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Let’s play hard episode 35 – 36

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Episode 35.

Story by Miriam Edem

“Here is Natasha, the……….. “The porn star! The people shouted laughing hard as Natasha was filled with shame.
“That’s enough please, Arthur said.

“Is there anything else she can say? They have already said it all and that’s more important, a student of Bright age spoke out.
“I agree with that, she only wanted to frustrate Jennifer by digging her past without knowing the exact truth about the whole stuff. She doesn’t have anything to tell us, Gladys supported.

“But she is seated here already, she need to say something and tell us why she did that, don’t you think something must have led to that action? What do you have to say Natasha? Arthur asked.
“What I Have to say is, Jennifer barely won. The witch was just lucky cause I don’t regret doing what I did, she deserves it and more, Natasha said and the people were disorganized.

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“fvck you loser! A student shouted.
“Are you this shameless Natasha? Is this really what you can say? Arthur asked surprised with her response.

“What do you want me to say? Oh you expected me to be sorrowful like the idiots here or Fall down on her feet and worship her? I’d rather die than apologize to that bitch, I wish I did more of it! Natasha shouted and Arthur slapped her and the crowd went out of control as they called Natasha all sort of names.

They were smuggled out by the cops and everyone apologized to Jennifer who just nodded sheepishly.
“What can i say now my dear? Your name has been cleared and your image returned. I don’t know, can you continue your degree in Bright age? I know you can still cope and cover up the times you’ve been away as an intelligent girl, Robert said and Jenny looked at her parents.

“But I was……… “Rusticated wrongly. You can’t start afresh when your mates are in their finals. Common I’ll help you get back on your feet so you be in the same page with them, that is if you’ll love to continue, Robert said cutting in and they looked at Arthur.

“I won’t stop you if you want to, I know how much stress and suffering you’ve passed through to reach that level, if you can still cope in there I have no problem with it, Arthur said and Jennifer looked at Theodore who was quiet.

“You know I got your back in any decision you will take, somehow I’m glad you arrived here so I can know you, Theodore said holding her hand.
“So you’ll get me replaced right when I leave huh? Jenny asked.

“Replaced with who? Hey don’t tell me you will replace me with that Lawrence of a guy, Theodore said and Jenny burst out laughing.
“I’ve made my decision sir, Radiology was what i have ever dream of studying from childhood. When I was expelled, half of me was gone. If the school still wants me back, I will gladly accept, Jennifer replied and Robert nodded happily.

“What are we going to do with the bridge magazine? We already had your picture on it as the crown winner, Kennedy asked.
“Nothing will be done about it, we will use that in honour of Jennifer but another Queen will be crowned, Arthur replied.

“Wow, thank you so much sir, Jenny said and hugged him.
“I appreciate your kindness sir during this period, we are grateful, Marks said shaking hands with Arthur but Arthur took Marks away from where others were standing.

“I noticed something, you and your wife are not in terms right? Take an example from Perpetual and also what happened to your daughter and work out your marriage. It distabilized her, same way it did to perpetual that made her took that path which her parents were not aware. Look at Natasha, her dad rejected the pregnancy cause to him it was a mistake, her mom was only a mistress.
Theodore is not an exception either, when i see couples divorcing my main concern will be on the children, they tend to face the consequences. Most times the upbringing of a child is well appreciated and easy when its done by both parents to shower them the love and care they need and making sure they are always on track. Children enjoys family, the sight of it gives them joy and when they see you guys separated, they get divided also. Please fix this, Arthur said tapping Marks on his shoulders.


noticed that and thought about it too, sadly I failed as a husband and a father. Few days after I left home, I heard of Jennifer scandal, this wouldn’t have happen if Jennifer was not firstly depressed and gave herself to alcohol which Pius penetrated through it to hurt her that way. When i returned i saw the strength that came upon her and i already made my decision, this time I am not going back anymore, Marks replied and Arthur smiled.

“You have a wonderful daughter you know, Arthur said as they were going back.
“She’s my angel always, thank you sir, Marks said……………….

They got home and a celebration was held at Theodore’s place, the news popped up and the headlines took what happened few hours ago.
“Finally its over! Cheers to that! Joy shouted raising a glass of wine but Daniel was not happy.

“Hey wassup with that face of yours? Jennifer asked.
“Is it true you’re going back to Bright age? Is that why we are celebrating because you’ll soon be gone right? Daniel asked.

“No, Common Dan don’t be like this. i will be visiting of course, its just a few hours drive, Jennifer replied.
“Visiting? Daniel asked and Jenny heaved.

