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KpaKpa Grammar School batch 7



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Episode 19

Mr. Biggy looked at Moyosore and shook his head wondering what kind of off-topic question was that, he rubbed his chin a habit that earned him a nickname Chin Li.

Mr. Biggy: [frowns] shey your papa na teacher, go and ask him why all Nigeria leaders are above sixty years [laughter roars in the class]

He dropped the half-used chalk on the floor and went for his book on the table and walked away, some students followed him asking him some questions while the others went out of control in making noise.

Pretty the only Geography teacher in the school was taking SSS1 on Map reading while they all listened carefully, she stopped teaching and demanded for a question.

Ben raised his hand up immediately.

Ben: this map reading fit make person make money even without going to university?

Mrs. Pretty: somehow… Hope say you nodey plan to stop education after WAEC [every starts laughing]

George: [raises his hand after Ben takes his sits] aunty, as GPS dey everywhere… w€tin be the need of the map reading skills and map making?

Mrs. Pretty: no be everywhere get server na, what of your village forest. GPS get the map [everyone giggles] no more question?

Jeff: [raises his hand up and she permits him] aunty help us define di*ck?

Mrs. Pretty: [chuckles nervously] I no be your biology teacher na, when em come, you ask.

Class: aunty, please…. na… aunty please naa… [everyone choruses]

Mrs. Pretty: okay oh, before ona go swallow me [all of them laughs] pleasure pipe!

Class: ehnnnn….

Mrs. Pretty: sperm bank.

Class: ehnn…

Mrs. Pretty: ahhh oohh transmitter.

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Class: ehnnn…

Mrs. Pretty: nine Months sender.

Class: eehhhnnnnnnn! [exclaims in exaggeration]

Mrs. Pretty: unwanted pregnancy.

Class: ehnnnn….

Mrs. Pretty: early marriage, las las hunger kill you and the boy.

Class: eyaaa! [everyone starts laughing]

Mrs. Pretty left the classroom with the class prefect, who went after her with carbon papers in his hands. She asked them to work on map reading as assignment before that day.

It was break time, Abigail stormed out of the class angrily. She was utterly devastated with the kind of school her father registered her. She went under a mango tree and sat, her friend Anita walked towards her smiling.
Joe sighted her.

Joe: small waist, flat yansh… No current for your body.

Anita: big head [she ignores him and walks to Abigail] Abby, w€tin happen I been dey search for you everywhere?

Abigail: which kind school be this? all they know is se-x education, them nofit ask better question for once.

Anita: na that one they bother you, they are all brainless brains. This school get plenty genius.

Abigail: [starts laughing] genius kwa! genius ke!! Students wey nofit speak correct English.

Anita: [shakes his head] you think say anybody in this school depend on w€tin the teacher dey teach for class? them dey take am as revision, this school is very competitive… Immediately school close, we don start lesson for that primary school close to the village, where different students go explain every topic in our text book wella…. We nodey sleep for night, make their mumulity no deceive oh!

Abigail: you dey serious?

Anita: dey there until you carry last for class. Start to dey read like never before, your score for test no too good oh!

Abigail: I dey score ten over twenty.

Anita: [brings out a paper from her pocket and gives to her] see for yourself.

Abigail: [hands starts shaking] how manage?

Mmesoma walked to Oyin who was standing beside the pillar of SSS2 classroom smiling broadly.

Mmesoma: sir… Sir..

Oyin: [glares at her] get Chinonso and Theo, three of you should meet me in the staffroom.

Mmesoma: you go settle me for the message oh!

Oyin: [frowns] what do you mean?

Mmesoma: with wire wire… [walks closer] you still need explanation?

Oyin: [steps back] you are sick! you need medical check-up. Not wire wire or so ever [he hisses and walks away]

Mmesoma: handsome guy, las las I go chop you clean mouth.

Aisha took the both flaccid di*cks in her both palms and stroked them slowly, the two guys were quiet enjoying the feel of her soft palm jerking them.

Anike: abeg give us mouth action, we don tire for soapy abeg.

Episode 20

Back to were Anita and Abigail are under the mango tree, Abigail stared at Anita script once again.. Wondering if she has not given the teacher se*x to have such score.

Abigail: how you take score eighteen over twenty for this difficult mathematics test? [eyes her suspiciously]

Anita: no reason go that side, here… we nodey bribe teacher to score us, if you do… you will be dealt with by the students.

Abigail: babe, na the first time you speak English oh.

Anita: w€tin you mean say I no sabi speak good English?

Abigail: no na, come teach me maths na.

Anita: make we go library, na only there them nodey make noise.

Both of them got up from under the mango tree and walked away, as they were going two boys ran to them and spanked their buttocks and ran away.

Abigail: ona dey mad oh! who gave birth to these idiots?

Anita: [chuckling] iffa give ona two yansh, ona go fit fu*ck? [the two of them have gone before she says it]

Abigail: [eyes her] na w€tin you suppose talk, those mumu children just abuse our yansh.

Anita: I know na, you will get use to it. naso them dey do na, we girls also do same and run away, is a game in this school.

Abigail: I hate such rubbish oh, make them no try am with me.. I go cut their hands.

Anita: aunty slaughter, we aff heard you oh.

The both of them walked to the school library talking and laughing.

Oyin sat impatiently alone in the staffroom stomping his feet on the marbled floor, the staff room have experienced some re-structuring when the school won a prize for the Village in State level, the community were very pleased with the teachers so they did a thoroughly renovation to the building living by it past glory. Theo and Mmesoma entered the staffroom, with Chinonso whistling behind them.

Oyin: Sp!

Theo: sir.

Oyin: three of us will be going out for debate tomorrow, please am depending on three of you not to put me to shame.

Chinonso: [shrugs] na w€tin ona come me here for? we don pass this level na, I think say na governor cup.

Oyin: [chuckles] when we win this level, we go enter governor cup.

Theo: count on us, we no go fall your di*ck. w€tin be the topic.

Oyin: mixed school and none mixed school, which of them is better? we are arguing for mixed school.

Mmesoma: no problem sir, we go prepare for am.

Chinonso: no wam na, make tomorrow reach first. I wan bounce, Theo we get talk.

Theo: sir, we fit go?

Oyin: you all can go [Theo and Nonso leaves but Mmesoma stays] what do the problem?

Mmesoma: [she raises her skirt up] the problem is covered with my pa-nt.

Back to the laboratory were Aisha and the two students are, they have pulled down their boxer and school trouser to their kneels.

Steven: [Aisha twirls her tongue on his di*ck cap] aaahhh! [he mo*ans]

Anike: su-ck my own too.

Anike has the smaller di-ck in length, what his di-ck failed to make up in length. Made it up in weight, it was thick and short. Short and mighty, while Steven’s own is long but slim.

Anike: [Aisha takes his di-ck in her mouth and starts su-cking while jer-king Steven] aaahhh! ooohh!! [he mo-ans and starts rubbing her]

Steven: I dey cvmmmmmmmmmmm aaahh aahh! [he starts releasing breathing heavily]

Anike: w€tin happen? you never fu-ck before?

Steven: yes, if no be this school I for never even know w€tin be fu-ck sef, aunty thank you. [smiling foolishly]


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