this be happening…..First Korey Wilson of twilight pack got the silver crown, and now someone somewhere has received the power of the moon..?” he asked himself
“Never…I am Lord Tyrant, I will never let this happen.”

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Evening [email protected]£ so quic-k, Janice alre-ady left the company for the day. She got into her car along with Emmy re-ady to go home.
“I’d love to visit my brother but you know he’s one hell of a being ” emmy laughed
“yeah…glad you know, he alre-ady warned me to never visit his company” Jan laughed
“urrgh..the day he changes I’d be f0rç£d to give testimony” emmy replied.

So quic-kly… They arrived at the mansion.
“Ooohh..welcome home” Emilia shouted
“you can say that again” emmy smiled as she made her way to her room.
“So how did your first day go today?” Sid asked Luna as she sighed
“well.. pretty good” she said as she remembered what happened earlier
Emmy st©pped to turn back to Jan and saw her with a sad face.
she sighed and went to her room

“what happened Jan..?” Sid asked
“uh..its nothing you should bother about” she said with an @ssuring smile as she made her way upstairs to freshen up.

Emilia alre-ady had her bath before Jan so she made her way downstairs to talk with Sid about what happened earlier at the company.

“so you wanna talk about something..?” he asked
“yeah..you know I’ve been thinking lately and I don’t know if it’s possible” she started as he sat her down.

She then explained everything that happened at the company today.
“wait… I…I..I don’t get you” Sid said baffled
“you mean someone said all those about Jan?” he asked
“and the pen..?” he asked
“yeah . .to [email protected] for you to believe right?” she asked as he chuckled
“c’mon don’t think too much about it, probably…. you guys were hallucinating” he laughed
“Sid…!!” she exclaimed
“yeah…I mean it’s way to unbelievable” he added
“that’s what I said but Jan refuses to accept”

Up stairs……

Jan made her way out of her bathroom with her towel around her che-st. She swinged her hair back with a sigh and made her way to her dressing table.
In few minutes charla should bring her cup of coffee.
Just as she was about to lean to her table she heard a faint voice whisper into her ears
she turned back to check if someone was in the room with her but no
She shook her head and tried again but same
This time around her head began ban-ging her. She placed her palms ti-ghtly on her head gro-an ing in pain.
“what do you want from me!!” she whispered lowly
“you… your husband.. all” the faint voice said
“look I don’t know who you are but I’ve got nothing to give you” she said as the pain increased
“Arrgh!!” she gro-an ed as she stumbled back
“look at you… so precious but can’t do anything” the voice laughed
“you have no idea of how important and powerful you are so what else do I expect” it laughed
” st©p playing with my mind” Jan gro-an ed angrily
“what are you gonna do sweetheart..!” it said faintly
“you can’t do anything just give me what I….” it trails off as Jan interrupted with a loud s¢r-am

“GET OUT OF MT HEAD!!!” She s¢r-amed and threw her hands [email protected] towards Korey flower vase.

It went into the air according to her hand direction and shattered to pieces.
Charla froze at loud sound of breaking [email protected]

Sid and emmy looked at theirselves shocked to hear Jan s¢r-am loudly
Not so long karissa ran out
“Wasn’t that Luna’s voice??’ she asked

As expected the wh0l£ pack members ran out and made their way hurriedly to her room
As soon as they got there they were surprised to see charla trying to wake the unconscious Jan on the floor
chapter10- I don’t care

They were all surprised to see the unconscious Jan on the floor.
Emmy immediately ran to her pu-lling her out of charla arms.
“Charla what happened in here?” Sid asked as he ran to Jan
“I..I..I..don’t know anything sir, I only heard her s¢r-am” she stuttered shakily
“s¢r-am..I heard that too” Zane said
Emmy didn’t waste time, she lifted Jan to the be-d with the help of Sid.
“Should we just take her to the hospital?” karissa asked
“I…I..don’t know, its all surprising” Emilia stuttered
“This has never happened before..” Randolph whispered

They were all scared at what to do next.
“Should we just wait for the Alpha to come back?” karissa asked
“That doesn’t makes s-en-se…not like he’d do anything” emmy said as she gently rubbe-d Jan’s hands

“Jan plea-se” she softly whispered

Somewhere hiddenmaster

“Sir..the witch alre-ady found her” the servant said to his Master as he placed a grin on his face

“I knew she would” he said with a grin then turned to his servant

“and who was that…?” he asked

“Bentley Janice..Luna of twilight pack” he said as his master eyes went wi-de open in anger

