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Living with mr sx freak episode 24 & 25


(She is psycho😒)
(I want to see you)
💝Mara’s POV💝
I went into my room leaving Chris and his mother, I called mother and asked about how she was faring. I really miss her and I am yet to tell her how I feel about the boss. I pray she takes it slightly with me.
I removed my uniform, I need a night bath. I tied my towel and entered into the bathroom, I stood under the shower letting the water flow down freely on my body.
I remembered the way Chris touched me In the kitchen and I couldn’t help but smile. I finished and got out of the bathroom still on towel.
I dried my hair with the hair dryer. I stood in front of the mirror combing my hair, I was still looking in the mirror when I saw Chris behind me.
My eyes widen and I heard my heart beat very fast. How did he get in?? I am in towels!!!. Oh this isn’t good I thought silently still looking at him.
He smiled and walked closer to me, I felt my heart would jump out anytime soon. I couldn’t even talk I just stood there looking into the mirror.
” Hey” he said and held me from behind, His hands on my waist.
“Hey, what are you doing here? Is your mom not in the living room?” I asked stammering.
“She left not quite long” he said and kissed my neck. I felt shivers run down my spine.
“You look beautiful with your hair falling freely like this” he said in a whisper brushing my hair with his palm.
I looked away shyly and blushed.
“Thank you” I replied smiling.
He moved his hands to the knot of the towel right on top of my [email protected] making me gasp.
“Chris” I whispered with my eyes closed.
“I want to see you Mara” he said kissing my bare back close to my shoulders.
He turned me to him and made me look at him.
“I really wish to Mara, can you do this for me??” He asked with emotions in his eyes.
I sighed heavily and nodded smiling.
He smiled and moved closer to me, me moved my chin up with his hand and kissed me deeply.
I responded immediately, opening my mouth to him.
He moved his hand back to my towel and pulled it off slowly. It swept off my body revealing my [email protected] body to him.
I shut my eyes tightly feeling very embarrassed. No guy had ever seen my [email protected], tho Chris is not just any guy, it felt awkward.
He stopped kissing me slowly and I kept my eyes shut. I could feel his gaze on me, making me blush really hard.
💖Chris POV💖
I looked at her from head to toe, she was stunning, I was speechless? I felt my d**k twitch at the sight of her body.
Her b**bs were of moderate size with pink small n!poles. I really wanted to put them in my mouth but I cautioned myself, I didn’t want to rush things.
I lower my gaze to her V, all these while her eyes were shut in shyness. She had a neatly shaved V, it looked so beautiful.
“Mara, you are so beautiful” I said looking into her face.
She smiled but didn’t open her eyes.
“Open your eyes Mara, you don’t need to be shy” I said moving close to her.
She shook her head and still kept her eyes shut.
“Mara open up or I will force you to” I said trailing my hands on her chest really close to her b**bs.
She gasped and opened her eyes but didn’t look at me.
I smiled at her attitude and moved her face to look at me.
“Why are you so shy?? Is this the first time a guy is seeing you like this?” I asked looking into her eyes.
“Yes” she replied shyly.
“Wow,I must be very lucky” I said smiling.
She nodded and looked away smiling softly.
I bent and took up her towel, I wrapped it around her and stepped back.
She looked at me in surprise still speechless.
“I told you I wanted to see you and I don’t plan on doing anything yet, tho its not easy to resist but I don’t want to rush things” I said smiling while she just looked at me speechless.
“I will leave now” I said and moved close to her, I kissed her on her forehead and left her room feeling really hard.
I just want her to trust me, I want her to ask for it herself, I don’t want her to feel am just after her body.
😍 Liam’s POV😍
As Cindy left me, I became so confused. I don’t even know what I should feel. To be sincere, I have a soft spot for Cindy.
I mean, she makes me laugh, she is very beautiful and makes me forget about Mara. I don’t know what i should do.
☁Why not leave Mara, she is with Christian Stone now and am sure she is happy☁ My inner mind told me.
I just don’t know, I need to talk to Mara first. I need to know what she really thinks of me. I took my phone and dialed her number.
📲 Mara.
📲Liam, how are you?? Where have you been?? Are you okay?? Why didn’t you show up at the mansion??? I was really worried about you.
📲Mara, I am fine okay?? And there are too many questions, which of them should I answer??
📲Where are you now??
📲Am at your friend’s Cindy.
📲Really, well thank God you are somewhere safe with someone wonderful.
📲You think so??
📲i don’t think so I know so. So tell me what’s up?
📲Mara, how is the boss?
📲 He is fine, we are really getting along fine.
📲So tell me, do you love him??
📲Liam. I really love him, I can’t deny it anymore, and guess what??
📲He confessed his love to me, he said he loves ne Liam!!!!
📲wow, great finally hun!?
📲Finally. What of Cindy??
📲She is fine, I have to go now, just called to tell you am fine.
📲Okay liam, take care of Cindy.
