November 29, 2021

Let’s play hard episode 29 – 30


Episode 29.
Story by Miriam Edem.

“Look guys, I made that video of her but I was paid to do that, Pius replied them.
“Then why the sad look on your face? Someone asked.

“That’s because she’s not what you think she is. That video was made on the night one of the models had a birthday party. Perpetual then hated Jennifer so much, because to her she thinks Jennifer is having an affair with her dad who was a lecturer also in her previous school. And again Perpetual had her eyes on a guy who was in love with Jennifer, that resulted to the hatred to bring her down and ruin her of the crown from being the queen, because the Bright age institution is a no nonsense school that won’t tolerate such act, Pius narrated.

“How were you able to make a video of her that way if she isn’t a prostitute? David asked.
“She is no prostitute! I made her drunk that night and she wasn’t herself because of what i mixed. I used her to make so many fun she wasn’t aware of and that’s how I made the video, believe me that girl isn’t what you think she is, Pius replied.

“What’s the video of Bright age institution doing in the The Bridge despite the long distance? Another asked.
“I don’t know how I was contacted seriously and I met up with one Natasha of a girl. She offered me some amount of money to bring out the video, I didn’t know it will be used this way, that’s too bad, Pius said taking another cigarette.


about it, she’ll get over it soon, David said tapping his shoulders……………..

Theodore arrived in a remote area late in the evening and knocked on the door,
“Who is it? A voice asked and opened up.
“Theodore? What are you doing here? Please come in, the man said letting him in which Theodore weakly entered.

“Good evening uncle, sorry I took you unawares, Theo said.
“You don’t need to say that, you’re always welcome here. But you don’t look too good, what’s wrong? David asked.

“Uncle please I just want to lay my head somewhere and sleep, Theo replied.
“Does your father knows you’re here? David asked and he shook his head.

“And why? Is there anything you’re not telling me Theodore? David asked.
“Uncle please don’t tell anyone am here, I just want to isolate myself from people for now. I am so hurt right now, Theodore replied and David sat beside him.


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is troubling you this way? Last time i saw you this way was when my sister left your dad, whatever it is you can share it with me, David said and Theodore was already crying and laid his head on David shoulders.

“Christ! Theodore you’re making me scared, please what’s going on else I’ll call your dad immediately to find out myself, David said.
“I love her so much uncle, right now I don’t know what to feel anymore, Theo replied.

“So its a woman again making you cry? OK put yourself together and tell me about her. What did this girl do? David asked and Theodore told him everything.
“Her name is Jennifer from The Bridge whose nudes are over the net? David asked and Theo sadly nodded.

“Are you hurt because she’s that kind of person, or are you hurt because you didn’t know about her before falling in love with her? David asked.
“She hid this from me uncle, she refused telling me her past and the reason for her rustication, Theo replied.

“If she had told you, would you have loved her still? Would you have accepted her past and pretend like it was never there? One thing I know is, true love should be unconditional, you excepted her to be an angel and it turned out to be what you didn’t think of her to be. Now you know who she really is, are you still going to love and accept her despite the situation? David asked.


she would have been sincere to me first and see my reaction, rather she kept this from me which shows she hasn’t repented of it. Who knows when that video was made, Theo angrily said.
“What if it was made in the past? What if she has turned a new leaf? David asked.

“And one sign of repentance is confession and sincerity! She kept this from Me despite i asked her about it. Do you know how embarrassed I am now? I would have avoided this from happening if she was open, but lo I was shocked to my marrows and made stupid. I held so much expectation on this day for the Both of us, Now this, uncle am so fvcked up now! Theodore shouted crying and David held him..

“Put yourself together okay and calm down. Its already late now, tomorrow I’ll make you see someone, but for now come shower and have something to eat, David said.
‘I don’t feel like eating, Theo said.

“No you will, have a shower while I get your food ready, David said holding Theodore up.
“Thank you, Theo said……………………

There in the hospital, Daniel brought in Joy, Treasure and Annabel who refused to go despite the time.
“Honey aren’t you going to eat? You’re getting weak, Jenny mom said but Jenny was quiet.

Joy was more scared and Confused at Jennifer behavior, because she refused talking to anyone but laid as a log of wood.
“Jenny please just a little, do this for me okay, Joy said scooping the food bringing it to Jenny mouth but she beat the spoon away.

“Just let me be all of You, is that too much too ask!!! Jennifer violently shouted.
“Jennifer stop this, we want the best for You, right now you need to eat, Daniel said.

“There’s no best for me okay, right now I want to Die and that’s the best right now! Jenny replied and her mom sniffed sadly looking at her.
“Sister are Yuh really determined to leave us this way? Joy asked with tears streaming down her face but Jenny wasn’t concerned.