“WHAT..? TWILIGHT PACK AGAIN??” he exclaimed angrily
“what is wrong with those people….” he gro-an ed angrily
“they wanna have it all…??” he laughed
“you shouldn’t bother yourself too much master..the witch is alre-ady trying to manipulate her minds and am sure she’d handle her well”
“I don’t just want her to die…I need the power of the moon, that’s the only power that can kill me and at the same time kill that so-called Alpha KOREY” he gro-an ed
“Sir…why you worried, you’d be there when she dies and with your powers take what rightly belongs to you” he said
“you don’t get my point Kendrick” he said
“I don’t want to wait so long, when she finds out she has that power, she’d know why it was given to her, korey would know and believe I’m alive, he thinks I’m dead alre-ady….I want it done so quic-kly, if possible end those around her…her closest in that pack”
” it should be a sign of warning to them” he said with an evil sm-irk

Korey pu-ll-ed his car to a halt as he parked his car at the garage.
He got into the house and to his surprise everywhere was quiet.
just then a maid ran downstairs shakily, she looked so scared that she couldn’t even notice korey pres£nce until another maid [email protected]£ out of the kitchen and saw him
“Ah!!..Welcome Alpha” she said as the other turned
“Good evening sir” she greeted as he just nodded and went upstairs

“charla what’s the problem?” the maid asked as korey could hear
“its the Luna…. she…she..she [email protected]” she said as KOREY wye went opened and turned back
Charla was seriously weeping in fear
“I don’t want her to die Nancy” she cried as Nancy pu-ll-ed her to hvg

Korey turned back and made his way to his room. To his surprise almost all the pack member were in his room.
“And what are you all doing here..?'” he asked as they turned back to welcome him
“it’s Jan she [email protected]” Sid said as korey just looked at him with a duh face.
“so that’s why all of you gathered yourself in my room?” he asked kinda pissed off
“Korey is that what matters now?” Emilia asked
“what ever you guys are doing you can take her out of her and do it” he said and made his way to the bathroom
“I wonder why you are my brother?” emmy asked
“thank goodness his not my blood brother” Emilia added
Korey just rolled his eyes at what she said just as he was about to take a step further.. he slighted his vase broken on the floor
“What happened her??” he exclaimed as they turned to look at what made him shout

Nob©dy answered him…if he cares more about his flower vase he is stupid.
He took one more glance at it the went in to bath.

“Jan…Jan…Jan..” she slowly heard whispers of her name.
At that moment the wh0l£ pack members turned away glaring at korey throu-gh the bathroom door except Emmy, she had her eyes fixed on Janice and just then Jan eyes went opened but another shade of what it use to be.
Emmy [email protected] at surprise getting the others attention.
They turned to look at Jan but…..her eyes shade went back to its normal color.
“Jan…!” Sid called as be sat her up
“you good.. ?” karissa asked
“how you feeling now?” Randolph asked…this all asked various questions but she answered none

Emmy then looked at her and spoke up
“I missed you” she said and pu-ll-ed Jan to a hvg.
Seconds later they pu-ll-ed away
“so can some one tell me what happened here?” she asked
“you don’t remember anything?” Karissa asked as Jan nodded
“never mind just eat and have a good sleep” Sid said as he brou-ght her dinner to her
one by one they left except Emmy who still had one last glance at her…
“Emmy..?” Sid called as she went to him.

Janice was still eating then remembered what happened earlier. She immediately turned her head to korey flower vase as her spoon fell off her hands
“did I do that..?” she asked herself

She kept glaring at it..the more she focused the more it seemed like it was zooming in her eyes.
The memories of what happened flash back to her head in a slow no
“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!” She s¢r-amed
Just then she felt a heavy headache and placed her palms on her head [email protected]

Korey then [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and saw her.
“here you are…eating after you broke my flower vase..?” he asked half yelling as she then turned to look at him, glaring at him

He was surprised to see her give him that look…
“What..?” he asked
She didn’t say anything but look away as she stood up from her be-d with her food in her hand.
She walked to the couch and placed it on a side stool beside it then went into the bathroom

Korey was all surprised by her movement, she was creeping him out.

Jan went into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror
“what’s happening to me?” she thought within herself
“everything is happening to you” she heard that faint voice say as she then turned back, no one was with her she was sure she was hearing voices.
She inhaled and exhaled as she shook her heads

Nancy then [email protected]£ in to clear the mess and immediately left avoiding Korey.

