Life Of A Pornstar

Life of a Pornstar episode 11 – 12


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 11

I’ve never felt the pains I felt when I saw Austin and the lady, just two days of leaving he has began to cheat already, I’ve never fall inlove in my life before cause my life was ruined with Austin but I felt the edge of sword pierced my heart when I saw the both of them.

Immediately I slapped him, he called my name “Ifeoluwa!! ” that was the first day he called my name in full. I slapped him again and faced the lady.

Anger was written all over me, if knife was closed to me that very moment I’d have kill him and the b!tch.

The lady stood up and wrapped herself with the bed clothes ready to fight with me, “you are not thinking of going right? ” I questioned the lady

“look at this little girl of yesterday, so Austin has exposed you to this extent that you think he now belongs to you right? ” she retorted.

I was being patient for listening to her, I landed my hand on her face, before she recover from the slap I released another slap.

She pushed me away with the intention of punching me but it’s not possible cause I was stronger than her although she’s matured and I believe she’s older than me.

I used my hand to remove the bed clothes on her and pushed her outside, she fell to the floor.

Austin ran outside with a wrapper on his hand, I slapped him and pushed him away.

It drew the attention of other neighbors including mummy Khalifa, I punched her several times carefreely until blood was oozing from her nose.

Mummy Khalifa came and drag me from the lady, others were only watching “ain’t you ashamed of yourself? You [email protected] a lady like you ” she quarried

“mummy Khalifa leave me let me teach this cheap sl*t a lesson of her life ” I said trying to free myself from mummy Khalifa hold.

The lady quickly stood up and tied the wrapper, she tried to come and fight me but other neighbors hold her

“she fit kill you o” I heard another neighbor warning her.


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her to come, prostitutes like her” I said not minding

“between you and I who is the prostitutes? You’re opening your legs for my boyfriend and another man because of money ” she said

I freed myself swiftly from mummy Khalifa’s grip and pounced on her, I punched her hard like never before.


Khalifa came and began to beat me, I slapped mummy Khalifa, everyone began to quarrel me until Austin carried me in a bridal style to his room and lock the door.

“stupid girl, I’ll report you to your mother because I’ve been observing your disrespect for elderly once because you grew up like someone under fertilizer control ” I heard mummy Khalifa’s voice saying


forget about her, she’s a prostitutes and you know prostitutes don’t have respect.

Her mum might even know about this but she’ll not talk because she’s profiting from it so don’t bother to tell her ” I heard the ladies voice answering her.

“nawa o for Yoruba people ” I heard another voice saying.

I tried to go outside and answer them but his grip was strong, he wouldn’t let me go, I slapped him several times but he did not bother.

I was under his hold until the place was quiet.
I refused to talk to him, it wasn’t funny at all. I believe he has disclosed my secret to the lady but who was the lady to him? I’ve never see him with a lady before.

He knelt down in front of me “I’m so sorry Ife over what happened, the truth is that I missed you and I was h¤rny that’s why I invited her, she’s just a prostitutes ” he said

“and you expect me to believe you? Who is her boyfriend and other men that I opened my legs for and how did she get to know about it? ” I questioned

“seriously I don’t know, she was operating my phone earlier maybe she saw the messages ” he said

I find it hard to believe him, I was just quiet watching him and his cute lie.

” please Ife my love, you are the one I love that’s why I brought you inside and I don’t like the way people are seeing her [email protected] body that’s why I took the wrapper to her” he said but I ignored him and gaze at the ceiling.
He tickled me and I jumped up immediately, I began to laugh although I wasn’t ready to laugh.


jumped on me “I’ve missed you and your fresh golden pot” he said
“I’ve missed you too and that was why I came to visit you ” I said to him.

His lip touched mine, without hesitation we engaged in an intense kissed, I want to swallow his tongue.
I m0aned gently, he undressed me while we were still kissing, my pants was like a distraction to him as he find it hard to pull it like the skirt and blouse.

“stop putting on tights pants baby” he said, before I knew it he’d torn it immediately, I ignored and focused on the kiss.

I hugged him so tight, his hands was on my cl!t already, he was fast. He caressed anything his hands touches and fumble it.

Austin was hot that evening, I know he wants to satisfy me because I was angry at him.
I turned him on the bed, his cock was so hard on me, I jumped on it and do the riding style.


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 12

I woke up to see myself on Austin, he was also sleeping, I checked the time it was 17:00, I hurriedly stood up and dressed.

I know my aunt will be mad at me, I did not mind to wake him up.
After arranging my head, I felt his hold around my waist “baby you want to leave me now? ” he asked

“yes dear, you know I’m living with my aunt and she’ll be mad at me ” I answered

“oh your mum did not try at all for sending you to that place ” he said

“don’t worry I’ll come back soon, promise me that no b!tch will lay on this bed with you ” I said

“I promise you baby that no b!tch will lay on this bed lest you caught off her ass” he said and I laughed.

We kissed shortly before I left for my aunt house, due to traffic jam I couldn’t reach on time, I get to her house by 20:00.

Ella was outside, she ran to me and asked me to follow the window that she lied to her mum that I was sleeping.
I was surprised, I never knew she was so smart, I sneaked to the room through window, I dressed to my night wears immediately.

