November 29, 2021

Lost career episode 11 – 12


πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“LOST CAREER πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺ

(πŸ’” shattered Dream πŸ’” )



CHAPTER 11 βœ”

(A question at a time πŸ˜…)

🌺🌺🌺 Lucy Pov 🌺🌺🌺

I am going back to that old nature of me,staying in my hostel doing nothing but reading as always,God I felt like the holiday should continue. Right now I am in the car,Jesse is the driver like you should know. I arrived school earlier why, we woke up early since he passed the night at my my place,I made him goodbye not without kissing each other.
I walked down to my hostel,I going to my room while taking the keys from my bag someone called out my name. It was Ivy,I opened the door for her,we got in and started talking about a lot of things. I must confess I missed her she is my gist partners,she knows almost everything going around the campus. she is good you know,she later left me unpacking my goods,I fixed something for myself to eat and went to sleep.



Ring, Ring my alarm blared you should know “Jesse’s Call” I picked the call and we talked for about thirty minutes. I left the bed after the call to dress for the day’s lectures,I went to the bathroom to bath then I noticed something “A stain on my pants” oh Gud this shit is here again it should have informed me,now am left to be packing myself again. After twenty minutes,I was good to go I picked up my bag and arranged the necessary textbook in it and I was set to go. I would have my breakfast at a restaurant,well my boyfriend gave me alots of cash,so I had to spend like the girlfriend of Jesse Zach {don’t get jealous πŸ˜‰}.
Wow it’s almost six months and am really stressed out. I had been on drugs lately,I take drugs to stay awake at night so as to read. Today I am taking a break off my reading timetable,I want to rest a little bit. I should not kill myself all because I want to be happy,there are some exams to be done by final year students and it is going to last for two weeks. I studied really really hard for those exams,if I do well in that exams then definitely am going out of the university with good grades. May God help me.

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🌹🌹🌹 Authoress Pov 🌹🌹🌹

Well Lucy exam is so close now and she have been reading so hard,she don’t know how she feels but all her hope was in God she do pray every nights and even mornings when she wake up. This morning she was woken up by Jesse’s calk as usual. she planned on telling him what she is facing at school,it was the day she plan to get the break.

Jesse: Baby good morning how was your night, hope you are fine,I hope you are not stressing yourself over the coming exams.

Lucy: please one question at a time and stop giving me tension

Jesse: OK am sorry

Lucy: well,I am fine and about the exams,am trying so hard. I use drugs to stay awake at night just to read,it has be tiring dear.

Jesse: you what! Drugs!! you use drugs all because you are trying to be good in this course. Hell no!!I won’t take this, it’s getting too much

Lucy: Calm down darling look, am almost through so you shouldn’t worry yourself,what matters here is that erm you know what



Lucy: You called at the right time,I run out of groceries yesterday so I was thinking like if you could please send me some cash πŸ™ˆ

Jesse: finally finally you decided to request from me and you know what I will do that right right away it will be more than enough for you dear and don’t forget am always there for you

Lucy: thanks darling I love you

Jesse: I love you more

Lucy: I gotta go now,maybe later in the day I will call when am through with the home chores

Jesse: OK no problem baby bye

Lucy: yea

πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“LOST CAREER πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺ

(πŸ’” shattered Dream πŸ’” )



CHAPTER 12 βœ”

(jealous 😍)

😍😍😍 Cute Authoress Pov 😍😍😍

The year has ended and exams are over,Lucy is not really bothered but at the same time she is bothered. Well she is happy that she would be free from the tiring lifestyle she used to live in the university,but she bothered that what if her results is not okay,what if she get a carry over. Anyways the convocation date has been announced and she makes sure she called her parents and Jesse to let them know. She is also happy because her birthday is the following week of her convocation,Lucy really wish that she should celebrate her birthday in a better way than she has been celebrating others.

🌺 🌺 🌺 Lucy Pov 🌺 🌺 🌺

Well am really thankful to God, it’s my convocation day,oh about my results it was good I didn’t fail but I had more than average,l. With the results i could be employed in any benefiting organization. I was waiting for Jessy to help me for my make up,I am not a fan of all that makeup stuff but my mum insisted I had it and here I am having make up fixed on my face even Ivy came for hers too. When I checked the mirror I was more than surprise I look like a princess and sure Jesse is going to have his jaw dropped.
My mum and dad arrived ten minutes to the convocation. I and Ivy stepped out of the hostel looking like twins all because of our make up and outfit we are even off the same height only that Ivy is blonde while I had my black long hair. I and Ivy stepped into the auditorium but went separately to greet our family. she also introduced me to her parents and I introduced her to mine. After the greetings I used the corner of my eye to look for Jesse,he is not here seems he is not coming. The party is about to start but he hasn’t arrived,what’s happening he promised to be here but he is absent,he couldn’t even call me since he is not coming huh. Here I am anticipating for him when he don’t even Call that he is not coming. A gentleman tap on my back jolted me out of the thought of Jesse absence,I turned back but found no one . who was that? I don’t know either I replied Ivy who was shocked. I stood up to go to the restroom when I saw a familiar car parked up in front of me,I quickly moved away from my spot to have a better view of the person. It turned out to be Jesse and a girl maybe older than me,they were laughing out loud and hugging each other. I felt a pang of jealous rush through my heart who could that be? it can’t be a sibling because he has none then he is no no no it can’t be cheating on me!!. It can’t, so this why he is not calling or even texting me huh.

🌷 🌷 🌷 Jesse Pov 🌷 🌷 🌷

I know I get to Lucy party late,I can’t I missed Vicky and so does she I had to make up time her it been long. We were chatting outside the party and laughing she was telling me about how she played a guy and all sort I was carried away. When I later remembered the party was coming to and ended I came in but I noticed Lucy was avoiding me I can see she is bothered but she is not talking to me so what is bothering her. Once the party end I saw her rushed back to her hostel leaving others behind.
I walked in with my parents and Vicky,Randy was making a funny remark about Lucy’s school. i walked up to her but she stood up,gosh she look extra beautiful today but it not yet time for that I have to apologize for being late.

Jesse: Am sorry dear I know I came late but I went to do something for my parents.

Lucy: Am not angry {says who, a big lie}

Jesse: Then why are I avoiding me{I asked with a worry tone}

Lucy: Erm{ looking at the earlier girl}

Jesse: {I chuckled} Don’t tell me you are jealous

Mum Lucy: I think she is going to explode please introduce the girl properly

Jesse: Well meet Vicky my cousin from Chicago,she came to spend the holiday with us so she is like a sister.

Vicky: Hi everyone {They replied except that girl Jesse was talking to earlier so I called him to show me his girlfriend} Jesse where is your girlfriend??.
To be continued

so guys tell me if it you what will u do
like he just miss you convocation party
Tell me how will u feel or what will u do

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