Lasting Memory



Olivia was at the airport when she got a call from Kate, asking her to stop at the hospital, Olivia quickly drove down to the hospital on her way back from the airport.
She met Doctor Kate
“You sounded urgent…what is the problem…Doctor Kate…what is going on?
“Is Doctor Mark, he told me what happened between two of you and he got a hærd punch for it which almost blinded his left eye, I mean not real mind but it almost damaged his sclera…the white part of the eyes…is all blood shot now and he has to go home until he is well enough to resume…that was too hærd Olivia…I am not justifying his action I have portioned his blames to him already, but hitting him on the eye…one of the most sensitive part of his body…it would have being better if you punch his manh-od than blurring his vision…Mark is a nice and hærdworking man, he probably blew things out of proportion when he came over…he thought that was the best way to win you over…he regrets it but yet he is left with pain in his eyes…Olivia, I’m not going to tell you who to love or not to love…you are matured enough to know what you really want…and all this will all be over soon after you leave the country…I guess by then Mark will learn to let go and channel his energy to another lady…I feel sorry for him, he almost broke down when he was speaking to me and I was frozen…I know he loves you but I never knew it was all that serious I’m certain he will be fine…time heals faster…I sincerely apologise on his behalf for everything he did and said. I kindly request you send a message to him…just explain yourself better and tell him that you did not meant to blow his eyes out…I know he has being a good friend over the years and you are one of those who he deeply cares for. Mark will suspend anything just to respond to you…don’t bridge such good relationsh¡p that has grown over the years…all because of a little misunderstanding…alright…send a little message and explain yourself better in a good manner and apologise for throwing such punch at him which wasn’t deliberate but make him feel at peace with his conscience so that he can also move on and never to trouble you again…
“I can’t send him a message Doctor Kate…he caused it by not taking my words serious and even forcing a k-ss at me… well, you always have a way of making me feel guilty for my actions…but with the years of knowing Mark I think I owe him an apology…Mark has truly being helpful and I really do want to leave everything aside and pay him a visit…I want to see him…not just sending a message…I will drive down to his place right away…before heading home…I’m sorry for hurting him…let me also go and tell him that to his face…
Doctor Kate asked her not to stress her self by driving down, she asked Olivia to send the message which will go a long way…”Mark will feel better with the message”.
But Olivia smiled and told Doctor Kate that she will go down to see Mark.
Olivia drove down to see Mark, the day you was almost turning dark when she got there, she thought of Emerald who was at home with the household workers. She will probably be asleep before she returns.
Olivia tapped on Mark’s door and his housekeeper was the one that answered the door
“Good evening Ma…welcome… please come in,side..
“Thank you…please, is Doctor Mark home…?
The houses keeper told Olivia that he has being in his room all day, Olivia went in,side and asked the older lady to go and inform him on her presence but as the woman was going Olivia asked her to stop, she will rather go and meet him in the room and the woman who has served Mark for years and also knows Olivia agreed and went back to her chores while Olivia went to see Mark in his room.
She double tapped on the door, Mark who thought it was his house keeper replied
“Ms Agnes…i asked you to leave the food on the dining, I will come out when I’m ready to eat…what is it again?
Olivia walked in and saw two different types of eye drop beside Mark’s bed, his room was so neat and everything was all in place, Mark house was always in order all thanks to Agnes and that is why Mark has not being able to change her over the years because she has always served well and Mark has always been nice to her and her family whom he treats whenever any illness arises.
Mark’s eyes was shot as he lay down facing up in a white t shirt and a long track trouser which looks like a pyjamas.
Olivia haven’t really seen him on a casual before, he was always officially dressed, and seeing him looking so simple and calm reduced the tense in her heart as she sat beside him and gently touched his arms which prompt Mark to open his eyes in shock, he thought he was dreaming when he saw Olivia right in his room, one of his eyes was truly blood shot and looks swollen, Olivia never knew that he punched him that hærd and felt pity for him.