I pretended to still be sleeping when I heard my aunt complaining about my sleep, Ella entered the room immediately and called me out.

Before we got to the living room she reminded me of the carrot stuff, I pretend to be ready but of course not, I don’t want my cousin to be an addict like me besides my aunt was nice for allowing me into her house and she’s always around her children, I don’t want to be the bad egg, my mum was ignorant that was why my case was different.

“Ife why have you been sleeping like fish, hope you’re fine? ” My aunt asked

“no aunty my eyes are aching that was why I wanted to eat those carrots ” I lied
“oh dear, I am so sorry, I never knew you had an eye problem, I’ve forgotten about the carrot” she said, Ella eyed me immediately.

We all had a dinner of Amala and ewedu soup, after dinner we did evening devotion, everyone went to their room.

Ella began to disturb me, I had to lie for her that I’ve forgotten about the carrot, she was angry but I ignored, I want the best for her.

I focused on my phone, I began to chat with Markus the soldier I met earlier, he asked if we could hook up and I accepted reminding him that all bills on him.

I was happy about it, I remembered that Alhaji asked me to come over for weekend, an idea stroke me, I’ll lie to my aunt that a friend invited me for camp but before doing that I have to chat and bring the proof.

I downloaded WhatsApp for second SIM, I saved it as bestie, I chat with myself like Christian friends communicate and invite myself to camp.

Early the next morning I told my aunt about it and she demanded to tell my mum before permitting me, I knew my mum will agree without thinking twice.

My mum was even happy when she heard I was going for three days camp, I programmed it well, I’d go to Kano on Friday and come back on Sunday.

I’ll not come home direct on Sunday, I’ll go and see the soldier guy, nobody know about my plans, Ella said she’ll follow me to camp but her mum insist.

I was so happy, not just for going to see Alhaji but for traveling to Kano another state, I imagined the kind of mother I have, she didn’t even bother to ask the name of the church or venue of camp so long as its church activity she’s satisfied already.

On Saturday I called Alhaji very early in the morning to inform him about my coming, he was happy about it, he told me where to stop and I jotted everything down.

The journey was not as easy as I thought, a very far place and it seems we’ll never reach our destination.

Although the taxi was fast but it took us six hours to arrive at Kano the centre of commerce, the place was so busy and the most common language among the citizens was Hausa.

I’m a Yoruba girl so I find it hard to understand Hausa but I was able to get where he asked me to wait for him.

Few minutes later he was there with his long gown and a turban tied around his neck to his face.

Alhaji is a real Hausa blood, we walked to his house, the houses there has tall fences with a write up “ba shiga ” I wonder what it means.

Before we could enter the real building we passed many tall fences, the house was mighty, cows were outside while children and women walk to and fro in the compound.

“don’t mind my place here, this is my family house, I have four wives and you’ll be the fifth one day. ” he said and I laughed.

We got to his room, his room looks like that of India, I wonder how he was able to acquire such wealth with his battalion family.

He went to the bathroom to clean up, few minutes later he was dressed “we’re not going to stay here, I’m going to lodge hotel were you’ll stay until you’re ready to go” he said

I was glad about it, I stood up and went with him, he took his Range Rover that has dark glasses.

We went to the hotel were he lodge for me. “I’ll like you to rest, welcome to Kano the center of commerce I hope you’ll like it, just feel free with the place, I’ll join you by 22:00 , whatever you want order for it” he said and left.

I was like wow, money is good, I went to the bathroom to clean up, soon I was dressed already, I took a stroll at the hotel.

I met a friendly lady who was lodging close to me, her name is Elena, she followed me to my room.

We chatted for long, one discussion led to another and I told her about the Alhaji and I.

“my dear you are missing, if you want to sin then sin openly beside everybody is a sinner and sin is sin” she said,

I looked at her confusedly
“I mean you’re good, you have good skin, nice b00bs and big ass, why not join those who act p¤rn and become a young billionire” she said

“what? I can’t do that, my mum will remove my head ” I said

“forget about mum, she’ll be proud when you build house for her, only your [email protected] pics is enough for you to become a billionaire, forget about what people will say, whatever you do on earth there are opposers and supporters so forget about people ” she said.

She brought out her phone and showed me her houses and cars, she showed me her daughter that she is a single mother.

I was pushes by passion to accept her offer of help to connect me, she called an xxx director in my presence, he demanded about my details.

(Flashback End)

“that’s how my p¤rn carrier started, I began because of my love for money and s*x, I hide my shame, it became open, I cared less about it cause I got many fans and followers ” I said to Mr d!ckson

“oh my God, how about your mum, what was her reaction, please explain everything to this very time” he said to me

I smiled “I’ll explain it to you tomorrow, it’s late already ” I said looking at my wrist watch.

“okay miss Ife, we’ll be expecting you tomorrow ” he said
I stood up and left, I went to my big lonely house, money is not everything as I’ve thought before but it still cool to have money.

I slept alone and woke up alone, I dressed very early in the morning for my interview with Mr d!ckson.

He welcomed me warmly and embraced me, he offered me a chair to sit, I sat while he watched me waiting for me to continue from where I stopped.

(Flash Back)

Before Elena left we exchanged contacts promising to keep intouch with each other.
I retired to my bed while she left for her room, I waited for Alhaji Idris to arrive.


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