November 29, 2021

Let’s play hard episode 1 – 2


Episode 1.

Story by Miriam Edem.

Getting into the new apartment with her luggage, her roommates warmly welcomed her as they showed her space,
“Its beautiful, Jennifer said.

“Yea it is, you’re welcome once again, Annabel said.
“Thank you, and it’s nice meeting you two, Jennifer said smiling and looked through the window to see a guy jogging and she scoffed.

“Exercise should be done early in the morning and not by this time, what’s he feeling like? Jennifer asked and her room mates quickly got who she was referring to.

“Oh You mean him? But its still early, Treasure said.
“Early? Excuse me its past 7 a.m and this isn’t exercise anymore to me but a show up, Jennifer replied.

“Don’t you know him? Annabel asked..
“Know him? Why should I? Jennifer asked.

“Well he’s popular there in school and am surprised you don’t know him, Annabel replied.
“Not too quick, remember she just got admitted, Treasure came in.

“Oh pardon me i forgot, and also he is every girl crush here and even in school, but sadly he doesn’t look at our faces, Annabel added and Jennifer laughed.

“Sorry sorry I see that funny, so you mean you two are crushing on the same guy huh? Jennifer asked.
“Yea that’s no big deal for me, but it looks like none of us stand a better chance for the kind of girl he want, Treasure replied.

“Well thats good for you two, I am not here for all this love stunt. I withdrew from the other university I attended to start a fresh programme here which I won’t need any distraction, Jennifer said bringing out her stuffs.


to share why? Annabel asked.
“Why what? Jennifer asked.

“Why you withdrew, Annabel replied.
“Oh that, No please, Jenny replied.

“Okay, so have you eaten? Annabel asked.
“Yea I did though it was snacks but I’m good thanks, Jennifer replied.

“Hurry up then its your first day in school, try not to be late, Treasure said ………………..

Minutes later they got into school together and Jennifer just kept staring around,
‘it looks good right? Treasure asked.
“Yea not bad, its just like my former, Jenny replied.

“Well it won’t be difficult to cope when you have a first hand experience. You’ll just go over there and ask of your department, Annabel said pointing at a building.
“Yea sure thanks, Jenny said.

“Don’t forget to give me a call when you’re done, see ya, they shouted.
“I will bye, Jenny replied and her phone began to ring.

“Hello mom, sorry I forgot to call but I was having that in mind, Jenny picked up.
“That’s no problem, you’re in school right? Her mom asked.


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I’m just about approaching a building now, can we talk later please? Jenny asked.
“Of course, just be careful and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake. Bye, her mom said and dropped the call and Jenny countenance dropped.

“Excuse me please, where can I see SC room 13? Jenny quickly stopped someone.
“Over there, go to the left, she replied.

“Thank you, Jenny said and hurried there but met the lecture already on.
She stood outside with her hand up,
“good morning sir, sorry to disturb can I please come in? She asked.

“Thanks for interrupting, can you now come in? The lecturer replied and she nodded going in.
“Jennifer Marks right? The lecturer asked.

“Correct sir, she replied.
“See to it that you’ll graduate here unlike your former, the lecturer said and she nodded sitting down.
She heaved at that trying to free up her mood and get ready for the lecture…………..

Minutes later the class was over and she hurriedly took her stuff and left the building saying a word to no one. Fiddling her phone to call Annabel she bashed on someone and the phone fell from her hand,
“Oh my God! What’s this can’t you look? She shouted at whoever it was.

“I should ask you that, you bashed on me rather and you got what you deserve, a voice replied and she raised her head to see who it was but was surprised to see the guy that was jogging earlier.


that the best way to apologize? Look you just spoilt my phone and this is all you can say right?, Jennifer asked and he rolled his eyes.
“Just tell me you need money and stop beating around, he said bringing out some notes and gave it to her.

“Use that to get your phone fixed and get out on my way, he said but she surprisedly tore the notes throwing the pieces on his face,
“Use that to get your miserable attitude fixed rather, she replied, took up her phone and left as he stood shocked.

“Mhen did a girl just do that to you Theodore? His friend asked as he looked around to see the students gathered who viewed the drama.
“Let’s get out from here, Theodore replied and walked away.

“Who’s that girl? She got nerves, Theodore angrily said as he walked fast with his friend.
“Can you please just slow down a bit? After all no one here knew what just happened, his friend said and stopped tired.

