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Kane started hurrying with the wedding plans, if Olivia officially becomes his wife it will be hærd for her not to forgive him if the truth finally surface, and maybe then he will find the gut to tell her the real truth which he has not being able to say or better still he will allow the past to remain where it belong. He doesn’t have to tell her anything for peace sake.
He hurried the people printing the wedding cards to perfect their work on time, he has gotten his wedding attire, everything he will need and also for his best man too.
Olivia who was back to school to finalise her project defence was speaking with him one afternoon and Kane said he has already gotten his wedding things and the cards has been printed waiting for distribution, everything was almost ready from his side, it remains only hers.
“Kane…slow down…you seem to be running at a speed of recent, I thought we are suppose to chose the type of wedding card we want to do, we have not concluded on the colour yet, and me and you suppose to do it together when I return back from school… before even taking it for printing…I’m surprise to hear you say is already printed…you did not send the colour or pattern for me to see again…
“is beautiful Olivia and I know you will love it when you see it…I will take a picture of it and send it for you to see what it looks like…I can’t wait to make you my wife…I have patiently waited for so long already…we could have being married before now if not that you said you wanted to concentrate with school and finish up before marriage and I waited…but no more waiting because is finally going to happen…everything from my side is almost ready…when you return you will go and try some wedding gowns and see which will fits…if you send me the type you really like I would have gone and get it myself…so that when you come you wouldn’t have to stress yourself over doing all that…honey should I check out some wedding gown shop online for you?
“haa Kane…slow down…stop being in a hurry…I’m not going anywhere…I’m all yours…I have always being…wedding is only to make it official…you are running at a speed…I told you I will be coming next week, so relax…next week is not far from now…when I come back I will go and check out wedding gowns and also things for Emerald, I will also like to check the bridal stuffs…and my best lady too…focus on your own…I will do mine, please don’t share all the card yet…I have a lot of people I want to give personally…so just chill until I get back…alright…I love you…byeee.
Kane has settled Wilson after the long misunderstanding, they were cool pals again.
Wilson set up his business and refurnished his house. He visited Kane one day and they sat in,side to drink and talk.
Olivia who was suppose to come back the following week, decided to come home on time to plan well with Kane so he doesn’t rush up with the wh0le wedding plan in her absence and end up making a mistake, she wanted to foresee things as it goes.
Olivia did not tell Kane that she was coming back, she has planned to surprise him, she first stopped at her place, checked on her daughter before driving down again to Kane’s house.
She parked her car outside the gate and quietly went in,side, as the security opened open the gate and greeted her warmly, she smile at him, he asked her why she parked outside, she told him she want to surprise Kane and the man started laughing as he thanked God for his boss and madam, who’s love affair was made in heaven.
Olivia sneaked into the house, she knows every corner of the house and how to move without being seeing or heard.
She followed through the back door and came in quietly, she saw that Kane was with Wilson as they drink and laugh, they were both looking drunk.
Olivia wanted to come out and shout “surprise” but decided to wait a little more.
Kane will be so happy to have her home and together they will sit and plan well before Kane will rush up with plans and make a mistake in her absence.
She listen to Wilson and Kane talk and laugh as old friends, she also giggle within herself as she imagined Kane’s reaction when he eiy see’s her, he will be so surprised .
