Lasting Memory


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Olivia paid up all the necessary fee for her daughter, she has being saving up for this day and was glad that Emerald was starting school, beginners class where she will learn nursery rhymes and numbers and two to three letter words and Emerald will get to meet other children and associate with them.
Helen bought school bag, lunch box and a pack of long socks for Emerald who was so excited to start school and couldn’t wait for the day to break so that she can carry her lovely pink lunch box which contains her food flask and water bottle, her school bag has a princess Barbie on it and she slept that night hanging it on her back, it was after she was deeply asleep that Olivia removed the school bag from her and put it aside
The little girl was so happy as she and her mother matched to school the following morning, some other kids were crying but she was so excited especial having a new fine school stuffs from her mommy and from Aunt Helen.
Olivia smiled back home, she opened her kiosk and set up her wares, she wrote down the things running out of stock, she will buy more goods with the remaining money with her and stock up her kiosk because now that Emerald has started school she will have to make sure that she pays up her school fees whenever the time is due.
She smiled within herself as she went about her daily routine she will go back later in the day to go and pick her daughter from school.
Olivia opened her kiosk and sighed as she displayed her wares, she really need to restock quick. Now that Emerald has started school she will also get ready for the school fees and whatever fee that needs to be paid, her expenses will go higher than before which was well expected.
She will go to the market tomorrow after dropping Emerald in school and buy more things to add the her goods, she will do all she can to make sure that her daughter never lacks anything.
Helen stop by the next day as Olivia was leaving for the market, Olivia was surprise to see her that early morning.
“Helen, what happen you did not go to work today…hope everything is alright…what of mumsy…?
“mum is fine, I told you that i was made the supervisor at work, so I have a day off to rest within the week which starts today while my colleague takes over…we are only two supervisors there now. The work load is becoming too much it comes with my new post as the supervisor but I can always scale through because the salary mouth watery and Francis has being so encouraging too. I just made breakfast for mum and ran out so that I can join you this morning and take Ema to school, Francis traveled you know he I always on the road whenever duty calls, I miss him anytime he is away…that is by the way, Ema…my baby is now a big girl, she goes to school…. But babe, see the way you just panic…must there always be a bad news…don’t always have negative thoughts is not a good thing…I am beginning to talk like doctor Kate…where’s Ema…
“I have taking her to school already…I’m on my way out to the market…my shop is looking so dry and scanty so I need to restock…thank you Helen for getting Emerald school stuffs, she is so excited and even slept with her new school bag…I told you and is so funny anytime i think of it…
“You shouldn’t be thanking me…Ema is part of my responsibility too, we will both join hands and train her into a proud, fearless and beautiful lady. Not the scared little mouse my mother made out of me while growing up and i couldn’t do anything when I was taking advantage off…let me follow you to the market since today is my free day…after today it will be till weekend again before I will be free to come around…
“if you go with me we will waste time… talking non stop…so stay back…open the Kiosk and sell everything before I return, there is not enough recharge card, I will call my supplier to bring some…when he comes please pay him with this money…and sell everything before I return, don’t steal my wafer biscuits…I know you like wafers…you are allowed to eat only one…anything more than that will be stealing…
They both laugh as Olivia left for the market and Helen opened the kiosk and displayed wares just as Olivia does, she swept the shop and when the recharge card man came on his bike, she paid him with the money Olivia gave her.
Helen sold things for students going to school that morning, she also sold other things since she knows almost all the prices
A fine car stop in front of the kiosk and Helen rushed out to answer the man who seem speechless at first
He was a fine man who smells of wealth, and with a closer look Helen saw that he had a scar on his cheek which wasn’t too obvious, he smiled at Helen after she greeted him cheerfully.
“Sir what do you want to buy…
“uhhh…mmm..oh…do…you…have card…recharge card….
Helen quickly answered asking him which type and how much he wanted, he bought all the card of one particular network and paid double for it, Helen was grateful but the man did not drive off instead he relaxed back while trying to load his phone with the card. Helen waited hoping he will buy another thing
Kane was surprise to see another person in the kiosk, he has expected to see the same lady with a little daughter, the lady who’s smile and beauty has kept him sleepless for days, he drove down here just to see her but was surprise to meet another cheerful slim lady, who even after selling the cards to him still stood with an attractive smile waiting just in case he decides to buy another thing. Even the card he bought he has no need of it at the moment because he bought enough from his bank last night.
