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Living with mr sex freak episode 26 & 27


(She is psycho😒)
Chapter 26
(What is going on?)
😍Chris POV😍
She reached for my pants and drew them down to my knees with my boxers. I looked at her and she was staring at my massive d**k🍆.
I pulled me to her again and I laid on her kissing her. She opened her thighs wide and i lowered myself in between them. I felt my d**k touch her p**sy and she let out another m0an.
I was as hard as rock and I needed to f**k her, but I took it slow with her. She reached for my d**k and placed it on her passage.
“Do it Chris” she said and shut her eyes.
I positioned myself well and pushed my d**k into her but it was very tight. She winced in pain as I did so. My eyes widened and I looked at her.
“Mara you are a virgin! I can’t do this” I said and lifted myself from her but she held me back.
“Chris please, I want to give it to you please Chris” she said holding me back to her.
I sighed and nodded slowly, “its going to hurt a little” I said slightly.
“I am ready” she replied and shut her eyes. I positioned myself again and this time I pushed in with a little force than before.
She screamed as half of my d**k was already in her. I stopped and waited for her to adjuste to the pain.
I then started thrusting deeper and deeper till I was fully in her. She started m0aning loudly while I increased my pace.
“Ch…Chris” she m0aned loudly. I continued thrusting and kissing her as well. Suddenly I felt her shiver under me.
“Chris…isss am cvmming” she yelled and closed her thighs against my d**k. I felt her hot c*m on my d**k and I groaned slightly.
She released her grip and I continued thrusting till I felt I was about to c*m. I increased my pace and our m0ans filled the room as I came inside her.
She sighed and let her leg fall freely on the bed. I moved up to her and laid down close to her, he looked at me and hugged me tight.
“You have made me a woman, please don’t let me regret this” she said.
“You won’t Mara, I promise” I said and kissed her forehead.
She closed her eyes and I cuddled her as we both fell asleep.
…. The next day🌞..
😒Regal’s POV😒
I moved some of my stuffs down to Christian Stone’s street. I need to keep watch on Mara, she mustn’t fall into that bastard’s trap.
I rented a house adjacent the great Christian Stone’s mansion. I have to watch everything going on here.
I told Mara’s mother I was going on a busy trip. I can’t tell her I am stalking her child. I arranged all my things in my rented apartment.
I need to make her know how I have been feeling for her, how much I love her. I stared out of the window looking into the mansion.
I looked at the roof top and their was Christian Stone’ and Mara. “What the hell” I cursed underneath my breath.
He held her by her waist from behind while she rested her hands on the railings. She smiled and I got vexed immediately.
I wished to see her but not in the hands of that womaniser. He us not good for her one bit, he will end up hurting Mara, my Mara.
I was still watching them when I saw a young lady moving to the mansion holding a small boy. She opened the gate and went in.
Who is she?? I thought and when I looked up I didn’t see Chris and Mara anymore.
😍 Mara’s POV😍
I woke up very early the next day feeling slight pains between my legs. I looked beside me and there was Chris sleeping soundly.
I stood up trying not to make a noise, I went to the bathroom and got myself cleaned up. I can’t believe I slept with Christian Stone’ yesterday.
I never dreamt I would in my entire life,I can’t even believe the fact that he loves me yet. I moved out of the bathroom and wore my night gown.
Chris was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him up. I opened the glass door in his room leading to the roof top. I went out and leaned on the railings looking down the street.
I was still looking when I felt someone hold me from behind.
“Chris” I said smiling.
“Morning angel” he said and kissed my back.
“Didn’t want to disturb you” I said kissing the back of his palm.
“I didn’t say you did” he said and we both giggled.
He held me and we both looked down the street. We were still looking when a woman came in through the gate.
She was holding a little handsome boy with her. Chris and I shifted out gaze to her.
“Shit!!” I heard Chris curse.
“Are you okay?? Who is she??” I asked confused facing him.
“Mara wait here, I will be back” he said and left before replying me.
