Life Of A Pornstar

Life of a Pornstar episode 13 – 14


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 13

(Flash Back Continues)

Alhaji arrived at 22:00 as he had promised, “what about the house and the car you promised me off? ” I questioned not waiting for him to sit down.

“oh Bambi, do you think I’m joking, I’ll sign one of my houses at Abuja in your name and your car will be brought to you next weekend ” he said

“well I need to have house of my own and car that’s why I came to you ” I reminded him.

“and I want to enter my Bambi that’s why I sent for her” he said

I smiled, he pulled to me on the bed and slipped his tongue to my mouth, I reciprocated and undressed him.

This time I didn’t bother about condoms because I’ve trusted him to be a good man.

I pushed him to the bed and climbed on him, his long hard er£cted cock was standing, I thought on what to do.

I gently pulled off his boxer and rubbed the surface of the cock, he m0aned loudly “you’re too sweet horny” he said

I smiled to him, the cock looks tempting, very hard and long. I kept on rubbing it until I took my mouth to it.
It taste salty, I soaked it gently while he m0aned, I soaked it faster and he m0aned harder.

“Bambi will kill me” he said, I ignored and svck harder until I was weak.

I layed tiredly on the bed facing the ceiling, he turned to me for kiss, I kissed him back.

He gently brought his hands to my b00bs and massaged it gently, he moved his head to it and svcked it, while his hands went down to my cl!t.

He thrust his hands in and out while I groan, he gently went down and sucked the cl!t.

I was more than excited as I m0aned in pleasure, we continued the romance until we slept off without s£x, it was hot already.

I’ve never had a romance that turns me on without s£x before but it happened that day, Idris spent the night with me that day.

Early the next morning I heard knock on the door, it was the waiter, she brought coffee for two.


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woke Idris up so he’ll take his own before it gets cold, we drank it together admiring each other like new spouses.

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He decided to feed me, while I enjoyed it.
After breakfast he decided to leave for his family and asked me to get dressed that he’ll come by 13:00 to take me out so that I’ll know places in Kano.

Few minutes after he left Elena came to my room, “hey girl I’m going today ” she said

“really what about our agreement? ” I questioned
“chill I’m with you but you’ll have to learn some stuff you’ll become our worker” she said


” I questioned
“cause I don’t want a learner client ” she answered

“alright when will the teaching commenced? ” I asked
“anything from now so that you’ll start working with us January ” she answered

It was cool by me because it was August then, “where do you live? ” I asked her

“I live at Abuja but all this work holds at Lagos and as you know Lagos is a busy area that’s why I stay at Abuja ” she said

“oh thank God I found you, I also live at Abuja ” I said
“which part of Abuja? ” she asked
“presently I’m with my aunt at Bwari but my house is at Kubuwa ” I answered

“that means it gonna be easy cause I live at phase two” she said
“yeah it’s good, alright we’ll keep intouch ” I said, she hugged me before leaving.

I dressed and waited for Alhaji, we went out, he showed me places at Kano and their markets.
He bought many things for me, I was so happy about the visit.

Alhaji did not touch me until I left Kano, I headed to Mark’s house at Abuja, that was when I know people are evil.

Mark house is as big as well but everything seems to be strange, he warned me not to enter any of his rooms aside the one he asked me to then he entered the bathroom while I waited for him.

Deep down in me my thoughts was telling me to run away cause I wonder how a rich man like him was doing in a taxi that day I saw him.

I tiptoed to check on him at the bathrooms, I opened the door gently to see a man standing in front of a python.
I shouted immediately and he turned to me.



(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 14

I ran out of the house immediately, I don’t even know I’m a good relay runner, I’ve never run in such a way before.

Without shoes, just me and my pencil gown, I ran through the street like mad woman. My run was a nonstop run, that was when I know I so much love my life.

I know I’d have been dead, God spears my life, I’m going to change for good was my thoughts while I was still running until I got to express where people move freely.

A guy came to me although I was scared but not in public “hello young lady why are you running without shoes? ” he asked

Without shame I narrated everything to him, he took me to a nearby store and bought sandals for me, he gave me transport fare and told me to be always careful.