Mark stared at her with a straight face without a word, he called out to his house keeper
“Ms Agnes…Ms Agnes…please come here…Why didn’t you come to inform me that I have a visitor…I could have leave my room to come out…I’m only having an eye ach not a leg ach…
Olivia spoke on the woman’s defence and Ms Agnes apologise before walking out.
“I wanted to see you and I did not want you to stress yourself by coming out but we can go to the parlour if you are not comfortable with my presence.
Mark sat up from the bed, he sat properly still wearing on a long and confused look, he later spoke out
“you coming down here is…is surprising, it has being a very long time before you even met Kane…when Ema was still far little, you visited, then another time was with Helen…is being years…and I’m so shock right now to see you and I’m still wondering if this is all a dream, Olivia in my house, right in my room, sitting calmly with me without throwing words or punch at me…I’m shock… and why did you drive all the way down to see me, is there any problem…or complication somewhere that you needs me to attend to, I haven’t being to the hospital since yesterday because of my eye…despite I’m not working but I will attend to you…
“I thought you are mad at me for what happened…I spoke with Doctor Kate and she told me how the blow affected you, she said next time I should punch your manh-od instead of your eyes…
Mark started laughing and Olivia joined in, they became quiet again, Olivia broke the silent.
“I’m sorry Mark, I didn’t meant to…
Mark interrupted her.
“I should be the one apologising, I am sorry… I shouldn’t have…go about the way I did…that was uncalled for…and I got what I deserve…I do not blame you one bit…I blame myself for talking and acting out of line…forcing someone to love you is totally a wrong package…and I was very wrong…I’m sorry for reminding you of your terrible past…I don’t suppose to speak freely of that or to even drag Kane into it…knowing well he has being a great guy and always there for you and Emerald…his only bondage was his bad past and everyone got a past Olivia…we all do, some are so bad while some are just normal…I have no right to compare and contrast my life with his…we all are running different race in life…mine must not be the same with his…I’m sorry for forcing the k-ss…I just wanted to get Kane jealous and that was too childish of me and still out of line…I was already acting like a crazy man who need to be admitted in a psychiatric home…hahahaha…I’m sorry Olivia…I thought you won’t forgive me for what I did…i was having serious pain on the eye but it can’t be compare to the pain of guilt I felt as I wonder how I will ever face you again…I thought I have ruined years of friendsh¡p by becoming a pest all of a sudden…
Olivia took his hand into hers and held it warmly, she gently moved close to him and placed her head on his chest. Mark was scared at first to hold her but later did and they remained that way.
Kane was at Olivia’s house the moment Emerald called him and told him about knowing he was her father, she mentioned that she also want to say good bye to him ahead of time before she and her mum leaves the country.
On hearing that Kane was furious and drove down to Olivia’s place, he sat with Emerald outside and listen to her tell him about getting all her things ready for the travel and how she will miss him.
Kane almost broke down as he realized that Olivia planned to travel out without even informing him.
“…Olivia wanted to travel with my daughter secretly and never mentioned it to me…is that how much she hates me, how can she plan to do such a wicked thing to me…no…no I need to see her, is high time for her to chose if to kill me or to let me live in peace…she has to stop punishing me this way…so is either she finish me up from where she stopped…Olivia has to kill me first before she will be able to leave the country with my daughter…I need to see her wherever she maybe…time is going…why…Olivia why…why do you want to kill me just because of my past…leaving the country secretly…oh my God…this is just too much…
Kane left Emerald seated as he pace round the compound with his walking stick. he tightens his fist as different thought crosses his mind, what if he takes Emerald to his house and let Olivia come over so that he can tell her exactly how wicked she has being all of a sudden, Kane thought of different thing and wave it off. As evening approach Olivia was still not back.
Kane waited until the evening was turning into night and yet Olivia was not back. Kane called her severally but she ignored his call and did not pick up, Kane thought of who to call again, he remembered Doctor Mark and shakes his head, Olivia made it clear the other day that him and Mark were pestering her life. which means Mark was only trying to force himself into Olivia’s heart but Olivia has not accepted yet.