A call came on Daniel phone,
“Hello dad, Daniel picked up.
“Daniel is Theodore with you? We just found his car parked on the road with a note that says don’t bother looking for me, Kennedy said.

“No I haven’t seen him since he left the hall, i think he wants to be alone with what happened, Daniel replied.
“How is Jennifer? Kennedy asked.

“She doesn’t want to talk to anyone nor eat and she’s getting weaker, we don’t know what to do anymore, Daniel replied
“The school authority has commanded Natasha to bring down the videos, I know it won’t change anything seeing a lot of it has been shared but she has to put herself together, Kennedy said.

“Is that all the school authority can do or say to Natasha? She has no right to hurt her that way, that act was on purpose and uncalled for, she must be punished for that! Daniel shouted.
“What do you want us to do? She stood on the ground that she was only saving the school image, He replied.

“What about the post on IG? That was a clear prove that she wanted this to happen to ruin Jennifer identity, Daniel said.
“Please Daniel, i am not too concerned with that when i am worried sick about my son. If You get to hear from Theodor just let me know right away and Tell Jennifer to be strong, I’ll visit her tomorrow, Kennedy said.


tell her that sir. bye, Daniel replied.
“Aren’t you coming home today? Kennedy asked.

“Honestly sir i don’t have an answer to that, but its already late I’ll just sleep here, Daniel replied and Kennedy heaved.
“You are truly a friend, I don’t want to imagine what Theodore is going through now but I hope this will pass soon. See you tomorrow, Kennedy said and the line went dead.

Daniel turned to Jennifer and saw tears streaming down her face,
“where is Theodore? She quietly asked.
“No one has an idea of his whereabouts now, Daniel replied and she looked at the chain on her neck and wept silently………………..

That night Theodore laid on the bed he was given and took his phone, he switched it on and quickly put it on flight mode to avoid calls.
He went to the gallery and viewed the pictures and videos he made with Jennifer and wept quietly.

Unknown to him David was by the door looking at him,
“urghhhhh! Why Jennifer! Theodore shouted and threw the phone away in pains and David went to him.
“What do you think you are doing? This won’t help Theodore, David said.

“I want her so much in my life, why this uncle why her? Theodore cried on him.
“Its okay alright, you need to sleep now, David said laying him back and took his phone from the ground, switched off the light and left the room.

David sat down viewing the pictures and saw how responsible Jennifer was, he shook his head in pity and stood up,
‘Pius need to put an end to this, I must see him tomorrow, David said……………


Episode 30

The next morning David hurried out to Pius place and met him about to go out,
“Hey wassup? Pius said shaking hands with him outside..

“Not too good. Look my nephew is here, David replied.
“So what about him? Pius asked.

“The girl you set up is his girlfriend. The boy is so broken right now and I can’t watch him that way, David said.
“So what do you want me to do? Wait, is it because I confined in you guys as my friends, what if I didn’t? Pius angrily asked.

“Do you have a conscience at all? You need to bring back that girl image, you said it yourself she isn’t what you portrayed her to be, David said.
“Get out of here before I loose my mind, Pius shouted.

“Oh really? Someone daughter is hospitalized with her image ruined. How did you sleep last night knowing you’ve killed someone? David shouted.
“I have to survive okay and I don’t Care who gets hurt! I needed the money when my girlfriend ran away leaving a suckling baby for me, what did you expect me to do when I saw such amount of money after all I didn’t kill her! Pius said.

“You didn’t kill her you say? I wish same thing will happen to your daughter to make you understand better how bad it feels, David said and Pius violently grabbed him.
“Take my daughter out of this! Pius shouted.

“But you hurt someone else daughter didn’t you! You have to make things right and its not too late, David fought back.
“Uncle what’s going on! Theodore shouted coming in between them..

“Theodor why are you here? David asked but Pius took to his heels.
“Hey get that man down! Theodore go after him! David shouted and Theodore confusedly went after him with two other young guys standing by.

They caught up with Pius and held him down,
“Please please, i was only paid to do it. I need to take care of my little daughter, Pius pleaded immediately but Theodore didn’t understand anything as he waited for his uncle.

“You think you can run away huh? You had a chance to take this thing slowly but you refused it. Sorry I won’t let you go this time, David said when he met them.
“I regret telling you this, you betrayed me! Pius shouted.

“Uncle what’s wrong? Theodore asked.
“Look dear, the video of Jennifer was all done by him, David replied.

“I don’t get it, Theodore said.
“Speak Pius speak! David shouted on him as Theodore eyes was fixed on him.

