Lasting Memory


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Kane roll from end to end as the troubling night mare cycled his vision, it felt so real as he went back to the memory lane, something was hurting his eyes, he tried to wake up but he couldn’t, then right there he saw himself standing right before his past. His partner’s words echoes like a loud trumpet, words he has forgotten and put it all behind him.
“….Kaka…he could have killed you if I wasn’t here, you should be thanking me for saving you sorry ass…the plan was to take a shelter and leave here why do you have to rape the poor girl…they are not part of the plans, this is not part of the plan Kaka…if things goes wrong now…your wealthy father is ready to spend all he have to save you but I got no wealthy parents and that’s why I’m doing this…it was risky, I have known someday luck will run out of me but I did not care all that matters is to make the money and enjoy myself to the full now all our plans has failed…tiger, grass cuter and Razor are out there…dead or alive I can’t tell, we manage to escape the least you could have done is to stay cool here and not hurt this poor family, now you made me to kill an innocent man who tried to save his daughter…you are a bastered…with all this injuries on your body and danger around us you still have the appetite for a woman…because you know you may get away with anything…Kaka now look…the man’s wife has passed out from the shock and that girl has fainted after the father was shot…if she survive she will be left with nobody, her mother may also die because she was already gone before I gun down her husband…you really messed up the plan…big time…you messed up…you messed up kaka
“shut up…..are you feeling sympathy for them…oh you are feeling sorry for people you don’t even know…let me remind you that sympathy is not part of this job…that girl was too sweet to be resisted, the moment she entered I went all hot…and stop all this petty talk it doesn’t suit you, you did what you were suppose to do by killing the man because I would have done the same for you if I was in your shoe…we need to have each other’s back…that’s the game…we will get out of here…please don’t start with that your emotional talk…it doesn’t suit you and that’s not who you are…you are python…stop acting like a c*ckroach that can be easily squashed…let’s find away and get out of here..i still have one bullet left in my gun…we will use it wisely to attack if there’s anything…
Kane woke up in sweat, he looked around the room, the air-condition was working fine, tears burn down from his eyes, regretful tears.
He gently lay back to the bed and stayed awake.
He flashed back to the last day of his gang hood, when he use to be tough and hærden, he has even planned to attack and rob his father because his father has refused to give him what he asked from him then.
he was the only one among the gang that has a very wealthy father, who happens to be a senator, he never boast of his father’s wealth rather he wanted to make his own money in any way possible. Tiger has being their gang leader, he was second in command, the others were all dead except python who was still in prison for several years now
He was able to escape all trouble because of his wealthy father, he could have being dead or rotting away in prison like python is.
He wasn’t proud of his past life, he hates anything that will remind him of it, he knows he was the one that night, after Olivia told him about Emerald and broke down in tears. He has done his findings and was able to gather enough information, it was the that same night Olivia was raped that her parents were also killed in the hand of the same gun men, him and python.
The news was that the police caught them and they were in prison while the rest of the arm robbers died, his father used money to cover up his mistakes and send him abroad until the wh0le thing died off.
He never ever expected to meet Olivia again or anything about the family him and python destroyed, he did not know who Olivia was until he asked her about her past and it was a very sad news which was difficult for her to tell. He was afraid when Olivia mentioned gun men raping her, he has silently prayed it has nothing to do with him until he decided to do his findings and the truth was staring right at his face.
He can’t undo what has been done, he can’t bring back Olivia’s parents to life or restore what she has lost but he knows for certain that money will do many magic, it will heal her wounds.
he loves Olivia even before knowing she was the same fragile, slender girl that stood shaking all over before him, she started scre-ming, he slapped her hærd and she fell back before he grabbed her, tore her night wear and stroke her steadily just as his body has wanted, she was crying, a silent sob as she plead to him like a saviour but with the effect of the overdosed weed he took he wasn’t listening all that matter to him is to be satisfied.
it was until her father grabbed something and threw at him which made him to fell off and cried out in pain, his gun has fallen off and the man could have killed him with it and thank God for python who saved his life and killed the man instead, Python has being so angry with him for hurting the innocent family and he was even more angry with himself for destroying a suppose happy home, he never knew the girl survived after she fainted from the wh0le shock and never know that his path will cross with her again, and now she has a daughter for him even without knowing.
