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KpaKpa Grammar School batch 5




Episode 13

Oyin stood transfixed unable to move, he stared at the students open-mouthed. Ordinarily Theo will never asked such question before the leaked video, he realized he has been trapped in their ambit of manipulation.

Caleb got up from his desk and everyone turned to him as he cleared his throat loudly.

Caleb: sir, this one you dey look like aturu, you graduate well as chemistry teacher? why you no go know the chemical composition of spe*rm, but you can aaahhh assshhh! SSS2 girl.

Everyone started laughing, Oyin face colored up and he got hold of his books and left the cane he came with on the table, he knows he will never dare use it again or he will kiss his life bye bye. Which institution in their right senses will employ po*rnstar in Nigeria.

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Theo: sir, you never answer me oh! [screaming on top of his voice] why the ion dey oxidize pikin [everyone starts laughing]

Oyin felt humiliated and useless, he walked fast as if he was chased by something that wants to take his life. He stopped running off from an unknown shadow, he lowered his eyes diverting it from the sun to someone’s face. That he recognized and he saw Mmesoma with school uniform, he was startled.

Oyin: you!? [he points at her accusingly with his finger]

Mmesoma: [chewing gum noisily] sir sir, how far na, I missed the way you fu*ck me that day, when we go play returning match na?

Oyin glared her menacingly, he wish he could punch her face and send her to everlasting coma, all remains a wish anyways. He stormed out of her presence angrily.

Mmesoma: [brings condo*m from her pocket and throws at him] na Kiss I dey like use oh for re-match [she starts giggling like witch]

Mr. Mark came out of his office and looked searching around, he curbed the time on his wrist watch. Wondering what was taking Lucy so much time to just get a bottle water from the school compound, he made a resolution to go in search of her. But went against it when he saw her running very fast to him.

Lucy: [breathing heavily] sir… Si…r sorry, she didn’t have cold one that is the problem.

Mr. Mark: go to your class and ask them to submit my assignment, any one who refused to submit should prepare his buttocks for cane redemption.

Lucy: alright, sir [she hurries away]

Mr. Mark gulped the bottle water and made a face, he thought the water to have taste. He shrugged, probably because his throat needed water desperately, he got to his chair and relaxed.

Kept the half bottle water on the table and relaxed, suddenly he started sweating. He was shocked, so he hurriedly start fanning himself, his di*ck started twitching in his brief.
Great se*x urge washed all over him, he looked confuse, his di*ck rose like pole inside his brief. Forming an obvious bulge in his trouser.

Mr. Mark: what is happening? [he mumbles confusingly]

His reason was lopsided and couldn’t get anything straight, all he craved for was se*x. He hurriedly loose his belt and brought out his fully ere*ct d*ick oozing pre-cu*m. He didn’t even care to close his door, he started jer*king himself fast to c*um, the more he does it… the more his release was far from coming.
He didn’t notice when Lucy entered.

Lucy: sir, what are you doing? [she startles him]

Mr. Mark: [he gets up from the chair with his hard di*ck swinging right and left] help me Lucy, even though is just the tip.

Lucy: I don’t like what I hate, sir biko wear your boxer, you are disgracing yourself oh!

Mr. Mark: [uses his finger to measure] even though na only the tip abeg…

Lucy: [exclaims] oh! you sabi speak pidgin, see you better wear your trouser because am going back to the class.

She went ahead and dropped the books she was hugging on the table, and wanted to leave.
He grabbed her forcefully on her waist and pulled her to himself squeezing her delicious melons.

Mr. Mark: why you dey act like virgin? I know say you dey enjoy this kind thing *sweating profusely]

Lucy: I go shout rape oh! leave me hand, you don old to be my papa oh!

This students ehnn… It is well.

Episode 14

Mr. Mark used the other of his hand and covered her mouth, he kicked the door and it slammed shut. He didn’t look to the window, he would have seen that he was been videoed all along.

Lucy: [muffling] ummh… leave me alone.

Me: I go do fast fast.

He raised her skirt up with the other hand, he had trapped her to himself. He got hold of her pant and dragged to her kneel, Lucy bite his finger.

Mr. Mark: aaahh! [he screams in pains]

He quickly removed his hand and pushed her to the table, she hit her body on the edge of the table.

Lucy: aaahh!

He quickly pounced on her, carried her and place on the table. he quickly removed one of her leg from the pant and her pant was held by the other leg dangling mid-air.

Lucy: noo!! I will shout oh!! leave me hand [she starts waving her hands to fight him off]

He grabbed her two legs and shifted her to the edge of the wooden table, placed both legs on his shoulder, she wiggled on the table to get away. But he trapped her with his both hands holding her waist tightly.

He took one of his hand off her waist and penetrated her pu-ssy with two fingers.

Lucy: assshhh! stop na! [she start moa-ning slowly, her eyes cloud white]

Mr. Mark: [holds her nape and fingers her faster] ho-rny little slu-t.

Lucy: aaahhh! ahhh! is sweet me… stop… [she grabs the edge of the table strongly]

He aligned his hard throbbing co-ck to her now we-t hole and penetrated inside inch by inch, until his long curvy 8inches di-ck was buried deep inside her honey-pot.

Mr. Mark: you are such a little slu-t with a big we-t hole, ooohh! [he lets out an animalistic mo-an]

Lucy: sir stop na… [he starts pounding her very fast, her other leg hanging in mid-air with her pant dangling left and right] aaasshhh! ooohhh! faster!!

