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Let’s play hard episode 3 – 4

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Episode 3.
Story by Miriam Edem

“Can you tap that young lady for me, the lecturer pointed at Jennifer and the girl sitting beside her gently tapped her.
Jennifer returned back to her senses after being lost in thought without knowing.

“Yes sir, Jenny said on her feet.
“What was my last sentence? He asked but she just looked around.

“Sorry sir I have no idea, she replied.
“You must be the new student here right? He asked and she nodded.

“Is this how you always stay lost in class in your previous school? He asked.
“Sorry sir it wont happen again, she replied.

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“Of course it won’t. For your punishment I want to see you in the Chemistry lab after this lecture, sit down, the man said and concentrated on the class while Jennifer heaved.

Few minutes later the class was over and Jennifer bowed her head,
“Hi why are you troubled? The girl beside her asked.

“No I’m not, just that…… Never mind. Where can I locate the chemistry lab? Jenny asked.
“Will you mind if I take you there? The girl asked and she nodded taking her bag.

“I’m Joy Peters by name, the girl said as they left the class.
“Jennifer Mark, Jenny replied as the stares from the student continued.

“Who the hell is this Theodore guy and what’s so important about him everyone is so interested of? Jenny asked.
“Well he is the most intelligent guy in school in his session, handsome as you can see, filthy rich and talented. Have you heard him sing before? His voice is so captivating and he has a lot of fans because of that, Joy replied.

“Just that? I wonder what kind of punishment his dad will have me do, Jenny said.
“I am sure it will be mild, he can’t punish you harshly after all you’re not a kid anymore, Joy replied.

“How old are You? Jenny asked.
“Well I’ll be 18 next month, will you come for my birthday party? Joy asked and Jenny smiled.

“Sure and thanks for the invitation, She replied.
“Thank you, and here we are, that’s the laboratory, Joy said pointing at it.

“Oh thanks, see ya, Jenny said and walked into it.
She met the lecturer opening a file and went closer to him,

“You asked to see me sir, she said.
“I didn’t ask to see you, you are here for your punishment, he replied not looking at her.

“Right sir, so here i am, what’s the punishment? She asked and he looked at her.
“What made you absent minded in class? He asked.

“No idea sir, probably the teaching was boring…. Sorry… I mean maybe…erm the teaching was strange to me and I couldn’t meet up, Jenny said breathing hard as the man eyes was fixed on her.

“You mean to say my teaching was boring like I can’t lecture or what? He asked.
“No sir, that’s not what I mean. I’m so sorry I said that, it wasn’t intentional please, Jenny quickly said.

“Its fine don’t bother to explain. An experiment was just finished here minutes ago, I want every apparatus to be tidied up and arranged before i get back. And be careful, none should be broken, he said and she nodded dropping her back on the chair she saw.

“What is the first thing you should do? He asked.
“Get my safety wears, she replied.

“At least you were taught well over there, the man said and left and Jenny breathed out packing her hair in a pony tail to get set……………….

“Just take a look at this, Daniel said showing Theodore his phone.
“Can’t you see I am driving, Theodore said pushing the phone away.

“You need to see this Theo, its an Instagram video of you and that girl of yesterday. 9,000 views already with 2.5k comments, you know what that means right? Daniel asked and Theodore quickly parked the car and got the phone from him.

“Who did this? Theo asked after watching the video.
“Natacha but she wasn’t there, Someone must have done this and sent this to her. Gosh this is bad, Daniel said and Theo was filled with anger as he drove off again.


arrived school with a mood that gave no one the guts to go near him,
“where to now? Daniel asked and he breathed in.
“I’ll go to the lab, there’s an experiment I am observing then I’ll meet you in class, Theo replied.

“OK but hey, don’t say a word to anybody, just let it go, Daniel said tapping him on his shoulder and left.

Theodore got into the lab and saw Jennifer rinsing the pipette and he wondered why as he walked gently behind her.
She noticed someone presence in the lab and turned to see him coming behind her.

“So how are you feeling? He asked her.
“Feeling like what? She asked back.

“You must feel famous and happy I know, you’re the talk of the school now and that’s impressive, he replied.
“Well if that’s what you think, such feelings sucks knowing you’re the cause for that. I rather get famous for something better, by the way who do you think you are? She asked.

“Who is to answer that? Well congratulations on your new fame, he said as she sat down concentrating with what she was doing.
“Can you now leave, as you can see I am busy, she said to him.

