Lonely Wife

Lonely Wife – Last Episode

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Just a few minutes ago, I had been wishing with everything I had just to have a big J0yst!ck in,side me. my dreams had come true. That, I guessed, was just the ubber rich lifestyle

Musa Forked my face for some time, until I finally pulled his long hose out of my mouth for a bit and said, “Musa, you’ve got to Fork me in my K!ttyC@t. I really need to get Forked.”

“Yes, madam” he replied. He moved off of me, then knelt between my legs, holding them wide for a good look at my wide open dripping K!ttyC@t.

“Oh,Fork me, Musa. Please. Please.” I begged as my body was already burning up in anticipation of having the long hose in,side me. My K!ttyC@t was dripping juice and quite open in readiness to receive the black mamba.

He stuck a finger in my moist K!ttyC@t and began Bleeping me with that.

“Oh, Musa, Musa, you’re driving me crazy,” I cried out. “Fork me.” I snapped.

Then Musa flipped me over on my stomach, pushed my face down on the air mattress and grabbed my buttcheek, using his knees to push mine up and apart. He then grabbed me by the butt0ckz cheeks and with a sure quick movement, thr-st his big manmeat deep into my K!ttyC@t.

“Aye, aye, aye,” cried Musa.

“Oooh, Musa, Fork me, Musa, Fork me” I gr0aπed

He Forked me with the strength for which he had been famous in his little Fulani village, the strength which even married women often sought out when their own husband’s J0yst!ck no longer functioned. His thighs slapped against my ample butt0ckz. I reached between my legs and fondled his jingling balls. They were filled with Pour juice, I knew. I couldn’t wait until it would Pour spurting out of his J0yst!ck so that I could slurp down every last drop.

I stretched out farther on the air mattress, thr-sting my randy butt higher into the air to receive the tremendous J0yst!ck of my fulani gardener. He grabbed me by a shank of my hair and pulled my head back, arching my back in the process and making his J0yst!ck to reach further and deeper into my recesses. I scre-med in ecstasy, not minding or caring that the neighbours could hear my cries of pleasure.

“Fork me, Fork me, Fork me, Fork me, Fork me” I scre-med endlessly as the mallam pounded my K!ttyC@t for all it was worth.

Then he pressed me flat down against the air mattress and Forked me for a while that way, howling like a wild animal.

“I’ve got to sU-Ck you some more,” I begged, gasping. “I need a taste of your big J0yst!ck right now.”

Musa pulled out his K!ttyC@t drenched J0yst!ck and I got up on my knees and turned around. Musa then lay on his back down, his J0yst!ck sticking straight up like one of the palm trees around the pool. I began sU-Cking away at his J0yst!ck, up and down, pushing my mouth all the way down to his Pour-laden balls then back again. His prick was glistening like an oiled black mamba, shiny and primed to Pour.

I knew he would Pour any time now from his howls and the contraction of his balls so I kept sU-Cking, h-rder and faster now, and also using my hand to give him a hand job at the same time, my mouth lightly capping his c*ckhead to catch all the spunk that would soon be spewing.

His J0yst!ck shot Pour like a geyser. I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth, but soon it was drooling out of the sides.

“madaaaaaam” he p-nted after blasting Pour after Pour into my eager mouth. I licked what I could and allowed the rest to slid down my chin to fall on my hærd Tips. Musa just lay there p-nting and trying to catch his breath. I slipped back in the pool, satiated for the moment. I wanted a big J0yst!ck to fill up my aching K!ttyC@t and I got one right under my nose. I smiled to myself, Mr DaSilva could stay as long as he wanted overseas, I have a capable manmeat right here.

***THE END***

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