But it feels good to buy from this kiosk and see those happy smiles. It was more because of the beautiful lady he met the last time who made him to drive all the way down all in preteens of checking out the old house.
Kane couldn’t hold back the question that was almost choking him so he voiced out
“I met a lady here the last time…with a little girl…was she helping you out or you are helping her out…are you related to her…please…what’s your name…
“Helen, and Olivia is my friend…I’m helping her out…she is not around at the moment…
“ooohkay…Helen, hope you don’t mind if I ask you this….is your friend married…I saw her with a baby girl…is that her daughter….but couldn’t get to ask her…can you tell me more about her…
“She is not married…and yes, the baby girl is her daughter…and this is her little shop…her small beginning which we pray will birth something bigger in the future, I’m only helping her because she is not around at the moment, Olivia is a kind loving soul and she is also so friendly so you can ask her any other question whenever you see her…I can’t say more than this to you sir…
“I deeply appreciate all you have said already, Helen. thank you and I will definitely come around next time and with time get to know all about her…pardon me for not introducing myself earlier…my name is Kane…thank you ones again….
Kane drove off and Helen waved happily as she watch him drive away.
When Olivia came back Helen was so eager to tell her about Kane
“…he said his name was Kane, he drives a silver highlander jeep…he did not come down from the car but I can tell that he is a tall man, he will pass for a bouncer in a club but he look too posh…and he is a fine man who smells off wealth…he asked about you, he was so interested in getting to know you, he wanted to know if you are married, if Ema was your daughter and I told him few things but nothing deep, I told him to ask you himself whenever he comes around next time and he promise to do that….he bought enough recharge card and paid double..
“Oh wait…I know who you are talking about…he was here some days ago and also bought card from me after which he gave me extra cash…I was shock at his generosity…at first I didn’t want to collect the money from a common stranger but he insisted and me…deep down I know I needed that money so I took it…I was even looking out for him to say my thanks again…there was something about him…I can’t place it…he looks at me and sent chill down my spin…
“oooh ooh…you are already liking him…see the way you talk about him….babe…this is good….you are finally having interest in a man…different men has being coming to you but you never pick interest in them, doctor Mark tried all he could but you never opened the door of your heart to him, good looking and rich hot bachelors are always fighting over you but you shut them all off and scare them all away, my case is different because Francis is everything I want in a man, he loves me and I’m sure of that now and I don’t intend to leave him again, he has being there for me and I really do want to end up with him just as he also want but my dear friend Olivia is stuck and no man has succeeded in conquering her world but I think that will be changing soon…. see the way you talk about Kane…he must have charmed you with his loving charm…he seem so nice and friendly too…
They talked, laugh while going around arranging the things Olivia brought back from the market, and she later left Helen to pick Emerald from school.
Kane came another day and met Olivia, he stepped down from his car with three bags in hand filled with different gifts for Olivia and Emerald, he gave them to a surprised Olivia who thanked him, Olivia saw that he was indeed tall and a well body built, Helen was right, Kane can pass for a bouncer in a club with his stature, and with a closer look she could see that he has a little scar on one side of his cheek.
Kane comes around more often bringing different things to Olivia and gradually Olivia began to like him and looked forward to his visit which was becoming often and on
Kane will always come down from his car and sit with Olivia outside her Kiosk which was well restocked by now, they will sit, talk and laugh.
Kane told her of what he planned to do with the old building his father gave him. He told Olivia almost everything about himself but he tried as much as possible to skip his deadly bitter past which he hates to remember.
Kane took Olivia out one weekend, while Helen watched Emerald in the kiosk.
He drove her around, from the movies to the mall, when he finally came to drop her off he decided to ask Olivia about Emerald’s father which he has always wanted to ask but was waiting for Olivia to bring it up but she never did. Olivia never say anything deep about herself just the normal usual things which he already know
Kane was deeply in love with Olivia and Olivia was beginning to love him gradually but never opens up.