“I have never been this embarrassed before, imagine she threw the notes on me in public… Gosh! Theodore shouted cleaning his face.
“But you were rude as you’ve always been rude to girls. To me I think you’ve met your match, you two will make an awesome couple, Daniel said in a mockery way.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that but she’ll surely get it from me, Theodore said.
“And how are you going to do that? Daniel asked.

“I’m not sure yet but I must surely get back at her, Theodore replied and Daniel laughed.
“Can you just forget it after all you started it first, you bashed on her and destroyed her screen, to add to it you were rude and she responded to your attitude so let it go. Let’s talk about how hot and beautiful she is, Daniel said winking at him..

“Hot? Beautiful? Gosh I can’t believe this. She’s the most ugliest person I’ve ever seen, Theodore replied.
“I know you don’t mean what you just said, tell me you are joking, Daniel said.

“Read my lips, she is damn ugly and you always have bad taste, Theodore replied and walked away while Daniel cleaned his eyes surprised.
“You’re kidding! Daniel shouted……………..

Jennifer got home quite late and met her roommates worried,
“where on earth did you go to switching off your phone? Treasure asked.
“Sorry about that. Your crush boyfriend damaged my phone, I had to look for a way to get it fixed, Jennifer replied.

“Crush boyfriend? You mean Theodore? Treasure asked.
“Oh my God did you meet Theodore? What did he say? Annabel asked holding Jennifer excitedly and Jenny sighed.

“I can’t imagine me crushing on someone terrible like that, that’s pathetic, Jenny replied and sat Down.
“What happened? Annabel asked calming down..

“Gosh he’s so rude! He bashed on me and damaged my phone, not even a sorry I could get but irritating words from him. He’s just a jerk, Jenny replied and they rolled their eyes and started laughing.

“Why that? Jennifer asked confused.
“Well you see Theodore, he is so difficult for any girl to get. And we are beginning to wonder the kind of planet and world that lucky girl will come from, Treasure replied.

“I wasn’t trying to get him, and You call her lucky girl? I tell you there is no good thing in him to make her lucky trust me, Jennifer said.
“You want to try? Annabel asked.

“Try what? Jennifer asked.
“To see if there is no good in him, Annabel replied and Jenny smiled.


you trying to say I should make him fall for me? Jenny asked.
“If he will, I mean you two just had an encounter the probability here is unsure, Treasure replied.

“Girls I didn’t come here for that, I just need to graduate here as soon as possible, Jennifer replied.
“Well if you say so, did You get the phone fixed? Annabel asked.

“Yea I did and oh I need to call my mom Now, Jennifer replied dialing her mom number……………..

Episode 2.

That evening the ladies went out for a stroll showing Jennifer the environment. Going on the road people just kept staring,
“Babe you’re getting admires already in few hours, Annabel winked at Jennifer.

“Absolute rubbish, all of that doesn’t move me, Jenny replied in a harsh tone.
“Is there anything you’re not telling us? Treasure asked.

“Oh please don’t start, there’s nothing to tell you just that none of this things move me that’s it, Jennifer replied and a car drove by and Treasure smiled
“our crush just passed, She said hitting Jennifer who just shook her head.

“Isn’t that the girl who embarrassed you earlier? Daniel asked.
“Yea she is, little wonder she stays around here, Theodore replied.

“Yes she stays in your area isn’t that good? Daniel replied winking at him.
“What exactly is your problem? You really think I will fall for a girl like her huh? Theodore asked.

“Yea I feel that in my spirit, she gat the vibes that fits you well. I mean no girl in this area or in school can do that to you, not the handsome Theodore all the girls trips for. Think about it, Daniel replied and he smiled.

“You think so? I can make her not different from every other girl there in college, Theodore said.
“I’ll like to see you try, because to me that girl will be a tough one after what you did to her, Daniel replied.

“Really? But you know i can prove you wrong, Theodore said.
“Prove me wrong? Can you use 1 week to do that? Look guy I bet you, you will surely fall in love with her, Daniel said and Theodore burst out laughing.

“When did you become a comedian? You’re getting crazy, Theodore said.
“Fine let’s do a Bet. When I just saw her at first, I felt something different and I know you’ll be connected somehow in it, Daniel said and Theodore just looked at him smiling.

“Wait a minute, are you trying to say we two can be in love…like be a campus couple huh? Do you realize I am in my finals and soon I’ll be gone? Theodore asked.
“That’s why you should make It quick before you leave, 1 week, just 1 one week make her yours let’s see if she is different from other girls, Daniel said and Theodore shook his head.

