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Legendary toto episode 7


Legendary toto episode 7
Girl: Asssshhh give it to me Do..na..tus, oooooh shift my womb aaah! aah!!
Boy:[spank her ass] humm hmm!
Soon the kpakpa noise started getting thicker the boy is close to cli*max I guess..
I let them finish before I talked..
Me:[clears throat] make una Wehdon oo, when u suppose go house una dey do rubbish for here bah??
Donatus: [frowned] w€tin una dey fine for here?? una no know una boundary again??
Me: [forming] okro tree fall untop una head??, so una no fit respect ur teacher again??
Donatus:[buckling his belt] shey una see me so I be student?? abi because I wear this sport wear wey una. call uniform Oya comot for here.
Me: Are you out of your senses?? or you’re dumb to realize both of you should be on your knees now??
Donatus: shey na me you dey follow speak fune??
Asay make u comot [point his finger to the door entrance]
Me: I said kneel down!
Donatus: I say make your comot!
Me: kneel down!
Donatus: comot!
The girl E dey straff just sat down watching the show when the boy suddenly called his crew.
Donatus:[raised his voice] emmmm shigo, shila, starboy make una show oo!
Then suddenly three guys came out through the window.
Boy 1: haha oga I think say una still dey ginger the geh nii
Boy 2: I sure say the Toto go sweet tire
Boy 3: tarrrh the thing go large like mad, I sure say the thing don turn to well..
They all laughed neglecting me, my brothers and sisters in the Lord I almost pee for body.
The girl one the other hand no dey shame at all she just dey smile any how like person wey one prisoner from Libya juss drill thinking em don hammer..
Donatus: I don finish with this public toilet before we get visitor wey we no invite [then they all turn to me]
Before I blink my eyes them don surround me..
Boy 2: E be like say this one na JJC oo em no know anything
Donatus: I don think am before buh I wan teach am lesson wey be say E no go dey stretch nose for w€tin dem no call am.
Naso all of them start to off their shirt before E remain on one armless vest for their body I looked at the shirt Wella and found out they were the popular local cult dem be, they too dey notorious from the news I gathered Dem called themselves the fine boy group.
Mehn, I quickly kneel down, they gave me punishment oo I first start from frog jump, then stool down, chaii a whole me I don suffer! Then I changed to monkey pose.
They gave me the shock of my life when they told me to Fu*ck the girl, I refused at first but when I tasted the holy matrimony slap I quickly accepted chaii I turned to the girl when I saw her fingering her self the girl na public toilet true true I moved toward her, removed my di*ck from my trouser and plunged in to her pu*ssy the hole is a bit tight I knew she was one of those girl who use pus*sy tightening creams gawd!! the Toto too Sweet I even forgot I have tomentors behind me.
Girl: aissshh your thing too big asssh! E dey pepper me
I don’t even know the time they took a picture of us.
I lifted the girl on the only long bench and f—-d her with full vigor, I came not long panting the idiot girl started rubbing her cl*it again I quickly wore my trouser and picked my credentials I came with to the school this morning.
Donatus: so una Sabi Fu*ck like this??
Punishment also dey for fuc*king my babe Las las I did another round of punishment before I was released.
Before I left he said something..
Donatus: my name na Donatus aka Legendary!!
Na warning I give una..
I took a bike back home I payed the bikeman I no even bother to collect my change I went into the compound and walked straight to my room ignore all the greetings I even ignored Vicky.
I got into my room went straight to the bathroom and had my bath I came back and met my phone ringing it was shade so I ignored it.
I bounced on my bed to have a nap when a knock landed on my my door.
Me:[angrily] who be that idiot wey em generation don use em glory to the extent that E no know say the door dey cost pass em life..
Voice:[calmly] Na Legendary be this..
I quickly bounced down as I bounced on the bed and quickly open the door.
Me: welcome si…r s…ir s…i…r emm emm Legen…dary.
Legendary:[frowned] which sir your generation gimme??
Me: no vex si..r emm Legendary
Legendary:[smiled] see as you dey shake as bitter leaf wey comot for em tree, but una dey run mouth before naw
Me: dem no born me well make I talk again sir!