“OK I’ll be spending my weekends at my besties place, is that fine by you? Jenny asked
“That sounds okay at least, Daniel replied smiling.


at you, Joy should have behaved that way and not an old man like you with a bald gray head, Theodore said they laughed.
“You ain’t serious, where the hell is the bald gray head? Daniel asked rubbing his head.

“Here let me show you, Theodore said and hit him hard on the head.
“Ouch Theodore! Daniel shouted and ran after him………………

That night Jennifer laid on the bed smiling as she remembered how the day went so well with the fun accompanied with it. She heard her parents whispering and got scared if they are fighting as they used to.

“I guess you’ll be leaving tomorrow, you didn’t come with your bag, Jenny heard her mom said as she peeped looking at them.
“You are not with your bag either, so i guess we all will be leaving tomorrow, Marks replied..

“You mean? He asked.
“I am not leaving my daughter again, she needs us and i won’t rub her of that right, He replied.

“What difference does it make? Jennifer already accepted whatever happened between us, she moved on already and we can do just fine without you, she said and he looked at her.
“Will you stop being selfish and take this attitude away from you? If you don’t value family i do okay, Marks said.

“I doubt that cause you left first, she said.
“You pushed me out with your constant nagging and insecurities. I can never be like your father and if you really want this marriage to work out good you need to believe in me. I’ve tried to understand you knowing all this thoughts going through your head is the result of the experience you had with your parents, but we can never be the same. Clear that out of your mind and wake up to reality, Jennifer needs us and if we continue this way it won’t be good for her, Marks said holding her while she was quiet looking at him.

“so you weren’t cheating on me? She slowly asked.
“I will keep saying this to you, I am not your dad and not all men cheats! I respect you and I cherish our wedding vows, please don’t make this too difficult for me, Marks replied and she hugged him..
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, she kept saying and Jennifer smiled seeing that and tiptoed to her room.


jumped up happily and her phone began to call,
“Sweetheart there is good news! She happily picked up.

“Jenny listen to me, i just had a call now, Natasha committed suicide in her room this night, Theodore said and Jennifer dropped her phone in shock……………….


Episode 36.

The next day Jennifer family hurried up to the hospital Natasha was taken to and they met Theodore with some staffs outside,
“What happened? How did it happened? Jennifer worriedly asked but Theodore held her.

“She couldn’t help it, she just did it, Theo replied.
“Is she really dead? Jennifer asked and Theo nodded.

“Oh no, she shouldn’t have done that. Christ! Jennifer exclaimed.
Natasha mom was seen coming out with a sorrowful expression and they quickly went to her,
“Am so sorry Priscilla, no one wished her this, Arthur said to her.

“Really? I hope you all are happy now? You’ve humiliated my daughter to the whole world and she’s finally gone, what are you sorry for? Priscilla asked.
“Are you trying to say we wished her death too? What your daughter did was bad and Jennifer faced the same thing, we only wanted to make things right and show her she was wrong. Why should she think of committing suicide? That was pride at work and it cut her this short, Arthur said.

“Now what! Your precious Jennifer has been restored, can you bring my daughter back to life? Priscilla asked.
“We didn’t killed her but she did. We are here to share your grievances but looks like its not welcomed, Arthur said.

“No sir don’t say that, I understand how she’s feeling right now. Its not easy to lose a daughter, Jennifer mom came in.
“Now you shut up! What do you know anyway about losing a daughter? and what gave you and your useless daughter the right to be here? Get out! Priscilla shouted and Marks scoffed.

“Listen woman, we spent the whole night worried when we heard the demise of your daughter. But it looks like we were just wasting our time, Now I see where Natasha took her cowardice attitude from and that is from you. You killed your daughter yourself and only you have yourself to blame. You raised her in a pompous way that made her feel no one has the right to talk to her and she can get everything she wants. You forgot to train her in a way that life sometimes doesn’t give us all that we want, and when it doesn’t come you still live on strong. Jennifer was in that page twice but here she is, what happened to Natasha? You killed her! Marks shouted and Priscilla swelled up and wanted fighting him.

“Get out! Get out bastard get out! Priscilla screamed out pulling her shoes and throwing it on them as they left.
“Honey that was harsh, she is going through a lot already, Jenny mom said in the car.

“What did you expect me to do? She wanted hearing the truth and I gladly gave it to her, Marks said breathing hard.
“But dad, no matter what, she loved her daughter. She felt she was doing her the best and made her live a life of a princess, am not sure she wanted bad for her but the best, Jenny slowly said.

“Its alright darling, it has happened and right now I don’t know if we are going to attend the funeral to avoid trouble, I think we should stay clear, Marks said and Jenny sadly bowed her head and her Mom held her.
“Its okay Jenny, its not your fault. Remember you wanted doing the same thing, and somehow I understand the girl especially what happened at the hall yesterday. she was hurt and felt it was all over which is very wrong of her to take her life, Her mom said.

