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Let’s play hard episode 15 – 16

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Episode 15.

Story by Miriam Edem

They finally arrived which reservations were made for the students to lay their head to rest. The Hod came out to address them before they retired to their different rooms.

“Welcome once again everyone, am so glad we arrived safely.
You don’t need to fear, the environment here is serene and safe with so many funs to catch and so many things to Learn. I did my very best to bring out the superb and the best choice for us to make sure your stay here is enjoyable, I hope you like it? He asked..

“Yes sir, they replied.
“That’s good. Tomorrow we will begin and you all need to wear your overalls and boots because of the boggy environment especially when we will set into the forest……… “Sorry sir, did you just say Forest? A student asked scared.

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“And sir why forest? We are not here for the study of mycology or botany right? Another student asked..
“Uhmmm I see, but have you forgotten that parasites are also found in animals, and don’t the forest harbour this animals who is the host for the parasites? What about the soil and water bodies, are parasites not found also?
There Is a steam spring and a stream around here which we are going to visit also, don’t be scared of the word forest its totally safe.
Not only that, we will set into the neighbourhood to see things for ourselves, don’t worry when we begin tomorrow you’ll see for yourselves what I am trying to explain, the Hod replied.

“No problem sir, the students replied.
“Good, the boys to your quarters, the ladies do same and have a good day, the Hod dismissed.

“Sorry sir, can we look around at least for pleasure? A student asked.
“I am so sorry no, you are my responsibility now and every of your movement must be supervised by me and the other protocols that will be here tomorrow. I need to return you guys back in one piece, I hope you understand, the man said.

“Definitely sir, the student replied and went in.
“What’s wrong with you? Joy asked when she noticed the way Jennifer walked.

“Its nothing, let’s go to our room first, Jenny replied.
They were showed their rooms which was arranged like a dormitory, as usual Joy choose a bed beside Jennifer.

“Its not bad, at least its spacious and airy, I must recommend the Hod for a good job, Joy said and Jenny nodded and drew up her trouser from the leg and the red spot was boldly there.

“You broke your leg? Joy asked.
“No I didn’t, I just had a little sprain, Jenny replied.

“And you didn’t tell anybody? You call it little when it affected your walking steps, Joy said and a student called up Jennifer,
“you’re needed outside, she said.

“By who? Joy asked.
“Don’t worry I’ll check it out, Jenny cut in and covered her leg to see Theodore standing with his hand folded.

“What are you doing here? She asked.
“Good question, all thanks to the Hod for giving me a careless and lazy partner for such a responsibility, Theodore replied and she quickly remembered.

She went in saying nothing to him,
“where are you going to? Joy asked when she saw Jenny changing up.
“I need to do something okay, I’ll be back, Jenny replied when she was done and Left to see Theodore still outside.

She sighed and passed him and he noticed the way she walked as he followed behind her.
“Where were you Jennifer? The Hod asked when they arrived.

“Sorry sir I wanted to change up first, I felt sticky with the clothes, she replied.
“You guys need to take Care of this things, I may be too busy to remember it please help me, The Hod said.

“Sure sir, Jenny said and he left while they took over from him..
Jennifer was having difficulties but she just have to pretend to avoid Theodore mocking her.


Theodore was out of sight and she wondered where he went to leaving all of the work for her to do.
She continued with the work and tiredly sat down to rest and raised the trouser up again tying a kerchief on her ankle.

Immediately a hand held her and she raised her head to see Theodore looking at her,
“where the hell did you go to? She asked.
“Just shut up and stop acting lazy, he replied and squatted with a little container in his hand.

“What’s this for? She asked but he ignored her question and untied the kerchief from her leg,
“Next time you are hurt, try to open your mouth and ask for help. You kept walking like a turkey that is sick and it irritates me more, he said rubbing the smashed leaves he got from the bush on her while she was quiet not believing her eyes.

“Don’t leave this place for now, Theodore said and kept the container for her and left to continue from where she stopped.
Jennifer couldn’t help but smile as she sat down watching him do the work but then she remembered his words in the truck and her mood changed.

She angrily stood up and left the place,
‘hey what are you doing? Theodore shouted.
“fvck you with your herbs, did I ask for your help? Try to put your effort where it will be more appreciated okay, Jenny said.

“Here she is putting meaning into a little help I am offering, I earlier helped you to the truck and you behaved like I touched you intimately. I left you to do it on your own and this is what you got, you should be grateful I cared at least, Theodore replied.
“Your myopic reasoning is quite pathetic if you think I can fall or accept a guy like you. When will you accept the fact when I say your attitude and everything sucks? I scent it on the first day I met you and Yuh are absolutely no guy a reasonable girl can dream to have. Now listen, if you really want this research to go down good, stay clear from me! Jennifer said and left while he just stood looking at her.


went back and told Joy everything Theodore said to her in the truck,
“He said that to you? Whats he feeling like by the way if he thinks every girl must have a crush on him, Joy said.
“I feel so bittered now about him, and what I don’t understand is why he bothered himself to get me herbs when he’s the cause of all this, Jenny said.

