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Let’s play hard episode 17 – 18

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Episode 17.
Story by Miriam Edem

“What are we going to do now? Jennifer asked.
“Are you asking me that? Shit I left my phone with Daniel, Theodore said searching his pocket.

“I also left mine with Joy, Jennifer said and weakly sat down somewhere while Theodore tried opening the door.
“Someone did this on purpose, the door is locked outside, Theodore said.

“But that’s wickedness, why should anyone do that? Jenny asked.
“I don’t know, but all I know is the power of this place will be turned off very soon to avoid intruders from knowing what’s in here, Theodore replied.

The thought of hearing the lights will be turned off soon made Jennifer scared when her greatest enemy is darkness.
“You mean we are going to be in darkness? Jenny asked.
“Simple and short, Theodore replied and sat down while Jenny heaved and leaned her head on the wall.

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Theodore looked at her for a while and saw the sad look on her face,
“I’m sorry, he gently said.
“For what? She asked.

“For shouting on you, he replied.
“Really? Its not the first time you’ve shout on Me but calling me a Numbskull is the first, she said.

“I won’t apologize for that because its the truth, he said and she nodded.
“Then don’t bother to apologize you can eat it, she said and turned her face the other side.

Few minutes later the lights went off and Jennifer was so scared as she looked around not sure of where Theodore is.
Theodore noticed that and began giving some scary sounds with his mouth and with things around him..
“Theodore, Theodore where are you? Jennifer shouted afraid and stood up but couldn’t see anything.

Theodore tried controlling his laughter and gave another scary sound that made Jennifer screamed and fell on something.
Theodore was with a small torch and he quickly put it on to see what Jennifer fell on.
He saw Jennifer on the floor holding her leg and he went to her,

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it will get to this, Theodore said.
“Get your hands off me bastard! Jennifer shouted with tears streaming down her face.

Theodore heaved and weighed the torch somewhere, came back and carried her from the floor while she kept hitting him to keep her down.
“What the hell is your problem Jennifer? You called on me to help you right? Now why are pushing me away? He asked.
“Its your fault, you caused this so stop playing nice okay, Jenny said.

“Fine I apologize, I didn’t know you’ll be this scared, now can I see your leg? Theodore asked but she sniffed without saying nothing.
He raised a bit of her trouser up and saw she hit the place again.

“Did you apply an ointment on this? He asked.
“Joy did, she replied.
“You should have accepted my treatment, I wonder why you refused it, Theodor said.

“That’s because such treatment won’t work when its coming from a person like you, Jenny replied and he smiled.
“You think so? He asked but Jenny only sniffed.

“I wish I can go out now, I would have get something to ease the pain, Theodore said.
“Who taught you that? Jenny asked.

“My mom, he replied.
“Where is she? She asked.

“Somewhere married to another person, he replied and Jenny heaved.
Theodore stood up from where he squatted to examine Jenny legs and Jenny suddenly got scared.

“Where are you going to? She asked.
“To sit down somewhere, he replied.

“Can’t you sit here? Please I promise I won’t give you trouble, Jenny pleaded and he laughed sitting down beside her.
“Are you this scared of darkness? Theodore asked and she nodded.

“So tough people do have their weakness huh, Theodore said nodding.
“What makes you think am tough? She asked.

“What makes you think am rude? He asked back.
“Yours is so obvious and that’s the truth, Jennifer replied and he nodded.

“You think so? Unfortunately something happened that very first day we met which resulted to that attitude, I guess it was a transfer of aggression and it fell on a wrong and tedious person, Theodore said and Jennifer smiled.
“Tedious person indeed, so you had to follow up the aggression on me right? She asked.
“I don’t know, maybe we were meant to be cat and dog and I kind of enjoy the different treatment you do give me, Theodore replied.


Jennifer said and they heard footsteps coming.
“I think someone is heading this way, Theodore said and stood up going to the door.

“Theodore! They heard Daniel voice.
“Hey man open up this door quick! Theodore replied inside.

“What happened? Daniel asked coming closer.
“Have you noticed any key outside? We were locked in here by someone, Theodore replied and Daniel looked around him,

“Here’s the key, Daniel said seeing it beside the door and opened up.
“Ahhhh thank you so much, Theodore said shaking hands with him.

“You were locked up here alone? Daniel asked.
“No I and Jennifer, please stay with her I’ll be back, Theodore replied and hurried off while Daniel got in and met Jennifer sitting on the floor.

“Hey thanks for coming to our rescue, Jenny said.
“Sorry I disrupted something, Daniel said smiling.

“Disrupted something? Nah not at all, I really want to leave this place. By the way where’s Theodore? Jenny asked.
“He hurried off just like that, I don’t know why, Daniel said.

“This late and are we going to wait for him? Jenny asked.
“Sure, what happened to your leg? Daniel asked.

“Ermmm its a little sprain, Jenny replied while Daniel looked at it carefully.
‘This isn’t little, now i see why Theodore hurried off, Daniel said and Jennifer remembered something.