“Maybe you should first get out from where I sit, i have something more important to take out of the locker there, Theodore said and she shook her head getting up from there and left to a corner.

“I couldn’t believe that myself, imagine the way she threw the notes on him, two young girls walked into the lab talking and was surprised to see them.


good morning, thank God I’ve seen you Theodore, can you help with this problem please? One of the girls asked bringing out a book.
“I am busy right now, he replied.

“Oh no please I’ve been looking for You and I need to submit this soon, The girl insisted with a sad look and Jenny took a glance of it.
“If you don’t mind can I help with it? Jennifer asked and they looked at her.

“What can a rude girl do about this? By the way i wasn’t asking for your help, the girl replied and Jenny swallowed nodding while Theodore just smiled.
“If she want to help why not give her a try, I’ll do some corrections if there are any, Theo said to her.

“Are you sure about that? She asked not knowing how to approach Jennifer anymore but he got the book from her and approached Jennifer.
“OK miss can you help me with this? he asked keeping the note on the table for her.

“I don’t want to do it anymore, Jenny replied.
“Oh common, don’t tell me little words like that can get to you. Just get that done okay, he said to her and left to his seat while Jenny just looked at him.

“So are they going to just stand there while i solve? How are they going to learn? Jenny asked and the girls slowly approached her.

Jennifer heaved and taught them as Theodore couldn’t help but get interested in her teachings.
“So that’s the final answer, cleared now? Jenny asked and the girls nodded and Theodore clapped without him knowing which they looked at him.

“Impressive, he said getting up to meet them.
“Alright thank you, bye Theodore, the girls said waving at them and left while Jennifer took her bag ready to leave too done with her punishment.

“Okay Mr famous, take care of the lab and make sure you don’t break anything, Jenny said to him and left while he just kept smiling at her saying nothing…………………


Episode 4.

Jennifer hurried to the hall where she is to attend her next lecture and saw Joy who beckoned on her to where she sat,
“so how was it? Joy asked when Jennifer settled down beside her.

“It wasn’t too bad, I was just asked to tidy up some apparatus there, Jenny replied.
“So miss…….. “Jennifer rather, Jenny cuts in.


Jennifer, your action was quite funny, I mean you’re barely 2 days here and you’ve put up quite a show and already insulted our icon. What were you thinking? A guy asked sitting next to her.

“Well I am so sorry I didn’t realise he was your Darling icon, but I think an icon to me should be friendly, loving and………. “What gives you the mentality that he isn’t? Some group of students shouted interrupting her.

“That was what he proved to me and I know you know the truth also but you’re just blinded with his looks whatever. So what are you guys gonna do? Beat me up huh? Jennifer angrily asked.
“Are you this tough or trying to be one? Will you stand the heat or do you need an eye pick? One guy asked coming from behind approaching Jennifer.

“Oh please pardon her, I’ll say it was an act of ignorance and she wasn’t aware. Can we just pardon her for today? I am very sure it won’t repeat itself again, Joy came in getting on her feet.
“stay out of this, if she wants to prove tough then we’ll show her the stuff we are made of, The guy said and Jenny smiled.

“I can’t believe you’re fighting for a guy your different girlfriends are crushing on. So you know, at any opportunity they have they wish they will hold him tight in their bosom, so pathetic, Jennifer said and they gasped looking among themselves.
“You all need apologies right? Fine I’m sorry, it won’t happen again okay, Jennifer continued and brought out her headphone putting it on while they just looked at her not knowing what to say and the lecturer walked in…………………

Theodore still at the lab checked his time and saw he was running late for his lecture,
“shit! He said returning his experiment back and hurried out of the laboratory.
“Hello handsome, rushing somewhere? Natasha asked stopping him.

“What do you want? He asked.
“We can’t greet friendly again or what? Common Theo don’t be this way always, She replied.

“After what you did? I mean what was that for? What image were you trying to create huh! Theo shouted.
“Calm down its not what you’re thinking, she said.

“Then tell me what I and the whole students are thinking. That was an embarrassing moment and all you could do was post it on Instagram to put shame on my face or what? He asked.
“It was just for fun darling, anyway who is that girl? She asked.