Kane thought of Doctor Kate, he does not have her contacts. Doctor Kate will have answers to where Olivia maybe.
Kane asked Emerald to go in,side that he was coming back soon and Emerald who was also worried that her mom has not returned since morning went in,side obediently, she knows she was in trouble for telling Mr Kane about their travel, her mother will be so angry, who knows what she will do to her.
Emerald went in,side and crawled up in her bed as she silently pray that her mom will not kill her for telling Mr Kane about going abroad. The cook called her for dinner but she told her politely that she was not hungry. Emerald want her parents to comeback as they use to be. she hopes her mum will reconsider and become more friendly with Mr Kane who happens to be her father.
Her Mom was harsh on everybody, even Doctor Mark also shared out of the harshness, Emerald saw her mom punch Doctor Mark for trying to k-ss her and shout at her father for coming around more often.
Emerald continue to wish her mom will reconsider either Mr Kane or Mark, even if she has to be with Doctor Mark but she should be friendly with her Mr Kane and stop being too harsh to everyone.
Kane drove down to the hospital and was lucky to see Kate who was about leaving for the day, she was already in her car when Kane walked up to her with his walking stick.
After exchanging pleasantries Kane asked Doctor Kate if she has heard of Olivia and Kate told him that she and Olivia were together earlier.
“if she is not home, she probably stop to check on Doctor Mark, who has not being feeling too well…I guess she is already on her way back home…the night is already approaching and Olivia doesn’t like’ staying out late…so she should be home soon…hope there is no problem Mr Kane…or is there a problem…?
Kane couldn’t start explaining how he felt to doctor Kate who may also be aware of Olivia leaving the country soon.
Kane shakes his head and asked doctor Kate to give him Mark’s house address. Kate did not want to do so at first but as Kane pleaded just to be sure that Olivia wasn’t there before he start going home.
At the end Kate gave him the address and Kane drove off to Mark’s house.
he hopes that Olivia has left Mark’s place as doctor Kate said but when he finally got there he saw Olivia’s car parked outside.
He punched hærd on his steering as different things crossed his mind.
He swallowed hærd not knowing if he should go in,side or turn and drive back home.
He stayed there and later stepped down and walked into Mark’s gate as the security opened the gate and he went in after asking if Doctor Mark was home.
Kane knocked on the door and a round, older woman answered the door.
“Good evening…please I’m looking for Doctor Mark…is he in…
Ms Agnes looked at the tall man with a walking stick looking so troubled and ushered him in.
“Doctor Mark has a visitor, he is in his room and I don’t want to disturb them…. please, you will have to sit here and wait for him to come out…
Kane’s stomach made a sound as he hærd that Mark was in his room with a visitor whom he already knows was Olivia.
he wish he can rush up there into Mark’s room.
maybe is better not to see anything and go home. “Mark has succeeded in getting Olivia to himself.
“what a bastard, he was trying to force himself on Olivia now he has succeeded….God…what do I do now…this is not fair…why do I have to be the one left out on this…why do I have to suffer so much….oh no…hmmm…Olivia has moved on with Mark…they are in the room doing whatever I can’t imagine…maybe I need to just leave…no…I will stay here and let them know how I feel…Olivia needs to answer me why she planned to take my daughter abroad without informing me…I need to give Olivia and Doctor Mark a piece of my mind.
Kane held his head in his hands as the anger and pain surged through him, every second that goes by was as if it was strangling him. He kept wishing Olivia will just come out, He felt like a looser.
He was in love with Olivia, he has never stopped loving her no matter how he tried to or how she pushes him away.
he can’t seem to move on as she wants him to.
Kane kept watching the time as it ticks, he breathed heavily with every passing second.
He started counting time before he will barge into Doctor Marks’s room.
Once the housekeeper is out of sight he will sneak up there to Mark’s room.

To be continued

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