“Has he gone to get me herbs? Jenny asked.
“That’s Theodore for you and I wonder why you two fight with each other in every opportunity. Hey I hope you two didn’t fight in here? Daniel asked.


he’s annoying, Jenny said.
“Every human is annoying, but he gat that part of him that is sweet and loving, that makes me stick to him like a glue, Daniel replied.

“Are you his brother? Jenny asker.
“Me? Not at all, we met in school here. At first i didn’t like the school and I was the greatest dummy ever in the whole world. I wonder how i got the admission but surprisedly my parents did all they could and i found myself here. I was always pissed off by student, there in the hostel my things will be snatched and i won’t do anything about it.
My dullness and foolishness made everyone make fun of me, then Theodore came around and changed everything. He made me his best friend, took me out of the hostel to his house, drew me close as his very blood and wrote a new chapter of Daniel.
I am what i am today because of him and guess what, he never bragged about any of this to anybody. We can fight and have a misunderstanding with ourselves but he will never bring this up to hurt me, he made me part of his family. So you see Jennifer, Theodore isn’t just what you think he is okay, please stop fighting with him, Daniel said and Jenny smiled.

“I’ll think about it, Jenny replied and they laughed.
“Laughing about me right? Theodore asked coming in rubbing herbs between his hands.
“There’s nothing funny about you anyway, Jenny said with a frown.

“I knew it, you left to get herbs for her this late, how sweet, Daniel said getting up from where he sat beside Jenny and Theodore shook his head.
“Daniel shut up, Theo replied.

“Apply it gently okay and make sure it doesn’t hurt her, Daniel said but Theo only smiled rubbing it on Jennifer legs.
“It will ease the pains okay. Can you stand? Theodore asked her when he was done.

“How can she stand with that? She’ll stress her leg and the herb won’t work anymore, are you not to carry her? Daniel replied.
“Don’t worry i can manage, Jenny said and attempted to get up but Theodore carried her in his arms.


lock the door and give me the keys, Theodore said leaving the store while Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes.
Daniel tried controlling his laugh as he saw that,
“be careful with her okay, softly please! Daniel said locking the door happily.
“Daniel shut up! Theodore shouted and he laughed………………..


Episode 18.

Mabel was just around to see what will happen and when she saw Theodore carrying Jennifer to her quarters, she quickly called up Natasha.

“Can’t it wait till morning? Natasha picked the call with a sleeping eyes.
“Theodore just carried Jennifer up like a baby, Mabel dropped and Natasha quickly sat up.

“Theodore carried Jennifer up? Impossible! Natasha shouted.
“What’s wrong with you? What exactly do you want? Mabel angrily asked and Natasha closed her eyes tight.

“Good development, continue with it okay, looks like I have to dig up my plans and make it thick. Bye, Natasha said and dropped the call.
“Whatever! Mabel angrily said and left to her quarters but met Gladys outside,

“what’s the problem? Mabel asked.
“What did you do to Jennifer? She’s not back yet, Gladys said.
“Silly girl, Theodore will drop her off, Mabel replied.

“What! What led to that? In fact I can’t continue in this anymore and am backing out, Gladys said and Mabel smiled.
“Did you know the little information you gave to me made Jennifer and Theodore close. I just want to see them fall in love and stop fighting okay, is that a bad motive? I thought she’s your friend but you can’t do this one simple thing to make her happy, excuse me, Mabel said and got into her quarters while Gladys heaved pacing around confused………………….

The next morning Jennifer heard a tap and opened her eyes to see Joy,
“is it morning already? Jenny asked cleaning her eyes.
“I am just wondering when you came back yesterday when I was awake waiting for you, Joy replied.

“I didn’t want to wake you up but I came back late. Are we to take our bath now? Jenny asked.
“Yea and here is your phone, your mom called, Joy said returning her phone.
“I’ll call her back then, thank you, Jennifer said and got set to take her bath………………

Jennifer dressed in her overalls went out and saw Theodore with his friends talking and she slowly approached them,
“good morning all, she greeted.
“Good morning, they replied.

“Have you checked out the…… Jennifer said using eye contact on Theodore.
‘Not yet, how’s your leg? Theodore asked.

“Ermmm the pains was relieved and I don’t think I walk like a sick turkey anymore, Jenny replied and Theodore smiled and squatted to check her leg.
The student there was surprised to see that and Jennifer noticed the gazes on her and felt like fainting.

“You applied an ointment again? Theodore asked getting up.
“Joy insisted to, she replied.

“No problem, so can we go now? Theodore asked and she nodded.
“OK guys see you later, Theo said to his friends.

“Bye Daniel, Jenny said waving at him..
“Bye first lady, Daniel replied winkng at her and Theodore looked at him and shook his head.

The store room is quite distanced from the student hostel,
“can you please stop squatting like that in public so tongues won’t wag, Jenny said to him as they were going.

“I can do that to anybody, I don’t see anything wrong with it, he replied.
“Your students, you know how they behave. I am tired of seeing myself on net, Jenny said and Theodore burst out laughing.