“Get out of my sight! Theo said and walked away.
“I’m sorry okay, I’ll get it deleted right away! Natasha shouted but he didn’t look back………………

Done with Lectures, Jenny and Joy walked out of the building together,
“it was really a long day today, Jenny said.
“Yea it was, please what happened back there wasn’t a joke. you need to be careful Jennifer, you just came and you’re already shaking foundations, Joy replied and she rolled her eyes.

“What do you want me to do? Keep shut and swallow their rubbish? Look I am no novice, I am suppose to be in my finals and here i am starting all over again. I am no ordinary fresher, I’ve been in this system before and nothing is new to me, just relax okay I’m cool, Jenny said touching her shoulder while Joy looked at her surprised.

“What happened? I mean why did you leave? Joy asked.
“Nah I don’t want to dig it out, see ya tomorrow, Jenny said waving at her and walked away.

She stopped at an ice cream stand and requested for a strawberry flavour,
“thank you, she said paying the man and walked away with her ice cream..

Going a few mile away from the ice cream stand she saw some group of ladies approaching her with a stern look.
That wasn’t her business as she enjoyably licked her ice cream and wanted passing them but one of the girls dragged her back making it fall.

“Excuse me, what’s that for? Jennifer asked.
“That’s for passing us like we were not noticed. I saw your little show on the first day you arrived school, what a bold fresher you must be, Natasha replied and Jenny scoffed.

“Are everyone this jobless and gullible here? I mean what’s so important about my show? With the popularity I am getting from it I think I should do more of it often, what do You think? Jenny asked.

“Don’t be stupid, I won’t bloody care if it was done with another person but stay clear from Theodore, take your joke far from him, Natasha said and She smiled.
“With that jerk? Don’t worry I will gladly stay clear from him, in fact I can’t imagine my self with such a being. I can’t believe I lost my sweet ice cream for some nonsense talk and let this be the first and last time you will do this, Excuse me, Jennifer said and walked away while the girls looked at themselves surprised.

“what are we going to do with her? One of them asked.
“Let her be for now and let’s watch her fly more wings, Natasha replied looking at Jennifer……………….

Jennifer arrived home and met her roommates with a pack of Pizza,
“you look tired what’s wrong? Annabel asked with the look on Jennifer face.
“Girl! your school is just filled with mad people, Jenny replied taking a slice of it.

“Wait, so you mean to say we are equally mad? Treasure asked and Jennifer laughed.
“That’s not what I mean, she replied.

“Lest I forget, I saw you on a video today. Why didn’t you tell us you encountered such an ordeal with Theodore yesterday? Annabel asked and Jenny sighed lying on the bed with her eyes tightly closed.

“Jennifer I am talking to you, Annabel called out again and Jenny opened her eyes.
“What should I say and what should i do now? Isn’t it great, Jennifer Mark is popular and trending on Instagram barely 2 days of her stay in school. Girls please i am so tired, she said getting up to the fridge to get a chill water to drink.

“I can’t believe this. Stop stirring this wave Jennifer, it won’t be good, Treasure said.
“No matter the wave, Jennifer is strong to sail through, join in her spirit too so You won’t crash, Jenny replied smiling.

“That wasn’t funny Jenny, we are damn serious here, Treasure said.
“She wont understand, Annabel said but Jennifer was less concerned


The next day the lecture was to be held in different hall Jennifer couldn’t locate,
“Excuse me, where is room Sc4 please? She stopped someone.

“Go straight and make a left turn, the guy replied.
“Thank you, Jennifer said and hurriedly left and the guy laughed at her together with his friends.

She got there and noticed there were no classrooms but offices,
“God! did I lost the way or something? She asked herself confused and saw Theodore coming out from one of the rooms.

She removed her gaze from him with a worried look as she stood wondering if to go back or not,
“And what is she doing here? Theodore asked with his hand placed on the wall looking at her.

“I think I’ve lost my way, I was actually looking for Room Sc4 and i was directed here, she replied immediately and he smiled.
“When you act tough make sure you’re also not ignorant so you won’t be made a fool. Such a room isn’t here, you passed it already, he replied and her eyes bulged out.

“What! She shouted.
“Excuse me, Theo said and was about to walk away.

“But where can i find it please? You can’t just leave me here stranded, Jenny said.
“Last i checked I don’t know you and i don’t know why i should help a brat like you or why you should need help from a guy with a miserable character. Why not go back to whoever gave you this direction, he said with a smirk and walked away while Jennifer stood angrily breathing hard.

“I hate you! She said under her breath.


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