Emmy was sitted In her room thinking as Sid entered
“still thinking?” he asked
“Jan is not okay…” she said
“she overworked herself that’s why” Sid said
“Sid..try to un-derstand me…after what I told you that happened today you still don’t believe me?” she asked as he sighs.
Just then karissa walked into Emmy’s room
“something is strange here, u hope am not the only one feeling it” she said
“really.. what?” Sid asked
“before Jan [email protected] out…. she s¢r-amed ‘get out of my head’ ” karissa started as Sid and emmy looked at themselves then looked away
“don’t tell me you guys didn’t hear it” she said
“of course I did, and have been thinking” Emmy replied
“OK..lemme get this straight…are you saying something is going on with jan?” Sid asked
“find out yourself” Emmy replied.

Sid then headed to korey’s room and saw Jan asleep
“when did she fall asleep?” he asked
“seconds ago” korey replied still pissed off
“korey..you should let that go… I think something strange is happening to Jan” he whispered
“and what should i do?” he asked
“c’mon she’s your wife what if sth bad happens to her?” he asked
“dude…I’m not in that mood, whatever happens is not my problem, she asked for a company… I gave her and she [email protected] out..how” he trailed of
“do you think that’s why??” Sid interrupted
“Korey… someone is messing with her mind” he said
Korey looked at him for a while then looked away
“how funny” he laughed
“really…?” Sid asked
“yeah..she had the guts to push down my flower vase and you are saying someone is messing with her mind..?” he asked

Sid then paused to examine korey room
“you always left the flower vase hanging on the wall close to your closet…” he said
“yeah…you know how hvge it is, that’s why I made sure it balanced on that wood over there” korey said

“and Jan was standing close to her be-d…” he said and faced the be-d

‘The distance from the be-d to KOREY closet is really far how did she..’
“she didn’t walk to it and pushed it away…” Sid said
“I don’t get you” korey said with a confused face
“are you saying it fell on it’s own?” he asked and laughed

“no…I…I..don’t un-derstand” Sid stuttered

“That’s it…Emmy told me sometimes ago that Jan is a weapon” he said as korey eyes went opened
“she..she did?” he stuttered

“yeah..and I remember you saying something about only weapon” he said

“could it be…no I’ll go see the priestess” Sid said
“Good night” he added and left

Emmy dressed up for a night cruise. She got her keys and got down the stairs heading to the car park.

“going somewhere..?” Emilia house
“yeah wanna go clear my mind” she said
“don’t stay too long..!” Emilia exclaimed as Emmy left the house.

She mounted on her bike and drove out of the mansion

25mins later…
She was having her 7th sh0t of vodka.

She had been drinking for the past 10 minutes non st©p but didn’t felt drun!k, she then had her last sh0t which was the 10th and paid the bar man as she walked out of the bar.

“crazy world..crazy things are happening” she muttered drun!kly and kept staggering on the road

Meanwhile… Lucas was about to go into a grocery store but st©pped as he heard some voice mutter to themselves

“look at that lady there isn’t she cute?” a guy asked
“do you really need to ask me that?” the other replied

He then turned back and could see about four or five of them around emmy but couldn’t recognize her

“what we gonna do to the poor lady?” a guy asked

“we’ll feast on her taking rounds” another replied as they laughed

Lucas could see them with his good night vision clearly pu-ll Emmy to the other Side of the road filled with trees

“ugh..let me go!” emmy gro-an ed dizzily

Lucas didn’t waste time he followed them behind

They got into the woods and then a guy tried to t©uçh her bu-tts which he did
“what you doing?” she asked
“what does it look like..?” another asked
Emmy tried to get herself but couldn’t clearly
She could see herself surrounded by guys..looking filthy

one tried to t©uçhed her but she [email protected] his hands away
“hey..!” he called
another tried but same…this time she managed pushing and throwing punches at them
one of them then encircled his hands around her [email protected]!st but she s£nt her elbow to his face and heard him gro-an

“jeez man..she’s so so strong” he complained
“get your hands off me!” she s¢r-amed as she was pushed to the ground

She never wanted to fight in her werewolf form but seemed like she was f0rç£d to
she immediately s£nt her claws to his face and heard him wince in pain

She got back on her feet and tried to stumble away but got hit from the back
“Arrgh .!” she gro-an ed and turned back to strike that person but instead saw a stick coming to her face then used her hands to cover her face ma-king her get scratched on the back of her hands an a little on her face.
“gotcha!” a guy said and pushed her to the floor trying to rip out her dress
They suddenly surrounded her all trying to rip out her cloth as she kept struggling in her human form.
It felt useless…
just as she heard the sound of her blouse r!pp£doff she s¢r-amed. .

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