“I’ll get an ointment for you, Joy said.
“Where will you see that? Jenny asked.
“Just wait here, I just have to ask first, Joy replied and left………………….

“Theodore and Jennifer are partners? Who did that! Natasha shouted when she got to know about it.
“I don’t understand, I thought you wanted this too? but why are you feeling jealous now? Lydia asked.

“Not this way Lydia and I have every right to be jealous when I am not there. look I won’t see them for 1 good week, I wanted to see their every move and know where to strike, she replied.
“But they will still get back, then you can carry out your plans on them, Lydia said.

“Do you think they will fall in love with themselves? I see Jennifer kind of tough considering the way she has acted with him in school, Natasha said.
“I really don’t know, but I have an insider there, she can help us if you want, Lydia replied.

“You mean to monitor them for me and make their stay more sweet right? Natasha asked laughing.
“Absolutely, she Hates Jennifer too and she’ll do a good job, Lydia replied.

“What are you waiting for? Call her up and let’s know what’s going on, Natasha said……….


Episode 16.

That evening everyone came out sitting outside having fun,
“Hi babes, I don’t think I’ve seen you throughout today, Gladys said approaching Joy and Jennifer.
“Yea that’s right when you were busy with your boyfriend, Joy replied.

“Don’t mind her, how is he? I see you really love him, Jennifer came in.
“Yea I do and he loves me too, that’s perfect right? Gladys replied smiling and Joy heaved.


pull up your trouser so I can apply this, Joy said and Jennifer raised the trouser up.
“What happened to you? Gladys asked.

“What do you care? Joy replied.
“What’s your problem? Are you jealous or what? Gladys angrily asked.

“Girls calm down what’s going on? Jennifer asked.
“I think you should find out what her problem really is, Gladys replied and left.

“Joy what’s the problem? Jenny asked.
“Nothing, she replied and concentrated with what she was doing.

“Hi Gladys, Mabel approached her as she sat down somewhere.
“Good evening, Gladys replied..

“Evening dear, you know me right? Mabel asked.
“I don’t think so but I know you’re my senior, she replied.

“Yea thats true, am in the finals but I thought the Hod once said everyone is equal here right? Mabel asked and Gladys nodded.
“That’s right, please sit down, Gladys said adjusting for her.

“Thank you, what’s wrong between you and Jennifer? Mabel asked.
“It’s not Jennifer actually but her friend Joy, she replied.

“Yea right, are you that close to her? Mabel asked.
“Yea somehow but Joy is more close to her and I think she likes her better, Gladys replied and Mabel nodded.

“But why are you concerned? Gladys asked.
“Can I trust you? Mabel asked taking Gladys hand.

“I don’t understand, Gladys replied.
“Look I need you to do something for me okay, get close to them and give me every information you can about Jennifer, Mabel said and Gladys shook.

“Sorry I can’t do that when i don’t know the motive behind this, Gladys said taking her hand off from Mabel.
“My motive isn’t bad okay, I just want to know her every move here, especially when she’s with Theodore that’s all, Mabel replied.

“I am so sorry I can’t do this, I have to go now, Gladys said getting up.
“Then I don’t think you will have Thompson, you love him don’t you? Mabel asked and Gladys stopped.

“Thompson has nothing to do with this and bringing him into this matter is just awkward, Gladys replied and Mabel smiled getting up from where she sat.
“He is my cousin and you know what that means, I can take him away from you if I want to. When you change your mind, you know where to find me okay, Mabel said and left while Gladys looked at her confused.

Gladys slowly went back to where Jennifer and Joy sat,
“Hey, I apologize about Joy attitude okay, you don’t need to be that angry, Jenny said to her.
“Its okay, how did Yuh get that? Gladys asked.

“I fell from the truck, Jenny replied.
“Was Theodore not there to help? Gladys replied.

“Why are you asking all of this? Joy asked.
“Why won’t I? Is Theodore not your partner and were we not suppose to be with our partners? Gladys replied back.

“Theodore was there okay but I didn’t need his help, now change the discussion, Jenny said.
“If you say so, Gladys said and her phone beeped with a message from Thompson,
“meet Me at the hibiscus flower”.

“OK girls I need to go see my boyfriend, we’ll talk later, Gladys said and hurried off while Joy rolled her eyes.
“Joy I understand that face, is there anything you’re not telling me? Jenny asked.

‘Nothing, Joy replied.
“Don’t lie to me, Jenny insisted.
“OK fine I wanted Thompson, Joy replied and Jenny heaved.