“What is going on??” I asked myself and headed downstairs too.
💞Cindy’s POV💞
I was woken up by the aroma of food from outside my room. I stretched yawning, where is that aroma from?? I thought.
I looked beside me and I couldn’t find Loam. Immediately I knew he was the one working wonders.
I smiled and got down from my bed and moved to the living room. The aroma filled the whole living room.
I walked to the kitchen and there Liam was, stirring only God knows what in the pot. He was backing the door where I was standing. I tip toed to where he was, and hugged him from behind.
“Good morning” I said smiling at his back.
“Good morning beautiful” he said and faced me kissing me slightly on my lips.
” look who is been a gentle man” I said looking into the pot.
“I am a gentle man” he said and carried me suddenly. I shouted and laughed as he dropped me on the cabinet holding my waist.
“Wanted to surprise you before you wake up, but it seems am late already” he said smiling.
I smiled and lowered my face to his kissing him passionately. “I am so happy Liam” I said blushing slightly.
“And I am happier” he said and kissed my forehead.
“Now miss, will you please excuse me?? I need to focus on my cooking” he said and I giggled.
“Make sure the taste is as nice as the aroma” I said and we both laughed out.
“Trust me baby, I am the best cook in the world” he said looking at me.
“I bet you are wrong” I said boldly.
“You think so??” He asked furrowing his brows.
“Of course, my food is the best” I said with outermost confidence.
” Wait till you taste mine ” he said and I smiled.
“I love you liam” I said looking at him with emotions.
“I love you more Cindy” he said and kissed me.
Chapter 27
(I hate you😭)
💞Chris POV💞
I saw Benita walk in with a small child. This is not good at all, why is she coming now, now I have decided to stick with Mara.
Benita was once my best whore but I stopped everything I had with her whyne she told me she was pregnant for me.
I gave her some money to abort the baby and she collected it promising me that she will. Since then I didn’t see her nor did she call me until today she comes in with a child.
I pray it isn’t what I am thinking, I ran down the stairs to where Benita and the small boy was. She saw me and smiled widely.
“Hey baby” she said and ran to me opening her arms.
“Don’t you dare Benita, what are you doing here?” I asked angrily.
“Common Chris, aren’t you happy to see me??” She asked smiling seductively.
“Benita, just tell me why you are here and get out!” I yelled in anger.
“Well well it looks like you are in a bad mood, let me go straight to the point” she moved back and led the small boy to my presence.
“Who is he??” I asked in confusion.
“Your son Chris, Paul go meet your daddy” she said smiling while the boy came forward to meet me.
“Benita what are you trying to do?? We discussed and settled this issue have you forgotten?” I asked lowering my voice so Mara wouldn’t here me.
“Well I didn’t do what you suppose I did, so stop all this nonsense and accept your son” she said in anger.
“Gosh” I said rubbing my hand in me hair, this Girl is driving me crazy. What is she trying to do?? Now I have decided to settle down with Mara, she comes to spoil everything!!
“So tell me why is should believe all the nonsense you are saying!!! Its been 5 good years Benita and now you come here claiming he is my child??” I said pointing at the small boy who just kept looking at me.
“Can’t you see it Chris, he looks so much like you. He has your eyes, nose, everything!” She said smiling stupidly.
I looked at him and truly he looked exactly like me. Oh no this is not good, Mara mustn’t know about this, she will be so hurt.
💖Mara’s POV💖
I watched Chris and the lady with tears in my eyes. I over heard everything and I regretted ever loving Chris.
I even gave him my virginity. Gosh Mara you are so stupid. Surely this Lady would want Chris to marry her and then thats it. I will be thrown out of Chris house and life.
I looked at the boy and truly he looked so much like Chris. “Daddy” the little boy called looking at Chris.
I felt my head ache immediately he called him that. “I can’t take this anymore” I said and came out from where I was hiding and moved to where Chris and the Lady was.
“Mara” Chris called looking at me with a sorry gaze. My eyes were still filled with tears as I looked at him.