Legendary: idiot shey una no fit say mai enter??
Me:[opens the door widely] abeg enter..
I thought he came alone, I no know say em three idiots follow am.
Me: which drink una wan make I give the sir’s?
Boy 2: you carry cotton bud wey geh red oil for ear??
My name na starboy, no be sir na person wey wan die dem dey use sir for una hear?
Me:[nods] yes sir..r em starboy nor vex
Legendary: which kain drink una geh for house??
Me: I no geh drink for house buh I go help una go buy am
Legendary:[laughs] una wan run bah??
We nor want drink again
Starboy: na business we carry come here
Me: okay sir..r
Legendary: una nodey hear word em name na starboy no be sir!
Abi una wan kill am??
Starboy: we see say una brave well well I see as una dey challenge our Oga, so I see say una go dey perfect for 16/11
Although I no know the meaning I just shut up I no wan any punishment abeg..
Boy 1: and una don knack legendary toto, so una no go fit go laidat
Boy 3: coz anybody wey Fu*ck legendary toto we suppose kill am
My boxers don w€t hey! shey na laidis I go die young??
Legendary: we don tell una so make una go think about am.
And before we comot my girl say em like una p—k so we carry am come if una no Fu*ck am well ehn! na die be dat oo
Na so the public toilet enter wearing one rubbish cloth laidat, infact no be cloth seff na rag coz na all emmm brea*St and p—y shape I dey see outside.
Legendary: make una enjoy una selves, emm grace!
Girl: abeg comot for here, make I enjoy this thing naw
Legendary: idiot I wan tell una say if em no do you well call me make I come finish am
Me: ah! abeg I never chop how I go take fu*ck am well??
Legendary: na your generation problem be that, no story..
Naso dem just pack themselves go outside
Me: emm ancestor grace abeg I never chop abeg
Grace:[frowned] your ancestors dey house, w€tin be my own if una never chop?? abi una wan make I call dem back??
Me: ah! no, abeg I dey come
Grace: where una wan go??
Me: I wan go fine something chop.
Grace: no Tay oo!
I quickly go into my kitchen and ate the remaining rice that I left in the morning, the thing too cold I just manage am like that.
I went back and found the sl*ut fingering herself already I bounced on her and fuc*ked the hell out of her, I’ve unleashed the beast in me she just dey shout anyhow..
Me:[turned her to a missionary style] Ahh hmmmmmm..
The thing penetrated her deeply infact I felt like am hitting her womb, but I no care she go see w€tin she want
Grace: ahh Abeg E don do ooo no vex ooo fu*ck me oo Ahh hit am hit am yeah yeah!
Eeeeeehhh lege…nd…ary come help me oo
naso my neighbors started shouting
Mama tope: Oga Marve no kill this geh oo you no say oga landlord talk say em no want criminal for em house??
Papa Anderson: Eeeeeehhh no kill person pikin oo
Vicky olosho: ah ah! oga Marve you wan kill am? My Toto never do you??
Na she be the reason why una no answer me bah??
Mama tope: Eeeeeehhh em don knack you??
I talk am you be ashawooo!
Naso the noise start oo before they all went to their room
I finished with grace before she carried her bag about to be going
Grace: ahh teacher una to dey fu*ck ago dey come una house everyday you see dah Donatus em no dey fu*ck reach una..
Me:[frowned] I no wan see una for here again
Grace: no dey tell me dah Kain thing oo coz na you own my toto naw na me own una p—k.
Nobody must chop w€tin I dey chop you hear??
Me: and who tell you say I dey do trade by barta??
Grace: I don tell you my own, na small talk we dey tell small pikin if E reach em stomach em go turn big..
She carried her bag and left swaying her butt.
Before she opened the door she looked back and winked .
See the problem I carry myself enter coz of busybody Hay! and na my first day in school be this oo, this school na correct disaster!.
I laid on my bed when another knock landed on my door again.
I no bother to look am coz all the knock wey dey land on this idiot door dey land me for trouble..
The person no relent oo em just dey knock anyhow.
Me[frustrated] who be that?? Ahhhhhh!
Voice: na Queen!
Ooooo God! my village people why??
Which Queen be this one again??

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