“Is that why you’re giving Gladys attitudes? I don’t like that, Jenny said.
“But i…….. “He loves Gladys now get over it. Must you hate her because of that? Their love story started being partners which Gladys had nothing to do with it, now I want you to stop this immediately and forget about him. You’ll have your own okay, or better still take a second look at your partner, Jenny said winking at her and Joy burst out laughing.

“Don’t even go there, that’s a big no for me, Joy replied.
“You can never tell, Jenny said.

“Same way you can never tell between you and Theodore, Joy replied and Jenny laughed.
“Silly girl, Jenny said and her phone beeped.

“Be in the store room for investigation before going to sleep” Jennifer read and wondered who sent it.
“What’s that? Joy asked.

“Nothing really, just a reminder to check the store house before going to sleep, Jenny replied………………

Gladys went there and saw Mabel and Thompson together,
“Hi dear, Thompson said giving her a peck.

“Who is she? Gladys whispered.
“Oh she? She’s my cousin, the one I told you about. Mabel meet Gladys, Thompson introduced.

“Nice to meet you and i hope you’ll make a good girlfriend else I’ll take him away from you, Mabel said smiling as she shook Gladys hand.
“Oh yea sure, nice to meet you too, Gladys replied breathing hard.

“Don’t mind her dear, she’s always like that, Thompson said.
“Its alright, Gladys said nodding.

“Alright dear i just wanted to see you before i go to bed, we’ll talk tomorrow okay, goodnight, Thompson said giving her a hug and wanted leaving with Mabel.
“Can i have a word with you Mabel? Gladys stopped her.

“Yea, Thompson I’ll see you later okay, Mabel said.
“Alright bye, Thompson said and left and Mabel faced Gladys.

“I understand what you are trying to do and yes you’ve proved you’re truly Thompson cousin, but i want to know why you are asking me to do this, Gladys said.
“Its simple, is just for Natasha that’s all, Mabel replied.

“The campus model? But what for? Gladys asked.
“Safe me your inquisitiveness and do what I am asking you to do, Mabel replied and she nodded.

“Fine, Jennifer right now has a sprain which she got from falling off the truck, Gladys said.
“Was Theodore not there to help her or treat it because i know he can do that, Mabel said.

“She didn’t want his help and that’s all i know, Gladys replied.
“Good, go more closer if possible be in the same room with them, Mabel said.

“I have my room and the beds there are already occupied, Gladys replied.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make a way for you to sleep there just go close to them. Goodnight, Mabel said and wanted leaving but she stopped.
“Take my number in case you have anything to tell me, Mabel added calling out her digits and left while Gladys stood confused……….

“I finally got her friend Gladys, Mabel called up Natasha.
“OK and did Yuh get anything from her? Natasha asked.

“Well the Jenny of a girl has a sprain she got from falling off the truck, Mabel replied.
“Was Theodore not with her? Natasha asked.

“She didn’t want His help and i haven’t seen Theodore around her either, Mabel replied.
“Gosh this two are still proving tough,Natasha said and heaved.

“But why do you want them to fall in love? Mabel asked.
“Because i have my plans which will hurt them both, I need them to be close and use to each other, Natasha replied.
“If you say so, I’ll keep updating you then, good night, Mabel said and dropped the call…………..

Jennifer checked her time and yawned,
“I need to go girls, Jenny said getting up.
“To where? Gladys asked.

“I have to check out the store house before i sleep, its I and Theodore work, Jenny replied and gave Joy her phone.
“Keep it safe for me okay, She said to her.

“OK bye, Gladys said and Jenny left.

Jenny got into the store and saw Theodore already there,
“when you enjoy the comfort of your bed, remember we have a responsibility, Theodore said not looking at her.
“We? I thought you’re a superman who can do everything on his own, You should be grateful am keeping off since you can’t stand my presence, Jenny said and Theodore smiled.

“You’re absolutely right, and thanks for taking your sick presence out of my sight, you’re such a life saver, Theodore said and scoffed.
“Wow in summary my presence takes your breathe away right? I can’t wait to see you gasping for air then, Jennifer said and Theodore smiled going close to her.

“When i see the girl that takes my breath away, it’ll feel romantic and I’ll love it, but in your case you’re choking, your personality pisses people off and you know it, Theodore said.
“It pisses gullible people like you who can’t stand my personality, so don’t blame me my personality doesn’t just match your type! Jennifer smiled and walked away from him to do what she came for……………..

Gladys’s quickly texted Mabel
“Jenny just left now to investigate the store room with Theodore”. She sent.
Mabel saw it and wondered what to do, she left to the store house and saw them together, she went closer and locked the door outside and left.

Jennifer was done and wanted leaving but noticed the door couldn’t open, she struggled with the door and Theodore went nearer and confirmed it locked.
“How could you be this stupid! Why did you leave the key outside the door! Theodore shouted on her.

“How is that my fault? You left the key outside yourself, Jennifer replied.
“I left it there so you will open up when you arrive, you should have put it back inside Numbskull! Theodore shouted……………….


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