I hung up feeling really sad.
chapter 25
(I want you Chris🍑🍆)
💖Cindy’s POV💖
I sat on my bed sadly. Why can’t he just love me, why?? I thought in tears. I have never felt like this for any guys.
He is the first guy I would ever love. Why is love so cruel to me??? Why???
I was still crying when I heard a knock on my door. I knew immediately that its Loam.
I ran to the door and opened the door, and before I knew it he drew me close and kissed me deeply.
I responded still crying. He disengaged and looked into my eyes.
“Stop crying angel” he said cleaning my tears.
I nodded and smiled slightly. “Do you love me now?? I asked looking down to the ground.
” Yes Cindy, I now do. I am sorry for not noticing you till now, I loved someone else and I was hoping she would love me too, but it looks like she has found her soulmate ” he said cupping my face.
I nodded blushing slightly. “I love you Cindy, I love your company but I was just confused. Am sorry for making you cry” he said and planted a kiss on my lips again.
I went ahead to fondle with his her, he carried me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso. He moved me into the room and laid me on the bed with him on top of me.
He trailed kisses down my neck while I kept fondly with his hair. He came back to my lips and kissed them pushing his tongue into my mouth.
I opened my mouth releasing a slight m0an in his mouth. He then disengaged and looked at me.
“Why did you stop?” I asked looking at him.
“I don’t want to rush things Cindy” he said kissing my forehead while I close my eyes.
I nodded in full understanding of what he meant,” I am still a virgin and I don’t really think I want to do this yet am scared” I said blushing.
“Virgin hun?? I can’t believe my love is a virgin as beautiful as she is” he said smiling and I blushed immediately.
He came down from my body and stood up. “I need to leave for my room now” he said smiling.
“No liam, don’t go please. Stay with me” I said with a pleading face.
“I don’t think I can control myself if I still beside you” he said grinning while I giggled.
“Come here!” I said and dragged him on top of me kissing him again.
💖Mara’s POV💖
I was so shocked when Chris tied me with the towel and left, I never thought he was going to leave without touching me.
Just his gaze, I was already w€t down there. I wanted him to touch me, to make me feel what no man has ever made me feel before.
I wore my transparent night robe, the night robe is very short but I wore it like that. I didn’t put on bra, I was on only pant, my n!poles were visible. I want Chris, I f**king want him.
I went to his room. I got to the door and I breathed out heavily, and as I was about knocking on the door,the door opened and there was Chris.
“Mara” he called with surprise.
“Hey” I said and looked away shyly. I felt his gaze on my body, his looks were penetrating my night gown.
“Co..come in” he said and made way for me.
I nodded and entered into his room then faced him.
“Are you okay??” He asked looking at my b**bs. I walked closer to him while he still stared at my pointing n!poles.
I held his neck and stood on my toes. I brought his face close to mine and kissed him on his lips. He responded immediately and I felt his d**k on my belly botton.
He trailed his hand to my a** and pressed it slightly making me m0an inside his mouth. Suddenly he removed his hands from my body and pushed me away slightly.
“What is wrong Chris??” I asked looking into his eyes.
“Mara, I don’t want to rush things, I can’t do this without your permission, I don’t want you to feel I want to use you” he said sadly.
“I want you Chris!! I do!! I don’t know how I am feeling right now. I don’t understand it at all, I have never felt this way Chris” I said moving closer to him.
“Mara” he said in a whisper but before he could finish I stopped him with another kiss. This time around he carried me while I wrapped my legs around his waist still kissing him.
He moved me to the bed and dropped me slightly. He stopped kissing me and looked inside my eyes while I nodded giving him permission.
He lowered his head to my b**bs and sucked my ni**le through my nightgown light fabric. I m0aned slightly as I shook under sensation.
I have never felt this way before in my life. His other hand fondle with my other b**bs. I closed my eyes as sensation overwhelmed me.
I stopped suckibg my b**bs and looked at me grinning. He moved his hands to my thighs and lifted up my gown.
He stopped immediately it got under my a**. I lifted my hips a little and he then removed the gown and stared at my body.
I felt myself blush hard. He lowered his head and kissed my belly downwards to my waistline, I started breathing hard.
I can’t wait for him to hit my g-spot. He moved down to my thighs and kissed them upwards, I raised my legs up to make it easy for him.
He kissed my thighs downwards again moving his mouth to my pu**y. I gasped as his hot mouth met with my p**sy through my panties.
I felt his mouth curve into a smile on my p**sy. He went headed to hold the waistline of my pants while I raised my hips up.
He removed my panties and stared at my p**sy. I felt so shy and I used my hands to cover my face.
“You are beautiful Mara” he said and I blushed really hard.
He moved his mouth back to my region and I felt his tongue on my c**t. I was dripping w€t already.
“F**k!!” I m0aned almost like a scream. I felt him giggle between my legs. He moved his tongue up and down my p**sy, licking it like his life depends on it.
I continued m0aning like crazy. He moved up to kiss me again and I could taste myself in his mouth.
I raised for his shirt and loosened his button still kissing him. I removed his shirt and moved to his pants.
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