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“I’m at your gate right now and the security man refused me in, I’m not leaving here until you come out and settle me. I know Olivia has gone back to her place.. for your information I also know where she lives and I may decide to pay her a good visit… maybe a deep talk about who Kaka really is…do the right thing to avoid many troubles, do something now that I’m here or I’m going over to visit your wife to be, she may even decides to give me double of what I’m asking you… she has one of the biggest supermarket that is well managed for her by her workers…Olivem. combination of her name and that of her daughter…I know everything Kane and I’m the last man you should be messing with..
Wilson sent the test message to Kane and waited outside and without wasting time the security came outside and told Wilson that kane asked him to come in,side and he immediately did.
Kane stood and watch Wilson approach
“What sort of test message is that Wilson…are you threatening me… now listen to me…I can joke with everything but never with Olivia and my daughter, stay far away from her and never you in your life threaten me except you want to go back to prison or dig your grave…you wouldn’t want that but I can make that happen if you ever throw such an expensive joke…here is half of the money you demanded… take it and disappear…I don’t want to see you here again…
Wilson collected the money, but he will come back soon for more until he collects enough money from Kane.
He quietly left without a word
After another week he returned back and sent another test message to Kane who was not in the house then.
Kane got the test and quickly deleted it.
When Wilson started calling he bared his calls, which made Wilson not to be able to reach him
The security informed Wilson that his boss wasn’t around.
Wilson sat outside the gate to wait for his return
He was still there when he saw Olivia driving down in her car with her daughter.
Olivia was surprise to see Wilson sitting outside the gate all by himself.
She stopped right in front of the gate as the security opened the gate for her to drive in.
Wilson stood up on seeing her and she beckoned on him to enter in,side and he quickly did.
After Olivia drove in and parked she stepped down and walked up to Wilson after asking her daughter to go in,side.
“Why are you sitting outside the gate… what happened.. I’m so sorry. even if Kane is not around you should have come in,side and wait for him…was it the security that asked you to remain outside… that’s not right… have you called Kane over the phone to let him know that you are here… I’m so sorry for the trouble of waiting outside the gate……
“No…you shouldn’t be Sorry…I just decided on my own to wait outside for my friend…the security has no hand in it…since Kane is not around…I called him but his line is not available… sitting in,side here all by myself will be boring so I decided to wait outside..
Olivia took Wilson in,side and offered him drinks and snacks which he accepted gladly and thanked Olivia.
Olivia started the evening food quickly since Wilson was around so that he will get to eat something today.
Emerald was upstairs in the room well decorated for her by her father, while watching a programme on her television, she was going to spend the weekend with her mum in Mr Kane’s house which was the name she calls Kane.
He will officially become her dad once he marries her mum.
Emerald looked forward to having Mr Kane as father, he was her mum’s hero and she likes him because he is always caring and gives her everything she wants.
Olivia Later sat with Wilson in the living room as they watch television while the food Cook in the kitchen.
She asked the housekeeper to keep an eye on the food while she sit to entertain Wilson who awaits Kane’s return.
“How’s Olivem moving… how do you combine it with schooling, wedding preparations and your tight schedules…. asked Wilson as he focused on Olivia who wore a very attractive smile
“Is going on fine, I manage my time very well that was why I employed able hands who I trust to give me good results and they have not disappointed me before, I’m rounding up with school don’t have much to do again… I’m trying to focuse on the wedding preparations… settling down with Kane is my dream come true…he is a good man, you know…so tell me…are you still relocating back to the state where you work or you are here to pitch your tent for good… how long have you and Kane be friends…he does not really mention you that was why I was surprise when he introduced you to me that day as his friend… tell me how long you two has been together…
“Well, let me answer your questions one after the other, first of all i’m here to stay.. I’m not going back to my former place…so I’m pitching my tent here… to answer your second question…I have known Kane for a long time…Kaka use to be my close pal before I relocated to another stat…
Olivia blinked several as she hærd the name Kaka again. Every other thing that Wilson was saying she was not listening, she was very sure she heard the name clearer this time.
Olivia without listening to anything Wilson was saying went into a deep thought. “Kane name has the Ka in it, why haven’t I thought of the Ka before now, but why… How is it possible for Kane to bear such evil nick name…he could have picked up a better nick name than Kaka, his friend just called him Kaka again and there’s no denying the fact that I hærd it so clear…
Olivia did not notice that Wilson has paused from what he was saying and was asking her if she was okay.
when Olivia got herself she frowned before facing him
“Wilson, please try not to lie to me this time…I heard you call Kane…Kaka. I hærd it very clear, I’m not stupid like I was meant to believe the last time…why do you call Kane Kaka…why? I hate that name…if is a mistake please kindly try to avoid such… Kaka is not a good name for somebody like Kane, I know he has Ka in his name but doesn’t give anybody right to call him such name… let me make you understand something, Kaka was the man who brought disaster to my home, he destroyed my hopes and dreams… I’m an orphan today because of that evil name… God brought Kane to comfort me, he restored everything that Kaka took from me except my parents. Kaka is the unknown devil I intend to fight for the rest of my life while Kane is the angel I can’t live without…I hope you understand me Wilson…I don’t know why you called him such but please try not call him that again…I will really appreciate if you do so ..