“Perpetual in Bright age Institution paid me to make a video of Jennifer that way. Jennifer was a difficult girl and bringing her down was one impossible task. She was by then dating a guy Perpetual was in love with and that increased the hatred for Jennifer. 2 days to the modeling ceremony, there was a birthday celebration of one the models which I was invited by Perpetual. Jennifer had a disagreement with her boyfriend that night and I went to her sitting on the same table with her.
She already had few bottles of drink so I had to make her double up with some discussions pretending to be one of her fans.
She excused me to ease herself and that was when i add up something to make her more tipsy, she returned and continued with her drink and I took her to the arranged room where I used her to do what I wanted and made a video of her, Pius said and Theodore eyes bulged out looking at him..

“Urggghhhhhh bastard! Theodore screamed throwing two punches at a blow and David held him as he violently fought with his uncle.
“Theodore stop this! David shouted on Theodore.

“Why did he do that to her? Why uncle? Theodore cried.
“You haven’t heard it all, before was Perpetual, won’t you like to know who paid him now? David asked.

“Who paid you? Will you speak up! Theodore shouted.
“Natasha. I don’t know how she got me but she paid me to make the video available on the day of the coronation. Please I didn’t know she will do it this way, Bright age institution scandal was not this viral like what she did. Please forgive me, Pius pleaded.

“Forgive you after what you’ve done? Do you know how she’s feeling right now? Theodore asked.
“I can make things right and speak up, Pius replied.

“Will that change anything! Theodore shouted.
“At least everyone will know it was all a set up, David replied.

“What now? Theodore asked.
“He will confess this to Jennifer ex school, David replied.

“I refused to go that way, we will be accompanied by the police, the bitch needs to be Locked up! Theodore shouted. ……………..

Arthur and few lecturers visited which Kennedy was among. They met Jenny mom in tears as Jennifer was getting more weaker,
“Can we please talk to her? Arthur asked.

“If its about the video, she won’t talk to anyone about it, her mom replied.
“But she has to, else how can we help her out of this mess? Kennedy asked but she only shook her head giving them the entrance to go in..

“Jennifer dear, Kennedy said touching her hair while she laid silent looking at them.
“We are sincerely sorry for what happened yesterday. But we will appreciate it if you’ll open up to us so we can help you out of this, Arthur said.

“What’s there to know? The video already showed you who I am, Jenny weakly replied.
“But you don’t look that way to me, you are a decent girl and how will this be? Kennedy asked.

“I guess you were wrong about me, Jenny replied.
“I guess this was why you were rusticated. Bright age is a very religious school who won’t tolerate such act, but I think if it were in your past it should have been buried there, Arthur said and tears streamed down Jennifer face.

“Or maybe this is my destiny, I was just a moth who think herself to be a butterfly. The more I try to rise up, is the more I am crushed to the dust. Please sir can you just go, just leave me alone! Jennifer bursted out in tears.
“Jennifer, Kennedy called out sadly.

“I think its best you all go, your sight will only hurt her. Whatever your decision will be, it’ll be fine by us, Jenny mom said.
“Right now what can we say? If we decide to keep her will she stand the student? Arthur asked and Jenny mom sniffed.

“My daughter will be fine and I know she will get through this. But sir, she isn’t going back there again, Her mom replied and Arthur heaved.
“Is there anything I can do to help you out? Maybe with the bills or something? Arthur asked.

“No sir, everything has been taken care of. Thanks for coming, Jenny mom said and they left.

“Something is still fishy here. Did you see the hurt in Jennifer eyes? Kennedy asked.
“What exactly do you want me to do when she doesn’t want to speak up? Arthur asked.

“Still let’s help the poor girl out. I think there’s a lot she wants to say but the boldness isn’t there to say it out, The Hod of parasitology spoke out.
“What then should we do? Arthur asked.

“Let’s hear out from Bright age institution first, then we’ll know our next step, Kennedy said.
“Fine let’s go, Arthur accepted and they zoomed off…………………

Pius was dragged to Bright age institution which the school authority was shocked to their bones.
“Unbelievable! Outrageous! Which devil did this? Robert shouted.

“Your student, Perpetual by name, Pius replied and Robert quickly made a call to Perpetual father to report immediately with his daughter.
Few minutes later They arrived and Perpetual was surprised to see Pius.

“She is the one, Pius pointed at her when she got in.
“What the hell is he saying? Who are you? Perpetual asked pretending not to know.

“Shut up! Shut your dirty mouth up! Robert angrily shouted in a way his glasses fell from his eyes.
“With all due respect sir, you have no right to shout on my daughter that way, Perpetual dad said and a knock came on the door.

“Who is it! Robert shouted and Arthur walked in with other lecturers from The Bridge institution………..


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