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Life of a Pornstar episode 19 – end


(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 19

I continued my life even though my mum chooses to disowned me.

She had refused to collect anything from me, I later forgot about her and moved on.

I continued the life until I finished university, I became a celebrity with many fans.

One day my aunt called me, she said my mum was dead.

I cried bitteredly and asked if I could participate in the funeral of my mother but she insisted that my mum made her to promise never to allow me to do such.

Things became complicated to me, one morning I decided to resign, everyone was surprised they find it hard to believe.

I resign cause making money upon money without husband, children or family member besides me.

My money will become waste when I die so it’s better I quit, many people were not happy but I was cool.

House was bored for me, celerity without friends, celebrity without peace of mind.

Then the idea of settling down came to me, that was why I visited a psychologist which happens to be Mr d!ckson.

(Flash Back Ends)

” Oh that’s sad, do you think a guy will propose to you even though you were a p¤rn artist before? ” he asked

“well I know it’s possible but the difficulty is genuine love, I know they’ll only accept to marry me because of my money ” I answered

“well from your story how will you behave if you are opportune to be a mother? “Mr d!ckson asked

“if I become a mother tomorrow I’ll make sure I’m my children’s best friend, children are always ready to say whatever happened at their initial state be it good or bad cause they don’t know the meaning but the way you act as their parents matters, if you listen and be opened to them it’s cool cause I don’t mind educating my child about s£x at a very young age, I’ll let them know the consequences of premarital s£x and aside that I’ll always want to know how things went between them and others ” I answered

“do you know why I like you and your story? ” he asked

me, I shook my head wondering what was good about my wayward past


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you were honest, although you took the wrong steps but I like honest people.
How about your mother, don’t you feel bad? ” he asked

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Tear drop down my eyes “I missed her, she tried but her mistakes was leaving me in the hands of Austin, I later got to know that Austin died of syphilis ” I answered

“quite pathetic but are you okay I mean healthwise ” he asked

“yeah everything about me is good ” I answered

He smiled and stared at me, “and I love you ” he said

I wanted to borrow ear from someone to hear what he said, d!ckson the cute noble psychologist loves me?


unbelievable sir and if you are serious don’t you think people will think bad about you if they get to know about us? ” I asked

“you’re talking about people? People talk everyday, if you’re to listen to people you won’t go anywhere, you are the kind of lady I’ve ever long for, I don’t care about your past and I’m not going to use your past against you. I don’t just love you, I want you to be my wife ” he said

I began to cry for joy, I never knew God has a better plans for me despite the course from my mother and the life I’ve lived.

I accepted d!ckson, my life became cool as he lead me back to Christ, I rededicate my life.

The news spray like fire burning house, my aunt called me to enquire if what she was hearing about me was truth, I confirmed it then she invited me for the first time to her house, she also said she has gift for me but that should be if I truly get married to d!ckson.

(How He Defiled Me) 🔞

Episode 20

My new life became awesome, some of my fans made me their mentor while some of my colleagues were disappointed of me but I felt peace of mind that I’ve never had before.

Although I felt sad mum was dead before I changed but I just hoped she’ll be proud of me wherever she is.

The traditional wedding happened at my father’s house though my mother’s people were there.

My paternal uncles and aunties were happy to see me once more, the wedding was done at church with court approval.

During the reception when everyone was giving their presents my aunt chooses to be the last to give gift, she said she has a special present for me.


stood up for the special present cause she called the attention of the audience, everyone turned to see the gift, opposite us was a curtain.

Two guys opened the curtain and someone covered with veil walked towards us, I couldn’t help but keep wondering who was that.

d!ckson stood up and wrapped his hands around my neck until the image finally came to us and knelt down.

My aunt walked majestically and unveiled the face to my greatest surprise it was my mum, I almost fainted as I boast into uncontrollable tears trying to apologize, I wanted kneeling down but the basket inside my wedding gown would not allow me.

“no you don’t need to apologize, I owe you apology for being an horrible mother, I’d have listened to you but I was too busy not knowing I was in for destruction ” she pleaded.

“mum I’m still sorry I was also wrong please forgive me Tori olorun ” I said

She hugged me passionately “I’m proud of you dear” she said

My joy knew no bond, joy was added when our miracle baby came although I thought I’d be baren but to the glory of God I was put to bed with a bouncing baby boy.

•••THE END•••

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