Lonely Wife

Lonely Wife – episode 4

I jumped right into the pool with a big splash. When I turned around, I saw that the shadow had been cast by Musa, our gardener. He was a tall, thin Fulani man from the North. I had completely forgotten that he often liked to arrive early in the morning to get a lot of the work done in the lawn before it became too hot.

“I sorry, Madam,” he said.

My face was red with indignation. At first, I felt extremely angry at him. No doubt he had stood there watching me, lying completely Unclad on the air mattress, my legs spread, fingering my privates. Yet, he did seem very embarrassed himself. He motioned that he had just come around the side of the pool, where he had been attending the flowers there and… well, he literally ran into me.

“I sorry. Sorry, madam” he kept stuttering

“Oh… it’s okay, Musa

He smiled and nodded. Although I could see he was trying not to look, he couldn’t quite turn his eyes away from my magnificent jugs bobbing in the water. I also couldn’t turn my eyes away from the crotch of his guinea material trousers. It looked like he had stuffed a tree branch down there.

I knew Musa had a wife and a few kids up in his hometown. He talked fondly of them. Yet, he did not see them for months at a time, except during the big sallah. He must get very lonely. Whatever did he do with that tree branch in the meantime? I wondered.

“I… cut the bush now,” Musa said.


“yes, madam”

I walked toward the shallow end of the pool, water streaming from my full, Unclad body. Musa stood paralyzed. He wasn’t in any hurry to prune bushes. He was more interested in the dish coming toward him. While I stood in the shallow water, Musa’s J0yst!ck was just at the level of my mouth. Incredibly, it seemed to be growing bigger.

“I cut bush now,” Musa repeated, but he made no effort to move. He took off his straw hat and wiped his brow.

“Not yet, Musa,” I said. “I want to talk to you for a moment.”

“Yes, madam”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you’ve been doing of keeping the compound so well kept.”

He nodded. “Thank you, madam”

“And… I want to make sure that you keep those bushes nice and thick on the other side of the property. We wouldn’t want any of our neighbors being able to spy on us.”

“Oh, no, madam”

“Because there are some things we want to keep private,” I said. “Not everyone needs to know what goes on around here.” Musa began breathing heavily as I reached up and tugged at the rope dangling from his trousers.

“Oh, no. Private. is private.”

“That’s good,” I said.

“private, private,” Musa kept repeating as I tugged h-rder on the rope and it loosened. Down came his trousers so quickly that his heavy J0yst!ck bounced up and down several times like the diving board on the pool. His J0yst!ck was about a good nine inches, with a dark glistening head, it looked like a fair sized snake ready to pounce on its victim. I couldn’t take it any longer and I plunged my mouth down about the head of the J0yst!ck.

“Ahh,” gr0aπed Musa. He put his hands behind my head and pressed his J0yst!ck farther into my mouth. Once in,side my mouth, Musa’s J0yst!ck grew even bigger until I almost choked on it. This was too good to be believed.

“huhn, huhn,huhn,” Musa grunted as I licked and sU-Cked on his J0yst!ck like a kid starved of Lollipop and suddenly given one.

“Mmmm,” I gurgled.

He moved his h¡ps back and forth, just fu-Cking my mouth for some time. Then he pulled me by the arm out of the pool. He was amazingly strong, despite his wiry body, I realized. He lay me down on the air mattress, then, kicking off his trousers so that his legs were free, he knelt on top of me, a knee on either side of my head, so that his prick dangled above my J0yst!ck hungry mouth. He took hold of his J0yst!ck and flopped it about my face then positioned his J0yst!ck at my mouth and fed it in. I hungrily took it all. His large balls dangled in my eyes. I opened my mouth as wide as i could in order to take all the Mallam meat I could. Musa was gentle. He took his time, easing it past my teeth, over my tongue to my tonsils. He still had a few more inches to go.

To Be Continued…

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