I took taxi cause it was late “oga abeg drive fast night don do and my mother go vex with me ” I pleaded with the taxi man

”Me I dey do my work so no hurry me o or you go drop ” the taxi driver quarried

“who even send her go party If she know say her mother go vex with her? ” an elderly man questioned

“oga abeg as you old like dis you better respect your old age if not I go decend on you ” I talked back at the old man

“children of nowadays don’t have respect for elderly once” a young guy sitting close to me said
“how will they have respect when the elderly once would never mind their business oga English wey dey take panadol for another person headache ” I said to the guy

They were all against me in the taxi, they didn’t bother about what the old man said initially.

“forget about that girl, I don’t blame her, I blame the big d!ck without shame that entered into her, it makes her feel arrived” a feminine voice echoed behind me.

I’ll tolerate what others were saying but not what she said, I turned to see an elderly woman, I acted as if I did not hear her “what did you just say? ” I asked the woman.

“you heard me right ” she answered
” Well I’m a sinner already, I’ll teach her a bitter lesson before I dedicate my life to Christ ” I thought within me
“I heard you right? ” I asked her and she answered yes, I gave her a hot slap.

“you just slap mother? ” a girl who looks like me but I’m sure she’s older than I asked

“and I’ll slap her again ” I said
She pounced on me, we began to fight while other passengers tried to separate us, the old woman was crying already calling me names, the taxi man had to park properly.

The fight was not easy though, it was not like the other lady at Austin house, the lady beat me black blue, she torn my gown and removed my artificial hair.

The taxi man was the only one who side me saying they start it first, he asked the passenger sitting at the front to go to my position and asked me to sit at the front.

I was quiet until I got to Bwari, my tattered torn clothes didn’t bother me, what bothers me is how to get home.

When I got to my aunts house, she was at the living room, she stood up immediately I came in.

“where are you coming from dressed like this and where are your luggages? ” she questioned

I arced my brow “uhm we-ee… We’d a… cident ” I stamared

“accident right, is it the accident that made you to dress like young miss Jezebel? Where did you went to and who did you fight with? ” she shouted

“aunty I’m sorry ” I pleaded
“answer my question, sorry won’t help matters at all ” she barked

“it was robbers” I lied again
“Ife I don’t have the strength to beat you, just go in there park your things and leave, I saw my daughter in the act of mast*rbating I wanted beating her but she told me she learnt that from you, I called your mum to tell her but your mum called me a liar, I regretted accepting you into my house, I tried calling you but it was not reachable.

I don’t want to argue much just go away and never come back, should in case you see me anywhere just maintain you don’t know me cause with the way I’m seeing things and my observations you’re now a big girl ” she said

I began to cry “aunty it’s never my intention for Ella to learn it, she only saw me when I was doing it” I said

“and who thought you all this? ” she questioned

I don’t want to tell my aunt anything related to my s*xual life, “my mum is responsible for it” I said amidst tears
“how? ” she questioned

“aunty it’s late already, you’d have asked me this when I was at primary school not now, I’m into it already and I can’t do without it ” I said and ran away.

I went to upstairs, I dressed up and took my bag, I woke Ella “Ella please I need your help ” I said,

she was happy when she saw me
“please promise me you’ll never do the carrot stuff again ” I pleaded

“no o, I must taste it, the other day I wanted to do it but mum caught me, I had to betray you and tell her the truth ” she said

I couldn’t stop crying being the bad egg, my aunt is always with her children, she has time for them but me coming to her house to spoil Ella will make her never to forgive me.

“Ella you might bleed if you don’t know how to do it so please don’t try it” when I mentioned bleed she peered
“are you serious? ” she asked

“yeah and you might die” I lied to get her scared
“then why are you alive ” she retorted
“because I learnt it from someone, I didn’t do it on my own.

So promise me you will not do it cause I don’t want you to die” I said

“I’ll not dare it cause I don’t want to die young” she said,

I hug her tightly
I waited for her to sleep before I parked out, I went to my house.

Immediately I dropped down from taxi I began to throw up (vomit)


Hmm Could Ife Be Pregnant? 🤔

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