Wilson nodded before apologising to Olivia, he stood up and decided to leave. Olivia asked him to stay and wait for Kane to return but he refused and left immediately.
Olivia couldn’t continue with the cooking as her mind keep wondering on the name she hærd Wilson very clear, this will be making it the second time she was hearing such name.
There must be more, something isn’t right.
When Kane drove in that evening excitedly after seeing Olivia’s car parked, he already knew that she and Emerald will be spending the weekend over at his place. He bought lots of things for them.
As he got in he saw Olivia sitting down, lost in her own thought.
Emerald ran down to welcome him and that was when Olivia noticed his presence and greeted him with a frown plastered on her face, she later tried to smile but Kane knew that is not the real deep smile that Olivia has.
He asked her if she was alright and she replied affirmatively.
Kane refreshed for the night and came to sit with her.
Olivia turned and looked at him deeply.
she saw the scar on his face, she have never asked about the scar before because it wasn’t obvious but she was beginning to have questions for everything troubling her sanity.
Kaka has a deep cut on his cheek which made blood to s-ck up on his facial mask, Kane has a scar on his cheek which he has never told her how he got it and she has never asked because she felt it wasn’t important until now.
As Olivia stare at him, Kane misunderstood it for another thing and he bent over to k-ss Olivia but she turned her face.
Kane tried again but saw the coldness in Olivia’s eyes, he quickly spoke out.
” What is it honey, did I do something wrong… what is the problem, you have being acting all cold towards me ever since I came in…if I offended you in anyway or did something wrong why not tell me so that I can make it right, what is my offence… what is troubling you honey… please talk to me…I love you so very much and whatever troubles you also troubles me.. I’m never myself when you are not happy… please talk to me…
“How did you get the scar on your face, we have never talked about that before… and what is really your nick name while growing up…we also haven’t talked about that too…
Kane was surprised at the question, he has not expected such questions from Olivia, he wondered what brought about the question as he tried to answer Olivia
“I don’t understand why you decided to ask all this today… you are getting me worried, what is the problem… what did i do wrong honey… please tell me
Olivia was furious as Kane tries to dodge the question, she stood up for the first time and shout at Kane who was puzzled at whatever that was happening
“Answer the damn question Kane, if I’m going to be your wife then we need to be truthful to each other, do not hide anything from me, I’m open to you and I expected same thing in return Kane… I ask again…how did you get your facial scar and what is your nick name… what name do your friends calls you… why do i feel you are hiding something…why do I suddenly have this strong fear … tell me something.. anything you think I deserve to know… anything you haven’t mentioned before… if you truly love me then you should prove it further by opening up to me Kane…I love you so very much, you are like the air that I breath, I see you as Mr perfect and nothing will change that but I will be more hurt and feel betrayed if I find out that you are keeping something from me…it will be better if you tell me by yourself about whatever you are keeping from me, anything bad that is attached to your name… I will feel hurt but I will forgive you eventually because you told me by yourself but if I find out later that you have being lying to me then everything is going to change real bad because I hate liars and pretenders…I maybe over reacting right now but if that will lead me to whatever you are keeping away from me then is all for good…
“I don’t know what has come over you, I don’t know what I did that provoked you tonight…I just don’t know but I am not hiding anything from you… you already knows me Olivia… you know everything about me…I can’t hide anything from you my love… I’m sorry if I did something wrong or make you feel like I’m hiding something…I am not hiding anything…I can’t hide anything from you Olivia… you are going to be my wife and marriage should not be built on distrust…I got my facial scar while growing up, me with my friends were playing one day and one of them threw a heavy stone and it mistakenly landed on my face and left this little scar, I don’t have a nick name, all my friends back then calls me Kane even till now… please Olivia stop this.. you are getting me scared with your sudden reaction towards me… everything I told you is true…I can’t lie to you… trust me….
Kane was on his feet pleading, Olivia was not satisfied with his reply, she still felt Wilson can’t mistakenly mention Kaka twice, if the first was a mistake then this second time confirmed that the first was never a mistake, Olivia who was not taking it at all needed to understand why Wilson calls him Kaka twice.
“If what you are saying is true then why did Wilson, your friend calls you Kaka…no, don’t give me that look… I’m not fooled, Wilson was here today and while waiting for you to return, we started having a normal gist and he refers to you as Kaka. This time around I hærd it clearer and I knew you lied to me before… on the day I hærd same name… you are lying… why did he call you Kaka, of all the wh0le names in this planet why will he call you such…
Kane was shocked and afraid as he hærd Olivia say that Wilson came around. He became confused because he did not know what Wilson has told Olivia.
But he was certain that Wilson will pay for the fire he came to set between him and Olivia
Kane tried to pacify a furious Olivia to calm down and when she became calm she walked away from him to her daughter’s room to sleep, leaving a disturbed Kane to nurse his troubled heart.
The following day, Kane could not wait  for morning to come before driving off in search of Wilson.

To be continued

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