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Living with mr sx freak episode 13


(She is physco😒)
(I hate to see you cry)
💖 Mara’s POV💖
I ran to my room in tears, my mother will be disappointed in me, I promised her and now this? I thought in tears.
Now my mother will be here very soon, am a disappointment and its all Christian Stone’s fault.
He pushed me to the wall I thought in tears. I guess I will have to start packing, there is no way out this time. I will have to look for another job I pray my mother forgives me I thought and started gathering my stuffs in my bag.
Tears kept rolling down my eyes while I was packing, the door opened and somebody walked in but I didn’t look back I continued what I was doing.
What are you doing? Christian Stone’s voice came. I didn’t reply him, he just broke the news to my mother and I know she is so mad at me why should I even talk to him, he is the cause of everything.
I asked you a question he yelled but instead of me replying tears rushed down my cheeks again. I heard him coming close to me but I didn’t look back.
My phone rang, I picked up my phone to see my mother calling. Oh God I thought and picked up the call trying to compose myself.
📲 Mother, I am so sorry
📲 What are you talking about Mara, before you say anything I want to tell you something.
📲 What is it mother.
📲 Your boss Christian Stone’ called me to come to the !mansion, he sounded angry, I was so scared. I rushed down to the mansion and guess what Mara.
📲 What mother.
📲 He commended your job and he even gifted me some money because of your hard work.
📲 What!!! * in surprise*.
📲 Thank you Mara, you kept your promise
📲 Ahh..hhh.. Yes..yes mother, bye for now mother I have work to do.
I hung up in shock Christian Stone’ didn’t report me? I asked myself and looked back to see him looking at me.
Am sorry, I thought you told her I said looking down with my hands crossed at my back.
I hate it when you cry he replied to my suprise. Hum? I said looking up to see him closer to me, looking at me with emotions.
I felt my heart skip with the way he looked at me, I looked down again. I heard him sigh, he turned back and left for the door. Thank you I said before he got to the door, he looked back at me and smriked wickedly.
Now go clean the swimming pool he said and moved out. Aiiisshhhh!! I yelled, he is not even romantic I thought. I jumped up happily after he left, thank God he forgave me.
😍 Liam’s POV😍
I was eavesdropping what Mara and the boss was discussing when I saw him move into her room. I heard everything they said clearly, I heard someone walk to the door and I quickly hid myself.
The boss came out and left to his room. I hate it when he is with Mara. Everyone knows he doesn’t keep ladies. He uses and dumps them. I can’t let him to the same to Mara.
Yes am starting to like her, she is so beautiful, tho she acts like a thug, she has a soft side and I saw that today when she was in front of the boss.
I hated the fact he made her cry, I was hurt to see her in that position, kneeling in the front of that Bastard I thought angrily. She deserves someone who will cherish her and that is me.
I love her and I will never joke with her feelings, never!!. I walked to her room and went in without knocking. She was busy unpacking her stuffs she didn’t even know I came in.
I tip toed to were she was and covered her eyes with my palm. Liam she said smiling. I removed my hands from her face, how did you know I was the one I asked smiling.
She turned to face me, you are the only one that can do that to me in this house she said and pulled my nose. Oucch! I said playfully.
She faced her stuffs laughing, am sorry about earlier I said seriously. Earlier? She asked and faced me. I saw you with boss in the sitting room today I said sadly.
Ohh that she replied smiling. Its nothing Liam, I was just so scared my mom will find out, she would hate me for the rest of her life if she knows I lost this job she replied trying to smile.
It will be fine I replied smiling. Yes, I never even knew the boss was this generous she replied smiling. Generous indeed I cursed under my breath.
What did you say?? She asked. Nothing I replied smiling again. I moved close to her and hugged her from behind. She was shocked when I did so, my hands were on her waist.
Liam she called calmly. Yes Mara, I replied placing my head on her shoulders. We are just friends right she asked and I felt sad immediately. Yes sure I replied and removed my hands from her waist.
She looked back and smiled, okay then loam. Yes I replied I need to go now I said and before she could reply I left the room in pain. I really want us to be more than friends.
Hmmmm liam is falling ooo💖💖💖💖

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