“Emerald’s father must have being a foolish man to have abandoned you, which man in his right mind will leave a precious jewel like you…I guess he left you for another woman or you left him for some personal reasons… he is so senseless not to have loved, cared and protects you and Emerald like you both deserve…is fine if you don’t want to talk about him…I can see even raising his topic brings sadness to your face…I’m so sorry Olivia…I don’t want you to be sad…but that man is so cursed…he is not man enough…I’m sorry but I feel this anger in me for such men who does not know what they want and can’t take up responsibilities of their actions and that seem to be the kind of man who will abandoned you when he should be by your side every second, loving and supporting you through life. He hurt you… I know Olivia, I can feel that he hurt you, such a man does not deserve to be in your life, maybe God pushed him out for my good…all I want to do is to make you forget about how sorrow feels like…I love to watch you smile…laugh…it makes me happy…you don’t owe me an explanation over your past but I do want to be right here in your present and even into the future if you will let me in…you took my breath away from the first day I set my eyes on you…I have not being able to think straight ever since…you occupy every part of me Olivia… I am not like the useless man who abandoned you when you need him most…I am not talking just like every other man out there because I know you must have hærd things like this…but I’m different…I want you to go back to school, pursue your dreams and become who you want to be, you are bigger than that small Kiosk, there is too much greatness in you which you can’t throw off, I’m ready to do everything to get you where you want to be Olivia, this is not a flatter and is never because I want something from you this is my own way of proving that I really do care about you in every way, and I will deposit enough money in your account to help you run through your career, even if we don’t see again tomorrow or something bad happens to me…which I don’t pray for but in that way you will still be able to forge ahead…for you and for Emerald…I do want to prove this to you and even more if you will let me, I am not like every man coming to promise heaven and earth to you, no, I’m Kane, I am not perfect but am ready to make your good life wishes come to past …please Olivia…I want to be a father to Emerald, give you the love and care that you deserve and more…I’m not forcing you to accept me…I just want you to always know that I really do care deeply about you and…I love you…so much…
Olivia was quiet, she was already falling for Kane but doesn’t know why she was holding back. after many years she found a man she likes so much and who worsh¡ps her like a goddess, she want to tell him of her past, her parents death, about the evil man who took everything from her but out of the dump and destruction Emerald her precious daughter emerged, she has held so much hate for the man who hurt her so much, tore her apart, everything she holds dearly that evil man destroyed it and the only thing she have of the man is “kaka” which never makes any sense. She will hunt the man down and destroy him if she ever in her life time come across him, no matter who he was she will not spare him one bit, he must feel the pain and emptiness that she has felt after her wh0le world fell apart.
Kane was indeed a good man, Olivia thought to herself. “If all men were like Kane the world will be a better place, he is an angel in human form.
Olivia decided to open up a little to Kane
“Emerald’s father never existed…I was raped by an unknown gun man…who destroyed my world…i…I don’t want to talk about it please…not now…not today or anytime soon…I hate to remember what the past took from me, my daughter is all that matters to me…and you are a good man Kane you are not like the evil man that took away my joy…
Kane drew Oliver into his arms, as he tried to console her aching heart.
his own heart began to beat so loud into his ear drum, “did Olivia just mentioned that a gun man raped her…”could it be that…no…no…is not…it can’t never be…oh my God what if…uuuhhh oh no…I’m going crazy….i need to leave or she will see my discomfort…
Kane wanted Olivia to remain in his arms but he was getting all hot as different thoughts began to hunt him the moment Olivia mentioned a gun man, fear griped him.
“Olivia can’t be the same young beautiful girl his past man tore apart, he may not have fully seen the girl’s face because it was little dark in the room but she was slender and so young and innocent.
Kane was uncomfortable as he dropped Olivia off bid her good night before driving away with speed to a very quiet place to break down and cry over his past sin.
Olivia did not go into details about her past pain but he prayed so hærd that night begging God not to let what he fear most to come true, because Olivia may never forgive him and he does not want to ever see her sad or unhappy.
He prayed so much in the comfort of his room and did not even come out for two days.

To be continued

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