Life Of A Pornstar

Life of a Pornstar episode 17 – 18


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 17

Mummy Khalifa was nice, when I woke up I found her sitting beside me, she was the one who helped me out.

“Ife please stop fighting with people that are older than you ” she warned
“thank you for helping me, you are kind ” I said in guilt, thesame woman I slapped was the one who helped me out.

“don’t bother, you’re like a daughter to me and I’ll never wish my daughter death” she said, tear drop down my eye.
I was with her for hours before I went back to our room, her room is two bedroom flat just like ours but Austin’s room is just single with it bathroom outside.

Mum came back home, I didn’t mention anything to her, I was cold but she was too busy to notice.

The next day which happens to be a Sunday was a free day for her so she used the opportunity to go to my aunts house.

After Sunday service she asked me to go home and prepared something for myself cause she’ll not be back on time.

I took the opportunity to go and see the lady, I used the house address beside her house is close.

I called to ask if she was at home, she said she was home alone so I got to the place.

From the look of her house I knew she sleeps on money, I never knew she has many cars cause the other time we met last she was walking on foot .

I was surprised of the way she welcomed me, “I’ve been expecting you so you’ll sign to work with our media. So how was the text and who is the dude?” she asked

“it’s a long sad story ” I answered with a sour expression on my face.
“cut it short and don’t make it too sad cause I’ll laugh at you ” she said teasingly

I narrated how everything went and how I passed out all in the name of pleading with Austin.

“oh dear, it’s quite pathetic and too much for you, Austin must be a wicked. I’d have teach him a lesson but forget about him” she said


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lady is pretty kind hearted. “should I tell you about my life and how I became like this today? ” she asked

“yeah please tell me I want to know ” I answered
“my both parents died when I was eighteen years old, then I was at university when I got the call.


uncles who claimed to be his kinsmen took everything away but left I and my younger sister. I got little from my savings and took my sister to our grandma at the village.

I’m a makeup artist so I decided to go back to city, I drop out of school cause I got no sponsor. While I feed from my handwork (makeup) I send some to my grandma and sister at the village.

Life was changing from bad to worse for me until I met a guy called Felix, he was the one who connected me to the manager. According to Felix if I’m very good at it I’ll become a star and people will like me, I tried my best but o was not able to make it as p¤rn star but I got good pay.
As foolish as I was I went ahead to remove my womb, I’ve vowed never to marry in my life cause I don’t want family problems, I’d have known that time I’d have get a baby and become single mother before removing my womb.

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That’s how I happened to become who I am today, my younger sister is happily married with three kids but I don’t have any, I’m not jealous though cause her children are my children, my parents will be proud of her wherever they are.

I’ll connect you to Felix, be wise in it, for the pregnancy we’re going to undo it today after we meet with Felix but I advise you never to tamper with your womb” her story made me to cry, she looks sad.

“where is the Felix? ” I asked
“I invited him over, he’ll be here in few minutes time” she said

“alright, your story is kind of sad ” I said
“yeah that’s life for you, people don’t go into things without reasons, just the way you want to make your mum proud that was how I wanted to make life easy for my sister and i” she said

We were still discussing when a tall handsome guy with an elderly man came in, he is the Felix while the elderly man is the director.


a long discussion, the man brought a book that I should sign and promise to work with them faithfully, I did everything.

A date was given for my first video, he said the more the views when it’s released to people, the more my fame.
Immediately they left I and the lady went to hospital for the abortion.

It was done successfully, she took me to her house and made hot coffee for me, I took it and rest.

Few hours later then it was already 18:00 she drove me home on her car.

When I got home that was when the bleeding began, I bleed heavily.

“so what my sister said was true? ” mum asked
“yes mum ” I answered still in pains, my eyes were white already, my palms turning yellow.

Mum fell down and pass out, I managed to call the lady cause I was dying already and I couldn’t help my mum.

Just like an angel, she came immediately, I was taken inside her car same as my mother, people came out to watch.

I was already in the car when I lost consciousness


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 18

I went through alot at the hospital, many bags of blood work was donated to me before I could make it
The only person that came to check on me was my school teacher, she never spoke bad to me, she was caring to the extent she checked on my mum.

Mum’s blood pressure raised high that was why she passed out, the doctor demanded for a huge amounts of money before the treatment.

The lady paid my bills but to pay mums own myself, “I paid for you cause I was the one who took you for abortion ” she said to me.

Since the money was not ready at that time mum was taking to comma, I promised to pay the doctor in two months.

That was how it ended with the lady, I never set my eyes on her again, it was Felix that took me to the Media Managing Director (MMD)

My first video was great, I got many views, the MMD was so excited cause according to him that’s the best view he has ever had.

Few months later I became a star, just the way the lady told me “in life there are supporters and opposers in good or bad act”
I have many fans, I became mentor and people’s model but some people were still against it

Hot gossip site has already broadcast a biography for me that I’m a school drop out
I didn’t even bother, the news spray like teargas, I paid the money to the doctor
I got new house with cars packed inside for mother.

The treatment commenced in my mum while I continued my celebrity life and job.

One certain day I received a call from the doctor that my mum has opened her eyes.

I was so happy that I ran to the hospital, there I met my teacher standing in front of my mum who was crying.

I ran to wipe her tears but she pushed me away “I rebuke you evil child ” she said

“no ma you don’t have to push her away she’s your daughter and your flesh” my teacher Mrs Abi said

“God forbid I disowned her as a child, Ife what on earth have I done to you to deserve this punishment? I’m so unfortunate to have prostitute as a daughter, just look at yourself ” she said staring at me from head to toe

“Ife unless I’m not your mother or I did not have good intentions for you before you did this to me but if I do and I’ve been trying my best and you did this then I course you today earth bare me witness that you’ll never have a child in your life ” she said

“I reject it mum, although not that I’m even interested of having children, do you know how all this started? You left me with a bachelor as my trainer, Austin initiated me” I said

“you enjoyed it that is why you were quiet ” she retorted
“you wouldn’t listen to me when I wanted to ” I answered

“will you shut up!!” she scolded
“ahhh MA you have done a great mistake already” says Mrs Abi

“how? ” mum questioned
“let me tell you a story of a mistake I’ve ever done, I cursed myself for it” she said
We listened to her with kin interest.

“as a teacher I’m supposed to teach with my heart, care for pupils and students but I failed to do so, my mind was on my salary, all I do is to teach once to people get the topic well off I go.

On a faithful day a child from creche that loves smiling and laughing was brought to school, that day the baby was crying althrough.

She taped me and raise her clothes but I ignored, my mind was on how the school will close.

During free hour the little girl was still crying this time she was jumping, I took my cane and lash the innocent child.

My daughter who was in primary one at that time came to my class, she likes playing with the baby so when she saw the baby crying she was worried.

Mummy maybe her body is itching her and she’d like to bath says my daughter.

I ignored my daughter but she was too stubborn, she pulled the baby’s clothes to my greatest surprise a scorpion fell of the babies clothe.

We rushed the baby to hospital where the doctor punched her with his needles (injections) on several parts of her body.

I regretted my steps, I felt bad, that was when I learnt that children are ready to speak if only you give them attention.

They likes telling stories, they likes making friends, as parents and teachers we need to draw closer to them and make sure they see us as best friends.

That was why you failed to know about Ife, your attention was not with her ”
“no Ife was only stubborn, she is not my daughter and I’m not her mother period ” she said
and turned to the other side of the bed.

I ignored and left the place cause mum’s still stubborn and she’d never admit her wrongs.


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