Mr. Mark: aaahhh! ahhh! [he starts unbuttoning her clothe, he pulled the buttons and it holes apart. her pink bra comes to his view] shit! sweet bo-obs.

He pushed out the two bre*asts from it cups and mumbled to himself, as he had the firm rounded flesh to his view.
her thick perky ni-pples stood gingerly for him to feast on.

Mr. Mark: [bends and starts fondling and su-cking her ni-pples] ummhh… awwwnnn… [making animalistic sounds]

Aisha was teaching English in SSS2, she stood before the quiet sitted student.

Aisha: now… we should have master synonyms and antonyms … can I have your questions?

Ben: [raises his hand quickly, she gives him a nod to go ahead] ummhh! umh! aunty oh! w€tin be the opposite for big yansh? [everybody starts chuckling]

Aisha: [frowns] excuse me, I can’t tell you that.

Jerry: [raises his hand and stands up to ask his question] corper big bumbum, w€tin be the opposite of big amu… I mean amu ucheba [demonstrating with his hand]

Aisha: [the class goes crazy with laughter] I won’t answer such stupid question.

Juliet: [raises her hand up and Aisha exhales, finally a girl is asking a question] aunty w€tin be fu-ck? I mean define fu-ck and give me the opposite of fu-ck.

Aisha: [snarls] even you, Juliet!

Gabriella: [gets up] since aunty dey pretend say she never fu-ck before, my help am define fu-ck. Uncle please na!

Class: eehnnn!!

Gabriella: don’t touch my bre-asts na.

Class: ehnn [choruses]

Gabriella: my mama will beat me…

Class: [choruses] ehnnn!

Gabriella: is sweeting me, harder.

Class: [choruses] ehnn…

Gabriella: faster!

Class: ehhnnn [choruses]

Gabriella: aahhh! oohh! am there…

Class: ehnnn [choruses]

Gabriella: aahhh! I have cu-m.

Class: ehnnn… [everyone starts laughing]

There is God.

Episode 15

Mr. Mark removed his attention from her bre*asts, held her by the waist and pulled her down from the table, he turned her over. Her a*ss facing him, he pressed her head to the table.

Mr. Mark: [raises her skirt up and spits on his palm] am gonna fu*ck you so ha*rd that you will not be able to walk home [spanks her a*ss and it vibrates in his palm]

Lucy: [moa*ns aloud] aahhh! yes!! treat me like you se*x doll.

Mr. Mark: [spreads her ass cheeks and penetrates his long big di*ck slowly slowly in her now dripping pu*ssy] assshhh! [he lets out animalistic groans when his full length is deep inside her]

Lucy: aaahhh! [grabs the table] fu*ck me har*d!

Mr. Mark: [press her head to the table] aahh! ahhh! ahhh!!! [starts pounding her fast and hard]

Lucy: stop! ahh! stop!! faster!! ahhh!!!! [moa*ning and pushing her a*ss back]

Mr. Mark: you have such a sweet pu*ssy, ossshhh! [spanks her ass]

Lucy: [starts shaking and screaming] aahhh! yeeessss!!! am cvmmmminnnng, sirrrr!!! [her o—-m wash over her, as she shakes hysterically lying on the table]

Mr. Mark: [waits till her o—-m is over] you gonna swallow my cu*m, bit*ch!! [he holds her by her hair and rams in from behind] aaahhhh! Aahh! [pounding her with reckless abondon]

Lucy: assshhh! cvmm… for me baby!! I wanna have your warm cu*m in my mouth [screaming with pleasure tears falling from her eyes]

Mr. Mark: yes! aaasshhh! am close [pulls her by her shoulder and starts jer*king on her face] aaahh! ahhh!!

Lucy: awwwnnn! pour in my mouth [messaging his balls]

Mr. Mark: [he starts spurting his cu*m in her mouth] aahhh! oooossshh!!

The door was opened by Theo and Gabriel tagging along was Philip. The three of them were clapping their hands.

Theo: sir! sir!! you for talk say you get talent to act po*rn na.

Philip: [laughing] I swear, the man dy bang like say em no go see fu*ck again.

Mr. Mark hurried went on his kneels and started begging, Lucy began to cry and got up.

Lucy: I go tell my mother, you raped me.

Mr. Mark: but we both enjoyed it.

Gabriel: you still dey talk, you no go fine am money make she seal mouth.

Mr. Mark quickly scampered for his trouser and took three thousand naira from his pocket and gave to her.

Mr. Mark: please, don’t tell anyone… I love my job.

Lucy: [smiles and takes the money] me too [she leaves]

Theo: you love your job na you dey knack your student, bah?

Mr. Mark: na devil oh! [crying and begging seriously]

Aisha was irritated by the dubious acts of the students, to her the kids she is teaching are incorrigible, another hand was lifted up. A boy putting on a glass, at last a nerd.
she urged him to ask by a nod.

Daniel: aunty! nobody be small pikin here, teach us stress or syllabus, or something else… which one be opposite of condom and doggystyle everyday.

Class: [everyone giggles] tell am oh!

Aisha: all of you are sick! you better copy this note am writing on the chalkboard, or you all will fail my exams.

Kennedy: [shouts] aunty! I wan piss oh!

Aisha ignored him and turned to the chalkboard and continued writing with the chalk on her left hand, Kennedy got out of his desk and strolled dragging his feet to distract Aisha but she completely ignored him.

Kennedy: [spanks Aisha bumbum] aunty! this your bumbum na man destruction oh! [he runs out of the class]

Class: [everyone starts laughing as Aisha runs after him] hahahahas!


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