“My students like I have the school huh? And i thought you were enjoying all of it, Theo said.
“What! Hell no please, Jenny replied.

“OK, looks like I’ll apply the herbs here so they won’t see it, agreed? Theo asked.
“Better and Thank you, Jenny said.

“You’re welcome at least you won’t look like a sick turkey anymore, Theodore said smiling while Jennifer only nodded and they arrived……………….

Few minutes later the Hod arrived and gave every student personal hand gloves, and every partner he gave a container to put in their samples. He also gave some guys shovels and they set into the bush.
“Today we won’t be doing too much but I’ll just talk about Helminths. I hope you all know helminths are worms and worms are cylindrical organisms with a head and a tail, The Hod said and got a shovel from one of the student digging a particular area showing them the different sizes of worms.

“They differ in size as you can see but there are parasitic helminths which can be divided into several groups including the nematodes and trematodes. Now if I should ask, what are trematodes in a simple sentence? The Hod asked.

“Flat worms, the students chorused.
“Or otherwise called? The Hod asked.

“Flukes, Jennifer replied.
“Beautiful. Now there are conditions that promotes fluke transmission and that is the presence of slow running streams and also presence of stagnant water surrounded with vegetation etc.
There is a slow running stream up there, let’s go check it out, the Hod said leading the way……………….

A brief lecture was done there and samples were gotten to be experimented on.
“I think we are done here for today, the Hod summarized.
“Sir can we have a little swim here please? A student asked.

“The water have not been tested to be safe okay, The Hod replied.
“But Sir we are dirty, the students chorused.

“You know what, we will be entering the neighborhood to see what’s going on there. When we are done I’ll take you to a safe and nice stream to clean up, the Hod said.
“Okay sir, the students said and he led them out.

They saw a group of villagers roasting crabs with the carapace.
“The carapace of a crabs can be a host for most parasites to live on. When a parasite has already invaded a crab and its being caught and roasted this way with it, as they eat this crab, the parasite goes into the human system and began to complete its life cycle. OK I want you all to go talk to them and hear the reason why the crabs are being roasted with the carapace, if possible get a sample from them. You have 15 minutes for that, the Hod said and every partner went away to have a little chat with the villagers while he watched………….

The students were later taken to a stream where they happily fell into it.
Jennifer couldn’t go into it because of the medication on her leg, she only washed her face, hands and legs and sat down looking at the students having fun. She later got bored and went in to sit on a rock

“Scared of water too right? Jennifer heard a voice and turned to see Theodore with a w€t body.
“You wish, its because of the medication, she replied and he looked at it.

“Its worn off already, don’t worry I’ll apply another, Theodore said dragging her up.
“No i don’t want to, Jennifer said.

“If you don’t I’ll carry you now and you know what that means, Theodore said.
“I can’t go in there with my clothes on, Jenny replied.

“then take it off, Theo said and smiled when he saw how she behaved.
“I see someone is shy, don’t worry I’ll turn my back, Theodore said and turned his back for Jennifer to change up.

“Done, Jennifer said and he turned back and was almost thrown balance.
“Well then let’s go, Theo said holding her hand taking her out of the bush.

“We will be jumping in at the count of 5, please give us a little space, Theodore shouted and the students cheered at them.
“Are you ready? He asked Jennifer which she nodded but the students already started counting for them……………….

Done swimming Jennifer came out w€t laughing happily,
“I’ll catch cold now, she said.
“Ermmm OK use this, Theodore said covering her with his jacket.

“Thank you, Jennifer said.
“Alright hurry up the Hod wants to see you guys in the base, a man said shouting on the students.

They arrived at the base and everyone retired to their different rooms,
“God please touch the Hod to do this every month, Joy happily said.
“Uhmmm i saw you and Daniel together, I hope its not what am thinking, Jenny said winking at her.
“Keep thinking Jenny, you and Theodor is becoming romantic, Joy replied smiling at her.

“Hey we are just tired of being enemies okay, nothing serious, Jenny said.
“OK then, but can you please take off His jacket from your body or are you still feeling cold? Joy asked and Jenny burst out laughing.

“You’re crazy, Jenny said smiling at the Jacket while Joy just looked at her.
“You find him cool right? Joy asked Clinging on her back.

“I never knew he was this cool, Jenny replied and a beep came on her phone.
“Miss can i still apply the herbs before we set off to check the store room? Am outside” Jennifer read and smiled getting up.

“I’ll be back, Jenny say to Joy.
“Hey please don’t let this love make me feel lonely, Joy said with a frown.

“Call Daniel up or better still your loving Partner, Jenny said Laughing going out.
“By the way you look s£xy on that shorts, Joy shouted.
“Silly girl, Jenny replied as she closed the door.

“I hope that silly wasn’t for me? Theodore asked coming out from a corner and Jenny giggled.
“Its for Joy anyway, she loves pulling my legs, Jenny replied as they strolled to the store room……………


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