“I need to see Perpetual, at the hall she said something that touched me. I think I owe her an apology because I couldn’t notice what she was going through, Jenny said.
“She doesn’t stay here remember, if so we have a long drive ahead of us, Marks said.

“Can we go there now? I really need to see her please before she hurt herself, Jennifer said and Marks heaved.
“Yes Angel, He replied……………………

Jennifer family arrived and found Perpetual crying in her fathers arms and they slowly knocked on the door.
“Marks, please come in, Her dad said and they slowly walked in.

Jennifer looked at Perpetual for a while and slowly sat down,
“To what do I owe this visit? Sorry I was suppose to talk to you about all that has happened. Please I am…………. “Forget about it. I met a very good scene here, Marks cut in..

“Yea I was ashamed when I heard that, I didn’t realised what I did until yesterday and I am genuinely sorry, Her dad said and Jennifer got up and sat beside Perpetual.
“I’m sorry, she slowly said.

“What did you do? Perpetual asked.
“Why didn’t I notice it? I felt everything was going on well and I enjoyed your father company alone not knowing you were pushed away. I should have corrected that wrong, Jennifer replied and Perpetual held her hand.

“I think it’s okay and over now. I heard you’re coming back to Bright age, Perpetual said.
“Yes I was asked to come back, Jenny replied.

“Wow that’s good news congrats, Perpetual said and hugged her.
“OK I think this chapter is closed now and we have our Perpetual and Jennifer again, Marks said and they nodded smiling at themselves………….

The news of Natasha death was a shock to everyone and her funeral was fixed in 2 days time.
Theodore and Daniel was just quiet at home when the headlines captured the suicide of Queen of the bridge institution.

“Yes she was annoying and we never liked ourselves for anything, but how in the world will she take her own life? What exactly was she thinking? Daniel asked.
“Pride they say goes before a fall. I am not convinced she did that because of the video that went viral or the abuses she got from the hall. She hated Jennifer and seeing Jennifer coming out strong after all she did was the poison to her, Theo replied.

“Can people be this heartless? But come to think of it, what exactly did Jennifer do to her? Daniel asked.
“You don’t need to do anything to anybody to make them hate you. I can hate you because of your big head, you can never tell, Theo said and Daniel smiled.

“Don’t think I don’t know you just insulted me. But are we going for the funeral? Daniel asked.
“Yes, Theodor replied and heaved.

“She was a good friend, and my first friend in school. When I got into school I was kind of alone, I didn’t talk to anyone and it was just me. I sat at the school stadium once and she came out from no where to sit with me. We discussed so many things and bought ice cream for ourselves that day, and that’s how we became friends. She took the spirit of shyness from me and made me involved in so many activities in school, then she brought up the modeling which we won together.
She confessed her love to me first though I only saw her as a best friend and a sister to me. I didn’t want to hurt her when she told me she’s in love with me, I loved her courage and accepted the relationship, after all we were Mr and miss. But it all went sour when she went on bed with Damian, I found it hard to forgive that betrayal until Jennifer came into the picture. We both have hurt ourselves in different ways, but when it comes to love the heart makes it choice. I should have forgiven her and take her back, but it wasn’t there anymore because I didn’t felt that way for her in the first place. She was a good friend until things went bad, she deserves a last respect from me for the good times we had in the past, Theodore said and Daniel weakly sighed.

“Good heavens right now I don’t know what to do, I feel so bad I uploaded the video in the first place. I feel like I am part of her death, honestly I didn’t want her to die, Daniel said and Theodore held his hand tightly.
“Get over it Daniel, Theodore said………….

Lydia and Mabel visited Natasha place and found Priscilla drunk with alcohol at home,
‘What are you doing ma? Mabel asked taking the bottle from her.
“Give that back to me and what are you doing here? Isn’t your friend dead? Priscilla shouted dragging the bottle from her.

“I know, but what are you doing to yourself? Please stop it, Lydia said.
“Stop it? Your friend was foolish and stupid that she brought such shame to me after all I did for her. I carried her as a princess and is this what she can repay me with? I felt so good when I pressed the knife tight on her body when she was sleeping, she deserved to die! Priscilla shouted and the girls gasped.

“You killed Natasha! Mabel shouted and the drink cleared from Priscilla eyes.
“What? Why should I do that to my daughter?, she asked and started faking tears but the girls ran out immediately.

“Get back here now! Arrrghhh!! Priscilla shouted on them and angrily smashed the bottle on the wall ………………


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