Life Of A Pornstar

Life of a Pornstar episode 15 – 16


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 15

I knocked hard on the door cause we don’t have door bell, after several knocks without mum’s voice or footstep I decided to speak “mum it’s me ife please open the door ” I pleaded
“Ife? How comes? ” she requested, it was obvious that she was closed to the door but scared of opening it maybe she thinks it was robbers.

“mum it’s a long story just open the door for me to go in, I’m really tired and stressed up” I said
She opened the door, I turned on the living room light, “Ife what happened and why did you came this late? ” she requested

“aunty asked me to park out, I came back from the camp today just to hear that Ella has learnt bad things from me” I said not wanting to tell her details

“what on earth have you done or teached Ella that will make my own blood sister to send my daughter away? ” she asked

“well mum she told me nothing about it, she only asked me to park out maybe you should go and confirm yourself ” I said in a tired voice

“I’m really disappointed of my sister, no matter what you’ve done that doesn’t permit her to send you away at this ungodly hours, what if I’m dead? ” she said

“ahhh mum you’ll not die untimely death o, you shall live to see my children’s children, third and fourth offspring of mine, just forget my aunty” I said

“this is why I’ll thank Austin forever, he did not complain and he did a perfect job by bringing you up for me” she added

I arced my brow at the mention of Austin, I felt like opening up to her but I was scared, scared because she’ll be mad at me and not just mad, she might put an end to while I was already addicted to the life.

“my dear go and sleep, I’ll go to her house next week Sunday because of this, I’ll confront her cause that’s really bad of her, I’m the one responsible for her education and feeding until she got married and now she’s paying me with evil, I’ll not talk much just go and sleep ” she said


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felt relieved when she asked me to go and sleep, next week Sunday is far so I feel cool.

I went to my room, “it’s been a while roomy” I said to my room.
I waited patiently for morning to do so that I’ll do sanitation.


room smells room-freshner, I’d put it myself before leaving for Bwari cause I like the scent but that nowadays hell for me.

I ran to the bathroom several times to throw up because of the scent, I wondered why it’s reacting that way maybe it’s because I was not at home for long.

I couldn’t help but sleep at the bathroom , it seems the smell of the bathroom was nice to my nose.

I was at the bathroom until morning comes, I left the bathroom very early cause mum will have to use it.


her usual dress for work she asked me a surprise question “Ife can you stay at home alone? ”

“yes mum ” I answered
“you know the work am doing is for your own good and our survivor, the fact I’ll be leaving you at home alone doesn’t permit you to misbehave, be a good girl and make me proud ” she said

“okay mum kosi problem ” I said
“I know you like noodles, if you are hungry check my blue bag hung on the wall beside my bag, #500 is there, you can use it” she said

“okay mum”
“I’ll be on my way ” she said standing up to leave
“goodluck mum” I said before she left
I turned on the television and sat at the living room until I slept off forgetting about myself on the couch.

A loud voice woke calling my name, I scratched my eyes and turned to see who was calling me, it was Austin.

I hissed and sat properly “ehn! So you are here and you didn’t bother to say hi to your boyfriend? ” he asked

” Boyfriend abi” I said peering, my face was swollen already.

“so you don’t care about me anymore and I’ve been busy thinking about you ” he said

“so you missed me this way? ” I questioned
“yes baby and I can’t wait to have you ” he said and jumped to me for a kiss but I pushed him away.

“ah why did you pushed me? You’re acting strange o” he said


nothing is free in Nigeria again o, pay before you start ” I said opening my palms for him to pay
“ahhh? Ife dont be too expose to money ” he said

“bro Austin child abuse” I answered, his presence disgusted me for the first time.

” I’m still confused are you the girl I know? ” He asked
“don’t be too confused cause I’m even worse than the person you know ” I said and walked away.

That was when I remembered I want to buy phone and do welcome back.
I went to the bathroom to clean up, I’ll go to the market and do all I want.

When I dressed up Austin came in with plate of food, he placed it on the table then he left.
“you never see anything, d way I go suffer you ehn” I said audibly although he has left.

I opened the plate to check it was noodles my favorite, I sat on the couch sprayed my legs and eat the food like hungry lion.

