Lonely Wife

Lonely Wife – episodes 3

I awakened early, when the mist was still rising from the swimming pool outside my bedroom door. I had slept early last night. Being in this large house alone is not an easy thing and it usually gets so dark so quickly. I was restraining myself since I know there was no way I wasn’t going to get F***ed if I should go to any party in the state I’m constantly in now – ho-ny-. I decided I’d go for a little swim, just to get myself fully awake and ready to start the day.

I got out of bed in my long sheer night gown, pulled open the sliding glass door and walked out onto the patio. It was a beautiful morning, a glorious day to spend money. I thought I might go to some ritzy stores on the Island. After all, what was the use of having money if you didn’t spend it? And spending money was the second thing I was very good at.

I str-de to the side of the pool and dipped my foot into the water. Ah, just right. I reached down to the hem of my gown and lifted it over my head. I was Unclad underneath. For a moment, I studied my Unclad reflection in the glass door. I love looking at my lush, over-ripe body, big h¡ps, tiny wa-ist and large br-asts. I lifted my br-asts and examined the large round Tips. Even when I myself handle my b0s0m, i could begin to feel the juices flow between my thighs. My hands m-ssaged my flat little tummy, then wandered down to the little triangle of bald patch below. My hands smoothed over my pubis, then one little finger slipped in between my K!ttyC@t l-ips. Ahh, I was w-t and dripping, and so early in the morning! Alas, my poor hærd-working husband wasn’t there to service me. Oh, well, I thought, someone has to make the money.

I walked over to the shallow side of the pool and sat down beside it, my long legs dipping into the water. I thought I should take a swim, but I didn’t think I could swim a stroke without getting a few strokes up my snatch. Goodness, this yearning for a nice big J0yst!ck is driving me crazy!

But even money couldn’t buy everything when you wanted it. I’d have to make do. With my legs dangling in the water, I leaned back on an air mattress beside the pool, and began slowly stroking my K!ttyC@t. Oooh, that was good. So good. One hand held open my K!ttyC@t l-ips, while the fingers on the other hand found my big exposed cl!t and began rubbing against it. As one of my girlfriend had explained at lunch at the Polo Lounge a few afternoons ago, this was “cl!toriffic”.

My hand began stroking my cl!toris faster and faster. My h¡ps began grinding and moving against the plastic air mattress. While one hand played with my K!ttyC@t, my other hand began m-ssaging my heavy br-asts, pulling at the Tips, slowly moving in circles. The warmth of the sun’s early morning light felt good on my skin. I ins**ted one finger up my snatch. It was no way near the size of the J0yst!ck I wished was pushed up there at the present, but it would have to do for now.

As I played with myself, I closed my eyes and began thinking of the bartender at a ritzy bar I often stopped by after shopping for a nice refreshing drink. He was young, in his early twenties, and built like a body-builder. I had never had the pleasure of pulling down those tight black p-nts of his, but I had often thought about what I would find there. A big nice J0yst!ck? Now, that would be nice. I could just imagine him, standing there with his p-nts down, and this J0yst!ck the size of a big cuc-mber standing at attention. Could I get my l-ips around that…

It seemed the sun had gotten covered by clouds, for a shadow passed over my body. When I opened my eyes, I saw a figure standing beside me, silhouetted by the sun. I, gasped and sat up. “Oh!”

To Be Continued…

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