“I can’t do that, I can’t lay so low for her, I mean what for? He asked.
“Well I’ll just take it as you cant do it and its so obvious, maybe you’re afraid of her or something, Daniel replied.

“Whatever, that is Game for kids, Theodore said.
“But you said you wanted to get back at her, can’t you use the chance? Daniel asked and he rolled his eyes.

“Aren’t you going to stop? Theodore asked.
“OK fine fine let’s end it, but she’s so hot I can see the guys staring, Daniel said with a smirk.

“One more word from you, I’ll drop you off here. Enough with this girl talk, Theodore said.
“OK fine, lips sealed, Daniel said putting his head through the window.

The next day Jennifer dressed up on a handless top, on a short and snickers with her headphones on.
“Where are you going to this early? Annabel asked.

“For exercise, Jenny replied checking out her snickers.
“At past 5a.m? Treasure asked.

“Yup, best time for it. See you before 6.30, bye, Jenny replied putting on her headphones and left while her friends looked speechless.

Theodore was already up that early doing his Gymnastics outside his house.
Suddenly he saw her passed and was surprised as he went closer to the Gate to be sure.

“She do this too? I mean no lady here can do this and not this early, he said to himself and nodded impressed with what he saw.
He went back to his exercise waving the thought aside and Daniel coughed.

“What are you doing here dressed like this? He asked.
“Well I wanted to join you in the exercise but I just saw a more interesting one. I’ll love to join her, bye, Daniel replied and opened the gate waving at Theodore as he ran after Jennifer.

“Hey… Hey please wait! He kept shouting and waving at her after running for so long trying to meet up with her.
Jennifer heard some whispers and turned round to see someone coming behind her, she took off her headphones and stopped.

“Oh thank Goodness you stopped. I’m Daniel, he said giving his hand for a shake breathing hard.
“Okay you’re Daniel so? Jennifer asked ignoring his hand.

“Won’t I at least know your name? Daniel asked.
“Is this why I stopped? Sorry I don’t give out my name to strangers, she said bringing out a plastic water to drink.

“But we are neighbours, he insisted..
“Still doesn’t make a difference, bye, Jennifer said and took off again..

“Hey at least wait for me, Daniel said but she put on her headphones again without looking back.
“Urghhh this should be Theodore’s match and I must see them together no matter what, Daniel said smiling…………………..

Daniel weakly walked in and met Theodore eating his breakfast,
“no jogging today? Daniel asked.
“Nop i don’t feel like doing it today. So how was the exercise? He asked.

“God it was hell. That girl is so bad in running, she ran for long meters without getting tired or stopping. When she finally stopped I went to have a chat with her but she shunned me. She bluntly refused to tell me her name and I was like, what kind of girl is she? Daniel replied and Theodore only nodded humming some unknown songs while eating.

“Yea I know you want to laugh, but I know that girl fits you a lot, Daniel continued.
“Fits me? As in how? Theodore asked.

“You two fit a lot and you know it, I mean your ways are almost alike, Daniel replied and Theodore gently got up with his plate of food.
“I think I’ll enjoy this food outside, go wash off the sweats from your body because you stink, Theodore said.

“Yea thanks, and don’t forget to fix your miserable attitude, Daniel replied reminding Theodore of Jennifer words and burst out laughing while Theodore attempted to throw the plate on him as he ran inside………………

Jennifer walked into the class and sat down quietly while waiting for the lecturer. Having any acquaintance was the last thing on her mind as experience taught her to be a loner, but the gazes she got was what she didn’t understand.

A young girl walked in and sat beside her, she waved at her which Jenny did same.
“Sorry, is there anything on my face? Jenny couldn’t help but ask her.

“No, she replied.
“Thank you, Jenny said.

“But I think I know why you are asking that. There’s this Instagram video where you embarrassed Theodore, the reactions wasn’t too good, She continued.
“What did you just say? Jennifer asked surprised and the lecturer walked in.

“Almost everyone watched the video and the lecturer is his father, the girl whispered to Jennifer who suddenly got scared.
“What is going to happen now? Jenny asked.

“Who knows, the ladies are angry with you especially a starter like you. That’s not too good I must say, The girl replied and concentrated on the lecturer.
“Oh Jennifer not again please, she said in her heart scared to look at the lecturer face……………………


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