After eating I went to his room to return the plate, he was dressing to go out, at the smell of the perfume he spray.
I dropped the plate and ran outside to throw up.

Immediately I was done throwing up I raised my head to see mummy Khalifa standing watching me.

She was laughing then I hissed and walk away, I know she’d be thinking maybe I’m pregnant but she doesn’t know it was because of smells, the other day I throwed up because of the smell of petrol.


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 16

I’ve never done welcome back before, the welcome back I did made all my contact to wipe off and as wise as I was I never jotted contact down.

I couldn’t reach Alhaji and the lady, my thoughts of becoming a p¤rn artist and become a billionaire.

I was coming back from the market one day when a lady called me, I turned to see, to my greatest surprise it was the lady.

She hugged me passionately, “you just disappeared and gave me fake number” she quarried

“no dear, I lost my phone ” I said, I narrated everything that went and how I ran away from Mr soldier’s house, she laughed me.

“so are you still ready for the work? ” she asked
“I’m more than ready if you still want me” I answered eagerly
“well you’ll have to learn some stuff then cause you must be perfect in it” she said

“then teach me ” I said
She laughed “I’m not a l*sbian, I have guys. I’ll give you my contact and send my house address to you……

” she was still talking when I heard the smell of her perfume, I began to throw up immediately, she watched how I throwed up carefully.

When I was done I pleaded with her ” are you sick? ” she asked in disgust.
“I’m not sick, it’s because of your perf ” I answered
“whatup with my perfume, were you not with me the other day, why didn’t you throwed up? ” she questioned

“it started of recently ” I answered
“hmm, hope it’s not what I’m thinking, you have messed up right? ” she questioned

“what are you saying? ” I asked
“of cause the pregnancy is reacting, it part of the signs, some women will just hate perfume all of a sudden, some will be addicted to the smell of toilet” she said

My heart skipped cause I remember how I’ve been acting lazy, “hospital will help ” she said

“and if you happens to be double then wash the battered away cause you can’t just loose your opportunity like that ” she said

She gave me her contact, she has mine already . My head was aching until we departed, I can’t imagine if it happens to be so.

Few days later I decided to visit the hospital for a test, it was a Saturday and the next day which will be Sunday was the day my mother said she’d go and see my aunt.

I was confirmed four months pregnant, my head aches seriously, how will I keep the baby and if I’m to remove it where will I get the huge amount for it?
I went home like baby dull, I knocked on Austin’s door, he was happy when he saw me

“my cute angel finally decided to pay me a visit ” he said, I managed to smile, I’ve kicked him off cause of money.
“yeah I’m here for you ” I said, he dished food for me of which I ate like hungry lion
Few minutes later he sat beside me and pet my back

“uncle I have something to tell you o” I said
“ahh my angel, the only one my heart beats for, lay your problems to me let me murder them one after the other for disturbing my queen ” he said

I was blushing already, my mind was on becoming a mother then give up the thought of terminating the baby.

“sweet I’m four months pregnant for you ” I said
He laughed “so you are this good at joking right? ” he questioned

“I’m damn serious, you can explain things to my mother and get married to me” I said

“God forbid that I should get married to a little spoilt child, see ehn if you don’t know the father of your baby just get away, don’t come and give me a nickname, how about the people paying you? In short you know what leave my house before I pond my wroth on you ” he warned

I was shocked at his sudden change “I’m going nowhere, four months ago you were the only one banging on me, you are thesame person who spoiled me” I quarried

“huh? You wanted it first, if you were the good child you claimed to be you’d have told your mum, you are a useless fool and not fit to be called wife” he said

I began to cry, I blamed myself and my foolishness just as he said.
I knelt down in front of him “you and I know you are responsible but if you don’t want me please give me money so I’ll remove it” I pleaded

“enough of this rubbish, now leave my house, I’ve accommodated you enough ” he warned but I refused to leave
He picked his phone, he called someone to come over immediately, I thought it was a joke so I maintain my position.

Few minutes later a fair beautiful lady came in “where is the fat thing? ” she asked him

Before I knew it she’d pounced on me with several blows until I passed out.


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