“So she is the reason why you are denying me and your son?” The lady asked Chris looking at me in disgust.
Tears rolled down my eyes again. “Chris, when you take care of this mess call me. I am out of here” I said and ran to my room.
“Mara” he called following me. I got to my room and was about closing the door when he rushed in.
“Mara please listen to me” he said remorsefully.
“No Chris, I don’t want to. I heard everything, why didn’t you tell me?? Dobt you get it?? That boy looks so much like you!!! No doubt he is yours, your past is hunting you and I dobt want to be part of it” I said in tears.
I went to to my bag and took my phone and some money. I need to leave this mansion, I red a brake.
I moved to the door and Chris held me back. “Mara, am sorry “he said in tears.
I felt my eyes heat up again, I looked at him and slapped him hard. ” I hate you” I said in tears and ran out of the room. I hate myself right now, why didn’t I think of all this before.
It never crossed my mind that all his wicked acts will hunt him one day and now I am caught in the middle of it.
I moved outside passing in front of the lady and her son. I have lost it, She will definitely end up as Chris wife when his mother hears this.
“I need to clear my head” I thought as I got to the street. I started walking down the street and I sighted a club house.
“Good idea” I said and walked towards it. Its been long I drank, I need to take some alcohol now, I need it badly.
I entered into the club, everywhere was dark and was decorated by different coloured light. A music was played so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself talk.
I saw different people, some kissing, smoothing and some even making out in the club. I sighed in disgust and went to the bar man.
“Hi, I need a very strong alcoholic drink” I said holding my head in my hands.
“Okay ma’am” he said and left to get me a drink. I looked around me but couldn’t see people’s faces clearer, it was dim.
The bar man came back not quite long and placed the drink in front of me on the table. “Thanks” I said and sipped a little from it.
It seemed nice to my taste and I continued gulping it down in tears. “Chris, why did I fall in love with you??” I mumbled sipping another quantity.
“I shouldn’t have met you” I muttered and gulped all the alcohol at once. I stretched forth the cup asking him to pour more alcohol for me.
😒Regal’s POV😒
I watched the mansion through my window, “Chris is a real bastard for touching my Mara that way” I thought in anger still looking at the mansion.
“I feel like strangling him” I said tightening my fist. I was still looking at the mansion when I saw Mara run out in tears.
“What the hell happened?” I asked myself as I jumped up from where I sat and ran outside. I saw Mara walking down the street while I trailed behind her making sure she didn’t see me.
She got to the club close to our street and entered into it. I walked faster to the club and entered it.
I got in and I lost my track on her, I narrowed my eyes trying to see if I could see her anywhere. I looked right and left but I couldn’t her.
I looked in front of me and there she was, the love of my life drinking and crying because of that Chris I know for sure.
I watched her from afar and an idea struck my mind. “Yes!!!” I yelled inside of me and sat somewhere watching her.
She took the second cup again crying heavily. I felt pity watching her and I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I walked up to her and sat beside her, she didn’t even seem to notice me. “Hi” I said smiling at her.
She looked at me and furrowed her brows. “You look familiar” she said drunkenly.
“It’s me Mara, it’s Regal” I said wiping her tears with my handkerchief.
“Regal!!!, I knew it. I knew that face was familiar” she said pointing her hand at me and laughing.
“Mara, you are drunk.” I said looking at her sadly.
“No no no, I am not drunk. I am perfectly okay” she said nodding her head.
“Mara what happened??” I asked worriedly. She smiled and stood up stretching her hands to me.
“Do you care for a dance??” She asked staggering.
“Mara, I don’t think this is a good idea. Please let me take you home” I said holding her.
“No!!! I am not going home, if you are not dancing then let me be!!! I hate you!!!” She yelled as tears filled her eyes again. She held her hand and her hair was scattered all over her face.
“Come with me Mara” I said and pulled her slightly to me and to my suprise she yelled. I lead her out of the club heading home.

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