Long For You

Long For You – episode 4

Longed For You (episode 4)
Second-to-last episode

Love is not a respecter of person, place or circ-mstances, as it can happen anytime and anywhere. Nelson and Catherine’s first k-ss lasted for over one minute before they parted their l-ips. Catherine was very shy and tried to avoid eye contacts with Nelson. He figured she was shy and tried to apologise for taking her unaware with the k-ss, but she told him it was mutual.

“I honestly don’t know why I did that, I guess it’s because I’m into you and feel a different type of way when I’m with you” he confessed, “It’s Ok, I k-ssed you back so that means I feel same way” she said. “Should we continue our dance or leave?” Nelson asked and Catherine told him she wanted them to continue with the dance. They danced a little more before leaving.

Nelson had to drive Catherine back to the office so she could get her car because it was still parked there. The ride to Catherine’s office was a silent one as they hadn’t still gotten over the k-ss they shared not long ago. Nelson was drawn to her and wanted to make the first move by making his intentions known to her, but didn’t know if the time was right.

On the other hand, Catherine’s mind was in a wonderland filled with beautiful fairies. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach and she occasionally bit her l-ips whenever she remembered how sweet Nelson’s l-ips were. She was lost in thoughts and didn’t even know when Nelson arrived at her office. “We’re here” he said and she immediately snapped out of her imagination and realised that they had gotten to her destination. “Thank you for tonight and everything” she said and opened the door to alight but Nelson stopped her. “Can we talk?” He asked, “sure we can” she replied.

Nelson looked into her eyes and kept thinking of how he was going to make his intentions known to Catherine. “I know this is too soon but I think if I don’t say it sooner, I might never have the chance to say it again. Catherine, I can’t explain it but I’m into you and want to give us a shot if you’re willing to accept me Into your life. I need you and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t want you to leave tonight or ever because you always make me happy” He said.

For a moment, Catherine felt she was dreaming and didn’t want to wake up if it were a dream. “Is Nelson actually saying all this to me?” She shockingly asked herself. If there wasn’t anyone watching, Catherine would have jumped for joy and dance till her feet got sour; Her joy knew no bound as this was the first time she wanted someone this much in her life.

When Nelson was done talking, she looked into his eyes, smiled, leaned forward and k-ssed him. Nelson wasn’t expecting the k-ss but embraced it with all his heart. They k-ssed for a long time and didn’t want to stop this time around. Nelson unhooked his seat belt so he could car-ss her hair and neck properly. They were so caught up in the moment but was careful not to pass their limits either.

After a while, Catherine stopped k-ssing back and smiled. Nelson smiled more and asked her if the k-ss meant that she felt same way for him and she nodded “Yes”. Her positive response brought unexplainable joy to his heart and they promised to put in their 100% effort to make the relationsh¡p work.

It was a beautiful day indeed for them as a promising relationsh¡p was birthed. They went home happy and felt wanted by each other. They had mutual feelings for each other and wanted the best for their relationsh¡p.

Just a month into the relationsh¡p and Catherine was already glowing in such a way that people who used to know her before, knew that something had changed. Nelson was the best partner one could wish for because he treated her like a queen. Catherine gave him maximum respect and care in return. He never demanded anything from her but was rather the one always showering her with gifts. Catherine’s life changed alot as she learned patience, love and endurance. She loved Nelson with all her heart and didn’t want to ever lose him.

Their relationsh¡p grew stronger but something essential was lacking. Nelson felt that Catherine was always busy with work and gave him less attention and time. They talked about it many times and Catherine promised to change but never did. It wasn’t really her fault because she had a company to run on a daily basis, so it demanded most of her time.

Nelson’s career was tasking too, but he didn’t let his relationsh¡p suffer due to that. He made sure to always make out time for Catherine whenever she needed him but she was always nowhere to be found whenever he needed her company. Catherine usually tried to make it up to him on Saturdays and Sundays but it wasn’t enough time for them to bond properly. Nelson became tired of complaining and never brought the topic up again whenever they met.

After a little while, Nelson’s feelings for Catherine started diminishing. She noticed and tried to enquire what the problem was but he never opened up to her since little or nothing would be done about it.

One day, he texted her and told her to meet up with him at his house after work. Catherine initially agreed but couldn’t make it afterwards due to heavy work pressure. Nelson became worried and called her on phone to enquire why she wasn’t at his house yet. “Hi baby” he greeted when she picked, “hello darling, I’m so sorry for not informing you earlier but I don’t think I can make it today again” she sadly said.

Nelson became fed up and angry, “You know what? I think I need to give you enough space to sort yourself and make your priorities straight. I’m done with all this” he furiously said.

Catherine’s heart skipped several beats at the word “Space” and tried to make him explain what he meant but he cut her off and said “I’m done Catherine, take care!”.

“What do you mean by you’re done?” She asked in a shaky tone but Nelson ended the call.

End of episode 4 😉

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