Long For You

Lingerie For you – episode 3

Longed For You (episode 3)

Catherine was dying in confusion and at the same time, silently praying that Nelson wasn’t taken. She didn’t know if she could ever survive the heartbreak of Nelson having a girlfriend, thereby making him unavailable for her. As she asked him the question, she held her heart within in preparation for the reply. Catherine was tensed!

“Are you taken?” She repeated and Nelson smiled, “Do I look taken?” He asked “It’s not always written on one’s face you know!” She replied smiling. Catherine’s smile wasn’t from her heart as she was still scared, hoping her doubts weren’t true. Nelson looked at her with a smile on his face and said “I’m very much single”.

Those words that came off his mouth gave her unexplainable joy but she tried her possible best not to express it. She took a deep breath of relief and smiled. “Do you want to give me a girlfriend?” Nelson jokingly asked and Catherine laughed out loud. “I wish I had friends, I would have definitely hooked you up with one of the them because you are a nice man” she said. Nelson blushed and told her he would have also done same for her if he had a good befitting friend for her.

They talked for a while and weren’t aware that time had been far spent. Nelson thought it was best to let Catherine go because she initially didn’t plan on staying that long there. “You said you weren’t going to stay after 6pm and it’s 7pm now” Nelson said smiling, “shots fired, you actually got me there. Ok bye!” She said and entered her car to leave. Nelson actually liked her company and honestly wished she could stay more but knew she had to go. “Can I see you again? He asked.

Catherine’s heart skipped a beat as she never thought he loves her company or was attracted to her. Deep down in her heart, she wanted to shout a big “Yes” but comported herself. “Sure you can, I really love your company” she said smiling. Nelson was happy and asked if it would be ok for him to get her number and she willingly gave it to him. Nelson bid her goodbye and shut the car door for her.

As Catherine drove home, she beamed with smiles and couldn’t stop blushing. She was crazily crushing on Nelson and kept praying that he feels the same way for her as she feels for him. “I don’t even know if he’s into me at all” she thought to herself as she drove home

On the other hand, Nelson liked her too but was scared that she didn’t feel the same way for him. He was doing quite well for himself career wise too, as he was the most sort after IT personnel in the territory he resided in. So many companies wanted Nelson to work for them and always tried to poach him from any place he worked in. He furthered his education abroad and knew his craft very well.

Due to his modest background and upbringing, he wasn’t intimidated by Catherine’s career accomplishments at all, he only admired her determination and commended her for it within. He thought of ways to get closer to her to see if the chemistry he was feeling was real, “I’ll call her tomorrow or is it too soon” he asked himself and finally decided to follow his heart.

The next day, Nelson was extremely busy with work all day but finally had the time to call her towards evening time. He dialed her number but she didn’t pick and after two attempts, he sent a text to check up on her and it read “Hi Catherine, I just wanted to check up on you to know if you’re doing ok. Ensure to take care! Nelson”.

After sending the text, it wasn’t up to 7 minutes before Catherine called back. “Hello Nelson, I’m sorry for not picking earlier, it’s just that I don’t pick numbers which aren’t stored in my phone” she explained, “I totally understand, I wouldn’t pick an unknown number myself too” he said. Catherine was happy that he understood and enquired how he was doing and he said he was great. “Hope you have something in your stomach?” He asked, “I wish I do, I’m starving” she jokingly said. Nelson asked her if she was down to have dinner with him but she told him she still had some work to do at the office, “You can’t work on an empty stomach, let me take you out for dinner” he asked and after much deliberation, she finally accepted.

He told her to wait for him, that he would come and pick her up, “But I have a car, let me just drive down to where we’re meeting” she said. “Don’t worry, I want to pick you up so you don’t get to stress too much” he gently said.

Catherine fell deeper in love with his personality and gentleness. She just liked everything about him and admired his choice of words. After much thought, She agreed to let him pick her up so she waited for him at her office. She was happy to be taken care of by someone, as everyone always felt she was rich and had everything.

In no time, Nelson arrived and called to inform her that he was downstairs. Catherine happily went to meet him and they drove off to where they were to have dinner. They arrived, ordered their meal and started eating.

Catherine kept looking at Nelson’s own food till he asked if she wanted to try some. “How did you know I wanted some?” She asked smiling, “because you have been starting at my food for a while now” he said.

Nelson pushed his food to the centre of the table and Catherine happily ate with him. He chuckled at every scoop she took of his food and she blushed whenever he chuckled.

When they were done eating, Nelson favourite song came on and her asked if she wanted to dance with him. “I’m a terrible dancer” Catherine said in a shy manner, “don’t worry, I’ll teach you” he said and stretched his hands towards her. Catherine held his hands and got up from where she sat. They walked to the dance floor and danced slowly. Nelson held her on the wa-ist and she laid her head on his shoulders, “damn! He smells so good” she thought to herself and rolled her eyes.

They slowly danced till they got lost in each other’s touch. Nelson moved his head up and looked into her shinny eyes. Catherine’s heart kept beating fast as she held him tightly.

Before Catherine knew what was happening, Nelson moved his head towards hers and k-ssed her lips.

End of episode 3 😉

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