Wilson spoke after gulping down a drink in a glass cup and poured another for himself…
“I have being so busy setting up my business, thank you man…the money you gave me was all I have being asking for to start up myself…is not really a big thing, you have this money yet saw it as a big deal to help long time paddy…you should be happy to help me out after spending years in prison, prison life has always have a negative effect on people who made it out of there…those who can’t stand the shame and how to start all over again take their own life but that is not in my case…I just wanted a little support and you saw it as a big deal…helping me is not even anything compared to what I did for you, you would have being a dead man today if Olivia’s father has shot you that night as you went on digging into his daughter… that’s really pathetic…I can’t imagine, he almost took hold of that gun and blow off your brain until I intervened, I saved you and still went ahead to suffer in prison while your parents send you abroad to enjoy…guy…you have not tasted what suffering is like…you have never suffered, I will tutor you on that…so helping me to stand back on my feet suppose to be your own way of thanking me for everything I did for you…but that aside…I’m happy that you reasoned like a man and think it through…I can still hear those your punches as they sound in my ear drum, you beat me real hærd because I wasn’t well prepared…it was unexpected…but Kaka…you are wicked o…punching without mercy….what if I die that morning…you woke me up from sleep that morning…rushed all the way down to finish me up all because I mentioned Kaka to Olivia…that means if I had said more than that you would have truly killed me without guilt…chai…Kaka my man…I survived that night that tiger and the rest of the gang member died, I survived being beaten to death by those mob and police men, I survived the prison life and when I thought I was free from all of this…my friend decided to come and punch me to death…ahhh…I had a terrible headache for days…remember I told you about it…it was so serious…but I survived again because I was born to always survive…anyway my business is kicking up real fast and all thanks to you for finally compensating me, I have being so busy trying to set it up and I have not being able to ask you this few days how the wedding preparation is going, you promise to open up to Olivia that day…do you succeed in doing that…
“well, I’m happy for you, setting up something for yourself is really good…and you cursed all the beating…you should have never sit to talk with her in my absence because you know how I will feel about that and even if you talk, you needed to be careful not to mention anything implicating, I have being able to protect myself and cover up my mess all this years, you can’t come and blow it all off over night…I have invested so much on Olivia trying to make up for the past and all she lost and I was good with that…she see’s me as Mr perfect and I want it to remain so even after getting married….and the preparation for my wedding is going on fine…I have printed the cards and even started distributing some of it, gotten my suit and other necessary things…Olivia will be here next week to get her own stuffs, I’m just waiting for her to return so that we can proceed to the alter, Wilson…about telling her my past story…I can’t tell her…how do I even start…where do I even start such confession, will I come to her and then say…”honey, please forgive me…I was the gun man that raped you and cursed your parents death…and I escaped all punishment because my parents are wealthy, I met you again unknowing at first but later found out that you were the same slender girl back then and I was happy to know that you had a daughter who is my biological child…I tried to cover up my mess all this years…but I do love you and please forgive me…let the past remain in the past…will such confession work…how do I even tell her such…I tried to say it but it hanged in my truth…I couldn’t Wilson, so I decided to wave it off, get married to her and live as one family, she doesn’t really have to know…is better she doesn’t know, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her, I mess up big time in the past, I’m not proud of what I did but it has turn out to be a blessing to me in disguise and to her also, me having her and also my daughter and she getting her dream come true, dream of finishing school, and owning a big supermarket, I can’t bring her parents back to life and I can’t undo what has being done but will try and make it right so that she will not have any reason to doubt or worry about anything… so whatever happened should be kept in the past….i will always try to cover up my tracks and in that way we will all be fine…I want to quickly get married to her now that she is done with school so that she will not be able to leave even if she finds out who I am in the future of which I know she won’t but that will be if you will also keep your mouth shut and try to get use to calling me Kane…practice it continuously so that you won’t call me Kaka again to her hearing…me and Olivia are meant to be together and even the past can not separate that fact…whatever happe…..
Olivia’s leg was shaking, she couldn’t stand anymore, she staggered severally as she ran out of the gate into her car and zoomed off.
The happy security was surprise to see Olivia ran off with speed, he thought within him “maybe my boss did not like the surprise and got her angry and she left…or she planned to surprise my boss and got her own surprise too which made her to leave so soon, maybe she is coming back again, she probably want to go and bring her daughter or something else, my boss and madam has never had a quarrel to my hearing…so it can’t be trouble but why do madam left in such a hurry and I can tell that she was crying or maybe I was mistaken…but whatever it is, I am preparing myself for their wedding day, there will be enough eating and drinking that day…
After sometime Kane walk Wilson who was going back to his place as darkness settled everywhere. As they got to the gate, the security man happily asked Kane.
“Sorry to ask you sir…do you see madam…she was here before…
Kane looked at the security as if he was insane.
“Which madam are you talking about? Kane asked the security in a funny way.
“I mean our madam, the only madam here…Madam Olivia…I thought you saw her when she….
“…Are you on a cheap drink…madam is in school and will be coming back next week, you must be seeing double…I wonder what you are talking about…stop babbling and open the gate…
Kane said in a funny way as him and Wilson started laughing, they ignored the security man who was acting confused.
The security man wondered if madam has become a ghost that his boss could not see her when she came in and went out in a hurry.
Kane later went back in,side and ignored the confuse security man who doesn’t seem to know what he was saying.
he went in,side to call Olivia, but her line was off, he left a message that he was missing her and can’t wait to have her all to himself.

To be continued

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