He wish he has never joined such a terrible gang, he wish he has listened to his father and be an obedient son, he wish for many thing to change but his past still hunt him like a thief, the only thing he has vow to do is to make Olivia’s dream to come through, give her everything that life took from her aside her parents which he can’t give her, but he will do everything possible to make sure she forget what the past feels like. he want to get married to her and start a family soon but Olivia has made it clear that she need to concentrate with school and finish up first before thinking of marriage, he was very sure that Olivia loves him and see him as an angel without sin, and that gives him a fulfilling joy, Olivia perceive him to be a perfect man and there is nothing in the past that can even link him to his sins, nothing and no one will do that.
He knows that Olivia will forgive him any wrong, she loves him deeply and can’t seem to do without him, he has succeeded him conquering down her wall of anger and vengeance for the evil man in her past and he was glad he succeeded in doing that
Opening one of the biggest supermarket for her destroyed all walls of doubt and bitterness, she has never looked back ever since, she adores him and he has try to portray as a perfect man to her
He loves her so dearly and they will soon become one family that’s all that matters to him
Him, Olivia and their daughter Emerald they will live as one big family and love will surely win over hate
Olivia doesn’t have to know he was the same evil man in her past and he will not reveal that to her anyway, even if she finds out in the future, she will not have a choice than to forgive him, with the level of her love for him she can not live a day without him so eventually Olivia will let the past slide off and she will see the present as a blessing in disguise.
Kane was glad that his plans was almost perfected.
Olivia who was in school, employed a nanny to be looking after her daughter, she needed to concentrate with her studies, she was moving from different stages, after university she went to law school, her dreams was coming to fulfillment and she was really going to make her late parents proud just as she has promised them before their untimely death
Olivia was asked to chose a topic in school that she can tackle so well and she chose criminal law and criminal procedure, the bases of criminal responsibility, the rules and policies for enforcing sanctions against individuals accused of committing offenses against the public order and well-being, and the rights guaranteed to those charged with criminal violations.
Olivia picked the subject of her topic as Kaka, she would have love to pursue justice with all her might back then if she knows better, but despite it has all been in the past she will not derail in becoming a renown barrister so that she can bring justice to victim of her kind, people who has nobody to speak up for them, she will take up many cases without asking for anything just to make sure that justice is served cold and chilled, and every culprit will be given a well deserved sentence.
Olivia still create time to be with her daughter who was growing so fast and with the man of her dream, the love of her life who God created so perfect without s₱0t.
Kane to her was a walking angel, she wish her parents were alive to meet the great man that God gave to her, a perfect handsome being, who wants nothing else but her happiness.
She would have being married to him as he has wanted but that will distract her law school, and she doesn’t want anything that will affect her pursuit of justice, she want to become a voice to the voiceless, a human right activist. and will make sure people like Kaka never gets away from the law, men like Kaka who go around, molesting, destroying and attacking the innocent will meet their lop h0le, they will taste what it is like to be in real life pain.
No matter how much money they offer to be freed they will surely serve their punishment, he who destroys must surely be destroyed.
But angels like Kane will never cease to prosper and live happily with their families in peace as they deserve and no harm will come to them.
Python who has being in prison for years was finally released, he was going to start his life all over again, to be a better citizen. Kaka has escaped because of his father’s wealth and status and they allowed him to served all this years quietly for the sin that him and Kaka committed, and Kaka even has the large part of the crime but they hanged everything on his head and flown Kaka out of the country and he was sentence to years in prison. Now he is hoping when he finally gets out he will have hope of another good beginning.
Kaka should be able to help him start a new life again, being behind bars is never a good experience, and he was determined to warn many young and old fellows who chose such part of life.
Kaka owes him big time, he will search him out and get something out of him which will help him start all over again into another journey of  life, this time for the better.

To be continued

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